15 Female Wrestlers With The Hottest Set Of Twins: Where Are They Now?

Let's just call it was it is. A trap. That's all you can do to describe what it really is. Well, of course you can find other adjectives for it, but at the end of the day when a beautiful well endowed female rocks a form fitting, exposing top that teases any warm blooded male with a teasing glimpse of her "puppies", then it's just nothing more than a trap that men are guilty of falling into.

Think about it, even now in the more family friendly era of wrestling, be it WWE, Impact, ROH and others, the sexual exposure is still present, even if slightly dressed down. While the in ring talent has certainly improved over the years, there was still a period of time in which fans appreciated the eye candy that was between the mid 90s through early 2000s. Regardless of whether or not fans and critics complained about the lack of female talent during that time, there were still a number of females that had could carry themselves in the ring and still be sexy at the same time.

As fans now start to appreciate the female wrestling rosters more for their wrestling abilities, we'll take a bit of a walk through the past and honor some of the finest "Wrestling Queens of Cleavage" and check in on what they're currently engaged in.

15 Sunny: Rehab 

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In the mid to late 90s, Sunny was the hottest female in wrestling and according to some the most sought after in the world as AOL claimed her to be the most downloaded female in 1996. Most fans recognize her work during her run with the WWE as a valet/manager for various tag teams, including The Bodydonnas, The Smoking Gunns and Legion Of Doom 2000.

After being released by the WWE, Sunny would work her way through ECW, WCW and a variety of independent programs mostly with her on an off again late boyfriend Chris Candido. Sunny would be honored by the WWE for her time with the promotion by being part of the Hall of Fame Class of 2011. Sadly, Sunny has recently found herself falling on hard times with a number of legal issues and falling into the life of adult entertainment. She's currently in rehab in the New York area according to her latest TMZ interview.

14 Dawn Marie: Motherhood 

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Early in her career, Marie was known through the ECW ranks as the manager of Lance Storm and Justin Credible, and while that would last for two years and familiarize fans with the New Jersey native, it wasn't until joining the WWE in 2002 that she would become mainstream popular.

Always a fan favorite of Swimsuit Competitions, Lingerie Matches, Evening Gown Matches and Bra and Panties Matches, Marie would rock some of the best in-ring attire during her matches, often wearing tops that were stretched just to the breaking point. After leaving the WWE under controversial means in 2005, Marie would continue to work through various independent events and has been under scrutiny for organizing questionable charity programs that have failed to distribute funds. Aside from that, she's quietly enjoying motherhood.

13 Jacqueline: Personal Projects 

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If would be wrong to have a list like this without including Jacqueline Moore. While she was once honored as the first African American to capture the WWE's Women's Championship (which she held twice in her career) and rightfully so as a top notch wrestler, she has had no problem with giving fans a little taste (or in the case of one wardrobe malfunction a big taste) of her goods.

For nearly 25 years, Jacqueline would find herself within the squared circle, whether it was part of the WWE, TNA or the independent programs, the Texas native was one of the best female wrestlers and performers of her time.

Inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2016, Jackie has gone on record stating that she isn't completely retired, but has been enjoying her life outside the ring working on a variety of personal projects.

12 Debra: Wrestling Conventions 

She was once married to former NFL defensive tackle Steve "Mongo" McMichael and then later on hitched to Stone Cold Steve Austin, but who really cares about that. Starting her career as a valet for then husband McMichael for two years in the WCW, Debra then jumped over to the WWE  playing various roles as a valet, manager and even wrestler.

Known mostly for her ability to fill out a business suit (considering her 34-27-33 measurements) like nobody else, Debra actually captured the WWF Women's Title and held it for nearly a month before dropping it to Ivory. After retiring from the wrestling scene, Debra has been completing her Masters in Criminal Justice from the University of Alabama. She's also still active on the wrestling convention scene as documented through her social media accounts.

11 Major Gunns: Adult Entertainment 

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One of the most well fitting names in the history of wrestling, Tylene Buck took on the moniker that described her to a "T" and for good reason. Originally just a piece of eye candy that followed the nWo around, Gunns would break away from the band and eventually join the mid-card scene as part of the Misfits In Action crew. Gunns best assets weren't limited to her upper body as fans were also treated to her apple bottom when she and the Misfits once decided to express their feelings to then commissioner Eric Bishoff.

After being released by WCW in 2001, Gunns, joined the California indie circuit as part of Xtreme Pro Wrestling and an R-Rated promotion called Double Trouble Wrestling. In addition to the alternative style of wrestling, Buck has also taken on a number of adult videos that provide fans with a more intimate view of her... Gunns.

