15 Divas Who Got Too Intimate With Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon is not a man without controversy. He’s come a long way from hiding his owner status under the guise of a ringside commentator in the 80s. After the start of the Attitude Era and the introduction of his evil Mr. McMahon persona in the 90s, Vince has had himself at the centre of a lot of over-the-top storylines that were designed to incite rage and controversy.

The controversy hasn't just been for the brand though. In real life, McMahon has been accused of assault by the late Rita Chatterton, a former referee with the WWE, sexual harassment by a tanning salon employee in Florida, covering a murder up and giving his wrestlers steroids. While he hasn't gone to prison for the aforementioned items, it has helped blur the lines between the real Vince McMahon and his show persona. It has many wondering where one ends and the other begins.

All things considered, it wasn't much of a surprise when McMahon admitted to having cheated on his wife Linda in a 2001 interview with Playboy. He claimed that he had been faithful at the time of the interview, but those few words were all the world needed to confirm all of the affair suspicions they were having. It was long rumoured that the way for a woman to get into the business or to move on up was to get in “good” with Vince. Former WWE wrestler, Kamala the Ugandan Giant, has even accused Vince of getting with the men as well. While no one from the WWE has openly admitted to having any affair with McMahon, a vast array of Divas have gotten close and personal with him.

In this list, we will take a look at 15 Divas who got a little too intimate with Vince McMahon.

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15 Kelly Kelly

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Kelly Kelly is another Diva who may be better known for her conquests outside of the ring than in it. She is most notably rumoured to be having a not-so-secret affair with Chris Jericho. The two can be seen kissing and canoodling in a copious amount of pictures, but no one has admitted to crossing the line. However, back when Kelly Kelly was new, she was scripted to give McMahon a lap dance.

The Diva has said that Vince went so far as to teach her the dance in private to make sure she got it just right for him. Apparently he was really good, too. At least according to Kelly. Of course he was. Things like that make others wonder what else other kinds of dances the two have done while the cameras weren’t rolling. If Vince’s skills are that good though, perhaps he should take a stab at Dancing With The Stars.

14 Jacqueline

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Jacqueline Moore was a trailblazer for her generation and is a WWE Hall of Famer to boot. Not only was she the first African American Women's champion, but she also held the WWE Cruiserweight championship belt, which was predominantly held by men. She was the only WWE woman to hold such an honour, aside from Madusa. In addition to that, she has managed Kevin Sullivan and made an appearance on the WWE’s Tough Enough as a trainer.

She was certainly groundbreaking in more than one way. However, it has been speculated that Jacqueline enjoyed the kind of career that she had, not because of how she performed in the ring, but how she performed backstage with owner Vince McMahon. The possibility has been tossed around on more than one occasion and it might not be such a surprise since Moore has been linked to other members, like Kurt Angle. She recently made a third comeback to the WWE to become the first African American woman inducted into the Hall of Fame.

13 Sable

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Sable made her WWE debut in 1996, alongside then husband Marc Mero. It’s no secret now that the relationship would come to have its troubles and Sable would eventually leave Mero for Brock Lesnar. Prior to meeting Lesnar, she made quite a splash posing for Playboy and then quitting the WWE in 1999 (claiming it was because they wanted her to go nude) and filing a $10 million lawsuit against the company.

Vince countersued and they eventually settled out of court. Years later, Sable returned to WWE and took her top off during a catfight with Stephanie McMahon. The fact that Sable came back with a role all set up to be a Vince’s mistress and that she went topless anyway, sparked the notion that she had been having an affair with McMahon and that was the real reason she left and sued the company out of spite.

That particular storyline also had her locked in a bitter feud with Vince’s daughter Stephanie and even a scuffle with his wife Linda. As with all of the mistress storylines, it eventually grew old and Sable moved on to Lesnar. The two married in 2006 and have two sons.

12 Trish Stratus

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Perhaps the oddest and most degrading of Vince’s affair storylines was the one with Trish Stratus. In 2001, Stratus became involved in an on-screen romance with McMahon, while his wife was apparently in a catatonic state. The two even went so far as to make out in front of a comatose and unresponsive Linda on an episode of SmackDown! Vince seemed to enjoy parading Stratus around, angering Stephanie, which led to a grudge the younger McMahon had against her father’s new side piece.

In a surprising turn of events though, Vince would help his daughter set Stratus up and Stratus ended up taking the Regal Cutter and having raw sewage dumped all over her. The next week, McMahon took things even farther and had her strip down to her skivvies and bark like a dog on her hands and feet.

