15 Female Wrestlers Who Are Clearly NOT "Natural"

Attractive women move products, and for a long time, that thought even held some power within the walls of World Wrestling Entertainment. Think back 20 years, and while the Attitude Era did give us some all time greats like Lita and Trish Stratus, it also gave us Divas in magazine shoots and lingerie pillow fights, to name but a few.

So, over the years, realizing that a certain body type might have been more appealing, more likely to get viewers tuned in, it should be no shock to hear that some Divas (now Superstars) opted to enhance their assets. That is, as hard as they might train, as much as they work out and lift and do what they can to become toned and more gorgeous than ever, they found a surefire way to get noticed. They added some new curves, or, rather, bigger and more defined curves. So, just who are these women?

Let’s be honest. Number one, we won’t get to them all – this is only going to be a list of the top 15 such women in wrestling. Number two, we are going to be a wee bit challenged. Why? Well, while some women have admitted to going under the knife in interviews and on television shows, others have not. I mean, you can be an average sleuth and look at before and after pictures and notice that someone has a bigger chest now than she did a year ago, and she didn’t have any real weight gain or a pregnancy that would have naturally explained the expansion.

So, who are these women who have added to their dangerous curves? Let us count them down!

15 Sunny

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Here is a woman whom many treat as the first Diva. Looking back on that, that could be good or bad (considering that the Diva moniker has been retired, sans a reality show). But, regardless of recent history, we still have fond memories of Sunny. Who doesn’t remember how many times WWE would hyper her as the “most downloaded woman in Internet history”? She was, in her prime, an absolutely stunning woman. In her natural form, she could stop traffic. But, looking at her from her earliest days, and then as she progressed, one thing is pretty clear – her chest area has grown. Now, in 2017, yes, she is showing the wear and tear of a rough wrestling life and has gained some weight, but that isn’t enough to explain her increased assets.

14 Sable

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This one is so easy to see, even Ray Charles could tell she has had breast work done. I don’t know that she ever blatantly said she did, but then again, looking at her, I am pretty sure she never needed to either. Having posed nude for Hugh Hefner’s iconic Playboy magazine, it put her finest assets on full display. If anyone questioned whether or not if they were real or enhanced, they were happy to scour the pages of the skin mag and continually analyze her each and every pose, determined to discern the most minute details about her enhancements. I mean, that’s their story, right? Aww, heck, let’s be honest. Her breasts were out for all to see, and we were perfectly happy to ogle away. It’s not like we can do that now, considering whom she’s married to!

13 Terri Runnels

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Here is another one where if you said to a room of men who grew up watching WWE in the Attitude Era, that Marlena, aka Terri Runnels, had her chest done, most would declare “well, gee, thanks Captain Obvious”. I mean, it’s extremely obvious to the most moronic of casual observers that her breasts were even more perky than should be naturally possible. Mind you, no one was actually complaining about their perkiness…they just love to stare and discuss them. And let’s be frank, hindsight being 20/20 and all, that outside of her good looks and phenomenal rack, she had no real redeeming qualities that made her otherwise television worthy. With that in mind, I think it’s safe to say that her decision to augment was a wise one, and in fact an excellent career move.

12 Stephanie McMahon

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This one was easy, because Stephanie McMahon actually admitted to the job on no less a show than Howard Stern's. She might be the only one on the list who didn’t do the job for the career boost due to on air appearances and such. She wanted them done, figured they would make her more confident and what have you. But, as happy as she thought she’d be with them, I doubt she ever imagined they’d be so famous. They were the subject of much conversation, even by the wrestlers themselves. On WWE television shows, no less. As the boss's daughter, that could not have felt too good. I doubt Vince was all that thrilled by it, but as Stephanie and Linda said, mother supported daughter on that one. And, as you can tell by where she is today, that surgical decision hasn’t limited her career options one bit.

11 Chyna

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This is a supremely obvious selection. Chyna was often ridiculed for her manly features, considering she had a more muscular physique than some men on the roster (and men in general). So, realizing that while she was physically imposing, she was missing out because she didn’t look feminine enough, she eventually opted to undergo several surgical procedures to help her look more like the woman she was. One such surgery was a boob job. It was something she was open about, and we all got to see in her Playboy spreads. So, in that respect, it paid off. She had the surgery, she made her twins more pronounced, and new doors opened. Sadly, things did not work out. She lost her man to the boss’s daughter, she found herself out of WWE shooting adult entertainment and with a drug problem that ultimately led to her death, far too young.

10 Beth Phoenix

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Ah, Beth Phoenix. Recent WWE Hall of Famer. Mrs. Edge. And, folks are fairly confident this former bodybuilder and WWE Champion had her breasts done at some point. The first proof was from folks comparing early photos to more recent ones, and of course the before and after shots showed a noticeable mammary enlargement. And then the theories grew – female bodybuilders, which Beth Phoenix was before her Hall of Fame career took off with WWE, often end up with little to no chest due to their lifting habits. And, as a result, many of them undergo a procedure to help them still have things in proportion and whatnot. So, if you put two and two together, it’s really not that hard to be confident that Beth Phoenix got herself some enhancements.

