15 Facts About The Alexa Bliss-Sasha Banks Real Life Feud

Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss are two of the biggest stars in Women's Wrestling at the moment. And now that they are both on Monday Night Raw together, it has become quite obvious to the WWE Universe that these two women don't actually like each other.

There are a number of different theories as to why they hate each other with a long list of problems they have had over the past few years that stem all the way back to some of their first meetings in NXT.

Alexa has even talked openly about the duo having real life heat, but many fans still speculate about the main reason for the hatred between the two talented women.

Do their problems really stem from professional jealousy? Is Sasha jealous of Alexa's accomplishments since she was promoted to the main roster or is Alexa jealous that Sasha is one of the main women who was responsible for the well-publicized Women's Revolution? It is still not known what the problem between the two women really is, but the following list looks at 15 facts that are actually known about the heat between Alexa and Sasha right now.

15 Both Sasha and Alexa Started Out In NXT


Sasha and Alexa both began their WWE careers as part of the NXT roster. Sasha was signed to WWE after having a successful career on the Independent Circuit and Alexa was signed to WWE with no prior experience. So while Sasha was headlining many of NXT's biggest events, Alexa was being used as a valet and managed to lead her team of Buddy Murphy and Wesley Blake to NXT Tag Team Championship success.

Sasha is a former NXT Women's Champion and she wrestled Alexa on NXT a number of times. The NXT Women's Championship is the only female title in WWE that Alexa has never been able to hold. But despite not having this feather in her cap, Alexa has been able to prove herself over and over again as a champion on the main roster.

14 Sasha Drafted To Raw, Alexa Drafted To SmackDown


Sasha was one of the first women drafted as part of the WWE Draft back in the summer of 2016. This was because she was seen as one of the biggest stars in the Women's Division at this point, along with Charlotte who was the Women's Champion.

Alexa was a shock draft over to SmackDown and was one of the final women to be drafted. The WWE Universe didn't know a lot about her as a singles competitor at this point and didn't expect her to become as much of a star as she did in the SmackDown Women's Division. Sasha was always one of the more overrated female wrestlers in the company while Alexa was underrated and has managed to change the opinions of the WWE Universe.

13 Alexa Defeated Sasha's Real Life Friend Bayley


Alexa was one of the most improved wrestlers on the entire roster as part of the SmackDown Live and was able to become a two-time Women's Champion during her time as part of the Blue Brand.

When Alexa then made her way over to Raw, she was able to prove her dominance when she defeated Bayley to become Raw Women's Champion merely weeks after she arrived. Bayley is Sasha's best friend and it could not have gone down too well with Sasha that her best friend had been beaten and humiliated by someone who she didn't even consider to be a threat when she was in NXT. Alexa has defied all the odds in her career to prove that she's worthy of the position she is in.

12 Sasha and Alexa Are Never Pictured Together Outside Of WWE

Kayfabe is quite obviously dead in WWE right now thanks to the internet. It is hard for WWE Superstars to maintain their storylines and characters outside of the company when they have to keep the fans updated through their Instagram and Twitter posts.

Sasha Banks and Bayley are seen to be great friends both on and off-screen from their Instagram posts while Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss have shared a number of hilarious videos together on their social media accounts. And despite being forced to work together on WWE TV recently, Alexa and Sasha are still not open to taking or sharing pictures together on their Instagram accounts. This has lead to a lot of speculation that Sasha isn't well liked by the women backstage in WWE because she is never really seen with the other women in their posts.

11 Sasha Worked Stiff With Alexa


Alexa was never really seen as much of a challenge in the Women's Division of NXT. Alexa didn't really look like much of a threat to anyone at the time until she threw away the fairy gimmick and turned heel. As a heel Superstar, Alexa was able to show her true character and it was where she was able to finally make some strides inside the ring as well.

Sasha faced Alexa a number of times and it is reported that Sasha worked really stiff in her matches to teach Alexa a lesson. Alexa had come to NXT without a wrestling background and Sasha being a seasoned professional, knew exactly what she was doing throughout their matches. Many of the WWE Universe have speculated hat Sasha was intent on hurting Alexa.

10 The Survivor Series Women's Brawl

As part of Survivor Series last year, the WWE Universe was able to see the women of Raw and SmackDown go head-to-head as well as the Superstars of the rosters in a traditional Survivor Series match. This also lead to some fantastic build up from the women of both rosters ahead of the event.

On the go home episode of SmackDown before the dual brand event back in November, many fans noticed that Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss made a beeline for each other during the brawls and were seemingly trying to actually hit each other. Many of the videos of their exchange look as though both women are throwing real punches and are fully intent on hurting each other. It could have been great acting from both women, but it looked like much more than this.

9 Sasha Was Rude To Alexa During Celebration


Sasha Banks could not have been happy with Alexa coming over to Raw and easily stepping into the championship picture. She then managed to defeat and make a fool out of Bayley in front of her own family to win the Raw Women's Championship.

As part of Alexa's celebration on Monday Night Raw the following night, Sasha was seen to be quite confrontational in front of Alexa and reacted to the fact that she had said she had no idea who she was. Sasha would have been rude to Bliss at this time in character given that she had just humiliated her friend, but many of the WWE Universe had already picked up on the fact that Alexa and Sasha had been seen to have real life heat that this point.

