15 Ex-Wives Who Would Pull The Life Support Plug On These Wrestlers

Wrestling is a funny old business. personal relationships rarely work out and there is a new scandal involving WWE Superstars almost every week.

It's hard to have a relationship in the spotlight, especially when there are a lot of fangirls who think that they deserve to be in a relationship with the superstar that currently has a wife.

Many marriages don't work out, not only are there the pressures of the WWE Universe but more often than not there are also the pressures of living with a WWE star after their wrestling career has ended. There is also the added issue of having to spend much of the year alone because their spouse is busy travelling with WWE for more than 300 days a year.

There have been many marriages from WWE and Impact Wrestling that haven't worked out for one reason or another and it seems that these women hold a grudge even now, years after the couple originally split.

Here is a list of 15 ex-wives of wrestling Superstars who definitely shouldn't be trusted with the lives of their former partners. These women hold a grudge and would definitely turn off that life support machine if given half the chance.

16  15. Kimberly Bacon - Diamond Dallas Page

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Back in 1991 Diamond Dallas Page and former Nitro Girl Kimberly Bacon tied the knot and began working together inside the wrestling world. It was Kimberly that introduced Diamond Dallas to yoga when it was made obvious that the nagging injuries from wrestling full-time were beginning to affect his career.

Yoga would obviously change DDP's life, but it seems he was more connected to the yoga than he was his wife since the couple decided to call it quits on their marriage in 2005. Less than ten years later DDP had already moved on to marry a woman named Brenda Nair. It is unknown what happened to Kimberly after her divorce, but it's likely that she regrets ever showing DDP the full benefits of yoga all those years ago.

15 Jaynet Foreman - Ted DiBiase

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Even The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase's career isn't one that is completely clean. It seems that even though he is a WWE Hall of Famer and the father of former WWE star Ted DiBiase Jr, he still has a few blemishes in his history.

Ted was a wrestler who came through the company when it was a cool thing for women to head off to meet and sleep with wrestlers after shows. It was commonplace for many years and it seems that Ted himself actually admitted that he cheated on his wife Jaynet many times during his career. The couple had several children together, but even that wasn't enough to save their marriage when Jaynet finally found out that Ted had been sharing his dollars with many other women.

14 Angie Rodriguez - Alberto Del Rio

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Alberto Del Rio has proved over the past few years just how much of a horrible man he really is. Not only did he cheat on Charlotte with Paige early last year, but Del Rio was still married to a woman named Angie Rodriguez when he returned to WWE in October 2015, and never thought to mention it.

Del Rio and his wife have two children together and he still went on to accept Paige's proposal of marriage despite not being divorced from his wife yet. The couple are now finally divorced since Del Rio has moved on to marry Paige, but Angie is obviously still feeling the sting that her own husband didn't think enough of her to even file for divorce before he began cheating on her, that must hurt!

13 Karen Rauschuber - Jake Roberts

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Jake Roberts is a WWE Legend and is recognized as one of the most famous WWE Superstars to have never won a WWE Championship in his entire career. Like many wrestlers who were in WWE in that era, Jake fell foul to the fame that came with being a wrestler and did some things that he wasn't proud of.

Jake married Karen Rauschuber back in 1975 and the couple were seemingly happy for a while until Jake's extracurricular activities came to light. Roberts and Karen had three children together before they divorced and Roberts moved onto his second wife. Karen had the misfortune of marrying Jake at the height of his wrestling career, something that she didn't know at the time, but something she has obviously learned ever since then.

12 Linda Claridge - Hulk Hogan

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No woman holds much more hate for her ex-husband than Linda Hogan. Linda and Hulk were together for more than 26 years until it was made public knowledge that Hogan was having an affair with Christiane Plante in 2007.

Linda filed for divorce as soon as she heard about the affair, with Hogan claiming that Linda had suspected him of having an affair many times, but he had never actually cheated on her. Linda took Hogan for almost everything he had in their divorce and it left Hogan in a state of depression where he thought about suicide. Hogan has since gone on to remarry, and has been happily married to Jennifer McDonald since 2010. Linda still holds a grudge and holds Hogan personally responsible for ruining their 26 years of marriage.


10 Stacy Carter - Jerry Lawler

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Jerry Lawler has his own fair share of stories when it comes to his personal life and the way he acts around women. But one of his wives was former WWE Diva Stacy Carter, also known as The Kat.

Both Lawler and Carter were in WWE at the same time and ended up getting married. There was then problems with Stacy and she was released from WWE, this led to The King leaving WWE as a show of support to his wife. But the couple later broke up some of the strangest circumstances and Jerry went back on his word to support his wife and began reappearing for WWE. Lawler has since moved on with many other women since Stacy, who made the decision to remain out of the spotlight. Lawler was arrested late last year for assaulting his current girlfriend, which cost him his place on the commentary desk.

9 Sue Borden - Sting

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Sting is both a WCW Legend and a former WWE Superstar. He is also Hall of Famer. But even though The Stinger is a legend in wrestling circles, there is one woman who doesn't think that her ex-husband is a legend at all.

Sting had quite the wrestling career in the 1970s and '80s and it seems that it was all able to go to his head, he had various addictions and these led to him cheating on his wife many times. Sting obviously managed to sort himself out and was able to find religion and it was through religion that he confessed to his wife about all of his previous sins. Sting thought this was the right thing to do, his wife disagreed and filed for divorce. It seems that not all women are as forgiving of your sins as god can be.

