15 Embarrassing Statistics That WWE Wants To Keep Buried

WWE is a company that prides itself on knowing the statistics of its superstars. The Company will often release statistics of their own, to ensure that the WWE Universe is always aware of who the longest reigning Champions are and who has held Championships the most amount of times so that they are prepared for records to be broken.

These statistics are things that WWE usually bases a lot of their programming around when it comes to undefeated streaks or even losing streaks that are going to play a big role in storylines. Curt Hawkins even recently began using his own losing streak as part of his character, which is definitely a new twist for WWE.

Despite always pushing statistics to the forefront of their programming, WWE has a number of statistics that have remained buried away from the eyes of the WWE Universe because these are the stats that the company will never be happy for their fan base to be aware of.

The following list looks at 15 of the most embarrassing statistics that WWE would want to remain buried, especially when it comes to the way they have been treating some of the biggest stars in their company.

15 Eva Marie Won More Matches On PPV Than Emma

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Eva Marie was never seen as a popular star throughout her stint in WWE which ended earlier this year, but she was someone that the WWE creative team seemed to favour despite her lack of wrestling ability. Emma was recently released from WWE after years of climbing the ranks in the company from NXT to the main roster and even the stats are not in her favour.

Not only did Emma only have one pay-per-view singles match in her entire career, but she only has one win on pay-per-view to her name as well and that was back at Survivor Series in 2014. Eva Marie has managed to double Emma's tally from being on the winning side in multi-woman matches back at Survivor Series 2013 and WrestleMania 32. It is also incredible that Eva has had more pay-per-view matches overall than Emma, who was constantly overlooked throughout her career.

14 Roman Reigns Has A Worse PPV Record Than Heath Slater

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Roman Reigns is a superstar that has been groomed to be the next John Cena ever since he made his WWE debut back in 2012. Despite the WWE Universe reacting negatively to the former Shield member, the company still want him to be the face of the company in the future, even though they haven't been booking him the way a future star usually would be.

Heath Slater has won three pay-per-view matches in the last 12 months, going all the way back to Backlash in October last year. It could even be argued that Heath won five matches since he and Rhyno defeated both Breezango and The Vaudevillains back at Elimination Chamber. In the same amount of time Reigns has won just four matches, against Rusev at Hell in a Cell last year, Braun Strowman at Fastlane, The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33 and John Cena at No Mercy. Reigns Pay-per-view record is abysmal right now.

13 Summer Rae Didn't Appear On WWE TV For Almost 600 Days

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Summer Rae was released from WWE on the 29th of October along with Darren Young and Emma. Rae's release didn't come as much of a shock for the WWE Universe, who thought that the company would have released the former NXT star much sooner.

Summer's last appearance for WWE was back at WrestleMania 32 when she was part of a 10-Diva tag match before she was sidelined through injury. Summer has been fit to return to WWE for a number of months but the company were unable to slot her into their Raw roster, which has left her with nothing to do for 574 days. Rae never fitted into the Women's Division as part of the Women's Revolution and the company found it hard to release her, which could be why it took so long.

12 Charlotte Has No Clean Wins On PPV Since The Royal Rumble

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Charlotte is called The Queen in WWE and is arguably one of the greatest female wrestlers that WWE have ever had at their disposal, but despite how much WWE like to call Charlotte the best, the fact is that Charlotte hasn't won a match clean on pay-per-view in almost a year.

Charlotte was on a 16 match appearance steak at Pay-per-views back at The Royal Rumble where she retained the Raw Women's Championship against Bayley. After she lost the title to her fellow Four Horsewoman a few weeks later, she was unable to recapture it at Fastlane. This has now continued into a lengthy losing streak on Pay-per-view for Charlotte which could have ended at Hell in a Cell if Natalya hadn't got herself disqualified by using a weapon.

11 Bray Wyatt Has A Better PPV Record Than Braun Strowman

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Bray Wyatt has always been a superstar that the WWE Universe have felt the need to get behind when it comes to his inability to win matches, especially on Pay-Per-View. Bray's last win came back at Great Balls Of Fire in the Summer before he has been defeated a number of times in recent months.

Braun Strowman was once part of The Wyatt Family alongside Wyatt and over the past 12 months he hasn't faired any better on Pay-Per-View. While Wyatt has three wins from Elimination Chamber, Payback and Great Balls Of Fire, Strowman has only managed two which came back in the summer matches against Roman Reigns at both Payback and Great Balls of Fire. This stat doesn't exactly bode well for the man that WWE is attempting to promote as a monster.

10 Sami Zayn Hasn't Held A Title After Two Years On Main Roster

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Sami Zayn is a former NXT Champion, he was signed to WWE off the back of an impressive run on the independent circuit as El Generico, but along with a number of other talents who have been promoted from NXT, WWE has dropped the ball with Zayn.

Sami Zayn dropped the NXT Championship back in May 2015 and hasn't picked up another WWE Championship ever since. Despite being one of the best wrestlers that WWE have and showing recently that he has skills on the mic as well, much like Curt Hawkins and Jack Swagger in recent years, WWE has no idea what to do with Zayn, but they have never tried to push him towards a Championship, unlike his best friend Kevin Owens who is a former Intercontinental, Universal and United States Champion.

9 Dolph Ziggler Hasn't Won On PPV In More Than A Year

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Dolph Ziggler is a former World Champion and was Mr Money In The Bank back in 2012. Times sure have changed ever since Dolph's incredible cash in since his pay-per-view record now isn't looking as great as it once was.

