15 Female Wrestler Mugshots You HAVE To See

Over the years, WWE didn't turn itself into a multi-billion dollar company without having its own set of rules and values, as the product has become watered-down and they are continuing to look at the PR standpoint of things nowadays. Because of their safe nature, WWE also introduced its "Wellness Program" where every contracted wrestler was to give drug-tests at regular intervals and they also have some strict policies for the wrestlers who are signed on with them, which state what they are and are not allowed to do.

Some of these strict policies include for the wrestlers to never get engulfed in any controversial event, as getting themselves arrested is something not only the WWE but other prominent wrestling promotions like TNA (or Impact Wrestling), Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling cannot tolerate. If the wrestlers are arrested while contracted with a promotion, they are likely to be fired. This isn't only true for the male talent, though; not a lot of divas over the years have found themselves in jail for some shocking reasons!

While some arrests have been downplayed, other arrests of these female wrestlers have been covered in the media as their mugshots were released in the Internet to see just how they looked after their arrest.

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15 Emma

via YouTube.com

Emma has had a year to forget so far, as her "Emmalina" character was being hyped for a long time before her debut, but now it looks like it has been trashed altogether as she's back with her old gimmick. While Emma hasn't been properly utilized by the WWE, she was almost out of the company in 2014 when she got arrested for allegedly stealing an iPad case from a Walmart store. She was taken to jail and later to community court where her lawyer stated that she forgot to pay for it and got out soon after, as this mugshot of her shows just how much of a distressed situation she was in then. She was initially fired by the WWE for this but was rehired once the truth was revealed, as this revealing mugshot shows the real, vulnerable side of Emma as this embarrassing arrest almost cost Emma her job.

14 Lita

via Sporcle.com

Lita might be the extreme diva who was one of the pillars of the Women's Division during its "Golden Era" back in the days, but she has had quite the topsy-turvy personal life over the years. Lita was arrested in 2011 for quite the bizarre incident, as she was apprehended by the police for speeding and driving with a suspended license. She did get out quickly after paying a $2,200 bail, but this mugshot of her arrest was posted on the internet in which she looks quite normal, but seems to realize the humor of her own arrest. Lita even joke about the arrest later on, as this embarrassing arrest was something she'd want to forget and this mugshot in which she looks pretty shocked sums up the arrest in itself.

13 So Cal Val

via diva-dirt.com

So Cal Val might not have been the most gifted among the TNA Knockouts, but her stunning figure and appearance made TNA keep her in the company as they used her mostly as a valet and hardly wrestling many matches. She'd later transition into a backstage interviewer for the company, as well as working as a ring announcer later on before she was let go off in 2013. But the reason for her dismissal is because she was arrested that year in August 21st for Drinking under the Influence and leaving the scene of the accident with property damage. She was later arrested and this mugshot of her looking pretty distressed and appalled made the rounds, and even though she managed to get out of jail with a bail, she was given her marching orders from TNA the next day and parted with the company. Even though she'd return to wrestling soon after, but this horrible incident put a dent on her career as this awful mugshot shows her guilt over the accident perfectly.

12 Jillian Hall

via Uproxx.com

Jillian Hall might not be remembered for exactly the right reasons by the WWE fans, as she was quite the annoying character back in the day, but portrayed that too much conviction. She didn't really get the opportunities she deserved in the WWE before being released, as things started to go south for her after being released by the company. She was once arrested in 2012 for battery and separated from her husband afterwards, but things got only worse when she got arrested again in 2015. This time it was for DUI as her blood alcohol levels were way off the charts, as this distressing mugshot shows just how much of a horrible situation she was at the time. She looks on the verge of tears and absolutely torn apart after the arrest in this mugshot, as this picture shows just how her life degraded after being released by the WWE as she's trying to rebuild herself after this and one can only hope things have gotten better for her after this terrible incident which is the lowest point of her life.

