15 Divas Who Allegedly Slept With Married Wrestlers

Diva is a term coined by the WWE to refer to its female performers. Their occupations can range from wrestlers to valets to backstage interviewers and even ring announcers. It all began back in 1983 when the Fabulous Moolah made the jump from the National Wrestling Alliance to the World Wrestling Entertainment. Moolah had been Women’s champion in the NWA and the legal owner of the title. The rights were sold from the NWA to the WWE and Moolah effectively became the very first women’s champion in WWE history.

On the heels of Moolah, McIntyre and Princess Victoria also defected from the NWA, bringing the Women’s tag team championship with them. Despite the talent and titles, the Divas didn’t really take off until the summer of 1985 when they decided to pair Macho Man Randy Savage with Miss Elizabeth as his valet, who was secretly his wife. McMahon saw the opportunity for drama and made Elizabeth the centre of many feuds Savage’s character would have with fellow wrestlers and from that grew the Diva hybrid we know and love today.

The Divas are known for their fierceness in battle and ability to show a more vulnerable side when the mood calls for it. They’re also known to get into the pants of a wrestler or two. Or three and maybe even four or more. It’s only natural for the talent to gravitate towards each other when they spend up to 300 days a year on the road and away from their families. Some Divas aren’t as forthcoming about their backstage relationships and others are happy to divulge the dirty details.

In this list, we will take a look at 15 Divas who allegedly slept with married wrestlers.

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15 Sunny

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Sunny will be the first to admit that she saw just as much action behind the scenes as she did in the ring. She even spent some time in the adult industry in between bouts with the WWE. One of her not-so-secret conquests was Shawn Michaels, while the two of them were still in relationships. Michaels was married to his second wife Theresa Wood and Sunny was with Chris Candido. These two freely flaunted their relationship and even went on vacation together.

According to Sunny, they also had use of Vince McMahon's office to do their thing. In addition to HBK, another wrestler Sunny was romantically linked to while they were married is Davey Boy Jones, better know as The British Bulldog. Jones was married to Bret Hart's sister Diana when it happened and Sunny claims that they had more than one extra marital encounter. If Diana Hart didn’t know about the affair before, she sure did after Sunny came clean.

14 Jacqueline

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Before his wife left him for Jeff Jarrett (Karma perhaps?) Kurt Angle was supposedly having fun on the road with fellow Hall of Fame member Jacqueline (and a few others). The rumours began in the late 90s when the two of them started training together in Memphis. Angle once mentioned his love of black women in an interview with Howard Stern and that was all of the fuel that fire needed.

Ironically, Jacqueline was initially brought into the WWE as the manager of Jeff Jarrett. Jacqueline had been gossiped about in regards to several other wrestlers, but no one has been named aside from Vince McMahon. It's a popular theory that she reaped the rewards of being involved with the boss and enjoyed a very successful career as a result. Her cruiserweight championship in particular. Of course, neither party has acknowledged the rumours, much less confirmed them.

13 Stephanie McMahon

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This is quite the WWE urban legend, but it could explain the bitterness that occurred between Randy Savage and Vince McMahon. A bitterness that was never resolved. Stephanie's age varies from story to story (between 14 and 18), so Savage may not have been married when the alleged relationship began, but then again, he may have been. He was technically still married to Miss Elizabeth up until 1992. The story goes that Savage and the youngest McMahon were enjoying private time in the early 90s. Like, a lot of private time and Daddy McMahon walked in on the two in the throes of passion.

Naturally, like most fathers would be if they found their teenaged daughter with an older man in his 40s, Vince was off the charts angry and blacklisted Savage. Booting him off of his WWE pedestal and into the WCW. It's all hearsay, but Savage did develop a taste for the younger ladies once he and Miss Elizabeth were through so who knows?

12 Melina

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When asked about this, Melina will claim that she and Dave Batista were just friends and nothing more, but very few people would own up to a scandal like theirs. Well, except for Batista who has confirmed that the two were actually more than just friends. It's even been suggested that Melina is the cause of Batista's divorce. Batista has said that instead of drugs or alcohol, sex is his drug of choice while on the road.

