15 Female Wrestlers With Confessions From Behind Closed Doors

Given the vast number of diverse characters in the wrestling business, we’re hardly ever short of some good action, spicy gossip or shocking rumor. For every event worth talking about that appears on screen, there are at least two or three that go on behind the scenes. So don’t even try to formulate a number in your head, it won’t be close.

Over the years, several wrestlers and former wrestlers have revealed some pretty surprising things, and they’re all over the internet. They range from secret affairs, to their lives before wrestling, to intimate acts and the like. And although some of them are pretty disturbing, why not get to know if the information is out there? Plus, there are loads of entertaining ones.

This list, though, focuses on the stories and revelations of females who were all part of the wrestling industry at some point. And you should know women are mostly great at conveying stories.

If you haven’t heard all the gossip listed below before, then at least one of them is bound to shock you; so please ensure to reach the very bottom, as you just might miss out on a great tidbit.


15 Melina Exposes John Morrison's ED

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Five-time WWE Women’s Champion Melina was involved in a lengthy relationship with John Morrison, but it was very rocky and the pair went through several splits. One of those splits saw her hook up with Batista – at least that’s what they claim, with conflicting reports insisting they had an affair.

Back in 2015, they must have been going through something really awful, as Melina would basically reveal that Morrison suffered with erectile dysfunction by tweeting a photo of herself holding a Cialis bottle. Cialis is used to treat the said condition, and it was prescribed to her partner, as another tweet showing bearing photo clearly showed his home address on the label.

Melina deleted both tweets shortly after, but not before the embarrassing story got out.

14 Dawn Marie Reveals Affair With Raw GM

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Dawn Marie shocked a great number of fans when she made a startling revelation in her autobiography. The now 47-year-old became part of the WWE in 2002, and her stint was quite short. She was out by 2005.

During her last year with the company, Dawn apparently had an affair with Kurt Angle, who is now the General Manager of Raw, having returned to the company after an 11-year hiatus. Angle was still married to Karen Angle at the time, and Dawn was in a relationship herself, as she was still seeing Simon Diamond, another wrestler.

Angle was perceived by many as a true family man, so when the news broke out some years ago, it left a lot of people in awe, including possibly Angle himself.


13 Sunny Says Shawn Michaels Was A Showstopper Behind The Scenes Too

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There’s just nothing like a little bit of Sunny to brighten such a wrestling list. And of course, the WWE’s first Diva, as she’s known, was sure to be on here.

Most avid wrestling fans are well aware of Sunny’s affair with the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels in the 90s, but she has since revealed that the pair snuck around arenas for quickies several times a day.

"Shawn was a horndog, like, he instructed me to wear short skirts with no underwear underneath, so it would be easy access." she said of her fun times with HBK. “This would happen like four times during the day at the arena and then back at the hotel at night. It was crazy. Seriously, he was like an 18-year-old kid in high school. He just couldn't get enough."

12 Nikki Bella Has Been Married Before

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Nikki Bella is soon to marry her superstar boyfriend John Cena. And yes, she is a superstar in her own right. The 33-year-old Diva, and twin sister of Brie Bella, was proposed to by Cena live at WrestleMania back in April, and he is only the second wrestler she’s been known to date.

Nikki also spent some time being Dolph Ziggler’s girl before hooking up with Cena, but he wasn’t very happy to learn that not only is he her second wrestler, but he’s also going to be her second husband.

Cena was unaware of his fiancée’s first marriage – which she had annulled after three years following her tying the knot with her high school sweetheart at the age of 20 - for some time. Nikki revealed the secret on an episode of Total Divas, claiming that Natalya was the first person she told outside of her family. Cena was let in on it some time after, and of course he wasn’t impressed with her keeping him in the dark for so long.