Ziggler's last win came at No Mercy on October 9th, 2016 when he was fighting The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship where his career was also on the line. Since then "The Showoff" has been unable to pick up a win when the pressure was on and his loss to Bobby Roode back at Hell in a Cell meant that he has managed to go an entire year without a win. With Ziggler's current contract due to end in the near future, will Ziggler be able to leave WWE on a high?

8 Mickie James Isn't A Six-Time Women's Champion

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WWE likes to change their statistics sometimes to benefit them, is Natalya called a two-time Women's Champion? No, because she is a former Divas Champion and the current SmackDown Women's Champion, so it makes no sense for Mickie James to be called a six-time Women's Champion when she is a former Divas Champion too.

WWE wanted some way to hype Mickie's match with Alexa Bliss, so Mickie being able to equal Trish Stratus' record-setting seven-time haul with the Women's Championship was the target they decided to set. The problem is that many fans have picked up on the fact that the statistic is wrong, so should they really be continuing to promote a false reign? Becoming a six-time Women's Champion is a record in itself since no other woman holds that record, but this wasn't good enough for WWE.

7 Rusev Hasn't Won A Match On PPV Since 2016

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Who remembers when Rusev was known as The Bulgarian Brute and part of a lengthy undefeated streak? This was in a time before he was halted by John Cena and he has now been left as a shadow of his former self. Rusev has lost to both Cena and Randy Orton at pay-per-view's in recent months and shockingly hasn't been able to win at one of these events since 2016.

Rusev's last win came at Roadblock: End of the Line in December 2016 against Big Cass, where he was able to win via count out. Incredibly, it has been almost a year since Rusev and Lana were seen as a genuine threat in WWE and in that time even Lana has been moved away from her husband since WWE seem to think Tamina is a much better option for her right now.

6 John Cena Part Of Every Failed Money In The Bank Cash In

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John Cena has been part of some of the best statistics in WWE, one of them bring that he is a former 16-time World Champion, but he is also part of some of the worst. It seems that not only was Cena the first ever WWE superstar to cash in his Money in the Bank contract and fail to win the title, but he has been involved in every failed cash in since.

Damien Sandow and Baron Corbin are the only other men who failed to win the Championship when they cashed in and Sandow's actual match was against John Cena, while Corbin's cash in was against WWE Champion Jinder Mahal and Cena interfered and managed to cost him the title. This is quite a unique record for any superstar to hold, but  it will also be one that can never be repeated either.

5 Curt Hawkins Has Won Just 40 Matches In WWE

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WWE may concentrate a lot on win/loss records of their stars, but in the grand scheme of things, it seems that they don't really matter. Hawkins recently talked about his lengthy losing streak and it has become part of his character but what hasn't been mentioned is the fact that he has won just 40 matches as part of WWE.

This wouldn't be so bad if Hawkins hadn't had 312 matches over the past few years. It seems that Hawkins has incredibly managed to lose 267 matches, draw 5 and win just 40. As a former Tag Team Champion and a superstar that the company chose to resign following last year's brand split, WWE has been quite harsh on him over the past year.

4 Only One Man Was Ever Able To Kick Out Of Ryback's Finisher

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Finishers are not what they used to be in WWE anymore, many men have kicked out of the AA, the F5 and even The Styles Clash, but one finisher that always used to keep opponents down for the count was The Shellshock. Ryback may not have been one of the main event level superstars in WWE and was only able to capture the Intercontinental Championship in his lengthy tenure, but his finisher was perhaps the most effective in the history of the company. Ryback's Shellshock was only ever kicked out of by one man and that was by The Big Show, who many were shocked that Ryback was able to get into it to begin with. Jinder Mahal's Khallas finisher hasn't been kicked out of yet, so it will be interesting to see who the first man is in the coming months.

3 Sasha Banks Has Lost Almost As Many Matches As She Has Won In WWE

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Sasha Banks is a former NXT Women's Champion as well as a former Raw Women's Champion, she has ruled the Raw Women's Division over the past year but it seems that she has been unable to ever successfully defend the Raw Women's Championship. While WWE have been forthcoming about this latest statistic, they are keeping a much more embarrassing one under wraps. Throughout her NXT and WWE career, Sasha has always lost almost as many matches as she has won. Back in NXT Sasha won 90 matches but lost 85 while on the main roster she has won 166 matches and lost 125. They don't feel like the statistics of a former four-time Women's Champion or of a woman who calls herself The Boss.

2 John Cena Has Only Lost 20% Of His Matches In WWE

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This is the second time that John Cena has come up on this list, and this statistic is no less embarrassing than the previous one. The WWE Universe has recently been commenting on the fact that WWE prefers 50/50 booking as part of the company right now so that there is never another superstar who is at the head of the WWE like John Cena.

If you don't believe that Cena has control of WWE, then have a look at his win/loss ratio over the past decade. He is the only superstar who's loss percentage is less than 20 percent after he has lost just 234 matches and won 1000. Cena's actual loss percentage is just 18.13 which is the lowest of all active WWE superstars.

1 Emma Had A Much Better Loss Percentage Than Seth Rollins And Dean Ambrose

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WWE shocked the WWE Universe this past week when they announced the release of Emma, just days after she had competed in back to back matches against Asuka. While Emma was never able to win a Championship in WWE or NXT, she has a statistic that is much more satisfying.

Despite being used as a talent enhancer for most of her career, Emma had only lost 35.96 percent of her matches on WWE TV. Compared to current Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose the reading is shocking. Rollins has lost almost double the number of matches that he has won in WWE with a 61.72 percent loss record while Ambrose has lost almost half as many as he has won, but is still left with a 36.28 percentage.

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