No Loyalty, No Respect: 15 Facts That Prove John Cena Is The Worst

John Cena has always been made out to be some sort of real life Superhero. He was once an edgy new Superstar who didn't care what people thought. He said what he wanted too when he wanted too and that's just how things went. Yet as John Cena's career progressed, the higher he was put on a pedestal. John Cena couldn't do any wrong. He was the guy that everyone wanted to be like. He works hard and gets rewarded. People want to be just like him. However, no one is truly perfect. Since John Cena has appeared on Total Divas alongside his now fiancé Nikki Bella, it preserves that John is not as perfect as first thought.

In the past, John Cena has been known to get into fights and cause mayhem behind the scenes yet after becoming one of Vince McMahon's personal favourites, it seems that perhaps John amongst several others which you can find more about in this article here could get away with absolutely anything. When in fact, John Cena hasn't always been an angel. Instead, he's been very much the opposite when he's done certain things. While admitting no one is perfect, if other members of the WWE would have done some of the things that John has reportedly done, perhaps they would not still have their jobs or position with the company.

It is easy to make a statement concerning someone but in this article, we are going to look at fifteen facts that prove John Cena is the absolute worse.

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15 He Breaks The Rules

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John Cena has often been pitted out to be a squeaky clean Superstar who's never done anything wrong, but he's no saint. In fact, he's broken the rules twice and managed to get away with it. One of the instances involved CM Punk when he used a banned piledriver. Yet he managed to get away with it as he was working with Cena. Unlike other WWE Superstars, for example, the previous wrestler who portrayed Sin Cara (mistico) lost his job over accidently botching a move while in a match.

While this wasn't the only incident that Mistico had against him, he still lost his job. When WWE was so quick to drop someone after they struggled to adapt from their previous wrestling promotion. The fact that WWE is so able to look past these things is concerning. It appears that while John Cena appears to be squeaky clean, he is not afraid to break the rules.

14 His Insane Amount Of House Rules

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This might be a bit of a weird point to make. However, John Cena has an insane amount of house rules. Some people have a couple to a few. But John Cena takes the term house rules to the extreme. He has hundreds of rules. When Nikki moved in with him, she was made to sign a contract and even then she wasn't allowed to add small personal details into their now shared home.

People are not allowed to move the wrong way without John having to remind them of the house rules. When Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella moved to help Nikki Bella recover from her neck injury, they were constantly reminded what they couldn't do. This led to having tension between Nikki and Brie, while they are twins, Brie lives a very relaxed lifestyle while Nikki appears to live a more luxurious style of life.

13 Holding Back Other Wrestlers

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If you feud with John Cena, it could go either one of two ways; either it can go extremely well and boasts your career or it can go in a negative direction. While John has the ability to put up and coming talent over, he's also able to do the exact opposite. For example, the Nexus who were once a strong and dominating tag team were made to look weak as soon as John went up against them.

He took them out one by one and unfortunately they no longer appeared to be the strong and dominant stable that was feared among the WWE. Many people believe that Cena held back Wade Barrett who had great potential. Damien Sandow is another example, he lost to John Cena one time and after that he turned into a jobber, occasionally getting the odd storyline.

12 He Bad Mouths Legends

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John Cena is not afraid to let people know exactly what he feels in the ring. He tears people down, sometimes he rhymes, sometimes he's downright personal. However, it seems like John Cena doesn't keep his bad mouthing in the ring. But also outside of it. Before his battle with The Rock who is arguably one of the biggest WWE Superstars to have existed, John Cena decided to verbally assault him to the media. John Cena tells people week in week out that respect goes a long way, which makes us wonder why he was unable to treat The Rock with the same respect that he preaches to the WWE Universe.

Of course, talking trash about your opponent is a part of the job. It's something you expect to see, it aids in building character and heat for their respective storyline. It seems like John Cena isn't as respectful as believed, having called out The Rock several times.

11 He Got Wrestlers Fired


It is common knowledge that there is certain WWE Superstars that could get away with anything, for example, JBL, Shawn Micheals, the Undertaker, Shawn Michaels etc. It looks like John Cena also has that same power because there are reports that John Cena got many wrestlers fired. There are some Superstars who want to pay homage to their hero or trainer. For example, Dolph Ziggler uses the Superkick while Sasha Banks occasionally uses the frog splash because her hero is Eddie Guerrero.

So when an NXT hopeful Tyler Reks entered NXT, he had so much potential, he was over six feet tall and a powerhouse but he started using a move that was similar looking to the AA. John Cena apparently warned him about using the move. Reks continued to use it and apparently after a pay-per-view match, he verbally abused Reks calling him all of the names under the sun. Could this be the reason why Reks was shortly released from the company?

Cena, along with Randy Orton, was also involved in Mr Kennedy's firing from WWE.

10 Nepotism

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In each and every feud that Nikki has been in, the same thing is constantly thrown at her, "you're only here because of John Cena." Could the statement be true? John Cena is certainly high on the WWE hierarchy so perhaps Nikki Bella has been given opportunities that she might not have received otherwise.

There also could be evidence that suggests that she might have influence over previous female Superstar Maria returning to WWE. Albeit Maria didn't exactly have the best in ring talent but the WWE Universe loved her. Some of the allegations that Maria in the past has been a bit far fetched. Some of it does make sense. Nikki Bella was given the opportunity to hold the title for as long as she did, while other highly talented Divas get overlooked, such as Natalya.

9 Cheated On His Ex Wife

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John Cena's marriage to his ex-wife lasted for three years and the two seemed relatively happy together. That was until the reason why they were getting a divorce was put out into the public eye. According to Elizabeth Huberdeau, the reason why their marriage broke down was due to John Cena having an affair with adult movie star Kendra Lust. John Cena refuses to talk about his first marriage only discussing it briefly with his now fiance Nikki Bella when he told her that he didn't want to get married or have children with her.

