15 Female Wrestlers The WWE Will NEVER Work With Again

As gorgeous as they are, the WWE simply doesn't see them as being worth the headache... 15 Female Wresters That WWE Will Never Work With Again

“Puppies!” Jerry “The King” Lawler coined this phrase every time a women’s wrestler walked down the ramp during the Attitude Era. In WWE today, “puppies,” and “divas” for that matter, are terms of a by-gone era. In today’s product, the women are treated mostly as legitimate wrestlers and not eye-candy for catfighting. WWE is moving on from their past of mud wrestling, bikini contests, and bra and panties matches and showcasing actual wrestling from the women on the roster. Still, there are female wrestlers from that era that have returned to participate in the current product.

Lita was part of the Attitude Era, but she hasn’t been completely erased from WWE, proving that good relations can still exist for female wrestlers/valets of that era. Certain divas that parted with the company on good terms are often called back even if it’s just for a surprise in a single segment on television. As long as money can be made and the wrestler hasn’t publicly bashed the company, the door is usually wide open for a return. Unfortunately, there are female wrestlers that may have been welcomed back but burned that bridge long ago.

Unfortunately, there are many talented and beautiful former WWE women’s wrestlers that we won't be seeing the WWE again. Backstage politics, low demand, legal issues and poor attitude are just some of the reasons certain ex-divas/female’s wresters won’t be returning. As much as we remember these gorgeous former WWE performers and as much as we’d love to see them back in a WWE ring, you can bet that there’s “no chance in hell” Vince McMahon will be bringing back these specific ladies back. Here’s a list of 15  stunning female wrestlers that WWE will never work with again.

15 AJ Lee


If there was ever a female wrestler that was blacklisted, AJ Lee is it. Despite being one of the most popular divas, AJ is never coming back. Besides being married to public enemy number one, CM Punk, AJ has publicly criticized Stephanie McMahon on Twitter damning any chance of a return. AJ’s relationship with WWE and her relationship to her husband, put AJ in an odd position in the company after Punk walked out of the company and sued the company’s ring side doctor. AJ Lee is now retired from wrestling, but AJ’s not coming back in any capacity. Her bold attitude in WWE didn’t help her, but AJ is simply guilty by association. AJ is basically erased from the history books by making Nikki Bella the longest reigning Diva’s Champion, and all credit for sparking the “Women’s Revolution” now goes to Stephanie McMahon. No, AJ isn’t coming back, though she’s not losing any sleep over it.

14 Ashley Massaro


Ashley Massaro is a Diva Search winner and ready for her big push in the WWE without having any wrestling training whatsoever. Massaro didn’t win the search on her wrestling or mic skills. She won on her looks which were used to get her into Playboy. Ashley Massaro posed for Playboy and tried to improve her wrestling skills, but injuries hindered her career, and she was eventually released. Let’s ignore the fact that WWE is shedding their Playboy modeling, catfighting, “Attitude Era” feel from the female members of the roster that Ashley Massaro as fallen into.

The real reason Ashley won’t be welcomed back is the class action lawsuit against the WWE that Ashley has joined. Ashley accuses WWE of concealing the health hazards of working for WWE as well as negligence from the unsafe working environment that caused several concussions, resulting in neurological damage, among other severe injuries. Needless to say, when you sue the WWE, chances are the company isn’t hiring you back.

13 Ariel (Shelly Martinez)


Ariel was an absolute knockout in her short time in WWE and still is. In WWE, Ariel was given a weird vampire gimmick, but she is no stranger to the gothic/horror fad and made the most of it. She was later released and went to TNA as "Salinas" catching the eye of every male watching. Sadly, as much as a return may be every man’s desire, this lovely woman has already seen her last days in WWE.

Due to the PG-Era format, her extracurricular activities disqualify Ariel from a return. Ariel has involved herself with a soft core video, posing in a completely revealing photoshoot and is a huge proponent of marijuana use. For some reason, those are no-nos in today’s WWE. Evidently, Ariel came around to WWE one era too late.

12 Taryn Terrell


Taryn Terrell had a forgettable time in WWE. She was known as "Tiffany" in WWE and participated in WWE’s version of ECW. Terrell was married to the “Chosen One,” Drew McIntyre, who officials were very high on and Terrell’s employment in WWE seemed locked. Then, Terrell went a little crazy, her marriage to McIntyre went south, and Terrell was released from her contract.  Terrell moved on to TNA and shocked everyone, putting on epic matches with Gail Kim. Terrell had a far more impactful career in TNA, but Terrell is no longer with the TNA either. Despite her free agent status, there’s no chance in hell WWE will welcome her back. Terrell has officially retired from wrestling and is now focused on her spirituality. Drew McIntyre is back in WWE, and it’s unlikely WWE will want her and her ex in the same company even if she wanted to return.

