15 Embarrassing Photos Of The Hogan Family

Oh, the Hogans... unfortunately, thanks to a slew of incidents and random photos, we remember them more so for the embarrassing moments instead of the good moments and that’s saying a lot given Hulk’s run in the pro wrestling business. The good of Hogan is everything work related cause his personal life has been an absolute mess. From court battles to creaming his daughter with tanning lotion inappropriately, the Hulkster has a slew of embarrassing photos from his past.

Hulk is not alone however, his family has suffered the same faith. Linda has countless inexplicable photos via social media, Nick, well is just Nick, and Brooke like her father, also has numerous candid shots she wishes did not exist. In this article, we take a look at those types of picture with 15 embarrassing photos the Hogan family wishes didn’t exist.

Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to join in on the fun via Facebook, let us know which photo made you cringe the most. We know begin with a not so flattering picture of the Hulkster rocking a Speedo and a not so glamorous bald spot, enjoy folks!

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15 Speedo & Without The Bandana

via tmz.com

This picture is truly a double-whammy as not only is Hulk rocking the questionable Speedo bathing suit trunks but he’s also without his bandana, a rare visual we’ve hardly seen throughout the years. Seriously though, aren’t candid shots the best?

The picture was published by TMZ and in truth, we highly doubt it was a shot Hulk wanted us to see. This embarrassing photo is truly one he wishes didn’t exist, although at least this time around it didn’t include his daughter, as such pictures took the word embarrassing to a whole other level. You’ll get what we’re talking about a little late in the article. For now, enjoy the Hulkster rocking his DX-inspired Speedo, break it down! Actually please don’t Hulk, you’ll hurt yourself....

14 Hulk’s Twisted Tweet

via thechive.com

Hulk is two for two so far on this list, as you scroll down this article, you’ll likely come to learn that the Hulkster has embarrassed himself on more than one occasion. This one in particular caused a firestorm online, so much so that Brooke herself stepped in to defend her father. Hulk posted this creepy picture of his daughter via his Twitter. Adding to the creepiness, it seems like Brooke wasn’t even aware the shot was taken... In the caption, Hulk wrote; “Brooke’s Legs”, followed by the creeper shot.

The masses ripped Hogan to shreds and questioned his relationship with his daughter. Things got so bad that Brooke went on a rampage defending her father against the public. At the end of the day, like the rest of these moments, it was an embarrassing photo that Hulk truly regrets given the backlash of it all.

13 Linda’s Social Media Hunger

via pinterest.com

We’ve seen this more than once, reality stars doing whatever they could to keep themselves in the spotlight. The sad part about Linda, is the fact that Hogan Knows Best ended in 2007, do the math, that’s a decade ago yet she’s still trying to maintain a degree of fame with the public.

One way she’s been attempting to do so is via social media platforms whether that be on Twitter or Instagram. The 57 year old posts a slew of “Not So PG” photos on the regular, leaving many baffled at her attempts in staying in the spotlight. In truth one day, Linda might look back at such photos in absolute regret and embarrassment, however, given her recent pics, that moments hasn’t occurred yet as she continues posting bikini selfies on the regular... In the words of Hulk, “oh brother”...

12 Brooke Towers Over Ex-Boyfriend

via wrestling-online.com

Brooke doesn’t have the largest dating resume, however, she was engaged at one point and, dating a rapper named Stack$, no that’s not a typo, he actually has a dollar sign instead of an S at the end of his name. When Hulk was caught using racial slurs, all signs indicate he was referring to Brooke’s ex-boyfriend that you see in the picture above.

The relationship was peculiar for one main reason and that’s the fact that Brooke towered over her man on several occasions. Even candid beach shots of the two shows Brooke standing tall over her boy Stacks, sorry, Stack$. This embarrassing picture however truly takes the cake as Brooke noticeably attempts to hunch over as she tries to at least get a little lower. Wearing heels on the night, she only added insult to injury on that situation.