John Cena while appearing to never do anything wrong appears to have presented himself as quite the lothario in the past. The two are divorced and have probably never seen each other since. Yet, one thing has been clear since the fail of John Cena's past marriage, it appears that John has felt the need to become more guarded when it comes to things such as money, property etc. What is the saying? There is nothing like a woman scorned.

8 Backstabbing Fellow Co-Workers

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In the past, John Cena and Mickie James were a couple. While they would have made a fairly decent couple, it seems nothing was off boundaries when it comes to John Cena. Mickie James was seeing Kenny Dykstra at the same time. Cena was aware of the situation however it didn't seem to bother him at all. He continued to see Mickie James behind Dykstra's back with the knowledge that he could get caught at any time. This must have been sort of a thrill for John, knowing the secret could have gotten out at any time. Eventually, it did and John knew how to handle it.

According to reports, once Kenny Dykstra found out that Mickie James had been unfaithful to him, he managed to get Kenny Dykstra removed from the company, however, John wasn't done. When Mickie began to pester him about becoming a real couple, John brushed her off. Mickie James would end up going into the Piggy James storyline, which might not have been a coincidence. It was a shame to see one of the most talented WWE Women's competitors used in such a degrading way. Perhaps it's wise not to mess with John Cena.

7 Cena The Hypocrite

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John Cena promotes a very clean and child friendly persona. However, before WWE turned PG, John Cena's gimmick was pretty inappropriate. He has often used strong language and even produced a rap album that certainly wouldn't be aimed for his audience now which is primarily children. If the fact he produced a rap album with such strong language wasn't enough, his finishers were named FU and STFU.

Even now John Cena still continues to use the move although the WWE changed the name of the moves. If John Cena was aiming to be so child-friendly, having a wrestling move with a swear word for a name is probably not the best idea.

6 Awful To Some Wrestlers

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While John Cena appears to be a decent guy who has morals, there have been occasions that have proved John is not a great co-worker. Previous WWE Superstars said that he wouldn't give some of them the time of day. Others say that there is something about you. Then there's Michael Tarver, one of the members of Nexus who was physically attacked by John Cena.

Due to an incident from Michael's time on the independent scene, he was not able to take stiff chair shots to the neck. Yet John Cena continued to hit Michael in the neck. It escalated backstage when John hurled a chair at the Nexus member which led to Michael receiving a broken arm. There were reports that John then went on to mock Michael. Why would John go out and purposely hurt someone? Was this the only time that John went out to physically attack someone behind the scenes?

5 Hating Rookies

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There are reports of Cena giving rookies a hard time. As the new talent are coming up, they are typically still fresh from independent circuits or NXT but they're out to make a good impression. Alex Riley is one example. He was once fresh-faced, determined, he had finally made it to the big league. He was out to make a statement and prove to WWE they were correct to sign him in the first place. Everything seemed to be going reasonably well for the new Superstar until he appeared to be on John Cena's radar.

For some reason, John Cena seemed to loathe Alex Riley. He even went through Alex's bag which is against the 'wrestlers code'. People backstage noticed John's treatment towards the rookie but no one said anything, as they were afraid to stand up to John. Targeting a rookie is wrong, making them feel intimidated and afraid is totally wrong. Someone who attempts to be a role model should not be this way.

4 Tarnished The WWE Brand

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WWE worked so hard to get a real reputation that promoted wrestling entertainment. A place where you could get the extremeness of wrestling with great storytelling. Yet it is hard to do so within the PG boundaries. John Cena has admitted that WWE's reasoning to stay in the PG programming was majoritively left down to him. In light of this, it has not allowed Superstars such as Bray Wyatt to use their character's full potential.

Bray's dark character who was passed largely off of a cult leader struggles to put off his dark persona and still keeping into the limitations that the PG programming presents. If John was so dedicated to the business as he claims to be, he surely he would have made for a character change that he has needed for so long

3 Hogs The Spotlight

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Everyone constantly hears about everything that John Cena is up to from movies, TV shows and all of his charity work. WWE are constantly providing us with continuous amounts of knowledge about what John is doing when it concerns charity work and media etc. However, there are Superstars who are out there doing good things and they never get credit.

While it's obvious that they don't do it for the recognition, it would be nice to hear about the other Superstars. For example, Big Show is continuously doing charity work for multiple organisations yet it is never heard of.

2 He Is A Homewrecker


There are reports that John Cena used to sleep with married women. While this has never been proven, it has never been disproven. If this is true then John Cena appears to be a hypocrite for someone who constantly goes around and preaches about loyalty. There was one instance where John Cena was reportedly dating Victoria who at the time was married. Victoria went on to deny the claims and while she admitted having dated John Cena.

Yet the allegations didn't just come from one source, in fact it was multiple sources that made the claim that John Cena did have a thing for dating married women. For someone who often speaks about working hard in order to get yourself to what you want to achieve, it certainly seems that John doesn't mind taking shortcuts when he deems necessary.

1 Superman Cena

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John Cena has held controversy whenever he goes. It doesn't matter what he say or what he does, not everyone is going to like him. Some people hate his ring skills, mic skills, and the attitude he holds towards other talent. Perhaps people dislike the fact that no matter how long he goes away, he still gets a title opportunity. To sum it up in a nutshell, people are going to hate John Cena because of his actions and the way WWE have portrayed him.

They gave John the gimmick of Super Cena, and while the majority of the young audience loves him, the older WWE Universe hates him. WWE play on that and use it to their advantage.

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