15 Female Wrestlers We Wish We'd Seen In Their Birthday Suit

It may be crass but there’s something about gorgeous women in wrestling that gets fans going. Women have been great showing off in wrestling from the managers to today’s top-notch workers. The outfits are amazing and whether it’s in real action or “Diva” stuff, they look terrific showing off their stuff. Over the years, many a female worker has doffed it, often in the pages of “Playboy” like Sable, Candice Michele and Torrie Wilson. But others have also taken off in other ways like Gail Kim, Mickie James and Brooke Tessmacher. Many ladies prefer to be known by their ring work and you can’t fault them for that.

Still, it makes you think on women more than a few fans would have enjoyed seeing without their clothes. Again, it may be crass but it’s hard not to imagine more than a few sexy ladies in wrestling doffing it all. A few current ones highlight the list but plenty of past ladies fans would have enjoyed seeing showing it all off are featured here too. Here are 15 female wrestlers we’d have loved to have seen in nothing at all and a reminder of how alluring they can be for the business.

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15 Eva Marie

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Let’s face it: Eva Marie’s looks are the only reason she’s with WWE. In the ring, she has become infamous for horrific botches in matches, many clearly visible and annoying her co-workers. That’s combined with a terrible promo style that comes off stilted and dull and fans boo her constantly. But there’s no denying how hot Eva looks in her outfits and her fiery red hair. “Total Divas” pushes it more with her in sexy antics and coming close to showing off as much as a network can allow.

While WWE has distanced themselves from “Playboy” today, one could easily imagine Eva doing a spread if they were still in partnership. The woman really does seem the type to have a nude pic “accidentally” leaked to boost her social standing more and while fans may hate her in the ring, seeing her nude would be the best thing Eva could do for her standing.

14 Beth Phoenix

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If ever a name fit, it was “The Glamazon.” Phoenix was a standout in the indie scene and OVW, including rare female ladder matches. In WWE, she was pushed from the start with her skill and remarkable strength making her a huge winner. She had several title reigns and handled herself well in programs from Santino to LayCool and even a shot in the Royal Rumble. She managed to avoid most of the crap of the other Divas, more inclined to be a standout in the ring rather than showing off in a bikini or costume. But she was still amazingly beautiful and her mixture of strength and knockout looks made her a big favorite. Retired today, it’s not likely Phoenix would go for a spread but many fans would no doubt love to see the Glamazon in all her glory to put other ladies to shame.

13 Paige

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Currently, she’s in major trouble with her various issues from her relationship with Alberto Del Rio to backstage attitude. However, the smoking British starlet is still a fantastic knockout. She used that well in her outfits of shorts and short tops, her goth makeup pushing her more and enjoying a run as Divas champion. True, she has gotten more attention for her various troublesome activities although she has won fans with her heartfelt confessions on “Total Divas.” Her looks are really what’s pushed her up and kept her going when she should have been fired a while ago.

While there were nudes of Paige leaked, that's certainly not the fashion in which we would want it to happen. We'd love to see a tasteful spread where if Paige is posing, she's empowered, not violated.

12 Cheerleader Melissa

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Among the dumber moves of TNA (yes, that’s a long list) had to be when they signed up Cheerleader Melissa in 2007. The woman had been ranked among the best female workers around for years on the indie circuit, especially in Shimmer. She was also known as a truly gorgeous woman who could wow fans looking gorgeous even after a grueling ladder match. So TNA’s decision with this great and amazing worker? To have her dressed head to toe in robes and hood and pushed as Raisha Saeed, the manager for Awesome Kong.

It was a truly idiotic choice that marred Melissa’s push. Even when she tried out as Alissa Flash, it wasn’t great thanks to how dumb TNA was in handling her. It was just baffling to hire such a knockout and not push her as she should have been. Melissa was one of the hottest women in wrestling and should have been showcased in far less than what TNA had her in.