11 Daffney

via pwpix.net

Daffney may not be remembered by many wrestling fans, but she was quite the terrifying individual in TNA during the rise of their Knockout's Division, as her face-painted, horrifying persona gave many a nightmare to her colleagues. She aligned with Dr. Stevie at one point before going solo and even though she didn't win any title in TNA, she made quite an impact and help elevate the status of the Knockout's Division. But some months after she was released by TNA, she got herself arrested for "driving under the influence with property damage" to which she pleaded guilty to and was kept under probation for a year and given a bail for $1,580. This mugshot of her was also released, which shows how horrifying she looked at the time when she was intoxicated and without her make-up, she looks so different in this picture. Her drunk state can be seen in this, as it seems like she didn't have the best of times after being released by TNA as she looks stressed out and awful in this mugshot.

10 Kaitlyn

via Twitter.com

Kaitlyn has been at the end of some raunchy controversy recently, but the former Divas Champions' accomplishments in the WWE cannot be undermined as she won the "all-female" season of NXT and then went onto achieve much success in her short years in the main roster. But when she was at the peak of her career, Kaitlyn was arrested for the most embarrassing reason, as she was apprehended by the police before a WWE Show and arrested for failing to pay an old parting ticket. This mugshot was taken off her arrest, which shows Kaitlyn in an absolutely normal state as she looks all ready to appear in front of the WWE crowd when she was surprisingly arrested for this embarrassing crime. She soon got out after getting bail, but this was a lesson for her, as she had to go through much shame for this arrest as her beautiful mugshot shows how she was ready to appear in front of the WWE fans rather than having to take a short trip to prison.

9 Missy Hyatt

via Uproxx.com

Missy Hyatt is probably a forgotten figure in the wrestling industry, but she was hot stuff back in the days when she worked for WCW as a commentator and later a valet before going to ECW. She later became the manager of Sandman in ECW before being part of some controversial stuff, as she went onto work for some Independent promotions after her ECW days came to an end. But Hyatt was back in the news a few years back, when she was arrested in 2015 for grand theft. This resulted in her mugshot being released in the internet, as this mugshot shows her in quite the distressed state as she seems to have aged terribly and this awful incident only shows her terribly aging in a more vivid manner. Even though the charges were later dropped, this shocking mugshot shows how this beauty has aged so terribly and how her beauty has withered away along with her popularity over the years.

8 Charlotte

via Twitter.com

Charlotte is the "Queen" of the Women's Division right now, as her improvement ever since getting the main roster call has been outstanding and she deserves the name of "Queen" for her work over the years. But Charlotte wasn't always this good a wrestler, as she only joined wrestling with WWE NXT and wasn't into it before that and was actually even arrested before she joined the WWE. Charlotte was arrested in 2008 for allegedly assaulting an officer and resisting arrest, as she had been found in a fight between herself, her dad Ric and another person. This shocking mugshot displays her reaction after the arrest, as she actually seems to be smiling despite being arrested for a horrendous crime which shows how much of an arrogant woman she was back then. She looks absolutely beat up and almost unrecognizable in this picture, as her improvement from this low point of her life has been amazing as she looks to enhance the family legacy in the future and this horrible incident probably made her realize everything wrong about her life at the time and force through a change which was absolutely the right decision for her.

7 Maxine

via ringthedamnbell.wordpress.com

Maxine was a promising Diva on NXT, as she had the looks and the heel nature to probably make it higher up, but she got tired of waiting and quit the company in 2012. She later proved her doubters wrong, when she signed for Lucha Underground and has been doing a great job as Catrina, who is a main authority heel in the company, but she almost lost her WWE dream back in 2009. While still performing for FCW as "Liviana", she was arrested for Driving under the Influence and this mugshot was released as well. This mugshot sums up just how beautiful she can look even at her most stressed, tiring of times as she looks stunning even in this intoxicated, vulnerable state and because she managed to get a bail later that day when she arrested, she wasn't released by the WWE and could move her career to where it is right now by making an impression in NXT.

6 Reby Sky

via tmz.com

Reby Sky is flying high right now as part of the "Broken Universe" as she has been also involved in some of the work "Broken" Matt Hardy has produced over the past year and while they both seem to be in cloud nine right now, things weren't always this lovely between them. Sky is a former wrestler herself who gave it up to look after her family, but she's been quite supportive of Hardy in spite of some of their bloody fights, one of which got them both arrested. Reby and Matt were arrested in 1st January, 2014 for allegedly having a bloody fight, as this shocking mugshot of Reby shows just how brutal the fight was. The horrifying scars in her face and the wretched look shows how things got really ugly between them in the fight, as this awful mugshot is something which can make many wonder how Reby is still with Hardy after what occurred that night.