11 Missy Hyatt Wanted To Have Bret Hart's Baby

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Missy Hyatt, as you must know by now, got around quite a bit. She dated various wrestlers and hooked up with some athletes outside of the industry, as you'll read later on. However, this story is particularly very bizarre, as Missy Hyatt revealed that she once wanted to have Bret Hart's child so she could give birth to a 'super wrestling baby'. Hyatt made it clear that Hart didn't necessarily have to sleep with her if he didn't want to, and would even accept a 'donation' from The Hitman. Hyatt admitted this shortly after Vince McMahon uttered his infamous line about being a 'genetic jackhammer' because Hyatt had similar ideas and for some reason, felt Hart's genes with hers would create the best possible wrestling baby.

10 Sunny Promotes Dolph Ziggler's Virility 

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Sunny, who has already been mentioned on here, isn’t exactly known for holding back. The now 44-year-old has spilled the beans over several relationships with male wrestlers. And, mind you, she did have more than a couple.

Sunny, whose real name is Tammy Lynn Sytch, also bedded Dolph Ziggler one time, and later admitted that he was no slouch in the sack.

“We went from about 11:30 [pm], 12 o’clock at night, till 7 in the morning,” she declared. “He’s a machine, I should say. Yeah, he’s a machine and he does not tire. His stamina is insane. That was in the month of November 2010.”

Sunny didn't stop there, as she went on to give further details regarding Ziggler's, um, equipment.


9  9. AJ Lee's Low Marketability

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AJ Lee is a three-time Divas Champion, and achieved quite a lot during her WWE stint, which began in 2007 and ended in 2015. Apart from being a successful ring performer, the now 30-year-old spent three months working as the General Manager of Raw.

Following her retirement, AJ has been writing, and has since had a book published. In the book, she revealed that she was subjected to rather crude verbal abuse when she was coming up through NXT, which was still a competition back then. Of course, she was already a great performer at the time and was getting the highest number of fan votes. Yet, according to her book, she was once summoned to the office of the head of talent relations, who told her that she had little market value because nobody wanted to have sex with her.

She was later eliminated from NXT, but we all know how that turned out. And for the record, we're sure there are many fans who would dispute WWE's perception regarding her 'marketability'.

8 Lita Did Some Exotic Dancing For Extra Cash

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Amy Dumas, known as Lita during her time in the WWE, became one of the most hated females in the business when she broke Matt Hardy’s heart and left him for his best friend Edge, after cheating on him first of course.

Of course it provided the WWE with one of the best bitter ex-lover stories they have ever had; and to make matters worse, Lita and Edge actually had a sex scene in the middle of the ring.

That wasn’t the first time Lita took her bra off to entertain crowds, though, according to her. The former Diva confirmed that she stripped to come up with money for a trip in her autobiography.

Her friends had planned said trip to Europe and she didn’t have enough cash to tag along, so when a friend offered her a chance to dance her way to a few bucks, she readily accepted.


7 Paige Reveals She's Hooked Up With Women

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Paige recently returned to the WWE, following a year off the screen. The British hottie hadn’t competed since last summer, having found herself suspended twice for violating the WWE’s wellness policy. She has also had surgery done on her neck during her absence, but she had been training at the WWE Performance Center for a while before her return.

Paige, who also caused the company a degree of embarrassment when an explicit video with Xavier Woods and Brad Maddox surfaced on the internet. On top of this, she has confessed to having slept with other women.

During an episode of Total Divas, Rosa Mendes asked Paige if she had ever been with another woman. "Well, yes," she responded. "It's the twenty-first century. I just said that!"

"Now that I know she's been with women, it's worth exploring for sure,” Rosa said in turn, rather gleefully.

6 Rosa Mendes Reveals She Goes Both Ways

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Well it’s only fitting that we get into Rosa Mendes right away, well not into (you wish). Anyhoo, Mendes was pretty excited to learn that Paige is into, or at least was into, women - because she’s into women as well.

Mendes admitted that she was afraid of getting emotionally attached to guys, which leads me to assume that there’s no such risk when it comes to girls.

“I’m more into guys, but I’ve been with girls before,” she said. "I get emotionally attached to guys when I'm intimate and I'm scared.”