11 Nick The Hair Specialist

via celebitchy.com

From terrible car accidents, to spending time in prison, Nick doesn’t have the best track record either. After undergoing these types of situations, the smartest bet for Nick was to simply lay low and let the dust settle. Instead, he tried to smooth things over, but that only made things worse making him look like a laughing stock. This incident that saw Nick give out free haircuts only hurt his image even more, the poor dude even wrote “TV personality” on his sign. Looking back, it’s one of the many moments Nick likely regrets.

Nowadays, he’s wisely staying out of the spotlight, similar to his dad. Time heals all wounds and Nick is certainly banking on that. You can still follow his journey however via Instagram as he posts on the regular. Nick recently posted a photo of himself alongside dad Hulk at the gym.

10 Linda Flaunts The Goods

via pintrest.com

After the Hulkster got caught cheating, the divorce cleaned him out pretty badly. Linda milked the situation and nearly took her ex-husband out for everything he was worth. At the end of the settlement, Linda walked away with 70% of Hogan’s assets! Good heavens. If that wasn’t bad enough, she continued to burry Hulk by even writing a book on her relationship with the WWE legend, Wrestling the Hulk: My Life Against the Ropes. We’re quite surprised Impact Wrestling didn’t come running with an offer following the book launch...

Nonetheless, she pocketed an insane amount of money and instead of laying low with her cash and enjoying a quiet private life, she instead decided to flaunt her cash in numerous pictures such as the one above. Embarrassing is the first word that comes to mind when looking at such a picture.

9 Hulk’s Black Eye

via ringthedamnbell.files.wordpress.com

One of the greatest urban legends in pro wrestling history revolves around Hulk Hogan and a black eye he sported back in the early 90s. Many questioned how he got the bad bruise which fueled speculation. The popular belief is that friend/foe Macho Man Randy Savage socked him one right in the face. Hulk never confirmed this, however, many believe that’s exactly what went down. The situation was embarrassing and one Hulk likely doesn’t like to speak about.

According to the gossip, Macho Man struck Hogan after blaming the Hulkster for ruining his relationship with his former love interest, the late Miss Ezilabeth. Apparently, the story goes Elizabeth was staying with Hulk and his wife and one point, and the two, introduced her to a new man which obviously infuriated Macho Man. We’ll never know is this one is true or not, but either way, it was downright embarrassing and forgettable for Hogan.

8 Linda’s Mugshot

via pintrest.com

The Hogan family also has a slew of forgettable mugshots or court type of pictures. In terms of mugshots, both Linda and Nick have faced the wrath of justice. Linda was struck with a DUI offense back in October of 2012. She was arrested in Malibu, California with an alcohol level of 0.084, now that’s just not acceptable!

She was released a little bit after the charge using the Hulkster’s hard earn dollars paying a bail of $5K, in truth, that’s change given the ridiculous amount of cash she was granted following the divorce. 70% of Hulk’s assets people, 70%! Seriously who the hell was Hulk’s lawyer, he would have been better off with the Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart in his corner at that point.

7 Brooke’s Failed Marriage

via eonline.com

After Brooke ended her relationship with Stack$, the next in line was a former NFLer, one Phil Costa. Without a doubt, Hulk was probably more content with her new partner of choice. The couple would end up getting engaged as you see in the picture above, Costa proposed along the Vegas strip. Brooke seemed shocked judging by the picture, but we have reason to believe it wasn’t a good shocked as the wedding would be called off in November of 2013 and the two would end up breaking up. Obviously, the photo above is a forgettable one and a shot Brooke wishes didn’t exist.

It appears as though Brooke is still looking for love nowadays as her Instagram shows no indication of any man or men, in her life at the moment.

6 Hulk The Actor

via pintrest.com

Before the likes of The Rock and Batista were making the jump to Hollywood, Hogan was also making such a move long before. It’s a forgotten fact simply because his Hollywood pursuit tanked so miserably. After reaching the ultimate peak in pro wrestling, Hogan decided to leave the business in search of global stardom through acting. The idea wasn’t all that bad and actually quite wise, however, the outcome was anything but that.