11 Debra McMichael


Debra McMichael was one of the hottest managers in WWE ever. She started in WCW managing her then husband Mongo McMichael and later Jeff Jarrett in WCW and WWE. Debra would divorce Mongo and manage several stars in WWE including her new husband Stone Cold Steve Austin. Debra would leave with Steve Austin and hasn’t been seen on WWE television since. While Debra left WWE on good terms, there’s a slim chance that the “Puppies” are returning to WWE. “The Puppies” are definitely something WWE wants kept in the pound with the PG-Era, but the biggest issue for WWE is Stone Cold Steve Austin. Debra and Austin divorced after an assault by Austin, so, one would imagine Debra isn't going to want to work in the same company that is associated with her ex-husband. Stone Cold is connected to the WWE via his podcast, as well as other appearances, and is a bigger asset to the company than Debra. Forget seeing Debra back in WWE, unfortunately.

10 Gail Kim


Gail Kim is a former Women’s Champion and would be a good fit for the Women’s Revolution. Unfortunately, Kim has had issues with WWE in the past. A disgruntled Gail Kim was involved in a battle royal live on RAW where offcials told her to get eliminated within the first minute. This came after a reduction in television time and no direction. Therefore, Kim hilariously eliminated herself from the match. Kim criticized her time in WWE, openly criticized the women’s role in WWE and vowed never to return to WWE.

Gail Kim then returned to WWE’s rival, TNA, and had further success for them. Gail Kim has amazing abilities and decent history in WWE. However, for bad mouthing WWE, she won’t be welcomed back anytime soon.

9 Melina


Melina is still wrestling, outside the WWE, still stunning to look at, and a former WWE Divas and Women’s Champion. So, why will she never be welcomed back? After all, Mickie James came back. Unfortunately, for Melina, she’s a bit of a drama queen. She was a huge backstage headache in the past, and WWE officials don’t need drama back in the women’s locker room. Rumors have it that she’s a bit of a flirt, to put it mildly, and WWE doesn’t need that reputation in its locker room. Melina remains excellent in the ring and could have been an advancement for the Women’s Revolution. She still looks great, as well, but unfortunately her days in WWE are at an end.

8 Sunny


Sunny made her return to WWE programming after a long hiatus despite the legal issues that have landed her in jail. She didn’t leave WWE on the best of terms either, basically being fired for hating Sable, her addiction to painkillers and no-showing events. Despite continued rumors of drug use in other companies, Sunny shockingly returned for her WWE Hall of Fame induction. Her looks definitely returned to form even after heavy drug and alcohol abuse, jail time and adult videos.

Unfortunately, her “reputation” returned to form as well during her Hall of Fame stint, allegedly bedding WWE superstars Chris Masters and Dolph Ziggler and later appearing in a pornographic film in 2016. Sunny’s personal life isn’t exactly going to mesh well with WWE’s family friendly style of television currently. We all want Sunny, but a quick google search of Sunny from the young adults in attendance would shatter the family friendly filters. As a result, the “First Diva” has seen her last days in WWE.

7 Maxine (Catrina)


Maxine was a small bit character in WWE’s developmental territories, Florida Championship Wrestling and NXT. Maxine requested her release from WWE, and it was granted. With a fresh start to her career, Maxine joined the Lucha Underground wrestling promotion as “Catrina,” the villainous authority figure and manager. In Lucha Underground, Maxine looks better than ever, and her “lick of death” has gained her greater recognition since leaving WWE. Often times if a wrestler gains popularity elsewhere they are invited back, but it’s doubtful Maxine wil get that invite.

While in WWE, Maxine grew frustrated at remaining in NXT for so long while others moved up to televised events on the main roster. Her ideas to help her move beyond NXT were either shot down or given away to other Divas, like Aksana. Maxine publicly ripped the “Diva” image presented to the female wrestlers, torched the original concept for NXT and trashed the political backstage environment of the WWE. Welp, so much for the “Lick of Death” in WWE.

6 Cameron


Cameron was one-half of the "Funkadactyls" with Naomi in WWE. She was brought in through WWE’s Tough Enough, but was eliminated from the show. As a contestant, when she was asked by Stone Cold Steve Austin what her favorite match was,Cameron responded, “Melina and Alicia Fox.” While that answer is enough to disqualify Cameron from ever working in WWE, there are actually way more reasons why WWE won't be working with her again.

