15 Female "Wrestlers" Who Made Wrestling Look Like A Joke

The women’s revolution is in full flow within professional wrestling, especially in WWE. The female superstars on the main roster and down in NXT are getting opportunities that they never could’ve dreamed of a few years back, erasing the memory of decades full of scantily clad women posing as self-proclaimed "wrestlers."

Unfortunately with the internet, we’ll never be able to forget some of the car crashes that have been and gone when it comes to this genre of pro wrestling, with several names being responsible for putting a nice big stain on any progress that had been made by the women in the company at the time. That may seem harsh, but for the most part it’s true.

Of course a few of these girls did get better over time and some even thrived, but it wasn’t necessarily for the right reasons. Casual fans/people who aren’t fans at all will occasionally watch the product from time to time, and when they saw these girls we’d bet good money on them thinking to themselves “what the hell did I just see?”.

With that being said, we’ll let you make up your own mind once you’ve made it through this disaster of a list.

15 Jackie Gayda

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For those of you who don’t remember Jackie Gayda, you’re in luck. The stunning Tough Enough performer managed to come out on top during the second season of the competition, earning herself a shot at becoming a big time superstar in World Wrestling Entertainment. As you can imagine, things didn’t turn out all too well.

Gayda was involved in some of the most horrendous matches we’ve ever seen in the company, and that’s covering a lot of ground. One bout in particular, a mixed tag team match that also included Trish Stratus, JBL, and Chris Nowinski, is infamous for some of the utterly diabolical botches and spots that occurred throughout the course of the contest.

14 Aksana

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If Aksana was on a table full of biscuits, she’d be a dry oat cake. The Lithuanian fitness model-turned-bodybuilder was clearly hired for her looks and background as opposed to her "wrestling" ability, and there’s an argument to be made that she was the most sigh-inducing and boring female wrestler of the last decade.

It wasn’t even necessarily that she was worse than the other girls, it’s just that she was so unbelievably boring. WWE tried to put her in several interesting storylines over the course of her tenure, but for one reason or another it never really seemed to click for her. Oh well, it’s not like she was ever destined for greatness or anything like that.

13 Kelly Kelly

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Contrary to popular belief we actually think that Kelly Kelly got better as time went on. Sure, she started off like many of the other models did, but eventually she grew into a capable performer (capable is the best word you’re going to get out of us). The problem was that she was being portrayed to the audience as the female John Cena.

She was going over girls who should’ve dismantled her with ease, and even to this day she’s referred to as one of the greatest Divas Champions of all time. That in itself is a huge insult to some of the incredibly talented individuals who held onto that belt, and let’s just say Kelly is lucky that she had such a great look.

12 Rosa Mendes

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We’re going to put aside how annoying Rosa Mendes was on Total Divas, because that’s not what this piece is about. To make a long story short, the controversial superstar just wasn’t very good at anything she did in the company – besides drawing attention to herself courtesy of the ridiculous things she did.

Mendes was always much more impressive as a valet than a performer, but even then it’s not like she did a whole lot other than stand there looking pretty. Rosa always seemed like someone who fell back into professional wrestling as a back-up option, and if you believe the rumours, then she needed some help in order to stay there, all the way until she finally retired earlier this year.

11 Christy Hemme

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Christy Hemme’s time in Impact Wrestling as an announcer has been great, and we mean that sincerely. Unfortunately many people tend to forget that prior to TNA, Hemme was a featured member of the women’s roster over in WWE – and yes, you guessed it, she wasn’t exactly bred for greatness when it came to competing inside the squared circle.

Despite this, Vince was set on pushing her to the moon, with Christy even getting a match against Trish Stratus at WrestleMania 21 for the title. As you can imagine the four-minute extravaganza was sloppy at best, with the most painful thing of all being that literally everyone wanted it to be Lita vs Trish instead. Shame.

10 Cameron

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“Girl, bye” is a phrase that still feels like nails on a chalkboard to us, and that’s putting it lightly. Cameron, who was also utilised for Total Divas, was paired up with the highly superior Naomi as part of The Funkadactyls. Despite one clearly having more talent than the other, Cameron was still given chance after chance to succeed.

Of course, this didn’t work out, and despite improving ever so slightly down in NXT, the extremely irritating Cameron was soon released from the company. Just like Eva Marie it was painfully obvious as to why she was made a member of the main roster, and seeing the guys behind the scenes invest so much time into them was just painful to watch.

9 Ashley Massaro

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At the time Ashley wasn’t actually all too bad – but when you look back upon her body of work, it soon becomes clear that that was just an illusion. Massaro was groomed to be a top star from the minute she stepped foot in the door at WWE, and much like Christy she was awarded for her hard work with a big time match at WrestleMania.