That was after she made out with a woman she’d just met at a lesbian bar during an episode of Total Divas. Her confession came as a result of being questioned over her surprising acts when she got back to her hotel room – at 5am at that.

Btw, that's her landing a kiss on Paige in the image above.


5 Maria Kanellis Says Don't Tell Mommy

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Maria Kanellis recently returned to the WWE after a seven-year absence, but a recent pregnancy has seen her off again, as she and her husband Mike Bennett are expecting next April.

The Diva spoke to Playboy some years back, sitting down for a very revealing interview, during which she confessed to having sex on her parents’ bed, as well as performing sexual acts in-flight.

“Of course I've done the whole pool table thing,” she said. “Done the really, really disgusting dirty bathroom on a road trip. I hope my mom doesn't read this -- I've done the parents' bed.

“Never done it in the bathroom [on a plane] but I might have done a few acts in the seat sitting next to someone. I've done it in the car. I've done the balcony at a hotel...that one was recent.”

4 Missy Hyatt Got A Star Quarterback A Little Too Excited

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Missy Hyatt is rumored to have quite the list of bedded male wrestlers as well. And in case you’re wondering, she claims she’s never had any intimate relationships with other females.

Much like Sunny, Hyatt doesn’t shy away from admitting certain recreational activities. And during an interview in 2008, revealed that she performed oral sex on former WCW star Tommy Rich, who she described as the hottest thing on Georgia Championship Wrestling at the time. She also admitted that she was 17 back then, but it was actually her first time.

Missy went on to state that she once made out with former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly, but that’s as far as it went, as he’d get a little too excited and 'finished' rather prematurely.


3 Nikki Bella Refuses To Give Up Her Toys

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As mentioned earlier, Nikki Bella and John Cena are soon to tie the knot, but the STFU superstar could have changed his mind after making a startling discovery regarding his soon-to-be wife’s playthings during an episode of Total Divas.

Four years ago, the Diva moved in with her guy; and as expected, she had quite a lot of personal property to take with her. In fact, she had a van bring 26 boxes from her last place of abode. While unpacking, though, one of the boxes just would not stop vibrating.

Poor John assumed it was Nikki’s toothbrush, but he would soon realize that the vibrating object was, in fact, a sex toy – a sex toy accompanied by several other sex toys. And all he could say was: “Holy s**t!”

“I did live alone in San Diego,” Nikki said. “And my friends, they’ve kept me company for quite a long time, so I had to bring them along for the ride.”

2 Brie Bella And Daniel Bryan's Weird Bedroom Routine

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Brie Bella beat her sister to a wedding ring, but her sex life is probably not as exciting as her twin’s. The beauty, who married Daniel Bryan, had an embarrassing aspect of her bedroom business exposed on Total Divas.

Apparently, Brie and Daniel hadn’t had sex for an entire month, and Nikki felt the need to confront the 'Yes!' man on behalf of her sex-starved sister.

"So have you had some sex lately?" Nikki asked. "You said it's been a month, are you OK with that Brie?"

After letting Daniel know that her sister had previously informed her of his inability to perform quickies, the guilty spouse explained that he was able, he just didn’t want to. "I like music, I like candles, I like to relax," he declared. "I don't want to just like…go."

A quickie was had in the bathroom shortly after the conversation, however.


1 The Harvey Weinsteins Of Wrestling

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Former indie wrestler Francesca Zappitelli has revealed that there are many sexual predators in the wrestling industry, in the wake of the accusations surrounding movie magnate Harvey Weinstein.

The Hollywood producer has been in the news quite frequently as of late, with several women claiming he assaulted them in some way. And Zappitelli says there are a quite a few similar personalities in high positions in the industry, although she stopped short of naming anyone.

“I have experienced my share of ‘Harvey Weinstein’ promoters in the industry,” she said in an exclusive with TheSportster in October. “I talked to a few of the other indie girls, and he harassed them too, basically [saying] if they gave him sexual favors he’d make them champion.

"I’m proud of the women that came forward because I think that the more women that come forward, there are no more shadows for these kinds of people to exist.”


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