9 Miss Tessmacher

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I love it when these are easy, and with Brooke Adams, aka Miss Tessmacher, they can’t get much easier. She has admitted, through various outlets and social media, that she has gotten breast augmentation surgery. Unfortunately for her, she needed a couple. The first one was a bit of a botch, so she needed to go back to a different doctor and have things fixed up. I think it’s safe to say that her dedication to having excellent breasts is something many fans are happy she took so seriously. Looking at her now, whomever she opted to perform the repair work certainly fixed her up nice and good. I think we can all agree about that, no? I mean, go ahead and ogle or stare or whatever you’d like to do. That’s sort of the point of these pictures folks!

8 Victoria

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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before (and, if you have not, rest assured, you will hear read it by the end of this list): A fitness model (a famous one at that) is fit and trim but somewhat lacking in the rack department, feels compelled to make a change. With me so far? So, that described young Victoria perfectly. At some point along the way, she decided (or was convinced) that by getting herself some amazing assets up top, she’d get to the top of the division faster. And what a rack she wound up with, I must say. Really and truly, I think the biggest debate over her chest, is whether or not she should have tipped the scales, er, list, at a much higher spot. Feel free to debate!

7 Gail Kim

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This one is a super easy one. Why? Was her work done that obvious? Yes, they were, as in she may have had as many as four, but that is not why she’s landing on this list. So then, why is she here? Because she’s hot, she’s got a stacked rack… and she has admitted, several times, in interviews, to having had a boob job - or four. So, since she’s out in the open about it, and the curves are killer and Kim puts them all together so nicely, she deserves quite a nice spot on this list. I really don’t think anyone reading this is going to complain about seeing Gail, or her twins, on this list. Show of hands? I didn’t think so.

6 Lita

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Ah, Lita. Everyone’s favorite thong wearing, edgy (poor choice? Should it be Edge-y?) Attitude Era/Ruthless Aggression Superstar (although, fun fact for you young readers, back when Lita was rocking the ring, WWE foolishly called them Divas). But, as with just about every woman on this list, there are pictures of adult Lita with a less prominent rack, and a far more prominent rack. And folks, most of you I trust understand biology, and you know that at a certain point, we just don’t grow anymore. And so, with that in mind, and knowing she was neither gaining weight nor was she pregnant, there is really just one logical conclusion: she went under the knife and added a filling of her choice, to make herself even more curvaceous and vivacious. Did it work? You tell me!

5 Trish Stratus

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Here is another that falls into the “fitness model who worked out so much she needed a boost” category. No, really. It’s a real category. Go ahead, look it up! OK, fine, it’s not really a category, but that is the prevailing opinion. Look at some early shots of Trish, and then look at some later on in her career. Her chest looks bigger, and folks that is not something women can do any form of exercise to enhance. If it were, gyms would probably be more packed than ever, and plastic surgeons would be miserable and broke. Or, at least, less rich and doing fewer jobs. What does it all mean? It means that while Trish may have worked her ass off for that killer body, some of it required a bit more assistance. I’m not complaining, merely observing.

4 Maryse

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Now, as far as I can tell, there isn’t any out and out written or recorded proof that Maryse herself fessed up to having gone under the knife. That being said, ask around or do a Google search, and you will see plenty of speculation, opinion and analysis that seems to be fairly compelling that she has, indeed, been mammary-enhanced. And, I mean, if we must sit down and analyze someone’s pictures to see if say, she went up a cup size or two, I suppose there are worse things to do in life, right? It’s a sacrifice, but I am willing to take on that burden for the good of my readers. That’s the kind of commitment I have to this. And… yeah… either way, Maryse is a curvaceous beauty.

3 Torrie Wilson

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Torrie was and is one of the hottest women to have ever been in a wrestling ring. And we got to see her naked in Playboy, too. And, if you look at her earliest photos, and then compare them to say, her Playboy spreads? You can clearly see things have gotten bigger and better in the chest region. I mean, if you are a gorgeous woman, and you want to boost things a bit? Get a bit more beautiful or appealing? Sure, the chest area is logical option. And, if you look at her (and I don’t blame you if you do), I think it’s easy to agree that while pre-implants Torrie was fine…post-implants Torrie is even finer. Go ahead. Take a look at the pictures. I won’t hold it against you.

2 Nikki Bella

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She was hot and talented and belonged, even before she went under the knife. And if she ever denied having her chest done (she really didn’t try), it would have been really, really hard to deny it. Why? Well, of course, everyone knows that Nikki is a twin, and they have long been fixtures on WWE programming. So, considering they are basically identical…when one twin’s chest suddenly becomes much bigger than her sister’s? And she’s not pregnant? Well, yes, it’s no surprise at all. But, fans largely loved the Bellas so much, things like Twin Magic still managed to happen, even though one was carrying more weight in her bra than the other. Or, perhaps that is why we all went along with the ruse…because who wants to say no to a lovely and artificially curvaceous bombshell?

1 Eva Marie

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This one is absolutely not speculation – I mean, she’s talked openly about her implants, and issues with her implants, in just a bout any form of media she can find. And, it’s safe to say that her breatst are two of the biggest reasons (maybe the only two reasons) she lasted as long as she did with WWE. Because when it came to wrestling, or anything else, she was about as devoid of talent as you could possibly be. It’s one reason why she was probably devastated when she was losing her implants. There went her ticket to the big show. So while there were other women who were more influential, or bigger overall talents and stars, Eva Marie lands here because without her augmentation, she wouldn’t be here at all.

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