15 Embarrassing Photos Of WWE Women Out Of The Ring

The internet has been both a blessing and a curse for WWE stars over the past few years. This is especially true for the women, who benefitted from the whole #GiveDivasAChance trend a few years ago. But many of them have fallen foul to the fact that there is always a person with a camera around every corner. Being in front of the camera lens can mean you gain incredible popularity and attention. On the flip side, that same camera can also catch your most embarrassing moments. Even worse, in the age of social media those images can be seen by millions of people in just seconds.

The women of WWE are usually the ones who are the victims when it comes to embarrassing images that they would rather not see online. Leaks of some of their most personal images have made the headlines over the past few years. It is unfortunate that hackers have targeted these women because of their current standings in the company.

There will always be a downside to living the life that these women regularly show off on Total Divas. The following list looks at one of the biggest drawbacks. What follows is a list of 15 of the most embarrassing images that the women of WWE have seen shared online throughout their careers and there is nothing they could do to stop it. As the saying goes, once something is put online, it can never be erased.

15 Maryse

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Maryse came to WWE through the 2006 WWE Diva Search and hasn't always been seen as The Miz's wife. There were a number of years between her debut and when she began dating Miz where the French beauty used to enjoy a few nights out in style.

The above image shows Maryse partying with fellow star Jack Swagger and also shows her smoking. Maryse and Swagger get much closer throughout the night since there were a number of images shown of this night. It is unknown if this was because Maryse and Swagger once dated. If they didn't, Maryse is making quite a fool of herself in these photos since she is all over the former World Champion. It looks as though they are much closer than just friends (at least in this photo).

14 Nikki's Teeth

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Unlike Natalya, Nikki didn't look as though she wanted to brag about how hard she was to be able to take such pain. At least she was still able to keep a smile in her face. Nikki was embarrassed that there was something in the world that could affect her image and was reluctant to show her boyfriend John Cena. She really didn't want him to see her looking less than perfect.

This highlights the difference between Nikki and Natalya. The latter is open to the fact that pain and loss of teeth is something that comes with the business that she signed up for. Nikki would prefer to hide any images that could ruin her image or make her look less than a "Total Bella".

13 Paige Being Arrested

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It's been a terrible year for Paige given all of the things that the former Divas Champion has been through in the past 12 months. This definitely won't be the only time that she enters this list, but her problems started long before the chime that signalled the new year at the beginning of 2017.

The above images were taken back in 2016 when Paige and Alberto Del Rio were part of an altercation following the Money in the Bank pay-per-view. Paige and Del Rio were released almost immediately afterwards and it was explained that they were only handcuffed so that the police could calm everyone down. Despite this explanation, these images will always be online to remind the couple that the beginning of their relationship wasn't that much better than the end.

12 Emma

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Emma is another female who made her way through the NXT system only to be wasted on the main roster. Emma was a talented star, but she had a number of issues to overcome on her way to the top. She was released from the company earlier this year before she was ever really given a chance.

Emma's most embarrassing moment would perhaps be from back in 2014. Believe it or not, she was arrested for stealing an iPhone case. Emma was released from the company when it was revealed that she had been arrested but was then rehired a few hours later when WWE changed their mind. Even though Emma has tried her best to forget the incident over the past few years, there are still a number of mugshot photos that mean that she will never be able to.

11 Brie Mode

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One of the biggest narratives of Total Divas over the past four years has been that Brie Bella has had an issue when it comes to drinking. Brie calls this "Brie Mode" and somehow WWE has managed to change this into her character on WWE TV. This is odd because WWE's family friendly image should not be promoting this behaviour.

Brie is a mother now and is trying to create a completely different image of herself. Despite this she recently went on holiday with her sister Nikki to celebrate her engagement and once again managed to drink a little bit too much. Brie embarrasses a number of other women on the WWE roster when she drinks this much. At one point she even drank a worm on an episode of Total Divas.

10 Brie Bella

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Brie Bella and her sister Nikki have had their own fair share of embarrassing WWE moments with all of them being caught on camera as part of Total Divas. Because WWE has pushed The Bella twins to do everything that they want to over the past few years, the women aren't afraid now to try new things that they aren't necessarily good at.

Brie decided to push the boundaries and attempt to sing her own entrance music, obviously, Naomi and Cameron had done this before her and she wanted to continue the trend. It was embarrassing for both Brie and Nikki to have to film, but it seems that when Brie listened to herself back, she realized just how bad a singer she was. Needless to say, she never tried to sing again.

9 Kaitlyn

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A number of female wrestlers have been arrested over the past few decades, but Kaitlyn's arrest was one of the more embarrassing cases. She was picked up for not paying for an old traffic violation that she had been cited for when she was in Michigan.