While this next part of the Melina/Batista affair hasn't been proven one way or the other, the affair may have happened when Batista's ex-wife Angie was fighting her battle against cancer. How low can you go? The Melina and Batista pairing didn't last very long and Melina ended up back with her former flame John Morrison. Neither Melina's nor Morrison's careers fully bounced back and Morrison’s fans blame Melina for his shortcomings.

11 Christy Hemme

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Christy Hemme was on an upward trajectory after winning the Diva Search. She was given one feud after the next (Trish Stratus and Victoria to name a few) and seemed to have been settling into the business just fine. Then it all just stopped. She was asked to move to Kentucky in order to train at OVW, but then Hemme was let go from her contract with the WWE altogether.

After having been there for about a year and many claimed it was because Hemme had been getting busy with Triple H and Stephanie found out. Stephanie apparently then had Hemme canned to teach her a lesson. Probably to keep her away from her husband, too. Although, it has also been rumoured that Hemme wasn't having an affair with Triple H, but it was actually Vince McMahon, the self-proclaimed genetic jackhammer. He has admitted to straying in the past so maybe it’s not much of a stretch.

10 Lita

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Lita and Edge are well-known for starting a relationship while Lita had been with long-time boyfriend Matt Hardy, who also happened to be one of Edge's closest friends. Lita wasn't the only one who had been in a relationship when their romance blossomed. Edge had been married to his second ex wife, Lisa Ortiz.

Edge and Lita's relationship became public knowledge in the February of 2005 and Ortiz filed for divorce shortly after. Edge’s divorce kind of quietly happened in the background, because what happened next on the WWE completely took the spotlight. Edge and Lita became on-screen lovers and were locked in a feud with Matt Hardy.

They did some pretty raunchy things on the air and if anyone watched Raw back in 2008, they probably remember the sex show the two put on. Edge didn't earn his "R Rated Superstar" nickname for nothing.

9 Kelly Kelly

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Randy Orton once made a remark that Kelly Kelly had been with at least ten guys in the WWE. She certainly has earned herself quite the reputation. While all of the ten names haven't been unearthed, one of them could be Chris Jericho. Jericho has been married to his wife Jessica since 2000 and has been vocal about how much his wife and three kids mean to him. Which is why it was a bit of a shock when he started to be linked to Kelly.

A few years ago, while out on the road, pictures of Jericho and Kelly Kelly locked in an intimate embrace surfaced and began circulating around the Internet. It hasn't been confirmed or denied by either party, but it has been speculated that the pictures didn’t sit too well with Jericho’s wife. The two obviously patched things up an moved on, because they’re still together as of today.

8 Mickie James

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John Cena seems to be happy with Nikki Bella now, but before he reformed his ways, he was known to have gotten around the locker room a few times. He has apparently even fit a few affairs into a short amount of time, but Mickie James is the one who got him caught. It may have stayed secret if James' fiancée at the time, Kenny Dykstra hadn’t found out and sought revenge by posting their affair all over Twitter instead of confronting James like a more level-headed person my have done.

Obviously, Cena's wife found out and filed for what became a very messy divorce. While James is the one Cena got caught with, he was supposedly seeing other women while he was with James and his ex-wife. Including our next entry. If the rumours are true, Cena was clearly an extremely busy man.

7 Victoria

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John Cena definitely used to know his way around the locker room like many other WWE stars before him. After cheating with Mickie James and divorcing his wife, it came out that Cena may also have been cheating on his wife with Victoria. So just to keep count, Cena was with his wife, Mickie James and Victoria at the same time and possibly even more women.

While James and Cena stopped seeing each other after he and his wife split, he apparently kept Victoria on his roster and was still sleeping with her when he started to see Maria. If that wasn’t enough, Victoria may have still been married to her ex Lee Varon. The two were married from 1994 until 2015. It sure seems like Cena and Victoria didn't have any trouble trying to keep themselves occupied on the road.

6 Paige

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After five months of being engaged, Alberto Del Rio and Paige finally tied the knot on March 29th, 2017. Just a short while after Paige's sex tape and nude photos were leaked online. The road to love wasn't a smooth one for these two. Paige first met Del Rio while he was married to former wife Angela Velkei. Depending on who you ask, Paige was the reason for their split since he had been seeing her while he was still with Velkei.

