15 Embarrassing Jobs These WWE Stars Have On Their Resumes

Wrestling stars are not made overnight. Many stars work their way up through the ranks from the lowest level, which means that they are forced to take on part-time jobs to pay for their training. Wrestling on the Independent Circuit doesn't pay a lot of money if you're not at the highest level, which means that a good number of stars take on embarrassing jobs just to get them through their first few years until they are good enough to be signed by a much bigger company or get into the main event picture.

Now that these wrestlers are globally recognized athletes, it must be embarrassing for them to look back and realize that they were once fired from menial jobs and their employers probably remember them even after all these years. While many WWE superstars have recently spoken openly about their careers before WWE, it's obvious that some superstars are not ready to talk about their working life just yet. There is no shame whatsoever in earning a living, but once you become a big celebrity it can be very humbling to admit you once had a job most fans would scoff at.

The following list looks at just 15 WWE stars who had quite embarrassing jobs before they were famous, or were fired from jobs that were seemingly easy jobs for someone to have kept.

15 AJ Lee: Janitor

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AJ Lee is a former Divas Champion and is considered to be one of the women who helped to change the landscape of WWE for the women who are currently part of the company. AJ retired following WrestleMania 31 back in 2015 and has since released her autobiography entitled Crazy Is My Superpower.

In her book, AJ talks about the struggles that her family faced when she was growing up which included being evicted from their home a number of times, sleeping in their car and living in a motel. AJ began working as soon as she was old enough so that she could pitch in and help her family with the bills. One of the more important jobs that she once had was as a janitor. Even though AJ was cleaning toilets and mopping floors on a regular basis, she felt that she was still respected while in the profession.

14 Paige: Bartender At 13 Years Old

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Paige was once considered to be the future of WWE, she is the only woman to have held the WWE Divas Championship and NXT Women's Championship at the same time, as well as being the youngest ever female champion on WWE's main roster.

Paige was born into a wrestling family. She has been around the business her entire life but her family also owned a number of other companies. It seems that while Paige made her wrestling debut when she was very young, she also began working as a bouncer and bartender in her parent's pub when she was just 13-years-old. Technically her parents could have lost their licence for having an employee working there who was under 18-years-old, not to mention the fact that Paige wasn't supposed to be working while she was under 16.

13 Natalya: Vacuum Saleswoman

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Natalya comes from one of the most famous wrestling families of all time, she is the only female graduate of the Hart Family Dungeon and the only female third generation superstar in WWE history.

Unlike many next-generation stars, Natalya's road to WWE wasn't an easy one, the former Divas Champion has worked for everything she got over the years and even though her family had a lot of money when she was growing up, Natalya was always taught the value of a dollar from an early age. Nattie started her first job as a door-to-door vacuum salesperson when she was just 18-years-old. Shockingly, this job only lasted for a week before Nattie quit and decided wrestling was her future. Can you imagine Natalya knocking on your door and offering you a new vacuum?

12 Kevin Owens: Gas Station Attendant

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Kevin Owens is one of the biggest stars in WWE right now, but his wrestling career hasn't always been this way. Owens was one of many stars who was forced to pick up a part-time job around their wrestling career because he wasn't earning enough money.

Owens had a son when he was still performing on the Independent Circuit, which meant that he needed to support his wife and child until he was finally signed by a bigger company. One of the jobs that Owens managed to pick up for a short amount of time was a Gas Station Attendant. It seems that this wasn't a job that Owens enjoyed very much, which doesn't live up to the stereotype that many fans have of Owens since they think he likes sitting around and doing nothing, mostly thanks to Randy Orton.

11 Gangrel: Director

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Gangrel is perhaps one of the most forgettable WWE stars of all time, but the career he went on to have following WWE is distinctly memorable. During his time in the spotlight, Gangrel was seen as a vampire-style star who partnered Edge and Christian in The Brood, before he was fired for apparently being too far overweight.

Gangrel took this on the chin and went on to pursue a career of a different type, where he signed on to direct 12 movies that we could call "less than wholesome". There have been a number of stars who have gone on to step into the "other" film industry following WWE careers, but Gangrel was perhaps the last person anyone would ever expect to make the switch. He has since moved back into wrestling and now performs on the Independent Circuit.

10 Sunny: Internet Personality

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Sunny was widely considered to be the first ever WWE Diva as well as a successful manager during her time with the company in the late 1990s. Ever since her departure and Hall of Fame Induction, it seems that WWE has tried their best to distance themselves from the former star because of her recent antics.

Sunny has been guilty of some of the craziest things over the past few years, but it seems that some of the jobs that she has accepted have been her biggest downfall. Sunny was known to accept a role in a number of 18-and-over films because she needed the money, as well as offering many fans the opportunity to pay for private Skype sessions, something that she definitely won't be proud of in a few years time.

9 R-Truth: Criminal Activity

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R-Truth is a veteran in WWE and over the past few years, he has been able to become a star in both WWE and TNA. During his childhood and teenage years, R-Truth wanted to pursue a career in music which is why he dropped out of school at a very young age.

