15 Embarrassing Pictures Of Current Wrestlers WWE Doesn’t Want You To See

WWE has become such a vastly covered business over the years that its popularity seems to be spreading with each passing year, as the company has tried to get into the mainstream line of popularity by adding the element of "entertainment" to its name. WWE has events almost every day now, which means the wrestlers are busier than ever.

So it's rather obvious that these superstars who have to work their butts off throughout the year will try to enjoy life when out of the ring, and you know wrestlers love to have fun. But at times the "fun" can be taken a bit too far and make for some embarrassing moments, as the growth of social media has meant that every humiliating moment lives on for eternity on the internet.

Let's take a look at 15 embarrassing pictures of current WWE wrestlers the company doesn't want the fans to see - too late!

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15 John Cena

via sportskeeda.com

John Cena has been the face that runs the place in the WWE for almost a decade now, as the leader of the Cenation army has won many World Titles, making him a 15 time World Champion. Cena has now taken more of a lighter role for the WWE, as he aims at breaking through into the entertainment business and has starred in WWE's reality series like Total Divas and the current one in Total Bellas. He also has been dating Nikki Bella for some time now as the two seem to have a lot of fun on the show. But this picture of Cena holding Nikki's bag will definitely not go down well with his reputation, as the WWE wouldn't want this to be seen by much of his fans as it's pretty embarrassing for someone like him doing things like these. Even though it's a sweet gesture on Cena's part, it'll hamper the dominance and strength of his on-screen character and is pretty humiliating for the company as well, whose top star is doing stuff like this instead of wrestling.

14 Roman Reigns

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Roman Reigns has had his share of fans and haters ever since The Shield split up, but not many can really deny his ability to work inside the ring and his dedication for the product. Reigns has already main evented two WrestleManias in a row and won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship three times in his career, as the current United States Champion is probably the next face of the company. But Reigns also has some dark history of his own, as he was once arrested for being drunk and getting into a fight, before he signed a contract with the WWE. The Big Dog was put into jail and this mugshot of him arose from it, as WWE has done its best to make sure no one gets to see Reigns in this embarrassing situation. Although the arrest wasn't anything massive, Reigns' reputation would go down the drain if this picture of him does the rounds and the WWE has done all it can to same themselves and their "Guy" from humiliation.

13 Dean Ambrose

via Tumblr.com

Dean Ambrose has risen as a huge fan favorite after The Shield split up, as the Lunatic Fringe has had a slow but strong push to the top which culminated in him winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship earlier this year. Ambrose is regarded by many as the Stone Cold Steve Austin of his generation, but he wasn't always this high up in the WWE. Not many can actually remember that Ambrose actually worked as a jobber in 2006, as he and another wrestler named Dean Taylor lost to MNM on an episode of Velocity. He didn't make much appearances, but the picture of him at the time branding that pink hair is absolutely embarrassing for his badass character right now and something the WWE definitely wouldn't want fans to get their eyes on. Not many even remember Ambrose working as a jobber and the WWE would want things to remain that way as this shocking picture of Ambrose with that pink hair and weird look definitely wouldn't go well with his gimmick right now in the company.

12 Seth Rollins

via eonline.com

Seth Rollins seems to have had a change in personality recently, as he has successfully turned into a face who everyone seems to love at this point. Rollins rose through the roster through The Shield, before turning on them to join The Authority as he went on to win the Money in the Bank briefcase and WWE World Heavyweight Championship afterwards. Rollins would get injured badly while holding the title, forcing him to vacate it before he returned months later to get it back. He's pretty much been a face ever since and is looking to be in the best shape of his life, but in spite of that he has had his issues in his personal life. While holding the Money in the Bank briefcase, Rollins had photos of his private parts leaked on twitter by his ex-fiancee Leighla Schultz. While many thought that would be the end of his push, that wasn't the case but the WWE has tried to sweep those pictures under the rug and save Rollins from further humiliation. These pictures could be disastrous for his WWE career if spread out, as the embarrassment must've been massive for The Architect.

11 Charlotte

via wral.com

Charlotte is one of the prime reasons why women's wrestling has become so big in the WWE right now, as she's definitely got the genes of her father and is a phenomenal athlete inside the ring. The three time WWE Women's Champion is well and truly "The Queen" of the Women's Division as she's amazing in the ring and quite compelling in other aspects of her character as well. But she has some dark secrets in her past, with the worst being the fact that she was arrested in 2008 for assaulting a police officer, as this mugshot of her arrest was leaked on the internet years back. The WWE has been booking her like a queen, and wouldn't want this dark secret to be revealed to the audience as this mugshot of Charlotte can tarnish her stature in the company if it is seen by the WWE fans. The company has made sure it doesn't get to the eyes of many as this embarrassing deed can destroy the reputation which Charlotte has been working so hard to attain at this moment and will want it to remain as a secret.

