15 Shocking Facts About The Women Of SmackDown Live

When WWE announced that there was going to be an official Brand Split on July 19th it left the WWE Women's Division up in the air. There was only one official Women's Championship after the Divas title had been retired and there was no news on whether or not the division would stretch over two brands.

Luckily when the draft took place SmackDown chose Becky Lynch, Naomi, Natalya, Carmella, Alexa Bliss, and Eva Marie to add to their roster, which meant that there were enough women on the brand to set up storylines, but there was still no official prize for those six women.

Nikki Bella made her return to WWE at Money in the Bank and aligned herself with the SmackDown brand in the absence of the suspended Eva Marie before WWE officially unveiled the new SmackDown Women's Championship.

The first ever Champion was decided at WWE Backlash in a Six-Pack Challenge that saw Becky Lynch lift her first ever WWE Championship after forcing Carmella to tap to the Disarmer.

But what do the WWE Universe really know about the seven women that currently populate the SmackDown locker room? Four of them have come through the ranks in NXT while the other three have been or still are regular cast members on the E! Network show Total Divas. That being said, here are a few facts about the lovely ladies that WWE has been conveniently keeping to themselves.

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16 Carmella is a Certified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

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It probably doesn't come as that much of a surprise that Carmella is a certified personal trainer, given the amount of time she spends in the gym. The 28-year-old has become a huge hit with the WWE Universe since her debut on the main roster back in July and has since even completed a heel turn that has landed her with a new attitude.

Her feud with Nikki Bella has given her the nickname 'Bootleg Bella' which has only served to fuel her new attitude problem. Carmella is a talented female wrestler and has proved many times that she has what it takes to be the next SmackDown Women's Champion, but just in case her wrestling career isn't as lengthy as it could be, 'The hottest chick in the ring' has ensured that she has a backup plan.

15 Eva Had An Alcohol Problem Prior To Signing With WWE

This problem was well documented during her first season on Total Divas, when Eva shared that she had once struggled with underage alcohol abuse. Her problem was brought under control later in life when her career began picking up and she managed to keep herself busy.

Eva went on to graduate with a Bachelor of the Arts in Business Management as well as an associates degree from Diablo Valley College before moving on to a successful career in modeling before she joined WWE and began a much more intense training regime. She now tries to stay away from all alcohol and doesn't actually like to drink at social events either. Marie may in fact be the most controversial Women on the SmackDown Live roster which could work in her favour moving forward.

14 Alexa is Dating Former Tag Team Partner Buddy Murphy

Alexa Bliss debuted in NXT as a pretty fairy-inspired female wrestler until she met Blake and Murphy and her entire attitude changed. She went on to lead the duo to NXT Tag Team Championship gold while working as their manager before becoming frustrated when she failed to lift NXT gold herself.

The entire time Alexa was working with Blake and Murphy she was in a relationship with Buddy Murphy. The duo began dating when they met and were then forced to work together. As it stands, the couple have remained together despite the fact that she now travels with the SmackDown Live roster and her former Tag Team partners remain down in NXT. Alex Bliss now looks to capture the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship as her first piece of hardware with the company.

13 Nikki Has Appeared In Many Films And TV Shows

Nikki Bella once stated that she wanted to become the female version of The Rock and so far she seems to be heading in the right direction. As well as being a lead member of the Total Divas cast for the past three years, Nikki is set to star in a new new spin-off show Total Bella's, which begins airing in October.

As well as her WWE-inspired shows, Nikki has been a part of many other solo projects which include her part in the film 'Confessions of a Womanizer' back in 2014 and her many guest appearances on shows like Meet My Folks, Clash Time, Ridiculousness, and Psych. Nikki is definitely ensuring that once her WWE career settles down, she will have a plan B to fall back on.

12 Carmella Is Dating Former Stablemate Big Cass

He is the seven-foot giant and she is the self-proclaimed 'hottest chick in the ring' but it seems their time working together in NXT has allowed them to discover some unchartered chemistry.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass were joined by Carmella when their push in NXT was reaching its peak and she was able to help the duo connect with audience members in a different kind of way. Sadly when Enzo and Cass were promoted to the main roster, Triple H made the decision to allow Carmella to stay where she was because she still had unfinished business in NXT. She was then promoted to the main roster during the WWE Draft and is now on SmackDown Live while her boyfriend continues to ply his trade on Monday Night Raw, meaning that the couple are rarely able to travel together.


10 Naomi Was A Dancer/Cheerleader For NBA Team Orlando Magic

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There is no doubting the fact that Naomi is the most athletic female wrestler currently employed in WWE and that is mostly due to the fact that she has such an athletic background.

Naomi has previously worked as a professional dancer for the NBA's Orlando Magic. She also worked as a backing dancer for Flo Rida before she was signed to a WWE contract. When Naomi made her WWE debut she was brought up to the main roster with Cameron and the duo were glorified dancers for Brodus Clay/Tons of Funk as a tag team. Naomi then took the dance element out of her character when she turned heel. However, since she was drafted to the SmackDown brand as a face she has been able to continue her dance gimmick with a new Clubland inspired dance and strobe light themed entrance.

9 Carmella is the Daughter of a Former WWE Superstar

Carmella doesn't have a professional wrestling background. She was a cheerleader for the New England Patriots before joining the Los Angeles Lakers Dance team for a season. When she did finally get the call from WWE, her father a former WWE Superstar stepped in to help with her training.