Truth's career didn't take off in the way he thought after he dropped out of school, so he was forced to partake in criminal activity as a side job to help him make ends meet. His father had been selling illegal substances for most of his life, so Truth didn't see anything wrong with stepping into those shoes. It was only when R-Truth was arrested and spent 13 months incarcerated that he finally ended up on the straight and narrow and started to work his way up in the wrestling business.

8 Booker T: Worked At Wendy's

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Booker T is a former King of the Ring winner and current commentator on the Raw brand, where he has become one of the companies biggest legends. Booker's start in life goes on to prove that if you have the talent you can make it in any profession, especially since Booker had a criminal record when he became a WWE star.

Booker started off his working life working at a Wendy's restaurant, but this was also part of the reason that Booker ended up serving time in prison when he and a group of friends decided to rob the company that they worked for. It's perhaps not a job that Booker would have been able to get a reference from when he left prison and not one that he would have put on his resume, to begin with.

7 Enzo Amore: Piano Mover

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Enzo Amore is a former NXT superstar and the current Cruiserweight Champion on the 205 Live and Raw brands. But even someone who has the vocal talents of Amore was forced to work their way up from the bottom.

Enzo started out his working life when he was quite young helping out his father who was a DJ, he then moved on to a job moving pianos for a living. He said that the piano's were considerably heavy so he felt like he had a lot of power because the person he was usually working for couldn't lift the piano once he put it down. Enzo liked the fact that the job was like a workout but it was also this job that made him realize that he was destined for something much better.

6 Naomi: Stock Room Assistant

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Naomi is a former SmackDown Women's Champion and it seems that it has become quite well-known that Naomi once worked as a backup dancer for Flo-Rida and a number of other famous artists. This isn't the only job that Naomi had before she became a popular star since she recently revealed that she landed a job in one of her favourite clothing stores.

Naomi had always wanted to work in the store but when she finally got the job she found out that she was only hired to work in the stock room. The former Funkadactyl had always wanted to work the cash register, so needless to say the job in her favourite clothing shop didn't last very long because she clearly got her wires crossed in the job interview.

5 Becky Lynch: Fired From A Sandwich Shop

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Becky Lynch is the only Irish female superstar that WWE has ever signed and even though she was unable to lift the NXT Women's Championship, she did go on to become the inaugural SmackDown Women's Champion at Backlash last year. Becky comes from Dublin, Ireland and much like Finn Balor and Sheamus, she has worked her way up to WWE.

Becky had a number of jobs when she was younger, starting when she was very young washing cars for people in her neighbourhood. She then went on to land jobs in restaurants and Sandwich shops that she was later fired from because she either didn't want to wear the uniform or she didn't get along with the boss. Becky was also fired from her job in a pizza shop because she couldn't put the toppings on properly.

4 Randy Orton: Dishonorably Discharged From The US Marines

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Randy Orton is considered to be one of the biggest stars in WWE and has become a name synonymous with WWE over the past few decades. Even though Orton is a third-generation superstar, his future in WWE wasn't always clear since Orton wasn't always supposed to follow in his father and grandfather's footsteps.

After Orton graduated from high school back in 1998, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps where he later received a bad conduct charge back in 1999. It seems that Orton went AWOL on two separate occasions as well as disobeying an order from a commanding officer. Orton was later tried and convicted of these crimes under special court-martial and then forced to spend 38 days in the hole at Camp Pendleton.

3 AJ Styles: Trash Collector At A Race Track

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AJ Styles is arguably one of best wrestlers in the world right now, but Styles had to work hard over the past few decades to get to where he is right now. Styles could have become a star in WCW back in the early 2000s but he decided to deliver water instead.

Styles had a good work ethic from the start of his working life since he first started working at a very young age as a trash collector for his local racetrack. Styles picked up litter on a regular basis but didn't get paid a lot of money for his time. Instead he loved the fact that he was able to go and watch the races for free while holding on to the job. Styles has come a long way, and it's hard to imagine him picking up litter off the floor now that he's one of the biggest wrestling stars in the world.

2 Summer Rae: Lingerie Football Player

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Summer Rae was recently released from WWE after not appearing on the show for almost 600 days. The former NXT star became a sort of castaway following her stint on Total Divas and it took WWE a while to decide to finally release her.

Summer came to WWE with no prior knowledge of the business or the company, but she did have prior knowledge of working in front of a crowd. Summer was once part of the Lingerie Football League, where she played for the Chicago Bliss. Summer played as a quarterback and was the team's captain for a number of years in a sport where she was forced to play in her underwear. No wonder WWE were quite reluctant when it came to pushing her on the main roster, it isn't the best kind of job to see on someone's resume.

1 Ashley Massaro: Companion For Hire

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Ashley Massaro was the winner of the Raw Diva Search back in 2005 and while she was with WWE she was chosen to pose for Playboy magazine back in 2007. Ashley wasn't well-liked during her time in WWE and it seems that after she left the company in 2008 she decided to pick a fight with Sunny on Social Media.

It seems that Ashley wasn't happy that Sunny was offering private Skype sessions and was seemingly disgusted with the former WWE Diva for sinking to that level. Ashley perhaps shouldn't have picked a fight with Sunny in hindsight, since Sunny did some digging and found out that Ashley once worked as an escort before she was hired by WWE. It seems that this one may have been left of Ashley's resume when she first applied to be part of the company, I wonder why?

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