Hogan’s acting jump was a major flop and just downright embarrassing. Appearing in such films like Mr. Nanny, the career change was laughable more than anything else. For that reason, Hulk would leave the Hollywood life re-entering the world of pro wrestling soon after, this time, as an employee of WCW. Looking back, we can safely say he made the correct decision.

5 Brooke Takes A Picture With New Jack

via mirror.co.uk

Poor gullible Brooke did something very regrettable and that was posing for a picture at a convention alongside New Jack. If you’re aware of the former ECW wrestler, you know that not much good can come from anything New Jack related.

New Jack was proceeded to mock the Hogans posting the picture online. The photo wasn't bad, it was the caption that truly lit Twitter on fire as New Jack wrote, “Hulk Hogan... I’m that N****”. The tweet blew up on social media and without a doubt, poor Brooke likely instantly regretted her decision to pose for a picture with the deranged former wrestler. Obviously, Hogan did not comment on the photo, a path he’s taking more times than not, just ask Scott Steiner who continues to bury Hogan without ever getting anything in return.

4 Linda Gone Wild (Kind Of...)

via dailymail.co.uk

We caption this one “Linda Gone Wild” however; she went wild for all the wrong reasons finding love with a teenager. Following her divorce, Linda moved on entering a relationship with one Charley Hill, a dude who was in his teens when the couple first started dating. The paparazzi had a field day with the relationship taking various candid shots of the two. To make matters worse, the pictures were usually of the PDA type, yup, yikes.

The couple milked the situation, Linda even returned to VH1 for the first time since Hogan Knows Best, appearing on Couple’s Therapy alongside her former man. Age 48 when they started dating, Linda and the 19 year old didn’t last the test of time making the entire ordeal embarrassing, and something the entire family wishes did not exist.

3 The Weird Bday Celebration

via celebuzz.com

So this one is truly every dad’s nightmare, just imagine, it’s your birthday, and you celebrate the event by having an unveiling of your nude daughter inside a cage, displayed on a photo. That nightmare was truly a reality for Hulk, as he spent his birthday doing that exact thing! To make matters worse, he downed some cake alongside his daughter shortly after the unveiling.

With the leg picture, and multiple other disturbing candid shots, this photo was just embarrassing and made things a heck of a lot worse. Seriously, could they not have held such an event on any other day, did it have to be the day of Hogan’s bday? Good heavens. We hope at the very least that the cake was tasty, cause the picture, was forgettable and something we hope Hulk in particular wishes didn’t exist. We can only hope....

2 Wrecking Ball Hulk

via usatftw.files.wordpress.com

Looking at Hulk’s latest track record, one would make the claim that a wrecking ball spoof was appropriate given his constant negative attention in the media. However, this moment was yet another failed Hulk commercial that was laughable more so than anything else. Many wonder what in the hell Hulk was thinking taking up such a gig.

Basically, Hogan made a spoof of the Wrecking Ball video, things got so cringe when Hulk was actually pantless, ironically, it wasn’t the first time we saw him with no pants... The ad was just downright embarrassing, and something Hogan likely regrets looking back at his current status nowadays. It remains to be seen when the Hulkster is to make a return, for now, he’s enjoying life laying low, the best option in truth.

1 The Pool Incident

via tinypic.com

If you’re a religious follower of the Hogan family, you’ve likely seen this picture on more than one occasion. Seriously though, how can we not include such a creepy, forgettable, embarrassing, “Not So PG”, inappropriate photo to this list.

The candid picture went viral as Hogan was caught creaming his daughter’s backside. Oh, and he even ran some cream down her legs, which might be worse given the creepy tweet he posted about his daughter’s legs. Seriously, the picture was one of the most embarrassing of all-time for the Hogan family and one they all wish did not exist. However, thanks to places like The Sportster, we’ll keep reminding you on the regular. We love you Hulk, very much, and thanks for being twisted, we appreciate it.

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