15 Female Wrestlers All Guys Love Seeing In Yoga Pants

What’s not to like about the stretchy fabric that makes people comfortable AND hot?

Athleisurewear is a style or movement that centers around wearing active wear which often includes yoga pants. The fashion trend has become prevalent in many parts of the world. It doesn't matter if one lives in a small town or big city, as there is no escaping the athleisurewear craze.

WWE's top female superstars have been seemingly quick to embrace athleisurewear as part of their everyday wardrobe. After all, there aren't many women who work out as often as those involved in the business of professional wrestling. These pants help to highlight their extremely-toned lower halves which are no doubt the result of countless hours spent in the gym.

The ladies of WWE not only wear yoga pants but also look pretty darn good doing it. When you get a glimpse of some of your favorite WWE stars sporting these garments, it's easy to see why they have become so popular in wrestling circles.

With that in mind, you are about to see some the most beautiful women to ever wear athleisurewear. Here are some photos that reaffirm World Wrestling Entertainment hires some of the hottest women in the world. There is little doubt that these are 15 wrestling females whom all guys love seeing in yoga pants.

15 Trish Stratus


The 41-year-old Stratus looks as good as she did in her wrestling prime sporting these stylish white yoga pants. The Canadian star is the very definition of fit, as this image clearly highlights. However, Trish Stratus isn’t just another wrestler wearing yoga pants; she is actually a yoga instructor. In fact, since she retired from WWE the former grappler has opened her own yoga studio, located just outside of Toronto. Whatever type of workout she’s doing it's definitely working as Stratus looks like she could step in the ring at a moment’s notice.

Fun Fact: Trish Stratus was inducted into The World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame back in 2013. She was inducted by her former rival and current WWE Chief Brand Officer (CBO) Stephanie McMahon.

14 Alexa Bliss


After seeing this photo one might begin to wonder if the current WWE Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss ever leaves the gym. The blonde wrestler shows off the chiseled physique that made WWE fans take notice when she debuted back in 2016. The gray yoga pants definitely flatter Little Miss Bliss’ lower half. The 5-foot-1 superstar proves the old cliché which states that “good things come in small packages.”

Fun Fact: When Alexa Bliss defeated Bayley last April at Payback to win the Raw Women’s Championship, she became the first woman to ever hold both the Raw and SmackDown versions of the title. She had previously held the SmackDown title on two separate occasions prior to being selected by Raw as part of the Superstar Shakeup.

13 Torrie Wilson

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If you are looking for the Fountain of Youth then simply stop and ask Torrie Wilson for directions. The 41-year-old hasn’t aged a day since her wrestling debut back in the late 1990s. Wilson is doing the athleisurewear movement proud in these blue pants. The former fitness model is definitely spending a lot of time in the gym now that she's retired from wrestling and it clearly shows. The former WWE Diva has a lower half that most women would envy. Wilson looks as good as any of the females on WWE ‘s current roster.

Fun Fact: Torrie Wilson dated former New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez. The couple began dating in 2011, before finally deciding to call it quits in 2015. A-Rod may be sorry they parted way after seeing this photo.

12 Brie Bella


Brie Bella proudly shows off her pair of black yoga pants in this locker room shot. This WWE starlet proves she can still look great for the camera even when dressed in casual attire. Bella’s diet and workout regimens have resulted in an extremely fit lower half for the new mom. With looks like hers, it’s easy to see how she was able to attract the attention of her now-husband and former WWE World Champion, Daniel Bryan. Brie Bella is without questions one of the hottest wrestlers to ever put on a pair of yoga pants.

Fun Fact: Brie Bella made her WWE television debut on SmackDown back in August of 2008. She was able to defeat former WWE Diva Victoria on that particular evening.

11 Eva Marie


Eva Marie's wrestling ability (or lack thereof) may often receive criticism from some WWE fans. However, even here biggest detractors can’t deny that’s she is one of the best looking women in the sport of professional wrestling. The redhead looks stunning while traveling on the sidewalk in her black yoga pants and sports bra. This outfit certainly helps highlight the wrestling star's near flawless physique. Eva Marie certainly does the athleisure wear movement proud with this amazing image. It's shots like this that help remind us why WWE has been so patient with the Total Divas star.

Fun Fact: Eva Marie became a member of the SmackDown roster on July 19th, 2016. She made only a handful of appearances before being suspended from WWE for violating the wellness policy. She has not returned to action since that time.

10 Lana

'The Ravishing Russian" Lana has been one of the hottest women in all of World Wrestling Entertainment for several years now. As we can see from this Instagram photo the blonde bombshell works hard to maintain the physique that made her famous. Lana looks outstanding in her multicolored yoga pants as she hustles to the top of the stairs in this shot. It’s easy to see why this photograph got over 66,500 likes (as of this writing) and it wasn’t because of the inspirational quote at the bottom either.

Fun Fact: While Lana did spend a significant portion of her childhood Latvia, a part of the former Soviet Union, she was actually born in Gainesville, Florida as Catherine Joy (C.J.) Perry. She currently lives with her husband Rusev (Miroslav Barnyashev) in Nashville, Tennessee.

9 Maria Menounos


Maria Menounos has appeared so many times on WWE television it practically feels like she is a member of the main roster. Moreover, she looks great in a pair of yoga pants and thus definitely belongs on the list. Judging by the flexibility Menounos is demonstrating in this particular image, one might assume the television correspondent is a yoga practitioner. Her combination of good looks and bubbly personality make it easy to understand how she became one of the best-known television personalities in all of Hollywood.

Fun Fact: Maria Menounos has actually competed at WrestleMania. At WrestleMania XXVIII, she teamed up with Kelly Kelly to defeat the team of Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres. In fact, Menounos even pinned eventual WWE Hall of Famer Phoenix to secure the victory.

