15 Female Wrestlers Who Are Better On Instagram Than In The Ring

Not all wrestlers are created equal when it comes to their talent in the ring. Sometimes wrestlers have natural ability that makes them a pleasure to watch them each time they wrestle, and other times wrestlers have the natural ability of stinking out the arena with their abilities. This holds true when it comes to both male and female performers – for every Ric Flair, there is a Buff Bagwell. For every AJ Styles, there is a James Ellsworth. And for every Charlotte Flair, there is a Dana Brooke.

Whether it is because of the wrestler’s lack of training or experience, some are just not enjoyable to watch in the ring. However, due to the overwhelming power of social media, some female wrestlers are still able to gain a vast amount of support through platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

While their talent inside of the ring is less than spectacular, their talents in posting pictures of themselves is surely something that we continue to enjoy. It makes you wonder how WWE Divas of the past would have done if Instagram were around back during the Attitude or Ruthless Aggression Era. Pics of female wrestlers on Instagram can get pretty steamy these days. Imagine if Divas were doing it when the company was encouraging them to pose provocatively! Nevertheless, here are 15 of today's female wrestlers that are way better on Instagram than in the ring.

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15 Eva Marie

Would any list like this be complete without Eva Marie? Considered to be the patron-saint of Instagram, Eva Marie has a whopping 3.8 million Instagram followers who enjoy her multiple fitness, modelling and steamy posts daily, but she was never able to truly catch on with wrestling fans. While there was some promise with Eva Marie as a heel character during her final stint on SmackDown in 2016, fans were never able to get past her inability to be effective during in-ring competition.

It has been stated on record numerous times that she was not hired to be an in-ring competitor initially, and that Eva was mainly cast to appear on Total Divas, but if that was the case than she never should have stepped in the ring in the first place. At least we can all enjoy her many posts!

14 Lana

This entry is actually made all the more sad due to Lana’s current story-line on Total Divas – the general consensus among her other cast mates is that she is not an effective wrestler and that she should be pulled from competing on television as a wrestler. If anyone has watched a full Lana match before, unfortunately you would have to agree. While Lana does have a high-degree of athleticism and flexibility from her time as a dancer, she lacks the strength and prowess to be an effective wrestler. While her Instagram posts do a great job at showing off her gorgeous figure, it does little to showcase her wrestling talent. Don’t believe me? Check out this video from a WWE international tour of Lana hitting what is possibly the sloppiest Stone Cold Stunner.

13 Kelly Kelly

"To be happy you must be your own sunshine"

A post shared by Barbie Blank (@thebarbieblank) on

While Kelly “Barbie Blank” Kelly (that was odd to write) did her best as an in-ring performer, and ultimately did show signs of improvement during the latter half of her career in 2012, she was never destined to become a well-rounded performer you see today on the roster, such as the likes of Sasha Banks or Becky Lynch. Kelly’s career started off as many female performers used to in the mid-2000s – as a valet and girlfriend to a heel wrestler who treated her poorly. However, Kelly’s character was slightly different than others since she considered herself an exhibitionist who enjoyed taking her clothes off in public. Judging by her Instagram account, it is possible that this part of her character was taken from her real life!

12 Kaitlyn

Celeste Bonin, or Kaitlyn as she was known during her stint on NXT and WWE programming, is a fitness professional who prides herself on keeping her body in peek physical shape and condition. In addition to this, Kaitlyn does not have a problem with stripping down for her Instagram account to show off her successful fitness routine. Kaitlyn’s WWE career started off on a good path – she was the odds on favorite to win the female season of the NXT reality show, and was well-liked enough by WWE Management to receive a high-profile feud with Vickie Guerrero during her rookie year.

Unfortunately for Kaitlyn, her lack of in-ring experience was put on display when she began wrestling with higher pedigree wrestlers like AJ Lee. During her final wrestling programs, Kaitlyn’s arsenal consisted mainly of punches and spears, which does not equate to an excellent technical wrestler.

11 Maryse

Ultra glam by my girl @jenniferconejobeauty today!!!!💋💋💋

A post shared by Maryse Mizanin (@marysemizanin) on

Maryse Mizanin is a bright-spot on the current WWE roster; she is the ultimate throwback to a bad-girl wrestling valet who interferes in matches to protect her man, her bossy attitude makes her a character that you love to hate, and her Instagram game does so much to show off her stunning figure. While it may be an unpopular opinion considering her reigns as Divas Champion during her wrestling career, I have never been a fan of Maryse’s in-ring work, and think that she has found her true calling outside of competition.

With Maryse recently announcing her pregnancy with her first child, it is unlikely that we will be seeing her on WWE programming much in the near future, but thankfully Instagram has a wide history of her beautiful photos.

10 Summer Rae

Summer Rae is the first in some recently released WWE talent to appear on this list, and unfortunately for her it is not a “Best Female Wrestlers of All Time” article. During Summer’s six year career in WWE, she rarely wrestled in the ring, and was featured mainly as a valet. Despite her athleticism from her previous careers as a lingerie football player (which is still very athletic, I’m sure), she was never able to get the timing and charisma needed to make her in-ring work believable.

Summer always appeared to be a very weak wrestler when compared to other females, which ultimately led to her release in 2017 after months of inactivity. Thankfully, Summer Rae is still very active on Instagram, which means that we all have a method of keeping in contact with her.

9 Christy Hemme

Christy Hemme is quite possibly one of the most spunky and enthusiastic women to every be a part of professional wrestling. From the moment that she stepped onto the screen during the 2004 Diva Search, it was clear that she was the odds-on favorite to win because of her passion and personality, not to mention her absolute stunning body! When it came time for Hemme to begin competing in the ring, Hemme unfortunately did not show the same gusto, and it was clear that she was not meant to be wrestling.

