15 Fan Favorite Wrestlers We Forget Were Jerks In Real Life

The Superstars of the WWE are often made to depict their characters in such a convincing fashion in the WWE TV that many people often wonder about whether they are actual faces or heels in their real lives as well. But that isn't the case, as the "heels" are often very warm, good people in real life and just like that the faces or the "good guys" can be real jerks in real life, sometimes to fans and to their colleagues as well.

These wrestlers have their own lives outside the WWE and often get tired of all the heckling and persistently being followed around by fans for autographs and pictures and sometimes lose their cool and lash out at them. While some of them ignore fans completely, others tend to be more controversial by doing something which can give a bad name to themselves. Some of the beloved wrestlers are also real jerks to their co-workers, as they often use their influence to make life miserable for someone they don't like and bury them.

While most of the "fan-favorite" wrestlers are actually very warm, kind people in real life as well, we take a look at these 15 highly popular wrestlers who are surprisingly real jerks in real life and have proven that even if they are "good guys" in kayfabe, that doesn't necessarily make them good people in real life.

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15 Randy Orton

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Randy Orton has attained quite the popular status with the fans right now, as the Viper's personality and wrestling skills has garnered a lot of fans to root for him in the years. But even though he's highly popular and loves to get the audience into the game in the ring, he's not that responsive towards them in real life as he detested to interact with the fans. There have been numerous incidents of him being rude towards fans and acting pricy towards either, as this wasn't all for him being a jerk, as he was also very rude to talent backstage. He was very much involved in getting Mr. Kennedy fired after complaining to Vince McMahon about him working stiff, as Orton has acted like a douchebag towards not only fans but fellow wrestlers as well, using his influence to harm other's careers.

14 Billy Gunn

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"Badass" Billy Gunn was quite the popular member of D-Generation X and "The New Age Outlaws" during the Attitude Era and since then remained as one of the more loved WWE superstars. But while he might have been that cool, good guy in WWE TV, he was actually quite arrogant and horrible in his real life as he often rejected fans who came up to him at some events and was normally a pricy jerk to fans. Also in 2010, pictures of him were leaked by his mistress and a phone call conversation of him abusing his mistress was later leaked as well, showing his shady side in his personal life as well. Billy Gunn might have been that sexy dude in WWE TV, but he was quite the jerk in real life as all the success quickly got to his head and changed his mind-set.

13 Lita

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Lita found her popularity in the WWE soar after she debuted as this high-flying, unique Diva who had quite some moves in her skill-set and won over the fans with her amazing ability in the ring. While she was mostly a beloved face in the WWE, she did have some problems outside it as she often rejected fans who came up to her and her controversial real-life affair with Edge which lead to a heated feud with Matt Hardy showed how much of a horrible person she really was in real life. Since then, Lita has acted like a jerk to fans at times as she doesn't seem to be that interested in attending the conventions but has to do it for the money and the daredevil diva might have been a beloved athlete in the ring, but outside it she had quite a rotten side to her.

12 Bret Hart

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Bret "The Hitman" Hart was one of the top guys in wrestling during his time, as his proclaimed "best there is, best there was and best there ever will be" really clicked with the fans who really got behind him in the 90s. But as injuries plagued his career, Bret seemed to become more and more bitter personally as he started to complain on the slightest of wrong things in wrestling and also didn't behave that well with the fans. Numerous reports of Bret not wanting to interact with fans or downright being a jerk to them have surfaced in the past years, as Hart might have been a cool, good guy in the squared circle but was actually quite arrogant and full of himself in real life and didn't do that well with co-workers and fans and has a bad history of being pretty rude to people, especially after his unfortunate retirement.

11 CM Punk

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CM Punk's memorable 434 day WWE title reign garnered a lot of people to become his die-hard fans, as the self-proclaimed "The Voice of the Voiceless" often showcased himself to be one among the people, but ironically didn't like to be approached or interact with people himself. While he was a huge fan-favorite in the WWE, he really detested being approached by people for autographs or pictures outside the events and often acted like a complete jerk to the fans, be it a kid or a man. He really hated to interact with the fans who helped him get to the top of the company, as numerous reports of him being a complete douche to fans have surfaced over the past few years and the "Voice of the Voiceless" really hates to interact with those "voiceless" when they come towards him.

10 Goldberg

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Goldberg might have been showcased as this "Superhero" character who was a role-model for the kids, but he did have some arrogant and attitude in the back and acted like a real jerk to some wrestlers because of it. The most glaring example is his problems with Chris Jericho, as Goldberg never seemed to like Y2J and it all escalated when they were both in the WWE. They apparently had some exchange of words in the back, but Goldberg got pissed and tried to attack Jericho, who put him in a headlock which he couldn't seem to get out off. Goldberg might be great with the kids and all, but he's acted like a jerk to numerous stars in the back which made for him becoming as big as he is now.

9 Matt Hardy

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Matt Hardy might now be one of the most entertaining things about wrestling with his "Broken Matt Hardy" gimmick, but he's had the reputation of being quite rude to fans in the past. Hardy might be a "good guy" in general in wrestling, be it during his WWE days where he was known for his "extreme" nature or right now where he's now a face, but he's quite the horrible person outside as he's often rejected fan's wanting autographs or pictures with him and acts really rudely towards them. He also apparently shouted "F*** off" to an audience who were waiting for some-time to get his autograph and also towards kids, which goes onto show how much of a terrible role-model he is for the fans as his wrestling persona is only sugar-coating the rotten person that is underneath him.

