15 Facts About The Shield You Had No Clue About

The Shield was one of the most dominant stables in the history of WWE before Seth Rollins turned on his brothers back in June 2014 and decided to side with The Authority, ending their near two-year stranglehold over the WWE. More than three years after that fateful night, The Shield have finally found their way back to each other and their reunion is currently in full swing. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns have finally been able to come back together after successful singles careers over the past few years and they are being heavily featured in WWE's Network content right now as the company attempts to cash in on their first reunion since their epic break-up back in 2014.

The Shield appeared on both WWE Ride Along and Table for 3 over the past two weeks and the trio have been able to share some of the stories from their early years in the company as well as some surprising facts that the most loyal members of the WWE Universe didn't know about their favourite stars, until now.

The following list looks at 15 of the most surprising facts that have been revealed about The Shield over the past few weeks.

15 Joey Mercury Was An Integral Fourth Member Of The Shield

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Joey Mercury had quite a successful career in WWE on his own as a former star of the Cruiserweight Division, but he has been a much more integral role in WWE's storylines as a backstage member of their creative team.

Seth Rollins revealed on Table for 3 that Joey Mercury was basically an honorary fourth member of The Shield and one of the biggest reasons for their success. All three members of the iconic faction stated that they missed Mercury and the impact he once had on their WWE careers, so a lot of The Shield's success was down to the former Tag Team Champion who was released from WWE back in January this year but has since made a return to the Independent Circuit.

14 Ambrose Was Scared Of Getting Bald Patches

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In the three years since The Shield split the trio has definitely changed both physically and mentally, but Dean Ambrose is the one who changed the most. Dean used to have much longer hair, but his bangs have slowly begun to disappear, to the point where Ambrose himself is now scared that he is getting bald patches in his hair.

Ambrose told Seth and Roman the story where he was so worried that he bought thickening shampoo in the hope that would help his hair, but instead he said he checked a few hours later and his chest hair was much thicker than it was before. Roman joked that the shampoo must have run down and worked on his chest hair instead, and the mystery of why Ambrose wrestles with a shirt on is now resolved.

13 Rollins Didn't Want To Have to Go Back To Wearing Trunks

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After the break-up, The Shield were all left in a position where they didn't know what the future actually held. Rollins revealed that he was worried that he would have to wear trunks again like he did in FCW and NXT which meant that he would have to start shaving again.

Seth admitted that he loved the idea of The Shield's attire because it meant that he no longer had to shave his chest and his thighs for the first time in his career. Reigns recalled the fact that Rollins had incredible thighs back in FCW but WWE allowed him to keep an attire that covered his legs so he could leave the shaving for much later in his career if he was ever to put the trunks back on again.

12 Ambrose Had To Rent A Room When He Signed With WWE

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Dean Ambrose's past has become quite well-known over the past few years but what wasn't known about the former United States Champion is the fact that when he first signed with WWE and was put on their FCW brand, he was unable to get an apartment.

Ambrose had been evicted before and because he had that on his record, it meant that he was unable to get an apartment, the only way Ambrose could get a room was by finding one on Craigslist. Ambrose stated that he paid $100 a week for the room that was hardly even fit for human habitation because there were cockroaches all over the floor and all kinds of housing products outside the entrance to the room. Luckily Dean only had to live here for a few months because Big Cass offered him a room and he jumped at the chance to leave.

11 Rollins Owns Land In Davenport, Iowa

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There have been a number of WWE superstars over the past few decades who have gone on to buy some extravagant things with the money that they have earned by being part of the biggest wrestling promotion in the world.

Seth Rollins is no different from any of these stars, but instead of collecting cars like John Cena or raising animals like Goldberg, Rollins has actually bought nine acres of land in his hometown of Davenport, Iowa and he doesn't yet know what he is going to do with his latest purchase. Rollins shared the news with his Shield brothers on WWE Ride Along last week as he invited them to look at his land the next time they are in his home state.

10 Reigns Doesn't Like Ambrose's Dog

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Luckily, Dean Ambrose doesn't live with Big Cass anymore. In fact Big Cass has recently purchased a house with his girlfriend Carmella, while Dean Ambrose has moved into a house in Las Vegas with his wife Renee Young.

Roman Reigns shared the story as part of WWE Ride Along where he went to visit Ambrose and was being given the tour of his new house when his pet bulldog Blue came from out of nowhere and tried to eat Roman's feet. Roman stated that he was wearing socks at the time but it seemed that the dog was out for skin. When Roman saw Blue backstage at Raw with Renee a few weeks later he didn't seem to be as bad, so Roman just put it down to his first impression of the dog being a bad one.

9 Ambrose Had No Idea What To Do When The Shield Broke Up

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The Shield's split was one of the biggest shocks of 2014 and it didn't only come as a shock to the WWE Universe. Dean Ambrose recalled that he had no idea what to do when The Shield split because he had never been in a position where he had to make the fans like him.