Her ring performance was said to be “awful” by officials and carried herself poorly in NXT. Even worse, while working for the company, she was arrested for DUI and tryied to bribe an officer. Clearly, WWE wasn’t too upset about releasing her, and it’s likely she’s going to stay gone. “Girl Bye.”

5 Sable


Sable was one of the most popular women in WWE history. She became an instant sex symbol for the 90s and put WWE on the mainstream map wither Playboy spreads. She even has a huge connection in WWE currently through her husband, Brock Lesnar. Still, don’t expect to see Sable in WWE ever again.

For one, WWE knows her sex symbol days are over. She’s not going to be making any appearances in scantily dresses, bikinis or body paint. WWE doesn’t want Sable to distract from their money maker, Brock Lesnar. Plus, WWE knows Sable is trying to live the private retired life. Her final days in WWE presented Sable as someone who got a big head after her Playboy shoot.

Her backstage attitude was not well received leading to the ill-fated incident where X-Pac allegedly dropped a deuce in her gym bag. Not quite the send-off one would expect for someone like Sable, and I can't imagine the awkwardness of bringing her back for the show after that.

4 Aksana


Aksana’s WWE career hasn’t been much to write home about. She was a former bodybuilder before joining WWE’s developmental territories FCW and later NXT. After becoming FCW Diva’s Champion, Aksana’s main roster promotion was guaranteed. Yet, even with all the time in the minors, Aksana was never graced with great wrestling or mic skills. It’s actually amazing she lasted as long in the company as she did, but a return is very unlikely.

Despite looking hotter than ever, there is no demand for Aksana. Aksana didn’t exactly light up the WWE while she was there and caused a serious eye injury to Naomi in the ring with a botched knee. Those same knees were used against the untouchable Nikki Bella, and Aksana was soon gone after that. Plus, the Women’s Division becoming more focused on wrestling and less on looks makes a return even more improbable. Unlike the Bellas Twins, Aksana isn’t a McMahon favorite and leaving little interest in Aksana and there probably never will be.

3 The Kat


The Kat, whose real name is Stacy Carter, had a semi-memorable time in WWE debuting as “Miss Kitty.” She, along with Debra, managed Jeff Jarrett before turning against him in favor of Chyna. Miss Kitty became “The Kat,” Chyna’s little helper, with a long black wig and attire just like Chyna. Despite The Kat being moderately popular, her time in WWE is forever over.

Before her release, rumors circulated that she was getting a bit of a backstage attitude and negatively affecting the roster. That’s strike one. Strike two is her former relationship to The King, who she's now divorced from, which caused The King to quit the WWE after she was released. Strike three is the fact that The Kat was responsible for the first intentional instance of nudity in WWE’s history after she flashed the crowd her bare breasts. There’s no way someone that flashed in the crowd in the past is going to be seen in today's WWE ring around children. Sorry, Kat. You’re out.

2 Dawn Marie


Dawn Marie was a highly attractive former WWE wrestler who was mostly known for her time in the original ECW. If you don’t remember Dawn Marie in WWE, you’re not alone. There are rumors that when Dawn Marie came to WWE, not even Vince McMahon knew she worked for him. Rest assured, WWE wants nothing more to do with Dawn Marie.

Dawn Marie was involved in the “Al Wilson” storyline, and her appearances on Smackdown wearing quite revealing attire aren’t exactly PG. In a bizarre turn of events, Dawn Marie was actually fired by WWE while on maternity leave. The result was Dawn Marie suing her former company, and WWE was forced to settle the lawsuit in court. While there isn’t a demand for Dawn Marie to return in today’s WWE, suing the company you worked for usually burns that bridge fairly quickly.

1 Terri Runnels


With Chyna, Debra and Sable getting all the fame in WWE, it’s easy to forget that Terri Runnels was right there with them. The little “She-Devil” was the real life ex-wife of Goldust and managed him along with Val Venis, Meat and The Hardy Boyz. She was wrestling less and starting to come around as a backstage interviewer, but the "Pretty Mean Sister" was eventually let go from the company.

Now, Terri is focusing on philanthropic work which should earn her bonus points for a return to WWE. However, Terri represents a part of WWE history they want erased, and Terri would be a reminder of that era. Wants more is that Goldust is still employed in the company. While Terri and Goldust may be on good terms, despite their divorce behind the scenes, it’s likely WWE would not want to ruffle any feathers by bringing Terri back.

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