10 Luke Gallows

via uproxx.com

Luke Gallows might be one of the more intimidating wrestlers in the tag team division of the WWE right now, but before he was Luke Gallows in the company, he was Festus. Festus was a mentally challenged character the WWE came up with in 2007 who would come alive when the bell rang and became this monster of a wrestler. This didn't make much sense, and Gallows' reputation was tarnished with this weird character before he became a part of the Straight Edge Society. Gallows is now a compelling heel who needs to be booked better as part of the Club, but this picture of Gallows as Festus is something the company wouldn't want anyone to see nor remember, as the whole gimmick was an embarrassment to pro wrestling. Gallows looked horrible with this gimmick and it was deservedly shelved after a point of time, as the WWE wouldn't want one of their strongest tag team guys to be remembered as Festus.

9 The Miz

via wweforums.net

The Miz has been quite the faithful employee for the WWE for over a decade now, as the A-lister grew from being a participant in WWE Tough Enough to going on to main event WrestleMania XXVII. The Miz has won it all in the WWE, and has been an amazing heel for a long time now having the ability to gain heat from the audience at will. But he has also done some silly stuff at that, as the most embarrassing one is probably during an episode of Raw when he had Damien Sandow as his assistant when the WWE showed him showering in the back and actually showed him naked (censored) in that episode. This image showing The Miz and being tended to by Mizdow is pretty embarrassing for his own reputation as the WWE definitely wouldn't want their "A-lister" to be seen in such light by the audience and have since been trying to undo this mistake.

8 Dolph Ziggler

via bleacherreport.com

Dolph Ziggler has been through a lot in his almost decade long journey in the WWE, as he debuted as "Nicky" of the Spirit Squad before finding the perfect gimmick in Dolph Ziggler, calling himself "The Showoff". Ziggler was a high mid-carder who found his push in around 2012 when he became the World Heavyweight Champion after cashing his money in the bank briefcase. But during his time holding the briefcase, Ziggler had a feud with John Cena; during a segment on Raw where Ziggler with his then on-screen girlfriend AJ Lee were having a New Year's Eve toast, John Cena dropped poop on them (literally). Ziggler and AJ were covered in crap as that was an extremely embarrassing moment for the current Intercontinental Champion. Even though the WWE has tried to make that memory vanish from all our minds, that was one disgusting moment which humiliated Ziggler like none other and even though the WWE has tried to erase this embarrassing moment, it doesn't go away that easily.

7 Emma

via youtube.com

Emma has had quite the change in personality ever since coming to the WWE, as she started out as this laid back character who danced to the ring, but had quite the impressive wrestling skill. She would be promoted to the main roster only to fail to impress there, as she was again sent to NXT where she found her gimmick when she turned heel and became this sadistic, cool bad girl. Emma would again be called up to the main roster as she tagged along with Dana Brooke, but some injuries have kept her down for a while now. But what many don't know is that she was arrested in 2014 for allegedly stealing an Ipad Case and was also released by the WWE for that. But it was quickly resolved that she forgot to give the money and it was all a mistake, propelling the company to hire her back hours later. But pictures of her mugshots have made the rounds on the internet ever since, as the WWE will try to ensure that fans don't get to see it as she's set to be the eye-candy of the company with her "Emmalina" gimmick and wouldn't want her reputation tarnished with people watching her mugshot pictures for the most ridiculous crime ever.

6 Chris Jericho

via rafaplayswithtoys.tumblr.com

Chris Jericho is proving week in, week out that he's one of the greatest of all time as even at this day and age, he's been the best thing about Monday Night Raw ever since the brand extension. He has managed to put over words like "IT', "Drink it In maan" and also the "List of Jericho" as he's been a hilarious heel for some months now. But this picture is another case of kayfabe being broken, as Jericho is seen drinking with Dean Ambrose. Jericho has been a direct rival for Ambrose on WWE TV as the two had a heated feud earlier this year, as this picture diminishes. This picture is pretty damaging to Jericho's reputation in the company as the WWE wouldn't want this to be seen by fans, as it's breaking kayfabe badly.

