15 Facts You Should Know About John Cena's Failed Marriage

John Cena is the undisputed face of WWE. He has more power in the company than any other Superstar as well as being an actor, rapper and TV host, Cena has made quite a name for himself in the public eye over the past decade.

Recently, the 16-time World Champion has become a star of both Total Divas and Total Bellas alongside his real-life girlfriend Nikki Bella and the WWE Universe has been able to learn a lot more about Cena and his personal life through these reality shows.

John Cena is one of the most accomplished wrestlers in WWE history and is only rivalled by The Rock when it comes to having a better career. So it is only right that the WWE Universe learns more about the man behind the leader of the CeNation.

Even though fans have been watching the West Newbury born wrestler on WWE TV for more than 14 years, The WWE Universe are still unaware of some of the aspects of Cena's life even though he opted to be part of a very personal reality show.

Cena has been married once already. He married his high school sweetheart back in 2009 and their marriage broke down. It is one of the reasons that Cena avoids the conversation of marriage when it comes to Nikki Bella on Total Divas. The following list of 15 facts looks at Cena's marriage and the reasons why it failed, and what has happened to Cena and Elizabeth ever since.

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15 John Married Elizabeth In 2009

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John Cena made his official WWE debut back in 2002 when he answered Kurt Angle's open challenge. Back then the internet was in its childhood and the WWE Universe were unable to research everything they needed to know about Cena when he first arrived.

Cena was already in a relationship at that point with a woman named Elizabeth Huberdeau. The couple had been together for a while, but it wasn't made public knowledge until photos were leaked online following their engagement and subsequent marriage in 2012. Elizabeth was never made part of Cena's wrestling lifestyle and instead kept away from media attention as much as she could. You could say that Nikki Bella is the complete opposite of Elizabeth Huberdeau in that regard.

14 John Cena Cheated On Elizabeth With Mickie James

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John Cena and Mickie James are back on the same roster for the first time since their exploits that cost both of them their relationships. But WWE will be wise to keep the two stars apart from now on. Because who know when old feeling will resurface, right?

It seems that sometime after John and Elizabeth were married, Cena got lonely on the road and ended up in bed with Mickie James, who was already engaged to Spirit Squad member Kenny Dykstra. Kenny is still convinced that Cena ruined his life and cost him his job. Meanwhile, Mickie ultimately chose Cena and was forced over onto another roster to keep her away from the married star as the company was obviously looking to protect its cash cow during the ordeal.

13 Rumours That Cena Cheated With Maria And Kelly Kelly

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There are many rumours flying around WWE from the time where Cena was married. From 2009 until 2012 there are many stars who have come forward to say that Cena was seen in compromising positions with female stars like Maria and Kelly Kelly.

Both women have a reputation in WWE that could point to only one thing, but it seems that even after Cena's wife accused him of cheating, she later retracted this statement and the divorce was settled amicably. Whether or not Cena cheated will never be known for sure, but several ex-WWE stars are convinced that he definitely did. And given his position and pul within the company, it's easy to see how all of these scandals can be swept under the rug.

12 Cena Was The One Who Filed For Divorce

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Despite all of the stories and the fact that Kenny even told Elizabeth about Cena and Mickie James, it seems that it was still Cena who decided to file for divorce rather than his wife.

His wife remained quiet about the entire divorce until it was already underway, with the main reason for the proceedings still not actually known. Many fans thought that it was Elizabeth who wanted a divorce from Cena, but instead she stuck her heels in and turned the whole affair into a scandal when it came to her attention that he wanted to divorce her. Behidn closed doors, anything could have bene going on between Cena and his wife, but to clear things up here: it was not Elizabeth who decided to file for the divorce. Cena wanted out.

11 Home Improvements Were The Reason For Divorce?

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In an absolutely crazy turn of events, it seems that one of the main reasons that Cena filed for divorce was because some of the improvements that his wife and himself had talked about were taking much longer than anticipated and costing much more than he thought they would.

This could be an easy way of hiding something else, like the fact that Cena's wife may have been ready to divorce him if he had not got in there first, but it could also be the truth. It has been shown on both Total Divas and Total Bellas how much Cena loves his house and if he thought his wife was doing things to it that he didn't agree with, then it could be easy to see why he would file for divorce.

10 Elizabeth Accused Cena Of Cheating

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Of course, Elizabeth was blindsided by the divorce and amidst the shock of her receiving the divorce papers, it seems she decided to challenge her prenuptial agreement and state that Cena had been cheating on her throughout their marriage.

Whether this was true or not, it did turn the whole affair into a scandal that the WWE Universe were happy to lap up. Merely days later, it seems that Elizabeth had managed to calm down enough that she retracted her statement about the cheating and decided to no longer challenge anything that Cena had in the prenuptial agreement. This has lead many to believe that she might have been paid off. And that wouldn't come as that much of a surprise.

9 Cena Has OCD And It Causes A lot Of Problems

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As already stated with the home improvements, John Cena has a former of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder which really causes him issues in his daily life. On many different episodes of Total Divas, it has been shown how much John needs everything done a certain way.

