15 Female Wrestlers Who Look Better Outside The Ring Than In It

Wrestlers and WWE Superstars play characters on WWE TV, this means that for the entire time they are on TV or shows they are not seen as themselves. Instead they are seen as a character and are forced to wear face paint, masks or costumes to make their appearance different to the way they look in real life. There are a number of wrestlers who force themselves to look different to get their character over, and these stars then prefer for their fans to see them as wrestlers and based on their talent rather than how good they look and if they are attractive enough to be part of the business.

With the current Women's Revolution in full swing in WWE and the Mae Young classic able to put a spotlight on a number of female wrestlers from all over the world, it seems that the wrestling world is no longer concentrating on looks when it comes to their women's divisions. The following list looks at women all over the wrestling circuit who were never considered the most attractive women on their respective shows, but when they are able to share real-life photos of themselves, the wrestling world can see that they are actually quite beautiful.

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15 Tamina

Tamina Snuka is a superstar who has made waves in WWE because she is the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka. Tamina has been used on WWE TV as one of the most dominant female wrestlers in the company, and even though she lacks ability, the company always finds a place for her in the program.

Tamina would never come into the conversation as being in the same league as the likes of Becky Lynch or Natalya on SmackDown Live, but it seems that when she isn't trying to look like the most dominant women in the company, she is busy being a great role model to her children and showing that she is just as beautiful as many of the other female wrestlers who fill WWE TV each week.

14 Bayley

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Bayley will never be seen in the same light as her fellow Four Horsewomen. Whether this is because Bayley's character makes her come across as a child, or just the fact that Bayley doesn't exactly ooze sex appeal, is something of an argument among the WWE Universe right now.

Bayley is a fantastic wrestler, she has a talent for the business, but it seems that much of the time her character holds her back. Bayley also refuses to take part in the revealing photo shoots that other female wrestlers have become famous for since it seems that she is another female wrestler who would prefer to be seen as a wrestler above everything else. Despite not wanting to objectify herself, when Bayley doesn't have her hair in a side ponytail and isn't covered in tassels, she looks quite beautiful.

13 ODB

call me crazy but she is HOT ! 😍😍😍😘#tna #odbtna #odb #jessicakresa

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ODB has had a lengthy wrestling career at this point, a career where she has always been seen as a different kind of female wrestler. ODB was the wrestler who could always join the men if she needed to but was never really able to fit in with the women.

ODB spent almost a decade in TNA before she decided to leave back in 2014 and has since been seen on the Independent Circuit as well as in Ring of Honor. ODB recently returned to the newly rebranded Impact Wrestling earlier this year, but it seems that even after all these years ODB still wears the same familiar ring attire and sports the same attitude she had all those years ago when she was still in OVW. The image above shows that even though ODB isn't in the same league as The Beautiful People on TNA TV, in reality, she could easily compete.

12 Dana Brooke

Dana Brooke is a former bodybuilder who made the switch to wrestling a few years ago and has since climbed the ranks in WWE to the point where she is now on the main roster competing on the Raw brand.

There is a reason why many of the WWE Universe and even WWE itself has referred to Dana Brooke as "Miss Piggy" because she doesn't fit the same mold of perceived beauty as the likes of Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks. Dana has never made her character about her looks, instead opting to show off her incredible strength and athleticism. This seems to have worked over the past few years even though Dana is still the victim of a lot of abuse from the WWE Universe when it comes to both her looks and ability.

11 Alundra Blayze

Alundra Blayze was never a woman who cared much about being eye candy, she was instead always focused on being a trailblazer in WWE and making sure she was a role model to many of the women who have since grown up and become professional wrestlers themselves.

Alundra was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame back in 2015 and was finally able to pick her title back out of the trash from one of her most famous and memorable promos when she made the switch from WWE to WCW. Alundra has remained on WWE's radar ever since her induction and has since been part of a number of Network exclusive programmes, where she has finally been able to show who she truly is behind her Madusa facade.

10 Vickie Guerrero

Vickie Guerrero was first used as part of WWE programming when her husband Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio were competing for custody of Rey's son Dominic back in 2005. Vickie later joined WWE following the tragic death of her husband and was part of a number of high-profile storylines throughout the decade she remained with the WWE.

Vickie has since finally been able to move on with her life and remarry. The former Raw General Manager has also been able to lose a lot of weight and be part of a number of stunning photoshoots where she shows a side to her that the WWE Universe has never been able to see before. As seen from the images above, WWE never used Vickie to her full potential in the Women's Division.

9 Nikki Cross

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Nikki Cross was introduced to the NXT Universe as part of Sanity, where she proves that she is just as crazy as their leader Eric Young. Over the past few months, Nikki has been part of some high profile matches in NXT as she's fought for the Women's Championship and helped her stable to push for the Tag Team Championships.

Nikki has never cared about what she looks like on NXT TV, instead, she has one of the best female characters in all of WWE and comes across quite convincing as one of the craziest members of Sanity. Outside of the company, it seems that Nikki doesn't need to continue the facade and as you can see from the image above, she could have been seen as one of the most attractive female wrestlers in the company, if she was given the chance.