5 Kevin Owens

via reddit.com

Chris Jericho's best friend has been on a roll lately, as KO has had quite the year in WWE, which has culminated in him becoming the WWE Universal Champion. Owens has had quite the ride in WWE so far ever since arriving in the company, as he has won the NXT Championship, the Intercontinental Championship (twice) and is the current holder of the Universal Title as he has been utilized excellently by the company. But Owens is also a very good family man as he is a superb wrestler, as he spends as much time as possible with his family and has a lovely bond with them. This picture of him wearing a Mickey Mouse cap and looking pretty gloomy sums up his personal life, but this picture could also be pretty humiliating to his on-screen character even if it's pretty hilarious. Owens' on-screen character is ruthless and conniving, as the WWE wouldn't want kayfabe-believing fans to see this picture as it could turn Owens' reputation into a joke and could ruin WWE's strong booking of him so far.

4 Sheamus

via viralitytoday.com

The Celtic Warrior Sheamus has earned his title in the WWE, as he has been one of the most hard-hitting, tough wrestlers in the company ever since arriving. The Irishman might not exactly be liked by many people, but he has maintained an intimidating nature to his character ever since arriving in the company and hasn't ever broken that. That's unless you count this picture of him partying, as he's dressed with a blonde wig on his head and a fake weapon on his mouth to a picture which he'll regret being a part of for the rest of his life. He seems to be in the midst of a wild party with friends (ex WWE wrestler Drew McIntryre beside him), but this picture is embarrassing for his tough character and breaking kayfabe in a major way, as the WWE wouldn't want fans to see Sheamus in this state as it could tarnish his whole reputation in the company in a big way. Sheamus might look stupid nowadays with his hair-style, but he looks a whole lot stupider wearing this ridiculous costume and will regret being a part of this humiliating picture for a long time.

3  3. Bo Dallas

via tmz.com

Bo Dallas has been a very entertaining wrestler ever since debuting in the WWE, as his "Bolieve" mantra and hilarious antics in and around the ring have given him a small amount of popularity among the fans. The former NXT Champion might be a funny guy on-screen, but he hasn't been short of controversies off it as he seems to have a drinking problem and was arrested a few months back for public intoxication after being ejected from a flight. Pictures of his arrest made the round afterwards as the intoxicated Dallas can be seen being handcuffed by the police, as this was disastrous for his reputation in the company. Although there haven't been any consequences sicne, the WWE wouldn't want fans to see Dallas in such a shape as he's the entertaining element for them and wouldn't wants fans to remember him for being a drunk as this sily mistake has been covered by the WWE since it happened.

2 Braun Strowman

via cagesideseats.com

So Braun Strowman has been booked as a massive destructive element ever since debuting in the company a year back, as he has rarely been even put down by any other opponent, let alone been pinned or submitted. Strowman has been pushed very strongly ever since the brand extension, giving the job of crushing jobbers and is looked to be in for a even bigger push in the long run. But Strowman wasn't always like this, as he was actually a Rosebud for Adam Rose before he became the destructive element, as it can be seen in this picture. On the right hand holding Rose's left hand, Strowman looks to be in the mood for party wearing that ridiculous outfit and in a state not many have seen him in. Though people barely remember the Rosebuds, WWE wouldn't want anyone to see Strowman partying and dancing around like this as a rosebud as it would take away all the momentum he had got as this embarrassing thing he had to do is wholly WWE's fault, as they'll now try to cover this up and hope no-one sees this shocking image of Strowman.

1 The Undertaker

via sherdog.com

The Undertaker is a living legend in the WWE, as he is someone a WWE fan of all ages can immediately recognize because of his legacy in the company. The Phenom has had many historic runs through his 20+ years in the company, but has slowed down because of his age and decreasing health in the past few years, as he had his Mania streak broken at WrestleMania XXX and hasn't been the same ever since. The Phenom might still be one of the most attractive figures in the WWE who fills out the arena whenever he appears, but he's only there to wrestle one odd matches a year nowadays. And this picture showing him in his personal life goes onto show him in a horrible shape, as he's grown old and frail with age. But this picture is pretty embarrassing for the legendary character of the Deadman as well as the WWE, who have tried to keep these personal pictures of him beyond the eyes of the general public and we can see why, as their top attractive talent in such a horrible shape can depress anyone as this picture is quite embarrassing for the WWE who still would want the fans to believe the Deadman as the most powerful being in the company.

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