8 Samantha Speno - Randy Orton

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Another WWE Superstar who has been married more than once is none other than the current WWE Champion Randy Orton. The Viper really is a snake in the grass when it comes to his personal life.

Orton was married to Samantha Speno when he first came to WWE and it seems that the forbidden fruit was too much for Orton, who was reported to have had affairs with a number of fellow WWE stars including Kelly Kelly. Obviously, Orton and his wife divorced and this then allowed Orton to move on to ring announcer JoJo Offerman before he went on to meet Kimberley Kessler, who he has since married and welcomed his first child with. Orton still has contact with his daughter from his relationship with Samantha and its said that the couple is on reasonable terms, but no exactly friends anymore.

7 Sara Frank - The Undertaker

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The Undertaker and Sara Frank were a recognized couple in WWE circles for many years, with Sara making several WWE appearances alongside her real life husband. It seems that even though the couple looked perfect from an outsiders point of view, it was far from roses and picket fences.

Both Michelle McCool and The Undertaker filed for divorce around the same time and it seems that there was an element of unfaithfulness when it came to the end of Sara and The Undertaker's marriage. The Undertaker once had an obviously painful tattoo of the word Sara across his throat, he has since had this removed, which says everything it needs to say about their split. Michelle and The Undertaker have since married and welcomed their first child together, while Sara has had to get used to her husband moving forward with the woman he cheated on her with.

6 Jackie Beems - Ric Flair

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Ric Flair is known as 'The Dirtiest Player in the Game" inside the WWE ring, but outside of it, he has the same kind of persona. Ric has been married and divorced four times in his life and is currently engaged to his fifth soon to be wife.

It seems that Ric hasn't always been a perfect husband to his wives and Jackie Beems may have been one of the ones who got the worst of it. Because of how close Ric's divorces and marriages were, it seems that there could have been some cheating going on at the time, while Jackie and Flair were together she was arrested for assaulting Ric and it is thought that this happened more than once. It seems that even after the divorce Jackie couldn't accept that Ric wanted to move on, as she continued to cause him problems in his new relationship.

5 Lisa Ortiz - Edge

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There are not many people left in the world that don't know about Edge and Lita's affair back in 2005. Even though it seems that the WWE Universe only recognized Matt Hardy as a victim, there was actually someone else involved.

Edge was married at the time that he decided to jump into bed with Lita, and had actually only been married for less than a year at that point, to a lady named Lisa Ortiz. It seems that she was so hurt by the entire saga that she filed for divorce almost straight away. Edge has gone on to marry former WWE Women's Champion Beth Phoenix and the couple have welcomed two daughters, it must be terrible for his wife to watch him living happily ever after when she remembers how their marriage ended.

4 Elizabeth Huberdeau - John Cena

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John Cena is one of the most famous Superstars in the history of WWE. Sadly Cena's life inside the WWE ring isn't the only thing that the WWE Universe has been buzzing about over the past few years.

Even though he has recently attempted to make an example of his relationship with Nikki Bella, the WWE Universe still remembers his marriage to Elizabeth and the fact that John Cena cheated on her many times with fellow WWE Divas and then filed for divorce when some repairs in the house became too much for him. WWE then stepped in to speed up the divorce proceedings and even though Elizabeth got everything she needed out of the divorce, she can't be happy watching John Cena get his happily ever after with Nikki

3 Theresa Wood - Shawn Michaels

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Not many of the WWE Universe were aware that Shawn Michaels was actually married before he met Rebecca Curci. But during the time Michaels was going off the rails in WWE with his drugs and alcohol addictions as well as the fact that he was sleeping with Sunny, Michaels was actually married.

Shawn was married to a woman named Theresa Lynn Wood up until 1994 when he later went on to start a new life for himself and find Jesus in 1999. Poor Theresa is now just a footnote in a life where Michaels wasn't considered to be a nice persona and was thought to be cheating and taking drugs quite often. Thankfully Michaels cleaned himself up and moved on with Rebecca, something Theresa will obviously have her own opinions about.

2 Angie - Batista

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Batista has become quite an enemy of the WWE Universe at this point. And this is mainly because of the way he treated his first wife Angie. Not only did Batista cheat on his wife with Melina when the two WWE stars were put in a storyline together, but he later forced his wife to read about it in an autobiography that he had published.

It didn't end there either. Batista's wife had been diagnosed with cancer while he was still wrestling for WWE and it seems that whilst his wife was struggling to come to terms with her illness, her husband was busy in hotel rooms with ring rats. Many of the WWE Universe still haven't forgiven Batista for this, but luckily Angie did the right thing and filed for divorce a few years ago.

1 Debra Marshall - Stone Cold Steve Austin

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The story of Stone Cold Steve Austin and Debra Marshall has become quite a well-known one. Like many other stars in wrestling at that time, the duo met while they were working together in WWE and seemingly hit it off.

This later led to marriage between them, but it seems that this is where it all started to go wrong. Austin had a bad day and during an argument, he struck his wife, this then led to Austin being arrested for domestic violence before Debra then filed for divorce. The former WWE star has been unable to move forward from this ordeal more than a decade ago and still helps victims of domestic violence to this day. She also sold her wedding ring and donated much of the proceeds to charities for these women.

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