This is why is does seem feasible that no matter how petty it does seem, the home improvements part of the divorce could well be the main reason, since Cena can have some over-the-top reactions when it comes to people not following the rules in his house. Cena doesn't allow this to affect him in his day-to-day life, but it does occur a lot when he is shown in the house with Nikki Bella as the former Divas Champions is forced to live a certain way in Cena's home.

8 Cena Forced Elizabeth To Sign A Pre-Nup

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It comes as no surprise that when Cena and Elizabeth were married, Cena had already been a star in WWE for more than seven years. This means that at this point he had already accumulated a small fortune and if his marriage went array, he didn't want this to be affected.

Elizabeth signed the prenup despite the fact that she had been with Cena for much of the time that he was with WWE. And even though she did contest it after she was shockingly handed the divorce papers, the split did manage to end amicably and it was made official in June 2012. It appears as though everything was going to be settled in a quiet manner for Cena during this difficult time.

7 Cena Seems Set On Nikki Bella

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Cena has obviously moved on with his life since his split from his wife. It seems that Nikki Bella had split up with Dolph Ziggler not long before and she and Cena then began dating in 2012.

Cena and Nikki are considered to be the power couple of WWE right now (aside from Triple H and Stephanie McMahon of course). The two stars are at the top of their respective rosters and while Nikki is the main star of Total Bellas and Total Divas, John is always there with her as well. Both stars support each other in their wrestling and personal lives and on the reality shows they do seem to have a functional relationship. Whether or not Cena changes his mind and decides to marry Nikki remains to be seen.

6 Cena's First Marriage Is One Of The Reason's He Doesn't Want To Remarry

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Nikki Bella stated from the beginning of their relationship and one of the first episodes of Total Divas that she has always wanted to get married and have children. Despite the fact that Nikki has been married before, she wanted to marry John, but it seems that he is not open to the idea.

Not only has his first marriage left a sour taste in his mouth, but he explained to Nikki that he didn't want to marry her because their beliefs were different. They wanted different things and he thought that if they were married then she would become unhappy because he wouldn't change his mind, which is fair. Once again, this could all be leading to Cena eventually making Nikki's dreams come true somewhere down the road.

5 Cena Doesn't Want Children, But Nikki Does

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Just when you thought their differences of opinion when it comes to marriage was one of the main stories of Total Divas, it seems that Nikki and John also butt heads when it comes to whether or not they want children in the future.

Honestly, they are both at the peak of their career success now and they are not as young as they once were. Nikki is now 33 years old while Cena will be forty later this year. So children would be a thing they would need to have soon. Nikki wants children, but John doesn't. This is one of the reasons he doesn't want to get married and Cena has told Nikki that she should leave him and date someone else if children are something she really wants.

4 Cena Forced Nikki To Sign A 76-Page Agreement

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Cena is a very careful person. Not only did he force his wife to sign a prenuptial agreement, but he also forced his girlfriend to sign a 76-page agreement before she was allowed to live with him. He called it a co-habitation agreement and it ensured that Nikki knew all the rules before she agreed to it.

This was shown on an episode of Total Divas and Nikki, like most women was shocked when she was first told that she would have to sign it if she wanted to live with John. But at the same time, she realized that it didn't matter because she cared about John. John's OCD means that he likes to be in control. This is just one of the many signs that WWE has shown the WWE Universe over the past few years.

3 Cena And Nikki Began Dating Just Four Months Later

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As shocking as Cena's divorce was to the WWE Universe and the people close to Cena and Elizabeth at the time, it seems that Cena managed to move on quite quickly since he went public with Nikki Bella just four months after his divorce was finalized.

He may have been dating Nikki for longer than that as well. A already stated, Cena was the one who filed for divorce in the first place and he is the one who has found it much easier to move on from his wife of three years. Which doesn't fully add up with many members of the WWE Universe and many friends close to the couple as well. Could Cena and Nikki have bene together during his marriage? We may never know.

2 WWE May Have Had Something To Do With The Divorce

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The plot seems to thicken further. As it is thought that because John Cena filed for divorce in May 2012 and it was all finalized by June, despite his wife's adulterous claims, many people are convinced that WWE had something to do with it.

The company had their historic 1000th episode of Monday Night Raw coming up and it is thought that WWE didn't want the scandal to overshadow the show that they had planned to celebrate. This has led to many rumours that the fact it was over and done with so quickly was because WWE helped Cena in order to maintain the value of their show. After all, Cena did cash in his Money in the Bank contract and challenge CM Punk for the WWE Championship on the show.

1 Cena And Elizabeth Were High School Sweethearts

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It is reported that Cena and Elizabeth met in high school in West Newbury, Massachusetts, where they were both born and were inseparable ever since. They were best friends and then their relationship led to them getting married.

Obviously, Cena was on the road a lot with WWE so he didn't see his wife as much as he wishes he did, but he has stated that he gave his wife everything she wanted in the divorce. There are a lot of things that have remained confidential about the whole situation and the facts may never be known, but Cena has put this chapter of his life behind him and finally looks to be building a future with his new girlfriend. Now, it's matter or if Nikki Bella ever receives that proposal.

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