15 Female Wrestlers That Want Fans To Ogle Them

Women who enter the world of professional wrestling know what they’re getting themselves into, and there’s always been an interesting dynamic when it comes to what they achieve in the business. Some use their wrestling to get ahead, meanwhile, others understand that they have certain assets that the male contingent of the WWE Universe appreciates.

Now that’s not to say that these women want fans to ogle them on a personal level, and in fact, it’s quite the contrary. These female superstars are smart, and they realise that within a certain demographic they can appeal to women through their courage and strength, and men through their looks.

With that, let’s take a look at some of the best of the bunch.

15 Maria Kanellis

Maria was always more of a character than a wrestler, and it’s taken her further than many could’ve anticipated. From being a ditzy interviewer to being the First Lady of Ring of Honor, Kanellis has always maintained her position as being one of the sexiest women to ever step foot inside of a squared circle.

She's certainly utilised her looks on several separate occasions over the years, with her appearance on the cover of Playboy being a particular stand out. Even in the present day, she’s being used as husband Mike (Bennett) Kanellis’ gorgeous valet, and from a fan’s perspective, many will be hoping that theme continues on years to come.

14 Maryse

Maryse Mizanin is arguably one of the most stunning female performers to ever lace up a pair of boots, and ironically enough it’s her time outside of the ring that will likely be most fondly remembered. Why? Probably because the last 18 months of her teaming up with husband The Miz has led to the best work of her entire career.

As an old-school conniving valet, Maryse has been able to launch both herself and Miz into another stratosphere of success. The happily-married couple continue to be one of the most powerful in all of WWE, and judging by her Instagram page, Mrs Mizanin isn’t shy when it comes to showing off her beauty.

13 Lana

Let’s be brutally honest with ourselves here, Lana isn’t all that great as an actual professional wrestler. WWE has given her countless opportunities to prove herself in the ring over the last few months, but aside from her PPV match against Naomi, the Ravishing Russian hasn’t really been able to do much of note.

Alas, many fans won’t give two damns about that because all they care about is that she keeps posting luxurious bikini shots of herself on social media. Lana knows how to work to her strengths, and alongside her position as a cast member on Total Divas, she knows that her looks are going to take her a long way in this business.

12 Sasha Banks


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Sasha Banks is indeed The Boss, and with that nickname comes a certain responsibility to put on top class performances week in and week out. Thankfully the former NXT star is more than up to the challenge, becoming one of the best female wrestlers on the face of the earth today.

But that’s not all she’s good at, as Banks succeeds in subtly showing off her breathtaking appearance with every chance she gets. As either a babyface or a heel, Sasha continues to be one of the most sought after female superstars on the roster and you best believe that she is well aware of that fact.

11 Alicia Fox

Say what you will about Alicia Fox as a person on platforms like Total Divas, but she is a severely underutilised superstar on the main roster. With more than a decade of experience you’d think that she’d be further along in her career by now, but for whatever reason, the company just doesn’t trust her in a featured position.

Thankfully she stands out in many other ways aside from wrestling, which makes her a marketing machine for WWE outside of the ring. Whether it be campaigns or public appearances, Fox will likely have a job in wrestling for as long as she sees fit courtesy of her tremendous work ethic and striking looks.

10 Peyton Royce

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If you aren’t aware of the talents of Peyton Royce, then we highly suggest that you head straight over to the WWE Network after reading this and watch her on NXT. The Australian beauty is sensational in her role as one-half of the Iconic Duo, proving once and for all that a slight character change can launch someone into that next level.

Many expected her partner Billie Kay to shine through as the stand out talent but Peyton has more than held her own, drawing on her experience as a model and translating those traits into things that she can use as a performer. She may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but Royce is smarter than most will give her credit for.

9 Billie Kay

Speaking of Billie, we move on to the second half of the Iconic Duo. Kay has a unique look that may not stand out to some people, but in our eyes, she’s as mysterious as she is talented. With the lack of depth in the women’s roster down in developmental, she could spring forward as a real contender for the title in the months to come.

When it comes to fans ogling Billie, we believe that she’s taken it upon herself to give her persona a unique look in comparison to other competitors in her position. It’s that sense of the unknown that draws all eyes towards Kay, and that intoxicating mystique is going to take her far in this business.