Ambrose stated that he reached a point where he just decided not to try, so he came to the ring in jeans and a top and just decided that he would always be up for a fight. Rollins also stated that he was quite lonely after he was thrust into the spotlight on his own and forced to cut 10-minute promos in the middle of the ring. Rollins stated that he was lonely in that ring and he had actually forgotten how to be a singles competitor because he had become so used to having his teammates around.

8 Ambrose Is Obsessed With Sandwiches

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Dean Ambrose has had some strange obsessions over the past few years, but one of the funniest things that Ambrose revealed as part of Table for 3 was his sandwich obsession. Roman and Seth recalled how Ambrose would always walk into catering and despite how great the food was that the company had prepared, Ambrose would still head over and make himself a sandwich.

Dean talked about how to make the perfect sandwich as well, which included taking the insides out of a piece of bread and putting an egg inside it. While appearing on Ride Along, Ambrose also revealed that he had a love of chips too, before listing some of his favourite kinds, incredibly that was what he was later seen eating on Table for 3 while Seth and Roman ate a proper meal.

7 Rollins Is Always The One Who Drives The Shield Around

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The Shield were together for almost two years and throughout that time Seth Rollins was forced to drive his teammates around because he was always the designated driver while Ambrose always took the passenger seat and Roman always took the back so that he could fall asleep.

The first few years of The Shield's first run in WWE the trio were in a much worse position that they are in WWE right now, Rollins recalled that he Reigns and Ambrose would skip out on meals and poor Ambrose was forced to sleep on the floor most of the time, something that he was seemingly proud of. Luckily, times have changed and Ambrose is able to sleep in an actual bed in a house nowadays.

6 The Trio Had No Idea What They Were Doing

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Dean Ambrose shockingly confessed that he thought all of the promos that he cut while he was part of The Shield were rubbish. He stated that he, Reigns and Rollins had no idea what they were doing most of the time they were in The Shield and this came through in their promos because they had no idea what they were saying either.

Ambrose recalled that it was always something about justice that they were trying to get across, while Reigns stated that if he had begun watching Game of Thrones back then they might have been a little more successful because the way that WWE wanted The Shield to come across would have fitted in well with Game of Thrones way of talking. Despite all of these issues, The Shield was still able to become a success.

5 Rollins Was Scared Of Doing Promos Alone After The Split

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Roman Reigns recalled that during The Shield days they would just let Ambrose cut all the promos and Reigns would be there to beat people up. Rollins had become so used to having Reigns and Ambrose by his side when he was part of The Shield that when he was put into the ring on his own and left to cut a promo he felt quite odd.

Rollins said that he would look around and it would feel slightly strange before motioning that he wanted to put his fist out and be with his brothers again. It was a hard thing for all three of the former Shield members to get used to, but Rollins was hit hardest by the split since he was the one who received the most negative attention.

4 All Three Men Hated The Debut Turtleneck Sweaters

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When The Shield made their debut back at Survivor Series in 2012 the WWE Universe noticed that they were wearing turtleneck jumpers. These were then switched up for SWAT gear a few days later and thankfully they were, otherwise The Shield would never have been taken seriously.

Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose even stated that they didn't like the turtleneck sweaters that they debuted in. They also recalled that the WWE wanted them to have actual riot shields and come to the ring holding them, thankfully WWE changed their mind otherwise, that could well have been both the beginning and the end of The Shield before they had really begun. The trio has a lot of great memories of their time together but they also have a lot of complaints about the way they were treated on screen.

3 The Shield Created Everything For Their Group

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WWE's creative team might have been given more credit than they deserved when it comes to The Shield since the trio recalled that everything that happened with the group was because of them.

The trio stated that they were told what the plan was when it came to their WWE debut, but they had to come up with their ideas when it came to their attire, their look and even their entrance theme. The Shield was successful and they said that they deserve all of the plaudits for this because they made the trio what they actually became. This was one of the best-kept secrets in WWE over the past few years since a number of WWE superstars have tried to claim credit for The Shield's existence.

2 Rollins Didn't Tell Ambrose That He Was Cashing In His MITB

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Seth Rollins shocked the WWE Universe when he cashed in his Money In The Bank briefcase back at WrestleMania 31 and he managed to shock a number of his close friends as well since he didn't tell anyone before it actually happened.

Roman, Brock Lesnar and the referee of the match already knew because they had to set up the match with Rollins after they found out, but the one member of The Shield who was left out of the loop was Dean Ambrose. Ambrose was in a ladder match earlier that night and Seth didn't want to risk telling Ambrose and then the script being changed so he let him find out with the rest of the world, which is slightly harsh.

1 Reigns And Ambrose Tried To Replace Rollins With Bo Dallas

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As already mentioned, Seth Rollins was the chauffeur for The Shield the entire time they were together between 2012 and 2014 but when they split up on WWE TV, in order to keep with kayfabe, the trio was no longer allowed to travel together.

This meant that Reigns and Ambrose had to find a new person to drive them around moving forward and Ambrose recalled that Bo Dallas volunteered. Just to prove that Reigns and Ambrose are pretty much lost without Rollins, the former World Champion stated that the first night that Reigns and Ambrose had to travel without him, he drove past them at the side of the road because Bo had somehow forgotten to fill up the car and they had run out of gas.

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