The former Divas Champion was arrested and later released on a $315 bond. The whole incident was considered to be slightly embarrassing for someone who earns the amount of money that many WWE stars do. Needless to say, Kaitlyn has remained on top of her finances since but this image will now remain online to remind her to always pay up in the future. The former WWE Divas recently returned to the ring and could be returning to WWE soon. This would be interesting considering the fact that she has remained in incredible shape.

8 Sunny

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Sunny could fill this entire list just based on her exploits that have been caught on camera over the past few years. Some of these images are not only embarrassing to the former WWE Diva, but they are quite sad when they're taken into perspective.

Sunny was once the woman that every male member of the WWE Universe was attracted to. She is a WWE Hall of Famer and her fall from grace has been one that has been publicly documented. Sunny is struggling and she has been doing so for a number of years. Her recent run-ins with the law have proved just how far Sunny has fallen and images like this should be seen as a wake-up call to show that she needs help.

7 Lana

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Lana is one of the most beautiful female wrestlers in the company right now. However, as a heel Lana has been forced to be part of a number of embarrassing segments over the past few years.

One of these included being pushed into a wedding cake just weeks after marrying Rusev. While all of the action happened inside the WWE ring, Lana later headed backstage where this image was taken. It shows that sometimes even the most beautiful of women can have bad days. This isn't an image that Lana will want to associate with her wedding, or even the feud that Rusev once had with Roman Reigns, she will probably be happy that she isn't a valet for her husband anymore because of these kinds of segments.

6 Paige Worries Her Fans

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Paige's fanbase supported her throughout a number of her personal problems earlier this year. Many were worried when this image was shared online that showed Paige looking much less muscular and glamorous than usual.

The former Divas Champion admitted that after a number of her problems that year, she was feeling depressed and she did have a few issues with eating. Luckily she has managed to get her life back on track and returned to WWE looking much healthier. Paige may have returned and is set to once again get back on track, but this image will be a constant reminder to the British star that she has overcome so much this past year. She probably never wants to end up back at that place again.

5 Sable

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Sable was once one of the most attractive women in the world. This was true both inside and outside of a WWE ring. She was on the cover of Playboy magazine twice and is still one of the best selling cover girls of all time.

The years have been less than kind to Sable as she has begun to age. This could be why she has avoided the spotlight over the past few years while her husband has made his return to WWE. Sable was there to support her husband in UFC though. As the above image shows, she wasn't looking anything like the Sable that the WWE Universe remembers. The past few years of being a mother and wife have taken their toll. In this image, while she still looks great, Sable almost looks like Brock's loving mother. Although this could just be because Brock looks very young by comparison.

4 Paige

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Paige definitely knows all about images being online when she would rather they were not. The former Divas Champion almost lost her job earlier this year when personal images of her were leaked online, but it seems that these aren't the only images that Paige has to be embarrassed about.

The above image shows the current Raw superstar drinking what looks like a beer, whilst also getting it all over herself, which isn't a classy thing for someone who is considered to be a role model to do. Not only that, but Paige is wearing her ring gear in the image as well, which means that this was either part of a show or backstage. Thankfully, it seems that Paige has been working hard recently to change this image of her into something that she can be proud of.

3 Brie Finds Her Sister's Personal Stash

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The above screen grab is from an episode of Total Divas where Brie Bella and her sister Nikki are talking in a hotel room before Brie then finds her sisters sex toy in her bed. It's something that Nikki has never been shy about talking about publicly, claiming that she's a "woman who has needs" and her fiance John Cena is away a lot.

Brie did not look happy about the fact that she was forced to touch one of her sisters toys and it was actually quite an awkward scene, it's perhaps no awkward than the scene on Total Bellas where Nikki told her brother JJ all about her intimate life when Cena isn't home, which obviously wasn't something he wanted to know about. Nikki seems to have a problem when it comes to keeping the intimate details of her sex life to herself.

2 Kelly Kelly

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Anyone who watches Total Divas will know that the women of WWE know how to party. These women enjoy their liquor, some more than others. It seems that Kelly Kelly is one of the women who enjoys her alcohol but she can't control what she does when she's drunk.

The above image is one of many that the former Divas Champion has been the subject of following drunken outings with her friends. It is unknown what Kelly is actually doing in that sink at that point, but as an ambassador of WWE and a former WAG, she should definitely have had lessons on how to ensure that these kinds of images never see the light of day. Luckily for Kelly, this was taken a long time ago but as much as she would love to forget all about it, this image will always be here to remind her.

1 Stephanie McMahon

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Stephanie is one of the biggest names in the company. She's someone that the WWE Universe knows very well and she has a hand in a lot of the corporate responsibilities of WWE off-screen. This means that the last thing that the bosses daughter needed was a photo of her to begin circulating online that made it look as though she had wet herself on WWE TV.

This happened following Payback back in 2014 when Stephanie ran from the ring after she was slapped by Brie Bella, who had quit the company. It seems that a reflection on her dress managed to make it seem as though Stephanie had decided to make her exit for a very different reason, which is definitely not something that she wanted to be online for the world to see.

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