Paul Van Dale was a Superstar for the company in the 1990s but mostly worked as a jobber when needed. He also had a varied level of success on the Independent Circuit around the same time. He regularly posts messages about his daughter on his Twitter account to show that he is always supporting her. Carmella has seemingly pick up the craft in a rather quick fashion as she continuously looks to improve her in-ring ability.

8 Natalya Has Know Tyson Kidd Since They 12-Years-Old

In a generation that is dominated by Social Media and TV shows that centre around break ups and casual relationships, the story of Nattie and TJ is one that is a much needed antidote.

The couple have been friends since they were 12-years-old. Tthey trained together, they grew up together, and then somewhere in the middle of all that they managed to fall in love. Shockingly they only married a few years ago when their marriage was featured on an episode of Total Divas and even though the show often shows them having marital problems, these situations are all dramatized as the couple are still as happy as they were all those years ago. Tyson's recent injury saw Natalya miss a lot of WWE programming to stay at home and help him recover. Natalya is now a member of the SmackDown Live roster and serving as the brand's veteran female talent.

7 Naomi Released Her Own Song

Naomi has been a regular cast member on Total Divas ever sine it began airing in 2013. She was taken out of the show for the first season and replaced by Mandy, but WWE have renewed her contract and brought her back for season six.

As part of her role on Total Divas not only has Naomi been able to show off her incredible wedding to fellow WWE Superstar Jimmy Uso, but she also showed the WWE Universe that she was working on her own song in the studio and even managed to release it last year. Her song was entitled 'Dance All Night' and it was one that she was hoping people would be able to dance and enjoy as much as she did while she was singing and creating it.

6 Eva and the 2013 Diva Search

It is a fact that many of the WWE Universe have called out the validity of Eva Marie winning the 2013 Diva Search ever since was shown on a graphic during an episode of SmackDown a few weeks ago. It is in fact true that Eva Marie was a contestant in 2013 Diva Search, which is how she obtained her WWE contract in the first place.

Much like the previous Diva Searches from years before, the 2013 search was interested in females who thought they could make it in the WWE but instead this version was contested online. From the Diva Search, Eva Marie would make her way to Total Divas instead of the ring, which wasn't exactly the best move on WWE's part considering her lack of experience. It appeared as though WWE simply wanted to parade the pretty girl around on reality television.

5 Alexa Suffered From A Life-Threatening Eating Disorder

Alexa Bliss has fought her way through the ranks in WWE over the past few years but she has also managed to overcome a dangerous eating disorder on her way to becoming one of SmackDown's newest Women's wrestlers.

Bliss lost 30 pounds ver the course of six weeks while she was a high school student because she was suffering from anorexia. Her heart rate dropped and doctors claimed that she could have died if she wasn't given sufficient medical attention straight away. This left her unable to compete as a cheerleader as she attempted to recover from the disease and also forced her to miss many sporting events. Luckily Alexa made a full recovery and states that finding body building and falling in love with it aided her recovery and allowed her to remain healthy afterwards.

4 Becky was Trained by Finn Balor

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Becky Lynch didn't have a great start in life and has stated herself that she was heading down a bad path before she found professional wrestling. She said that wrestling helped her stay on the straight and narrow and has allowed her to become the person she is today.

One thing that isn't as well known though is the fact that she was trained by fellow WWE Superstar and former Universal Champion, Finn Balor. Becky turned up at his wrestling school in Ireland one day and she was hooked to wrestling for life. Obviously the two ended up in NXT at the same time but they had very different paths to the WWE with Finn obviously going on to win Championships all over the world and Becky having to take some time away from the business due to multiple injuries.

3 Alexa Bliss Has Been Athletic Almost All Her Life

Alex Bliss has always loved sports and has competed in softball, track, kickboxing, and gymnastics since she was five years old. She then went into cheerleading and reached Division I competing in college. Alexa was always considered to be a sporty and athletic child so it came as no surprise to her family when she joined WWE in 2013.

When she was trying to find a healthy way to regain the weight she had lost as a result of an eating disorder Alexa discovered bodybuilding and fell in love with it. She states that it saved her life and she went on to compete in many bodybuilding competitions including the Arnold Classic. The sporting background helped her when she joined WWE and allowed her to pick up the basic aspects of the sport much faster than many other wrestlers who joined the company at the same time.

2 Becky Lynch has a Degree in Acting

Being the inaugural WWE SmackDown Women's Champion, obviously a degree in acting must come in handy when having to talk in front of an arena full of people or when working on her character development.

Shockingly, Becky Lynch is the only current WWE Superstar with this accolade as she took time away from wrestling in order to achieve it. Rather than sit at home and wait to recover from nagging injuries, Becky went out and studied for her degree which she did finally achieve from the Dublin Institute of Technology. She also went on to be cast in many plays and has quite the resume when it comes to acting but still found herself working as a flight attendant for two and a half years prior to returning to the squared circle.

1 Nikki Was Ranked #1 on the PWI Female 50 List

Nikki Bella is a hot commodity in WWE. She was an established soccer player before she joined the company and since then she has allowed the women of WWE to be seen all over the world thanks to not only her role in WWE but  the part she plays on Total Divas. She is still known as the longest reigning Divas Champion at 301 days, a fact that will never change now that the title has been retired.

Of all her solo female accomplishments over the past few years, being voted the number one best female wrestler in the world for 2015 by Pro Wrestling Illustrated must be up there as an incredible accolade for the 32-year-old. Something that she will be hopeful of repeating when this years rankings are released.

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