8 Paige


The two-time Divas Champion can certainly rock a pair of yoga pants with the best of them. Paige has been absent from WWE television for several months due to an injury and with photos like this, you can see why there are more than a few wrestling fans out there who are eagerly anticipating her return. While many female performers spend hours in tanning booths, the native of Norwich, England proves that pale can certainly be attractive. Paige is another performer who is proudly supporting the athleisurewear craze.

Fun Fact: When Paige defeated AJ Lee in April of 2014 she became the youngest Divas Champion in WWE history at the age of 21. Moreover, the English star was able to accomplish this in her main roster debut match.

7 Kaitlyn


It seems like Kaitlyn is somewhat of a forgotten WWE Diva these days. That being said, images like this is one are sure to jog wrestling fans memory rather quickly. Her skin-tight yoga pants display the former wrestler’s extremely well-muscled physique. By the look of her thighs, one can safely assume that she doesn’t skip leg days at the gym. She was a competitive bodybuilder prior to working in WWE, which probably won’t surprise anyone after seeing this shot.

Fun Fact: Kaitlyn is a former WWE Divas Champions. She held the prestigious title for an impressive 153 days before ultimately losing the title to AJ Lee at Payback in 2013. She retired from wrestling in 2014 in order to focus on her fitness career.

6 Peyton Royce (And Billie Kay)


It wouldn't be right to leave the NXT women out of an article about hot wrestlers in yoga pants. This is especially true when you have a lady on your roster that looks as good as the Australian-born Peyton Royce. Moreover, let’s throw in her tag team partner in Bille Kay who is also no slouch in a pair of yoga pants. After getting a glimpse of this photo it’s easy to see why these two ladies are known as “The Iconic Duo.”

Fun Fact: Peyton Royce actually attended the same high school as her tag partner Bille Kay. The later was three years ahead of Royce in high school. Kay was interested in basketball, while Royce’s passion was dancing, though they both liked wrestling as children. Apparently, the two women were not friends in those days.

5 Sasha Banks


In a relatively short period of time, Sasha Banks has become one of the most popular female wrestlers on the WWE roster. The pink-haired beauty that wrestling fans affectionately refer to as “The Boss” shows us how to look good in a pair of WrestleMania-themed yoga pants. Banks proudly displays the WWE logo in this flattering image. There is no denying this 25-year-old's charisma and sex appeal in this photograph.

Fun Fact: Sasha Banks isn’t the only celebrity in her family. The former Women’s Champion is related to rapper Snoop Dogg, as the two are actually first cousins. Singers Ray J and Brandy Norwood are also her first cousins. Daz Dillinger, who is a well-known music producer, is yet another celebrity cousin who is a member of Banks' family tree.

4 Charlotte Flair (And Dana Brooke)


The 5-foot-10 daughter of the legendary ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair proudly shows off her yoga pants as well as her triceps in this image. She is joined by her extremely ripped counterpart Dana Brooke who is also sporting a pair of yoga pants. Both of these lovely ladies appear to be in peak physical condition and their athleisure wear helps highlight the type of physiques one would expect to find in a bodybuilding completion. These two wrestling stars prove that strong can most certainly be sexy.

Fun Fact: Charlotte Flair has accomplished a great deal since debuting as a member of the WWE main roster in 2015. She was the very first Raw Women’s Champion. Moreover, she and Sasha Banks became the first females to headline a WWE pay-per-view at Hell in a Cell back in October of 2016.

3 Naomi


The current SmackDown Women’s Champion is giving the cameraman a stern look in the particular shot. However, that doesn’t make her look any less stunning sporting these multicolored pair of yoga pants. The full-figured superstar shows the type of flexibility you might expect from a world-class in-ring performer. The former Funkadactyl is always a stunner, but this number certainly helps emphasize her finer points.

Fun Fact: Naomi (Trinity McCray) is married to fellow wrestler and one-half of the current SmackDown Tag Team Champions Jimmy Uso (Jonathan Fatu). The two were wed in Maui back in January of 2014. Jimmy Uso is the son of WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi. Therefore, Rikishi is technically Naomi’s father-in-law, for those of you who are keeping score at home.

2 Summer Rae


The leggy blonde Summer Rae resembles a supermodel while supporting these comfy looking yoga pants. It would be difficult for any guy she shares this tiny (probably hotel) gym with to try and concentrate with Fandango’s old dance partner in the room. The former Lingerie Football player is the very detention of a blonde bombshell. Rae is currently sidelined due to injury but one can rest assured there are more than a few wrestling fans out there who are eagerly anticipating her return.

Fun Fact: Summer Rae was featured in Seasons 2 and 3 of the E! hit television series Total Divas. Much like her wrestling character, Rae was portrayed as a bit of heel during her stint on the television series, and feuded with fellow wrestler Natalya.

1 Emma


The native of Victoria, Australia looks stunning while stretching out and leaning on the fence post. Emma’s beauty couldn’t be fully appreciated when she was doing her dorky dance sequences with Santino Marella earlier on in her career. However, after seeing this breathtaking photo of the Aussie stunner in her solid black yoga pants, there is no denying that she is one best-looking females on the entire WWE roster. When she returns from her hiatus due to injury, there will be no shortage of  happy fans throughout the WWE Universe.

Fun Fact: Emma (Tenille Dashwood) has appeared in three video games since debuting in WWE, with the most recent being WWE 2K17. She also used to host her own YouTube cooking show, Taste of Tenille, though it appears as if she hasn't uploaded anything new on it since last year.

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15 Female Wrestlers All Guys Love Seeing In Yoga Pants