Unfortunately it was a bust as you’d expect, and the only real highlight of Massaro’s run with the company was her Playboy spread. It just felt like they were trying to do something different whilst also maintaining their same 30-year-old ideology, and that above all else is the most embarrassing thing of all.

8 Brie Bella

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Look, Brie Bella got a lot better, but despite training for months and years on end, Brie was still miles behind her sister Nikki in terms of in-ring progress. Sure, she managed to get a match against Stephanie McMahon at SummerSlam, but when you look back at it, many people would rather have waited to see Steph take on a stronger talent.

Brie was outshone by pretty much everyone she fought against, and it didn’t help that WWE were trying to portray her as some kind of superwoman. The "Brie Mode" yell (to say little of her awful ring theme in singles competition) is one of the many reasons why she came across like a bit of a joke, but hey, she’s probably a millionaire at this point, so who’s the real winner here?

7 Sunny

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Oh Sunny, where did it all go wrong? The woman who was declared the first Diva of WWE mainly spent her time as a valet around the ring, occasionally getting physical to the horror of wrestling historians around the world. Look, we understand that her job was to look gorgeous, but can’t you see how that makes the business come across?

Little girls who wanted to become pro wrestlers were probably put off by seeing this kind of thing, mainly because it was such a poor representation of what females could do in this industry. As time has gone on, Sunny’s declining reputation hasn’t exactly helped matters either, and we need to put a pin in the whole thing and just forget about it.

6 Eva Marie

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Oh, Eva. It’s clear to everyone that Miss All Red Everything was only brought into the fold in order to appear on Total Divas, but Vince McMahon seemed to be set on pushing her to the moon as the next female face of the company. Unfortunately, there was just one problem – she couldn’t wrestle. Like, at all.

Despite her underappreciated charisma, Marie just couldn’t seem to put things together in the squared circle, as she quickly became the most hated Superstar on the entire roster, male or female. A few months of training with The Brian Kendrick didn’t seem to help, and now the model seems to be riding off into the sunset once and for all.

5 Maria Menounos

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As a yearly host/interviewer at WrestleMania and the Hall of Fame ceremony, Maria Menounos is great. She’s sexy, she’s charming and she has a certain charisma about her that makes us wish she was around in a full-time role backstage. Unfortunately, what we don’t want to see is her defeating legitimate superstars in a wrestling match.

That’s happened a few times now, including on the grandest stage of them all at WrestleMania XXVIII in Miami. Fans who would’ve tuned into these kind of events probably wouldn’t think that Maria had a chance at winning, and yet that’s exactly what she did. Honestly, how did the company not see that this would make the rest of the roster look so unbelievably weak?

4 Stephanie McMahon

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Welcome to the Queendom, everyone. We’re going to try not to get too angry about this entry because let’s face it, some of the things that Steph manages to get away with on WWE television just makes our blood boil. Instead of talking about the present, however, let’s talk about the time that Stephanie McMahon became Women’s Champion.

Yup, that happened. The boss’ daughter somehow managed to capture the most prestigious belt in all of women’s wrestling, and it came across as much more than just a cocky heel move. It was a slap in the face, it was incredibly insulting to the other female talent on the roster and it served one purpose: to make the McMahons look good.

3 Debra

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Debra was gorgeous, Debra carried herself well, and Debra was a valuable asset for the weekly product. Alas, that doesn’t always translate into a solid in-ring presence and the former superstar herself will be the first person to admit that performing an arm drag or taking a bump wasn’t exactly what she wanted to do with her life.

She had a purpose in the company, and we all knew what it was, so when she started having these "matches," the whole façade surrounding her started to unravel. Sure, she was great to look at, but as wrestling fans, we deserve more than just eye candy. We want to be entertained, and that just didn’t happen here.

2 The Kat

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The Kat wasn’t exactly what you can call a "professional wrestler," with her most fascinating ties to the company probably being her former marriage to Jerry “The King” Lawler. It was obvious from the get-go that she wasn’t exactly destined to become a legendary figure in the business, and that’s how things ended up playing out.

After rubbing people the wrong way backstage, in addition to probably doing the same thing in the ring, The Kat was rightly released from her contract. Her name, her attitude and her overall mindset when it came to pro wrestling all ensured that she would be quickly forgotten about within a few weeks of her departure.

1 Torrie Wilson

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In a lot of ways, Torrie Wilson was a moneymaking machine for World Wrestling Entertainment, with her bleached-blonde hair and stunning good looks making her a marketing juggernaut. Unfortunately, Vince and company felt the need to try and translate that success into various storylines involving Wilson.

They were all awful, they all affected the overall quality of the product, and they’re often talked about today among the worst segments and moments in WWE history. What made things worse was that all of the matches Torrie was involved in saw her being objectified in ways that just wouldn’t happen in this era of sports entertainment.

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