5 Awesome Kong

via pwmania.com

Awesome Kong has had quite the dominating career in the wrestling business, as the intimidating lady was a devastating monster heel at her prime and mostly got her reputation from her destruction in TNA. She won the TNA Knockout's Championship twice as well as winning the TNA Knockouts Tag Team titles as well, but she left in 2010 after issues with TNA management and with a WWE call impending. But tragedy struck when she was arrested after leaving TNA for driving with a suspended license, but was released after getting bail. Her mug-shot off the arrest was taken and posted in the internet, as this picture shows her in quite a vulnerable state(something we've never seen her in the wrestling ring) as her appearance beyond the monster who is in the ring can be seen in this glaring picture which was taken for a rather unlucky arrest.

4 Serena

via pwpix.net

Serena might be remembered by many as the woman in CM Punk's Straight Edge Society, as the bald, nasty woman would follow the orders of Punk really well and made quite the impact with her unique wrestling style. But after that angle was ended, she wasn't utilized well by the WWE and was released soon after, going onto wrestle in the Independent scene where she got famous in the first place. But soon after being released from WWE, Serena was shockingly arrested for BUI(boating under the influence) which is quite the quirky way to get arrested. This weird mugshot covering the arrest was also released, as getting arrested for "driving a boat under the influence" is pretty bizarre and going by how she looks in this mugshot with all of her hair and a rather sober face, one would wonder whether she was just on the wrong end of a big mistake.

3 Cameron

via tmz.com

Cameron was put out of her misery by the WWE when she was released last year, but she did have some momentum in the company when she broke out with Naomi as the Funkadactyls. Then they had a falling out and broke up from each other, and while Naomi went onto achieve some great things in the company, Cameron was left at the bottom as she had to attempt to earn her way to the top. But her awful wrestling skills which included horrible botches and shocking mistakes didn't allow the WWE to push her anywhere, but she almost ended her WWE run in 2012 itself when she was arrested for DUI and trying to bribe an officer. She did get out soon, but this mugshot was released by the police which shows her in quite the awful state and looking nothing like what we've seen her on-screen, as she served a 2-week suspension because of this deed and wasn't fired on the spot. But this definitely put a dent on her reputation in the WWE, as she never really received any push and was a jobber towards the end, as this shocking mugshot reveals her real, conniving side as that stupid move for which she got arrested cost her of what could've been a much better WWE career.

2 Becky Bayless

via caws.ws

Becky Bayless is a woman with much experience in the wrestling circuit, as she has wrestled for promotions like Ring of Honor, Wrestlicious and Women Superstars Uncensored before she stepped foot into TNA. She wrestled mostly as the sexy Cookie who was the manager for Robbie E and sometimes wrestled herself as well, as she had little influence in the promotion and was let go soon after. But before her stint as Cookie, she made a one-off appearance in TNA in 2008 as a candidate for Awesome Kong's $25,000 challenge and maybe could've gotten a contract soon after, had she not been arrested. Bayless was arrested in August of the same year for DUI as her blood alcohol level was quite off the charts and her mugshot of the arrest was also posted. She might look  drunk in this picture, but actually manages to look pretty well and looks pretty unfazed from her arrest, as this stunning woman manages to keep her beauty in tact in this picture which is quite the different, good-looking mugshot.

1 Sunny

via SILive.com

Sunny might have been the "Original Diva" of the wrestling industry and a prime reason for kicking off the Attitude Era in the WWE, but Sunny has regressed to a horrible state nowadays as the last couple of years has been especially rough on her. After getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011, her reputation has gone down the hill as she was arrested multiple times in the same month in 2012 for various reasons. She was arrested again in 2015 for missing multiple hearings on her earlier crime cases, as this mugshot was released during that arrest which shows her in an absolutely terrible state. She looks worn out and has aged terribly as this picture shows us, as she has abused herself to the limit over all these years and that has affected her looks, as she's almost unrecognizable from what everyone knew her to look like. Sunny's reputation has taken quite the plummet with all these arrest, as this awful mugshot sums up her situation right now as she's a desperate old woman whose years of self-abuse has made her into someone who nobody wants to stay associated with.

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