15 Embarrassing Pictures Of Female Wrestlers In The Ring

These female wrestlers were caught in some very compromising positions... 15 Embarrassing Pictures Of Female Wrestlers In The Ring.

The WWE has a history of having some of the most beautiful women in the world on their roster at various times. Not only beautiful women that rival the hottest cheerleaders and movie stars, but nowadays skilled enough that the women of yesteryear wouldn't get a look in unless they trained their butts off and actually got good at wrestling, which is a nice change by most standards.

Something that hasn't changed though is that even as we respect a lot of these women far more for their skills in the ring as we do their looks in general, mishaps and circumstances can conspire to reveal a little more than they were planning to on any given night. Where the Diva's of the previous generation traded on their looks via playboy shoots and skimpy outfits and wouldn't think twice about revealing whatever the audience wanted to see (depending on ratings at the time), the current women can still have a sexy bit of skin get onto the shows despite being less inclined that way.

Not just skin, but sometimes a bit of terrible timing or acting can also lead to embarrassment that can last a lifetime on the WWE Network where they are all preserved long after the wrestling tights are tugged back into place or the hilarity and laughter have died down. In these cases you'll see throughout this list that the old adage is still true, "anything can happen on Live tv".

19 Charlotte's Armbar Escapee


Three of the Four Horsewomen went at it at WrestleMania 32, Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch. Fighting over the Diva's/Women's Championship was surely the dream for all three ladies, but even during the biggest women's match in years there can be small moments where the old non-PG WWE rears its head.

Such was the case when after a series of reversals and with Sasha out of the ring, Becky locked on an armbar onto Charlotte who in her struggling revealed for a brief moment one of her 'queens'.

It was only for a fleeting second but it shows that what Trish Stratus always said to the other women back during the attitude era is true even today. "double-sided tape is your friend" indeed.

18 Twins Lack Of Magic


WWE told us for the longest time that The Bellas are always on the same page, but we now know better with Nikki getting enhanced, then they fought and the two wished the other had died in the womb before making up all over again and being besties. WWE stories can be weird.

The point is that these twins may look alike a fair bit but they're not close to being on the same page in the ring. You need no more proof than this entry, where the twin sisters struggle and bumble there way through a routine double-team move on Layla before just slumping her to the ground awkwardly.

To top it off, this was at WrestleMania in the same battle royal as Naomi's 'incident' so all around this was the last truly embarrassing 'Diva' level match quality before the revolution started in earnest.


16 Classic Stephanie, Best Stephanie


Nowadays Stephanie McMahon is accused of never putting anyone over, constantly emasculating the men and degrading the women, which is a pretty big bummer to watch happen all the time. She didn't always though, as in this classic moment from 2001 when Stephanie tried that stuff on good ol' Stone Cold.

Having ordered Steve Austin to sell beer and concessions, Austin sold the entire stash to the A.P.A and called it quits. Stephanie berated him in the ring while Austin shoved his vendor case onto her, and after some back and forth when she ordered him to take it back off of her it took her top with it.

Stephanie gave the audience an eyeful of her recently promoted pair and helped keep Austin over, so win-win.

15 Edge & Lita Get Rated R


Sometimes Vince McMahon has crazy-good ideas, sometimes crazy-crazy ones, and sometimes straight up crazy-sex related, weird ones. I don't know how it would go down today if you told two superstars they had to strip down and mock bone in a WWE ring but Edge and Lita were nothing if not game (as opposed to The Game) and gave it a scorching hot go.

Fresh off of his first WWE Championship win Edge and Lita put on a show that got exactly as R-Rated as advertised. A few moments after this shot Edge was under the sheets but Lita not so much. The crowd perked up immediately and Jerry Lawler reminded everyone that "anything can happen on live tv" because something just did, and it involved Lita's left lady popping out to say hello.

Ric Flair of all people interrupted this before any other bits of Lita got to make their debut, although there was no subsequent trip to Space Mountain. Not televised anyway.

14 Eva Marie's Greatest Contribution


Eva Marie came to WWE a generation of females too late. In the mid-2000s she would probably have been a multiple time Divas Champion and been on the cover of magazines as WWE's pin-up girl based on her ridiculous hotness alone. As it happened though she was brought in when fans expected actual wrestling from their female wrestlers (go figure) and so this wardrobe malfunction remains her greatest contribution to the world of wrestling.

Eva was nothing if not easy on the eyes and these few moments before her match with Becky Lynch was canceled allowed WWE fans to get back a little of the value they'd had spent on her over the years. Just in time too, since a Wellness Violation, less than a month later was pretty much the end of her in WWE.

13 Dana's Rough Night


Dana Brooke was having a hard time all throughout this triple threat match with Mickie James and Nia Jax. Besides taking the majority of the punishment she was also constantly hiking up her pants which seemed determined to show off her nice little thong if she even took a medium-sized step.

Every time Dana was knocked to the ground and she went legs akimbo her secret kept popping up right on camera. The referee even took a spare moment when the other two girls were brawling to remind Dana to keep it PG, but it was a futile effort.

Luckily the match didn't go very long, although it ended with Nia almost sitting on Dana's face off of a big legdrop so all in all not a great night for Dana.

12 Lana Over-Glows


Lana recently revealed that WWE officials essentially told her that after her short stint wrestling on SmackDown Live earlier this year she wouldn't be required to wrestle on television anymore. She still wrestles on house shows, continuously improving as you would, but it stands to reason that her ejection from the televised combatant ranks came about because her wrestling attire betrayed her more than once in a short span of matches.

In this particular match against Naomi for the SmackDown Women's Championship, Lana found herself in several positions where WWE cameras had to cut away in quick order simply due to her being too close to whatever line would get WWE letters from angry parents.

