15 Female Wrestlers Who Are Nothing More Than Butterfaces

A lot has been made in recent years about the so-called women’s revolution in the WWE and we here at TheSportster absolutely love that as they employ some incredible female athletes. As a result of that, and the fact that we enjoy wrestling, it is awesome to see these talented women, and those in other wrestling companies, doing their thing in the middle of the ring. However, we’d by lying to ourselves and you if we tried to pretend that we also don’t enjoy seeing them perform because they are very hot. We’re not going to do that as we are attracted to many of these professional performers and we enjoy appreciating them for their looks, but not all of them are created equally in that regard.

Considering that they are athletes, most of them have impressive bodies, but in some cases, they aren’t as hot when it comes to their faces. That means that they can accurately be called butterfaces, which is a pretty unfortunate phrase, but communicates the idea to our readers quickly so we’ve opted to go with it for clarity. Realizing all of this is what inspired us to put together this list of 15 female wrestlers who are total butterfaces.

In order for someone to be up for consideration for inclusion on this list, they first off have to be a woman that has been employed in the wrestling business. For our purposes, it doesn’t matter if they are contributors from an in-ring perspective as long they make their living by taking part in wrestling shows. Additionally, it should be noted that they don’t have to be employed by the WWE as this list is designed to look at the industry at large. From there, they have to have awe-inspiring bodies but not be nearly as attractive when it comes to their faces. Finally, the only thing we want to note is that we respect these women entirely and think they are still far more beautiful than most people, us included.

15 Sasha Banks

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A member of the RAW roster at the time of this writing, for the vast majority of the time since Sasha Banks was called up to the main roster she has been a focus of the women’s division. A former four-time WWE Raw Women's Champion, she has traded the belt back and forth with Charlotte, as well as winning or losing the belt from Alexa Bliss and Bayley. Known for constantly calling herself The Boss, if you ask us she deserves that moniker since so many of her peers have had their best matches against her, including all the aforementioned ladies. Possessing an impressive enough body to be featured in Muscle & Fitness magazine, she should be very proud of it but we can’t picture only her face being featured on a cover anytime soon.

14 Alisha Edwards

Alisha Edwards first made an impact in the wrestling world in 2007, and has since worked for several companies including Women Superstar Uncensored and Chaotic Wrestling. Having recently appeared on Impact Wrestling television alongside her real-life husband, Eddie Edwards, they feuded with his ex-tag partner Davey Richards and his real-life wife, Angelina Love. Unfortunately, that storyline came to an abrupt end when Love & Richards departed from the company, but we’re hoping Alisha comes back to TV again in another storyline as she deserves the opportunity. Since she's someone that clearly works hard on her body just from looking at it, her frame is a thing of real beauty, but photos aren’t too friendly to her face, which does look better when she takes part in a video.

13 Bayley

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The WWE has a long history of bringing in world-class talent and somehow managing to diminish their legacy during their time together, including people like Vader, Dusty Rhodes, and DDP, to name only a few. If you ask us the worst example of that in recent years is Bayley, which is crazy considering that when she was at her peak it was still under their umbrella, as part of NXT. Consistently misused since she was called up to the main roster, much of her innocent appeal that made many invest in her has been stripped away, much to the chagrin of her many devoted fans. Still, we hold out hope that the powers that be will understand why we love her character again sometime soon and the audience can get behind her to the same degree once more. She has one of the most exquisite booties in all of wrestling and a nice chest when it can be made out, and we also love her winning smile. But we have to admit her face is her least attractive attribute.

12 Taya Valkyrie

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Taya Valkyrie is a wrestler that was able to make it in the competitive world of Mexican wrestling, an industry that many Americans have tried to enter and failed. She even goes by Lucha Royalty on Twitter. In fact, she is a former two-time AAA Reina de Reinas Championship which is a true testament to how good she is at what she does in the ring and from a character perspective since reigns are highly coveted. Also, as someone that has been seen on rosters of Lucha Underground in the past and is a recent addition to Impact Wrestling’s roster, it seems like her best days may be in front of her still. Although she's a very muscular woman whose body is distinctive and very impressive, her face, unfortunately, falls short for us.

11 Charlotte Flair

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The daughter of one of the best wrestlers of all-time, the legendary Ric Flair, Charlotte had a lot to live up to if she didn’t want to be seen as someone sponging off his legacy like her brother David. Fortunately for her, and the viewing audience, over her relatively short career she has already proven that she deserves her spot in the WWE and to be judged on her own merits. Also, it seems completely clear that her bosses have a great deal of confidence in her, as she became a four-time WWE Raw Women's Champion, on top of her single run as WWE Divas Champion. A very athletic person, as evidenced by her in-ring abilities and flashy entrance, her discipline is clear when looking at her figure, but her face is far less impressive.

10 Sienna

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The current holder of the women’s championship in TNA, Impact Wrestling, GFW, or whatever they want to call themselves today, if you ask us, Sienna absolutely deserves to hold the gold belt. A very talented performer in our view that seems to fully invest in her character, when she comes out and verbally rails against whichever hero is put in front of her, it is believable she feels that way. Because she was a success in other companies like Shimmer and Shine Wrestling in the past, we would be very pleased to see her bosses base their women’s roster around her and talent like Rosemary and Allie. She comes to the ring in very distinctive ring gear each week, and there are some images online of her in more revealing or even normal clothes and her body looks nice. However, her face doesn’t quite impress.