During their divorce in 2016, Velkei cited adultery as the reason and when Del Rio and Paige went public about a month after, things were looking fishy. The way Del Rio tells it, his marriage was over in 2015 so it wasn't really cheating. Either way, he was likely married when he got with Paige. It’s recently been confirmed that Paige’s “rollercoaster life” will be brought to the big screen and will be produced by The Rock and written by The Office creator, Stephen Merchant.

5 Maria

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This one has been debated, but it is possible that while Cena was cheating on his wife with Mickie James and Victoria, that he was also seeing Maria. The two became "official" after his wife ended things and he moved on from James, but given Cena's reputation with the ladies, there could be some credence to the rumours that he had been cheating on his other three women with Maria. The two have since parted ways and Maria married Mike Bennett in the October of 2014.

She also pursued a degree in sports entertainment and events management and is set to graduate in May of this year. As for Cena, he seems to have been tamed by Nikki Bella and has, as far as we know, been a one-woman man since hooking up with her in 2013. Bella is currently on her own reality TV show, Total Bellas, alongside her twin Brie. Word is that the second season will have Nikki and Cena moving in with Brie and her husband Daniel Bryan in order to help them out with Brie’s first pregnancy.

4 Sable

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Sable wasn't only alleged to have cheated with a married man, but she was also married during the time period it apparently happened in. Sable broke into the WWE in the 90s while married to fellow wrestler Marc Mero. Sable's career exponentially rose after doing a shoot for Playboy and her marriage to Mero took a hit. While she stayed with him until meeting Brock Lesnar in 2003, it has been proposed that Sable was also seeing Vince McMahon before she abruptly left the WWE and sued them in 1999.

Her and Vince's affair is thought to be the reason behind her sudden departure, and not the reason she gave: they wanted her to take her top off. It probably didn't help that she was rumoured to have been extremely unpopular backstage and that X-Pac defecated into a cup and left it in Sable's bag before her first departure. A few years later, she made a comeback to the WWE as, surprise, surprise, Vince’s mistress.

3 Miss Elizabeth

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So the only person who really believed that Hulk Hogan was being intimate with his tag team partner Randy Savage's wife Miss Elizabeth is Randy Savage. Even though Hogan had been married to then-wife Linda since 1983, he had a bit of a reputation of being unfaithful to her. Back in 1989, Hogan and Miss Elizabeth were put in storylines where they had more screen time and Hogan even carried a passed out Elizabeth backstage to protect her.

Savage wasn't so keen on the time they were spending together and started to accuse the two of carrying on behind his back. Savage was notorious for his fits of jealousy and it’s been confirmed by several wrestlers that he would even lock Elizabeth in her dressing room and wouldn’t let her out unless he was around. The accusations broke up the partnership and caused a rift between Elizabeth and the Macho Man. They did briefly make up before officially parting ways in 1992. While Hogan has been busted for cheating on his ex-wife Linda, Elizabeth was not one of his affairs.

2 Missy Hyatt

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Missy Hyatt, the First Lady of Wrestling, is another entry who has been loud and proud about her "run-ins" with the male WWE roster. She admitted to having sex with Sandman while he was still married and has been linked to Sting, Road Warrior Hawk, John Tatum and Eddie Gilbert, in addition to many other unnamed wrestlers. Hyatt transitioned to the WWE from the UFW in the late 80s.

McMahon had wanted her to replace Rowdy Roddy Piper’s segment, Piper’s Pit with her own, Missy’s Manor. The segment was somewhat of a disaster and McMahon switched her over to being a federette. The rest is history and she became part of many memorable story lines, including a sexual harassment one, but she is probably best known for her time as a manager and a valet. In 2015, Hyatt was arrested and charged with grand theft, but the charges were dropped.

1 Dawn Marie

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Dawn Marie and Kurt Angle are rumoured to have had an affair for an entire year from 2003-2004. All while Angle was still married to his then-wife Karen and Dawn Marie was engaged to former TNA and ECW star Pat Kennedy. Marie actually owned up to the affair in a RF video shoot and then went on to reveal that she had been with at least one other married man.

Angle also revealed that he was cheating on his wife, but he never specified who with. The affair was taken one step farther in 2005 when Marie gave birth and rumours started swirling that Angle was the father. Although that has since been disproven. Angle would end up getting his for being associated with two of the women on this list. Karen had an affair of her own with Jeff Jarrett and ended up leaving Kurt for Jeff in 2008.

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