11 Madusa

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Breaking out in the dying days of the AWA in 1988, Madusa showed off a great ring style that emphasized some martial arts while looking gorgeous in the skintight outfits. She moved onto WCW as a part of the Dangerous Alliance, able to show off in bikini contests but also kicking butt in her own way. This led to WWE pushing her as Alundra Blayze, winning the Women’s title and elevating the company up. She became infamous for dumping the title in a trash can on a live “Nitro”, a move she now regrets. While her star faded afterward, in her prime, Madusa was probably the best female wrestler around as well as the hottest. She wanted to be taken seriously in the ring but a nude spread at the time would have been stunning for fans to boost her up and get folks wishing that the former Blayze would heat up a men’s mag nicely.

10 Becky Lynch

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Her current success is amazing considering she shouldn’t even be wrestling. Becky Lynch had gotten a good break in the mid-2000s and seemed to be rising up well. The Irish starlet had shown off in Europe and was getting a break when she suffered a severe neck injury. It should have ended her career but in 2013, she finally made a comeback with NXT. There, Lynch showed no signs of ring rust and was better than ever to take on all comers for the NXT title. It’s carried her over to the main roster as the SmackDown women’s champion. Something about redheads makes them very unique and amazingly sexy and Lynch shows that off nicely. A nude shoot by her would thus be very striking and while she prefers to be known as a wrestler first, could show off her Irish charms in many ways.

9 Charlotte

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Much like Paige, there have reportedly been leaks of Charlotte that have gone online. In a similar sentiment, if nudes of Charlotte were to circulate we would want it on her terms. Perhaps she could be a future candidate for the ESPN Body Issue.

Charlotte was a star athlete in high school and later college but seemed unlikely to become a wrestler. But it looks to be in her genes as she excelled in training and soon pushed to become the NXT Women’s champion. Thanks to her work, the women of the company were taken far more seriously and Charlotte has only boosted it up since hitting the main roster. Her matches with Bayley and Sasha Banks have been top notch and she’s as great on the mic as her dad with fantastic promos and stunning ring entrances. As the winner of the first WWE Women’s title of the current era, Charlotte has made her mark in the company big time and proven herself a great lady.

She’s also sexy as hell and given the wild times her dad got into, he would have no room to talk if she decided to doff it all at some point. Whatever the case, Charlotte is more than ready to show off her body with true flair.

8 Sasha Banks

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“The Boss” has always pushed herself well as a lady who knows how to strut her stuff yet can also blow you away as a worker. She pushes herself well with her hip hope style, purple hair and bling and her feuds with Bayley and Charlotte helped put NXT on the map and elevate women’s wrestling majorly. She’s kept it up in the main roster with runs as champion and great battles with Charlotte like Hell in a Cell while maintaining her own style.

As a lady who pushes herself like a reality star, a nude spread of some sort would make sense and the idea of Sasha in nothing but rings and chains is interesting. It’s unlikely to happen but “The Boss” showing off would be a stunning sight indeed.

7 AJ Lee

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It’s highly doubtful she would have done it as her recent book makes it clear Lee has battled issues regarding her body and mental health over the years. She got attention as a geeky gal who backed it up with fantastic ring work like a long reign as Divas champion. Her “pipe bomb” slamming the Divas was a famous bit that made her even more appealing and she backed it up with her fantastic work in the ring. AJ was notable for her relationship with CM Punk that got them in a bit of hot water thanks to Punk’s own clashes with management and his feelings on WWE.

Lee has gotten even more popular since leaving WWE with her book and maintaining a loveable geeky side and a nude spread would have just made it hotter for a lady who was so much sexier than she got credit for.