8 Sasha Has Been Seen Taking Cheap Shots At Alexa

Alexa and Sasha have met in matches many times over the past few years and one of the biggest things that fans usually manage to pick up on when two wrestlers don't like each other is the fact that they hit cheap shots on each other that are not gimmicked at all. They are meant to hurt them.

There have been many GIFs shared online of Sasha and Alexa's matches where Sasha is seen slapping Alexa or over rotating her in submission moves so that she ensures that the moves actually hurt. It's quite unprofessional for Sasha to do these things and it could be one of the reasons why the women in the back don't like Sasha anymore. Especially if she pulls stunts like the one above in sanctioned matches.

7 Alexa And Sasha Don't Follow Each Other On Any Social Media


This is another confusing one. Sasha and Alexa have been forced to work together a number of times since Alexa was moved over to Monday Night Raw and usually, this means that wrestlers become friends outside of the company because they are working so closely together. They tend to strike up friendships that then manage to last for a long time after the feud is over and the duo have moved on.

Despite the time they have spent together on-screen in recent years, Sasha and Alexa still don't follow each other on any kind of social media. The only time the duo mention each other on their social media accounts is when they have something negative to say about each other ahead of another one of their championship matches or as part of a feud involving their other friends in the company.

6 Alexa's Interview Thanking Everyone Except Sasha


Back in 2016 while Alexa was feuding with Becky Lynch over the SmackDown Women's Championship, she was part of an interview where she actually thanked her rival Becky for helping her during her time down in NXT. She went on to thank Charlotte and say that Bayley had given her some of the best matches of her career. But she failed to mention anything that she had learned from Sasha during her time in developmental.

This was one of the earliest giveaways that Alexa and Sasha didn't actually like each other and since then Sasha has been part of a number of interviews of her own where she hasn't watered down her thoughts about Alexa. But she's been able to hide behind her gimmick so that fans don't actually question it.

5 Sasha Once Broke Alexa's Nose Down In NXT


Sasha and Alexa's real life heat actually stems from their very first meeting inside an NXT ring. Alexa was left with a bloodied nose, her lip was busted, and it was even reported that Alexa's nose was broken in all of the matches that she had with Sasha Banks as part of the show.

As noted already above, many fans believed Sasha was trying to teach Alexa a lesson. But it was well-known that Alexa had a lot of heat in NXT anyway because there were rumors that she had been moving her way up the NXT ladder because of her extra curricular activities with other wrestlers backstage rather than her ability. So this could easily have been Sasha's reaction to these reports which could be considered to be understandable.

4 Both Alexa And Sasha Have Made History In Their Own Right


Professional jealousy is thought to have been one of the main reasons why Alexa and Sasha have so much hatred for each other. This could be easily be seen as a good reason, given that both Alexa and Sasha are rising stars in the division who have already made history in their own right.

Alexa made history when she became the only women to win the SmackDown and Raw Women's Championship as well as main eventing an episode of SmackDown Live inside a steel cage alongside Becky Lynch. Sasha, on the other hand, has main evented Raw, Hell in a Cell, and is the only Superstar to have competed in two Iron Woman matches. If both women see each other as competition then it could easily be seen as a huge part of this.

3 Twitter Exchanges


WWE has recently realized that they can now use the internet to their advantage by building up some of their biggest matches with Twitter exchanges between Superstars as seen with John Cena and Roman Reigns recently. It is unknown if this is the reason why Sasha and Alexa seemingly have nothing nice to say about each other online and why they feel the need to belittle each other as well.

Sasha and Alexa don't follow each other on Twitter but they often write updates about each other so that the WWE Universe know who they are talking about and many of the exchanges are quite rude. As stated already, this could just be WWE wanting to add fuel to the problems the women are already thought to have, if it is then it seems to be working.

2 Alexa Has Commented On Her Real Life Heat With Sasha


There is a hell of a lot of speculation about WWE stars that circulates every single day. Many of these are shut down by the actual stars on social media or when they are raised in interviews. In a recent interview with Alexa, she finally had the opportunity to end the ongoing rumors about her and Sasha.

She said:"You know what? The way I see it, Sasha can think or say whatever she wants, as long as it fuels her fire for us to have a good match, I'm fine with it." Well, that isn't exactly a no is it? The heat between Alexa and Sasha is just helping them to create much more memorable matches and the duo have now become used to disliking each other.

1 Sasha Defeated AlexaAt SummerSlam 2017


WWE decided to cash in on the rumors of real life issues between Alexa and Sasha this past month by bringing Sasha in to challenge Alexa for the Women's Championship when it was made apparent that Bayley's shoulder injury would not be healed in time.

Many of the WWE Universe thought that Sasha would easily be brushed aside by the Women's Champion. But instead, Sasha managed to make Alexa tap out to the Banks Statement to become a four-time Women's Champion, tying reigns with Charlotte. The duo will now continue to feud heading into No Mercy next month so this could become a much more interesting rivalry. Especially if these two really don't like each other and they are forced to continue working so closely together. Something has got to give.

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