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Sunny will be the first to admit that she saw just as much action behind the scenes as she did in the ring. She even spent some time in the adult industry in between bouts with the WWE. One of her not-so-secret conquests was Shawn Michaels, while the two of them

were still in relationships. Michaels was married to his second wife Theresa Wood and Sunny was with Chris Candido. These two freely flaunted their relationship and even went on vacation together.

According to Sunny, they also had use of Vince McMahon's office to do their thing. In addition to HBK, another wrestler Sunny was romantically linked to while they were married is Davey Boy Jones, better know as The British Bulldog. Jones was married to Bret Hart's sister Diana when it happened and Sunny claims that they had more than one extra marital encounter. If Diana Hart didn’t know about the affair before, she sure did after Sunny came clean.

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