6 Stacy Keibler

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In the dying days of WCW, Keibler was a major highlight. There was her blonde hair, bright smile but of course the key were those stunning 42-inch legs. It got a job with WWE with the memorable bit of her dancing on a desk for Vince McMahon. Stacy was soon in various angles involving the Dudley Boyz, Edge & Christian and more. She wasn’t that good in the ring but her various outfits and showing off in skirts made up for her shortcomings as a worker. “Playboy” had made her several offers but Keibler always turned them down as she felt it just wasn’t right for her. She got further fame for her relationship with George Clooney and retired today yet more than a few fans wish Kiebler had shown off a lot more than just those amazing gams that got folks going well.

5 The Bella Twins

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It’s really amazing they haven’t figured out a way to do some sort of dual pictorial. Brie and Nikki Bella have gotten more attention for their out of the ring antics such as Brie’s infamous party behavior. But both have transformed from merely eye candy to actually top workers and major media starlets. They still have fun showing off and making fans wonder which is which although Brie is obviously taking time away with her pregnancy. The duo can still amaze with their hot and sexy looks and a vibe that gets fans going nicely. Had they come around in the heyday of Divas doing “Playboy,” it’s likely they would have gotten an offer. Each has settled into a relationship and more healthy but one can wonder how it would be for one if not both of the Bellas to get fans to really see how alike they are au natural.

4 Victoria

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Whether Victoria in WWE or Tara in TNA, she was a very impressive figure. Tall and muscled but still very curvaceous, Victoria broke out in WWE as a top notch worker with a great character of being a total nutcase. She and Trish had a fantastic feud for the title and while Victoria’s face turn wasn’t well-received, she backed it up with great ring work. She kept it up as part of “Vince’s Devils” and still remaining a top notch worker. In TNA, she rose up as champion and doing a great job with a partnership with Brooke Tessmacher that helped elevate them both up. She held the Knockouts title and tag titles as well and while she had an abrupt exit (thanks once more to TNA’s bad business decisions), Victoria showed off nicely as a lady fans would have enjoyed seeing doff it all at one point.

3 Melina

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She’s gotten a bad rap by her rather nasty backstage attitude but Melina was one of the hottest women on the WWE roster in her time. Starting off as just a manager, Melina got attention for her split-legged ring entrance that had fans going. She moved to becoming an actual wrestler and was noted as a much better worker than most expected. She battled it out with just about every other woman on the WWE roster of the time, coming back from injuries to show off in a variety of hot outfits but also getting kudos from Bret Hart and others on her ring work.

Melina showed off some sexy stuff but stopped short of full nudity. Her tenure was marked in controversy as she was fired after her arrogance got her in trouble and hasn’t been talked of well since. Still, she was a truly sexy lady in her prime and a nude spread from her might have aided her rep with fans.

2 Lita

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From the beginning, Amy Dumas was an eye-grabber. There was her fiery red hair, that huge shoulder tattoo and her style with thong showing from her pants. Lita was also great in the ring, pulling off moonsaults which was rare for a lady and her work with the Hardyz getting her more attention. Lita won the title but was pushed to the side by a neck injury while filming the TV show “Dark Angel.” She came back a bit slower but was still hot.

It was her affair with Edge that got her into even wilder antics and made her a hated heel yet hotter than ever. They had their infamous “live sex celebration” and Lita showing off more yet not going all the way. She’s retired now and felt it better to be judged by her ring work rather than showing it all but there’s no denying how daring Lita going naked would have been for fans.

1 Trish Stratus

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Pretty much any list of the hottest women in wrestling has to include Trish Stratus. She started out as pure eye candy in tight outfits, cowboy hats and fur coats, using her beauty to distract guys and it seemed just a matter of time before she did a “Playboy” spread. But with some training, Stratus transformed into one of the best female workers of her generation. She wowed with her amazing ring work, excellent as either a heel or a face and a huge hit with fans. A multiple Women’s champion, Trish brought new respect to the title and provided fans with plenty of great matches. She was a hit as well in various sexy photo shoots but turned down multiple requests from “Playboy” as she wanted to be respected more for her ring work. She’s kept to that in retirement with her yoga studios and for a lady so stunningly hot, that Trish never bared it all is something fans do regret.

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