Suffice to say that WWE may have been the one embarrassed here, too much so to even let Lana know why.


10 The Grandest Slip Of All


It's only recently that all of Naomi's hard-won improvement and skills have seen her break through to the top of the women's division on SmackDown Live, before that being saddled with Cameron and several dance-related gimmicks to little consequence. So you would think a big WrestleMania opportunity to shine would be where she shows off her best stuff, but I don't think this is what she had in mind.

Trying to deliver some high-flying action in a clustered Women's Battle Royal right after The Streak was broken is a tough job all around, and Naomi accidentally revealed one of her girls as she was perched on the top rope with nowhere to go or hide. Luckily her outfit concealed a lot of it, but it's hardly a WrestleMania Moment she would put on the resume and since she went on to lose to AJ Lee along with the other women it was an inauspicious night all up.

9 Brie Bella Gets Loose


On the episode of Miz Tv where WWE introduced the cast for the first season of Total Bellas, Brie Bella decided that if nothing else she was going to make sure that people remembered it. Well, more likely she didn't know that WWE's specific camera angle was exposing her over and over again as the segment went on.

It's been mostly edited out of the WWE Network since somebody realized that despite wanting to have a show that exposed the personal lives of their Divas, the didn't want to expose them on the flagship show. However even judicious re-cutting couldn't keep a few shots of Brie's censored girls from making the grade, so it ends up as one of the better Miz TVs from when Miz was a good guy, which isn't a high bar anyway.

8 Stephanie's Silly Sledgehammer


Sometimes Stephanie McMahon can be the most unenjoyable part of a wrestling show, but this is one of those moments where she is unintentionally hilarious.

Supposed to be laid out on the outside after an errant spear at WrestleMania 32, Triple H nevertheless crawls to the ring apron and instructs Stephanie to retrieve his favorite whack-a-mole weapon, a sledgehammer. Stephanie miraculously recovers enough to check under the ring, immediately find the item in question, and then hold it upright for her man. It's kinda goofy up to there since she's supposed to be getting her comeuppance and all, but it becomes totally funny when she finishes her job and her arm goes limp, flopping back to the ground as if she's again knocked out. Acting masterclass right there folks.


6 Glad Mickie's Back


In a six-woman tag team match against Naomi, Nikki Bella and Becky Lynch, Mickie James found herself once again slipping free on camera. This one was tough for her to avoid though, as she was outside the ring and had to catch first Nikki and Becky off of suicide dives and then a flying Naomi. Once the girls delivering the flying offense got back in the ring to celebrate, the camera's caught Mickie's stray escapee front and center on camera.

Mickie isn't exactly a stranger to having her girls exposed prior to her WWE career, but since arriving back in WWE this just showed that even as the experienced woman on the roster she is worth watching for plenty of reasons additionally to her wrestling talents. Mickie is seemingly immune to aging so we can't be too sad for her though.

5 Insult To Injury


Another incident involving Stephanie McMahon, this time after having a quartet of females assault Nikki Bella and leave her laying in the ring, Stephanie then began berating and belittling the more enhanced Bella right to her face. And as it happened, right to her nipple as well.

Nikki had just been rolled and kicked out of the ring on Monday Night Raw and so she couldn't very well adjust herself, if she even realized it was happening, because it would've been weird for her to care about it in the situation.

All the while Stephanie just droned on and on at the fallen Bella with WWE cameras occasionally focusing on Nikki until they saw the escaped areola and stuck on Stephanie for a weirdly long time.

4 Too Tight Tori


Tori, and not the Torrie Wilson of much higher levels of WWE fame, had an odd WWE career that began with her stalking and emulating her idol, Sable. This led to a showdown at WrestleNania XV where Tori came out in an impossibly tight catsuit-type outfit that clung to her every curve and had a pseudo thong design on the back. To say she was shooting for sex appeal would be an understatement.

The thing is, of all the catsuits ever seen in WWE, this was tight everywhere, with NO exceptions, meaning that when Tori got on all fours or rolled around in the ring (which was 90% of her skillset) PPV buyers got an eyeful of anything they wanted to see. WrestleMania was only 14 years old here, and it was definitely servicing similarly aged boys watching at home.

3 Framing?


Really WWE? No one noticed this shot as they held on it for way too long until everyone was forced to see this framing job they put on Sasha Banks. Maybe the WWE production guys didn't realize that they were giving Sasha her own speech bubble here but considering the lengthy hold on the shot it seems more likely they were probably laughing too hard to alter the camera shot to anything else.

Poor Sasha may or may not agree with this particular sentiment, but on a surprisingly good show with such a dumb name to begin with, they shouldn't find even more reasons not to redo it. At least this is one of the funnier out of context shots in WWE in a long time and the embarrassment can't be too much in the grand scheme.

2 Can't Count On Cameron


This was a moment so funny that it was instantly classic and a perfect encapsulation of what former WWE Diva Cameron was all about. From the first we saw of her on Tough Enough, where she admitted Melina vs Alicia Fox was her favorite match to Stone Cold's bemused exasperation, Cameron has been providing unintentional comedy and bewildering lack of wrestling knowledge for all of our benefit, and it came to a head here.

In a grudge match against former Funkadactyl teammate and booty-bumping partner Naomi, Cameron executed a splits-leg drop and then ordered the ref to count the pinfall. The ref looks at her like she's got two heads and the entire wrestling fandom laughs. Cameron may be a decent dancer but her ring skills were a completely hilarious embarrassment here. Good times.


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15 Embarrassing Pictures Of Female Wrestlers In The Ring