9 Allie

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The most lovable person currently working for TNA, Allie has an innocent energy that audiences find hard to turn away from which is why her following seems more intense than all but a few of her peers. An accomplished wrestler on the independent scene prior to making the leap to TV, she competed under the name Cherry Bomb for years, but we have to say that we enjoy her new moniker more. That’s because we appreciate the simplicity of it and how it fits the character she has become known for to perfection, in our view. Because she's someone that seems to have a marvelous personality, we’d never want to hurt her feelings, which is why we chose to focus on how glorious her body is, and not her face, which isn’t quite to that level.

8 Natalya

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The Hart family is one of the most important clans in wrestling history, and currently the main person carrying their banner in the international market is none other than Natalya. Hired by the WWE a decade ago, it took a year for her to make it to the main roster, and she has been a part of it pretty much ever since and has served as its backbone more often than not. Used as a measuring stick for new women on the main roster to go up against, her two championship reigns, including holding a belt at the time of this writing, show that she can be at the top of the business too. A complete performer when it comes to the in-ring side of things, she can handle herself up against a wide array of grappling styles because of her chiseled body, which is hot, although her face is not.

7 Traci Brooks

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A mainstay of the TNA roster for many years, Traci Brooks worked for the company off and on from 2003 to 2012 and seemed to have a backstage role when not on TV at times. Used in a number of different ways during her run there, her most memorable role was as a manager for talents like Robert Roode, Frankie Kazarian, CM Punk, and Shane Douglas. One thing remained consistent whenever she was used, however – her tendency to wear outfits that left little to the imagination and her adding some serious eye candy to the show, as a result. She was hot enough that she even posed for Playboy once in the past. All in all, her figure blew us away, but her face was never able to live up to its grandeur.

6 Angelina Love

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A member of arguably the best-known women’s wrestling faction of all-time, The Beautiful People, that group saw Angelina Love appear alongside Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne, and Lacey Von Erich. Based around the looks of its members, as the title they went by should make clear, these ladies would mock the other women on the TNA roster calling them a number of words that boil down to ugly. Also memorable for her star-studded past, Angelina won their Knockouts Championship six times and their Knockouts Tag Team Championship once. She's clearly a woman with a sculpted body and an image that many find really appealing. Yet there is just something about her face that has never done it for us, but there is no doubt it seems to work for some in the audience.

5 Mia Yim

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Hopefully, Mia Yim's efforts will earn her a contract with WWE, as she recently competed under the WWE umbrella as part of the Mae Young Classic, where she stood out and made it to the second round. On top of that recent run, she had previously worked for them as one of the Rosebuds that accompanied Adam Rose to the ring, and she worked for TNA off and on over the years. In fact, she was a member of The Dollhouse, one of the most memorable female factions in that company’s history alongside Marti Bell, Rebel, and Taryn Terrell. Someone with an impressive chest and booty we enjoy immensely, the only part of her we find less appealing is her face but we think that has a lot to do with her overuse of makeup too.

4 Ivelisse Vélez

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A competitor in the fifth season of WWE’s “reality” show Tough Enough, she only ended up leaving the competition due to an injury she suffered and was given a developmental contract by the company. Ultimately let go in 2012, she has alluded to her belief that she lost her job because she reported abusive behavior by the NXT head coach at the time, Bill DeMott. An incredibly talented all-around performer in the ring, as proven by her impressive run in the independents and as part of the Lucha Underground roster, the WWE really missed the boat on her. As someone with a real presence in the ring, including her bra-style tops that really accentuate what she has going on, her face works for her character as it looks mean and intimidating, but is less than hot.

3 Cheerleader Melissa

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An absolute legend of independent women’s wrestling, Cheerleader Melissa has put together a hell of a career and deserves to have the respect of anyone that follows the industry. She is also known from her time in TNA where she went under the names Alissa Flash and Raissa Saeed. Yet that is only one of the many companies that have made good use of her skills. In fact, she is so good at what she does that Pro Wrestling Illustrated gave her the top spot in their Top 50 Females list in 2013, and she is also a two-time Shimmer Champion as well. She is a very charismatic person that comes alive on the screen whenever we see her, and is also joy to look at, even though her face isn’t the best looking out there.

2 Bea Priestly

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A British wrestler that is known by her work for WCPW, a wrestling company that was formed with the help of the popular website and YouTube channel WhatCulture, Bea Priestly is on the rise. The second person to win their female belt, the WCPW Women's Championship, she dropped the title to standout women's wrestler Kay Lee Ray, who went on to compete in the Mae Young Classic. Also notable to some as the real-life girlfriend of Will Ospreay, who is one of the most talked about performers when it comes to the online wrestling community, we’re sure she hopes to become as popular soon. Bea is a woman with a body that has curves in all of the right places, and she has it going on in that department. However, her face lets that down somewhat.

1 Taeler Hendrix

If your experience with Taeler Hendrix is the same as ours then you first became aware of her when she took part in a short-lived TNA contest called the Gut Check Challenge. It was a recurring segment in which unsigned wrestlers got to show their stuff on national television in hopes of making a name for themselves and winning a contract with the company. Ultimately chosen to make the cut, she was able to join their roster, but was immediately sent down to OVW to get more training, and she never made much of an impact on their company. A redhead with an outrageous body that she seems to be comfortable showing off to her many fans, we love that view as do many others, but her find her face a lot less winsome.

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