8 Nikki Bella

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You can look, but you most certainly cannot touch. Nikki Bella lives for the attention of the wrestling universe and beyond, from her scantily clad attire to the way she conducts her actual entrance. In many ways, it’s an embarrassment of riches, and in other ways it can end up just being a little bit embarrassing in general.

Bella has managed to transform herself into an extremely capable performer inside the ring, which begs the question as to why she continues to flaunt herself around so often. Still, you won’t find many fans complaining and given that she’s planning on making a return towards 2018, we can expect to see a lot more of her.

7 Candice Michelle

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This one doesn’t need all too much of an explanation, at least, not for fans who were watching the WWE product in the mid-noughties. Candice Michelle was a fascinating performer, going from being nothing more than eye candy into becoming a champion, and nobody can quite work out how it happened.

Perhaps she really was that mesmerising that she sent us all into a state of shock. Either way, Candice loved the attention that she received from the WWE Universe and you could see it on her face every single time she performed in front of them. That isn’t a bad thing, either, because it’s important to be comfortable within your own body.

6 Sunny

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Sunny was once known as the first diva of WWE, with her adorable looks in connection with her irresistible personality making her a fan favourite no matter what she did. From being a manager to just appearing sporadically from time to time, there was nothing that this woman couldn’t do in the eyes of the fans.

That was, until, she went on a downward spiral that is continuing on to this day. Sunny clearly craves the attention of her male supporters which is something that hasn’t subsided since her wrestling days, offering out Skype sessions in recent years in exchange for money.

5 Ashley Massaro

We’ve been over the curious case of Ashley Massaro plenty of times on this site, but it still needs repeating every now and again. Massaro was clearly being positioned as one of the top stars in the women’s division, but again, the problem was that she didn’t quite know how to turn her enthusiasm into high-quality wrestling.

If her attire and appearance on the cover of Playboy is anything to go by, then Ashley was more than happy to use her body in order to gain a higher public opinion amongst fans. We aren’t suggesting that as a definitive point, but you just never know – especially given the time period that her tenure took place in.

4 Melina


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When one of your signature moves throughout your wrestling career is a leg split on the apron as you approach the ring, you know that you belong on this list. Melina is a diva by nature, as confirmed by the many reports of her behaviour behind the scenes, and we can imagine that kind of attitude leaks into her overall personality.

Melina is and always has been an appealing sight for fans, which is something that nobody including the woman herself will deny. As the glue that held MNM together, and then as a singles star, Melina knew that one of her biggest positives was her appearance and she rode that all the way to the bank. Fair play.

3 Dawn Marie

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Seductive, sexual and elegant throughout – Dawn Marie knew exactly what she was doing in the WWE. Any and all errors in the ring were made up for through her antics in promos, with the pinnacle of all of that being her truly bizarre storyline with Torrie Wilson and her real-life father, Al Wilson. You all know what we’re talking about.

Marie flaunted herself around that ring like there was no tomorrow, both in that specific program and beyond. She was a natural in front of the camera and was able to draw a lot of money because of it, putting her right up there in the rankings in terms of underrated talents of years gone by.

2 Kelly Kelly

Kelly Kelly came through the doors of WWE as a young girl looking to make a name for herself, and boy oh boy did she manage that. Starting off with her questionable ECW days, Kelly was pinpointed as being a sex symbol from the word go. Sure, she became a capable wrestler, but you can tell that she lived for the spotlight.

Having now transitioned into being on a show called WAGs, we’re confident in suggesting that Kelly wasn’t opposed to the attention that she was receiving and considering how much success she’s found who can blame her? Perhaps she wasn’t as disastrous as some people make her out to be.

1 Torrie Wilson

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Torrie Wilson was the WWE’s sweetheart for so many years, and that wasn’t just down to her charming personality. Sure, she was stuck in an era which saw the ridicule of women’s wrestling, but she was also a shining light for fans week in and week out who wanted to gaze upon what a modern-day diva should look like.

There’s no doubt in our minds that Torrie would’ve enjoyed at least a portion of her time there because it turned her into a superstar in the media as well. Alongside Stacy Keibler, she was able to grow her brand once she departed from the company, which is something that some female superstars can only dream of doing.

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