Stratus would get hers though, slapping Vince during WrestleMania X-Seven and ending the bit. Now here’s where the rumours really heat up. After Stratus was done with this angle, she went on to win the Women’s Championship for the first time. Wrestling gossip was that she had slept her way to that title by taking the mistress part a little too far.

11 Candice Michelle

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Candice Michelle (the Go Daddy Girl) was a participant in the 2004 Diva Search and despite not even making it into the top ten, she was hired anyway with a make-up artist gimmick. If her getting hired in spite of a less-than-stellar showing wasn’t enough to get the rumour mill going about possible affairs with Vince McMahon, she eventually became part of Vince’s Devils, alongside Torrie Wilson and Victoria.

It didn’t take very long for Michelle to become part of another of Vince’s antics. This time, it involved her being sick and needing to be healed by his amazing God powers. Naturally, her chest was what needed to be remedied and a heated scene with groping and making out ensued.

It didn’t stop there, in another episode, Michelle needed to be healed again, this time in a much lower region of her body. After being depicted as Vince’s “sex slave”, she enjoyed a few more years at the WWE until 2009 when she was released from her contract.

10 Torrie Wilson

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The second member of Vince’s Devils to make the list. Wilson’s very first storyline had her painted as the latest of Vince’s conquests. Possibly the most decisive scene with the two involved a hot and heavy make out session. The angle didn’t last for long though and Wilson would move onto another storyline with Tajiri. As with Vince’s other on-screen acquisitions, it is speculated that Wilson wasn’t just kissing Vince in front of the cameras.

What makes it even creepier is that Wilson has revealed that Linda McMahon was there when they shot the infamous kissing scene and told her to “go for it”. After taking some time off to treat a nagging back injury, Wilson was cut from the roster and parted ways with the company in 2009. She did make one comeback appearance at WrestleMania XXV, along with other past Divas to compete in the Miss WrestleMania Battle Royale.

9 Sunny

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Oh Sunny. Who hasn’t she been with? It’s a very small list according to the Diva herself. Her most notable fling was with Shawn Michaels, where the two reportedly had the keys to Vince’s office in order to….conduct their business. All of this while she was with Chris Candido. However, some would say that she wasn’t just conducting business in that office with HBK.

While Sunny hasn’t admitted to any extra curricular activities with the boss (and who would?), it wouldn’t surprise many wrestling fans if she and Vince knew each other on a more intimate level. She has enjoyed a rather long and storied career with the WWE (even lasting past the supposed Diva expiration age of 30), and allegedly that doesn’t come without a price. Or maybe Vince was just a big fan of her work in Sunny Side Up: In Through the Backdoor.

8  8. Stacy Keibler

via thecoli.com

Stacy Keibler is perhaps best know for interrupting a scene where Vince is about to hire someone to be his personal assistant, then giving Vince a table dance back in 2002. Keibler had hit the WWE scene as the last wave of the WCW invasion in 2001 and was thrust into an on-screen relationship with Vince McMahon. Not only was she to be his “personal assistant”, but his mistress as well.

They were often depicted flirting backstage or in precarious situations, which all came to an end when Stephanie McMahon was named general manager of SmackDown! And Keibler moved to Raw and other storylines. Vince being Vince, people starting talking and theorizing that maybe the affair seemed a little too real. Keibler has since moved on to other ventures, like making an appearance on the second season of Dancing with the Stars, where she came in third place.

7 Chyna

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The soured relationship between the two after her departure from the company is probably how a lot would remember the two, but Vince and Chyna once shared a different kind of intimacy than the other Divas on this list. Chyna isn't famous for sucking face with Vince or being one of his storied mistresses, but rather for a couple of segments she and Mr. McMahon shared together in 1999 where Chyna became the first and only woman to take the boss man on in an arm wrestle and win.

Chyna is the rare woman who was allowed to show Vince’s more vulnerable side. We also can't forget her throwing him out of the ring at WrestleMania like a rag doll. Plus, not many women can say they’ve put Vince McMahon in a headlock. According to Chyna, there were even plans for her to become World champion, but she chose to pose for Playboy instead, squashing any chance she would've had at the belt.