8 Laurel Van Ness

Stop chasing the wrong one. The right one won't run 💛

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There is a reason Laurel Van Ness is referred to as "The Hot Mess." After competing in WWE's 2015 revamp of Tough Enough and failing to win after she had already become known to the WWE Universe as Daniel Bryan's physical therapist Megan Miller, it seems that Chelsea Green has managed to make a name for herself in Impact Wrestling.

Laurel portrays a convincing heel as part of the Impact Wrestling roster and is one of the women in the company that isn't concerned about her looks as long as the fans understand her character. Outside of the ring, Chelsea has been dating WWE Superstar Zack Ryder since the couple went public with their relationship in April this year and judging by her Instagram page, Ryder is one lucky guy.

7 Sonya Deville

Nothing can stop me now..

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Sonya Deville has come through the ranks in NXT over the past few years but was first introduced to the WWE Universe as part of the 2015 season of Tough Enough. Deville has been training in martial arts ever since she was 17-years-old and she has taken advantage of this when it comes to her character in NXT.

Deville is one of the best pure fighters in the women's division right now and concentrates on making sure she is always ready for a fight and always prepared to dish out a beating, rather than what she looks like, but it seems that underneath the lethal kicks and the braids, Sonya is just a beautiful as many of the women she is fighting against on the developmental brand.

6 Jillian Hall

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Jillian Hall underwent quite a few procedures when she first joined WWE in order to finally achieve her signature look. Jillian only ever won the Divas Championship once in her WWE career and she was only able to hold the title for a few minutes before it was taken back by Melina. Jillian focused the latter part of her career in the ring on trying to prove that she was a good singer, as she sang quite badly at every opportunity, but was seemingly deaf to her own voice. Despite never being seen as one of the most beautiful women in the world while she was in WWE, it seems that Jillian was actually hiding her beauty the entire time.

5 Charlotte

Charlotte is a former four-time Raw Women's Champion and has proven time and time again that she is the future of WWE's Women's Division. For a long time during her time in NXT, there was a number of debates that said that Charlotte wasn't attractive enough to be part of WWE's main roster's Women's Division.

Luckily, Charlotte's talent has always overshadowed anyone's comments when it comes to her looks and she has become one of the most successful women's wrestlers of her generation after making history a number of times over the past few years. The daughter of 16-time World Champion Ric Flair looks to be creating her own legacy in WWE and the image above clearly shows that if Charlotte wanted to be seen as a form of eye candy like many female wrestlers before her, then she easily could.

4 Alicia Fox

.... dust

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Alicia Fox is a former Divas Champion in WWE and is considered to be one of the most underused female wrestlers in the company. Alicia was actually signed to WWE based on her looks after John Laurinaitis spotted her modelling in a catalogue.

Alicia has since become a veteran in WWE even though she is rarely used, and was once part of Total Divas cast. The "Foxy" star is often used and seen as eye candy on WWE TV, which is a shock since many of the WWE Universe have stated that Alicia isn't on the same level as the other women the company employs. It seems that this is only a problem when Alicia is wrestling on WWE TV since the image above shows that Alicia is actually quite stunning outside of the ring.

3 Mary Dobson

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"Crazy" Mary Dobson is considered to have had one of the best characters in female wrestling over the past few years. Mary has recently been connected to WWE after making a number of appearances for the company before she was announced as a participant for this year's Mae Young Classic Tournament.

Mary didn't make it out of the first round in the Mae Young Classic but is still considered to be quite popular with the WWE Universe and one of the women that WWE should keep around. Mary was once rumoured to the best option for WWE when it comes to the women the company had at their disposal to become Sister Abigail alongside The Wyatt Family. Mary was never known for her looks, instead preferring to be remembered for her crazy persona.

2 Rosemary

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Rosemary is a female wrestler who is in her own class, much like Nikki Cross in NXT. Rosemary rose to fame as the crazy addition to Decay in TNA. Rosemary has since become a firm fan favourite, so much so that a few weeks ago when Star purposely injured Rosemary in a match, the wrestling world backed the painted star until justice was served.

Rosemary never tried to look beautiful when she was in the ring. She was always busy ensuring that she shows off her ability in the ring instead. She even paints her face to cover who she is underneath so that not many of the WWE Universe are aware that she actually looks like the above photo on a regular day.

1 Nia Jax

Nia Jax is currently being seen as the most dominant female wrestler in WWE because Nia is much bigger than the other female wrestlers on the Raw brand. It is also apparent that Nia is the only female wrestler who is forced to wear a full body suit.

Nia is also the only female wrestler who has her weight announced as she heads to the ring, as WWE tries to make her stand out for her larger size. But even though Nia is there to be seen as a bulldozer, many of the WWE Universe have commented on just how beautiful the former NXT star is. It seems that when WWE is not forcing Nia to be completely covered up while she's on WWE TV, she is actually just as pretty if not even prettier than much of her competition.

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