Hemme’s first professional wrestling match (and not a lingerie pillow fight) was with Trish Stratus at WrestleMania 21, and it was evident that Hemme was out of her league in the ring, and her spotlight quickly fizzled. On the bright side, Hemme is active on both Twitter and Instagram, and enjoys giving us full view of the passion, personality and stunning body that we initially fell in love with.

8 Mandy Rose

Workout Successful #mandyrose

A post shared by Mandy Rose (@mandyrose.ig) on

To be entirely honest, the jury could still be out on Mandy Rose’s in-ring abilities since she just got called up to the main roster following Survivor Series. Initially appearing on your screens during WWE’s latest revival of the Tough Enough reality show, Mandy Rose was initially pegged as the winner due to her striking good looks and athleticism. However, she ended up losing the competition, but ended up being signed on to a developmental deal and debuted on NXT programming in 2016.

While Rose is steadily improving each time she appears on television, her Instagram game is too good to ignore. Looking at the picture above, it makes me thankful every day that yoga pants were invented. Let's hope her in-ring game can catch up to her Instagram game.

7 Noelle Foley

“Little” Noelle Foley may not be a contracted wrestler with WWE, but her affiliation with the WWE Network makes her acceptable for this list. That, and of course the fact that her Instagram is one of the most popular in WWE due to her influx of stunning and revealing pictures. Foley - it seems so strange to type that in a post like this – has grown up in front of our eyes to become a beautiful woman with a genuine interest in the business that made her father so famous, and she is not shy in flaunting herself on her social media accounts. Whether it is trips to the beach or revealing selfies showcasing her stunning face and figure, Noelle’s Instagram is certainly better than her in ring abilities, particularly because she has never wrestled before and is still in training.

6 Cameron

Cameron is our second of recently released wrestlers to appear on this list, which I am thankful for because it meant two things: first, it meant that I got to review her Instagram, which gave me the pleasure of remembering just how gorgeous Cameron was while she was on our screens on Total Divas. Secondly, it allowed me to remember just how laughably terrible she was when it came to in-ring competition. Sadly, Cameron was just not meant to be a professional wrestler, particularly because she did not have a real interest in wrestling. Need proof? It turns out that Cameron did not know the basic rules of a wrestling match, including how to pin your opponent, which you can see for yourself here.

5 Ashley Massaro

Another Diva Search winner for the books – Ashley Massaro was the winner of the 2005 Diva Search competition, and like Christy Hemme she was pegged as the favorite to win the competition right from the beginning because of her stunning look, charisma and personality. Unfortunately, just like Christy Hemme, Ashley was not the best in-ring competitor, and it showed very quickly when she was placed in wrestling matches with opponents like Trish Stratus or Melina.

One positive thing about her career is that she was able to gather a large social media following, which means Ashley still continues to post pictures like the above quite often, despite not appearing on WWE programming since 2008. She's now part of a class-action lawsuit against WWE over the company's alleged failure to warn wrestlers about the dangers of concussions.

4 Maria Kanellis

Maria is the second current performer to appear on our list that has recently announced a pregnancy, which you can see if you view Maria’s current Instagram account. However, if we were to dive into Maria’s past as a WWE performer, we would see that her in-ring skills have unfortunately never been her highlight. While Maria did travel with her husband Mike Bennett through his career and wrestled with him on occasion, and showed improvement from her previous WWE performances, it is not enough to be considered better than her Instagram game, which is far too good to ignore. Since Maria has not been seen on WWE programming since announcing her pregnancy, it is unlikely that we will see her anytime soon, but thankfully we have all these wonderful pictures to remember her by.

3 Torrie Wilson

A true blast from the wrestling past (and I mean that in the best way possible), Torrie Wilson’s Instagram account proves that she still has it! As the oldest woman on this list, Torrie is still strutting her stuff all over the world as a fitness model and professional, still clearly not afraid of showing off her stunning figure in swimsuits and revealing clothing. If we were to rewind to Torrie’s time in professional wrestling, it is very unlikely that we would find a five-star match anywhere in her portfolio, as she was not used as an in-ring competitor very often, and would often times find herself in matches that ultimately ended in her clothing being taken off. Great job on proving that age is just a number, Torrie! We all enjoy watching every step of your journey.

2 April Hunter

Here is a name that every wrestling fan may not recognize – and if that is the case, do yourself a favor and look up April Hunter, but be sure that you are in a NSFW friendly environment first. Hunter has appeared in both WCW and TNA over the years, and is also a fitness and glamour model, which is very evident from the pictures that she continues to post. But the real question is, did April Hunter’s in-ring work match her Instagram game? Unfortunately the answer is that it did not. Despite having training from Killer Kowalski’s acclaimed wrestling school, Hunter would not be mistaken for a wrestler the caliber of Sasha Banks or Trish Stratus, and ultimately realized that her fortunes lied more with modelling.

1 JoJo

JoJo Offerman is a prime example of someone who is currently employed by WWE, but should never have been given the opportunity to actually become a wrestler for the company. After some extensive research, it appears that JoJo has only actually wrestled a total of two televised matches in WWE over her five years with the company – the only other wrestler with that track record is Hulk Hogan! While JoJo has settled in nicely as a ring announcer and backstage interviewer, we are thankful that she will not be returning to the ring anytime soon in a wrestling capacity.

We are also thankful that she continues to post pictures on Instagram with the same pose because it clearly shows off her ample backside and figure!

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