8 Hulk Hogan

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Hulk Hogan was the reason on why wrestling achieved a mainstream status in the 80s, as his amazing display in the ring escalated the WWE to the top of the wrestling world. While Hogan might be this eternal good guy in wrestling, he isn't really that "good" in real life as Hogan is quite the selfish guy who often acted like a complete jerk to his colleagues. Hogan was known for wanting him to be successful at all times and being a jerk to many wrestlers in the back, as his personal side was no good either. The leaked tape of him degrading a black person by calling him the n-word amongst other things goes onto show how back-dated and terrible person he is in real life, as he might be respected and loved by his fans regardless of what he does but that doesn't deny the fact that he's got a rotten side and can be a real douche to people at times.

7 Stacy Keibler

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Stacy Keibler was undoubtedly one of the hottest Divas in the WWE during her time, as she was the ideal eye-candy for the company and loved to treat the audience with some sizzling costumes and outfits. She was definitely a fan-favorite at the time, but outside the WWE she was a completely different person. Keibler didn't like to interact with fans at all and ignored them whenever they came to try to interact with her, as she often irritated many fans because of her horrible attitude towards them. Keibler's personal nature was almost opposite of her kayfabe gimmick, as she acted way too pricy for her own good at her time in WWE and dissed the fans who made her into the marvel she was in those years.

6 Bubba Ray Dudley

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Bubba Ray Dudley changed the perception of Tag Team Wrestling along with D-Von Dudley, as the mighty popular member of Team 3D might live for the fans in the ring, but he isn't that warm to them outside it. While D-Von has the reputation of being quite kind and warm with the fans outside the squared circle as well, Bubba is actually pretty rude to the fans as he doesn't really like to hang around with his fans and detest having to attend conventions where he has to give out autographs and take photos. Many fans have spoken about how Bubba hated being in the conventions where they met him and completely ignored them, as the active member of Team 3D might be extremely communicative with fans in the ring, but acts like a complete jerk to them in real life and completely shuts them out.

5 Shawn Michaels

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Shawn Michaels had quite the popularity in the WWE because of how amazing he was in the ring and entertaining outside it, as "Mr. WrestleMania" might have been at the top of the WWE in the 90s, but that was at the expense of being a jerk to many others. Michaels had a lot of backstage influence and acted like a complete douche back in the days when he was heavily addicted to all kinds of drugs, as he acted like a jerk towards many wrestlers and especially towards Bret Hart who hated him for it. Michaels did changed after his return to the company, but still liked to him to himself and didn't really interact that much with fans, as he acted really badly towards his colleagues during his peak and was the biggest jerk in the WWE back then.

4 Sabu

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Sabu achieved quite the legendary status during his days at ECW, where he had this mystical personality and was one of the more extreme guys on the promotion. Though Sabu was a big fan-favorite and even made his way into the ring through the crowd at numerous times, he really didn't like to interact with fans that much and acts like a complete jerk towards them at times. He completely shuts them off in his personal life and has often showcased his agitation whenever a fan tries to touch him, at one point actually beating up a fan for touching him in a wrestling event. He might do all the dare-devil things he does "for the fans", but he really doesn't like to interact with those fans outside the wrestling arena's and has since acted like a big douche towards the fans at numerous occasions in the past.

3 Roman Reigns

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Roman Reigns might be one of the most polarizing figures in the WWE right now, but he is a fan-favorite nonetheless which has encouraged the company on pushing him further into the center stage. Reigns is actually quite the favorite among the young fans and the ladies, as his "superhero" like persona is a hit among a lot of people who have bought into his domination. Though Reigns might look like a resurgent hero in WWE TV, he's actually quite the jerk outside the WWE as he stated in an interview last year about how WWE is a product only for the kids. He's also been mean to some fans in twitter recently and seems to be quite the jerk to the other section of fans which has only helped increase their hatred for him, as the Superman of the WWE right now needs to improve his attitude and be less of a jerk to the fans who really matter to the product.

2 Ric Flair

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"The Nature Boy" Ric Flair is undoubtedly one of the greatest of all time, as his career is something which cannot be replicated by anyone else and everyone respects and loves him for how dedicated he remained to wrestling all these years. But even if he treats the audience to a lot of entertainment in the ring, he's actually pretty sour towards them in real life as he doesn't like to hang around his fans outside wrestling at all. He's acted like a big jerk to the fans in numerous occasions in the past, as he seems to be very disinterested in conventions and wrestling events and acts pretty rudely to fans who look to interact with him. "The Nature Boy" might be a marvel in the ring, but he's a pretty rotten soul outside it as all his success has got to him to the point where he doesn't really care about the fans anymore and in turn acts horribly towards them.

1 John Cena

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John Cena has remained as "The Face That Runs The Place" in the WWE for almost a decade now, as his gimmick of "Hustle, Loyalty & Respect" and "Never Give Up" has garnered humongous popularity for him amongst the share of haters as Cena is the ideal role-model for the WWE. Or is he?

Cena might be pretty warm with the fans, but he has quite the attitude backstage and has used his influential power to get himself over others numerous times in his career. The 15 Time World Champion was responsible for the initial firing of Kenny of the Spirit Squad as told by Kenny himself, as he also ruined the career of Alex Riley because of having some kind of a personal problem with him. Cena has acted like a complete douchebag to some wrestlers backstage and is also responsible for the burying of many others, as his rotten attitude problem and selfishness has ruined the WWE careers of many wrestlers who had to step aside for "The Face of the Company" to garner more success.

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