6 Stephanie McMahon

OK, she's Vince's daughter so obviously they share a father-daughter relationship, but there have been a few instances where that relationship looked like it was teetering on the edge of inappropriate. Much like another famous father-daughter duo, Donald and Ivanka Trump. Stephanie and Vince have been depicted in some close situations, including a chaste kiss on the lips on an episode of Raw several years ago and a father-daughter match that involved him putting her in a chokehold.

The most infamous display of inappropriate is the story that never was. Apparently, Vince had pitched an incest storyline that would've claimed Vince was the father of Steph's unborn baby, not her husband Triple H. He even wanted it to be the opening scene of an episode. The creative team, Stephanie and Triple H weren't so keen on the idea so it never came to light, but that hasn't stopped fans from talking about how far he’s willing to go with his daughter.

5 Miss Jackie

via wrestlingforum.com

Miss Jackie had a rocky start to her WWE career. She earned a contract after Tough Enough II, but it just went downhill from there. She botched more than her fair share of moves in her earliest matches and instead of being given the boot, she was sent off for more training. Upon her return, she teamed up with Stacey Keibler to form their own villainous duo.

The pair declared themselves to be the sexiest women in the world and thought they should be given a Playboy shoot. That caused a stir with the other Divas, including actual Playboy cover girls Sable and Torrie Wilson. If that wasn't enough, they even teamed up to give Vince a provocative dance in the ring, where Miss Jackie got very close to her boss. Of course, the way Miss Jackie and her boss interacted led to cheating rumours. It wouldn't take any fans by surprise if Jackie were to admit to some side action going down, but that doesn't appear to be happening any time soon.

4 Alundra Blayze

via allwrestlingdivas.com

Another Hall of Famer to make the list (there seems to be a trend developing). She started off in the WCW under the name Madusa, which she wasn't able to bring to the WWE because Vince McMahon didn't want to pay her to use a name she had trademarked. As a result, she spent her time at the WWE under the name Alundra Blayze. As Alundra Blayze, she held the Women’s championship title three times before being let go and sent back to the WCW due to supposed financial constraints the WWE was under.

After she returned to the WCW, she was completely blacklisted by the WWE for 20 years after throwing her WWE belt in the trash . Rumours of Madusa and Vince had been swirling for a while, but nothing is concrete. It didn't help that once Blayze and McMahon reconciled, he came to her rescue and paid the IRS off for her, an act of charity that wouldn't be bestowed upon just anyone.

3 Melina

via sparxentertainment.com

Melina has been linked to her fair share of wrestlers both in the ring and backstage. Not only has she been in a multitude of scripted feuds with the other Divas, including the former Playboy cover girls, but she has also been part of her fair share of overly friendly relationships with the male roster. Her most memorable relationship is the speculated affair between her and Batista.

Naturally, it has been considered that she had set her sights upon Vince to be her newest conquest and even succeeded. Not only has Melina gotten away with a lot on that show, but she and Vince were seen looking extra cozy and comfortable together at the premiere of Kane's movie See No Evil. To top it all off, word is that Vince doesn't like John Morrison, her on-again off-again boyfriend. It’s escalated to the point where Melina has been blamed for Morrison’s low-level career.

2 Miss Elizabeth

via wwe.com

It has been speculated that Macho Man Randy Savage's sudden and quick launch to stardom had nothing to do with the man himself, but instead it was the woman who stood beside him. Fans from back in the day thought that Miss Elizabeth could have been giving Savage's career a push by doing things with McMahon. It could've even been the reason Savage would get into fits of jealous rage and lock her alone in a dressing room.

If that wasn't enough for them, Miss Elizabeth was given co-hosting duties with Vince on Spotlight in 1989. Right around the time she and Savage were on the rocks. It lasted for just a short while before she reunited with Savage and then eventually divorced him all together and hooked up with Lex Luger. In spite of it all, it's clear that McMahon had a soft spot for Elizabeth.

1 Christy Hemme

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The Diva Search winner who is probably most famous for being fired and falling into oblivion is Christy Hemme. She didn't waste any time jumping from feud to feud with the Divas once she made her WWE debut, but then, after making such a splash, she was suddenly gone. Hemme addressed her departure in her blog and said it happened on her terms, but it has been speculated that Hemme was carrying on an affair with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon had her canned as revenge.

However, if you look past those rumours, you would find a completely different one that implies Hemme wasn't having an affair with Triple, and she was actually hooking up with Vince McMahon. After being dismissed from the WWE, Hemmme went on to spend several years at TNA and even tried her hand at a music and acting career and that was about as successful as her WWE stint.

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