10 Jackie Gayda: Motherhood 

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There's a lot that can be said about Jackie's skills in the ring and unfortunately for her, not much of it falls under the category of "good". But that's irrelevant to the purpose of being on this list. Despite being part of one of the worst matches in WWE history, Gayda did manage to please some fans with an infamous wardrobe malfunction that exposed more than just her ample cleavage. After only a couple years with the company, Gayda and her husband Charlie Haas both received their pink slips and headed to the independent programs and even TNA.

She was last seen in the ring battling Winter as part of a Family Wrestling Entertainment show in 2011. Gayda has spent the last few years supporting her husband's career and taking care of their four children. For better or worse, Gayda's time in the squared circle was at the very least memorable.

9 Layla: Married/Retired 

Winner of the WWE's Diva Search contest, Layla would start her career with the organization the same way that many of the Divas did at that time, being part of scantily clad backstage comic relief. Chances are few had issues with that and even fewer had issues with Layla teaming up with Kelly Kelly and Brooke (Tessmacher) as part of the dance group, Extreme Expose as Layla would slowly start to develop her in ring skills on the side.

Before retiring in the summer of 2015, Layla would hold both the WWE Divas Championship belt and the WWE Women's Championship. A big advocate and supporter of the Breast Cancer Awareness, Layla has been limited in her time from the spotlight since walking away from the ring, focusing on spending time with her family.

8 Sable: Motherhood 

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During the late 90s, fans would tune into Monday Night RAW not to watch then real life husband Marc Mero compete, but rather to get an eye full of the buxom blonde. Quickly becoming more popular than her husband, despite his wishes (like the modern day version of Rusev and Lana), Sable would eventually break away from her husband and become an identity on her own. Historically known for giving new meaning to a bikini (see Fully Loaded PPV), not to mention Evening Gown matches and Lingerie Matches, Sable would also be the first WWF star to be featured on and in three separate issues of Playboy. In the summer of 1999 Sable got into a sexual harassment lawsuit with the WWE and would eventually settle out of court, before once again returning to the organization in 2003 for a brief period.

Apparently, money, like breasts and cleavage speaks volumes. Sable currently enjoys her life outside the wrestling ring with her current husband Lesnar and their four children. She's quietly enjoying motherhood away from the spotlight on a ranch in Saskatchewan, Canada.

7 Nikki Bella: WWE Superstar/Social Media Personality 

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She has been everything from a model, actress, manager, tag team wrestler, singles wrestler, heel, face, love interest and champion. What else is there for Nikki Bella to do? To be honest, that isn't really the point in this piece, one focused strictly on the upper half of Bella's body. At one point in her career, Nikki and her twin sister Brie capitalized on "Twin Magic" in which they would fool the official and capture an underhanded victory. Thankfully Nikki killed that lame gimmick by enhancing her own twins....

While sadly Nikki has taken some time off since WrestleMania to focus on rehabbing her damaged neck and back, fans have to give credit to Bella that as a wrestler, the former WWE Divas Champion has come a long way in terms of her in ring ability. And at the very least admit that they'll miss her ring entrance, ripping off her Fearless branded top and exposing her goods.

6 Victoria: Part-Time Indie Wrestler/Wrestling Conventions 

Some questioned as to whether or not the former Women's Champ had some enhancement surgery done to her chest, while others were bound and determined that her assets were real. Either way, Lisa Marie Varon left little to the imagination each week as she filled out and nearly spilled out of her top, much to the pleasure and joy of the WWE and TNA fans.

Adding to her hotness was the fact that sometimes her wires became a little crossed and later in her career a little jiggle of her rear end and well, let's just say that fans appreciated her for more than just her wrestling skills. After dabbling in the restaurant business as well as owning a custom car shop, Varon would finish off her TNA contract in 2013 before sporadically working the independent scene for the last four years.

5 Torrie Wilson: Fitness Guru 

As far as wrestling ability, Torrie was always lacking in that department (through she did find modest improvement over time), but when it comes down to being a complete smoke show, Wilson was on a pedestal of her own (okay, maybe there were a few more on that same pedestal, but you get the point).

Always a crowd pleaser in Bra and Panties, Lingerie, Evening Gown or Swimsuit matches, the well endowed former Playboy Cover Girl has long been one of the most popular members of the Divas/Women's Divisions regardless of her in ring ability. Always one of the most physically impressive individuals on the roster, Wilson currently runs her own personal training and fitness brands. The question is, what is sexier, her cleavage or her six pack?

4 Stephanie McMahon: WWE Talent/WWE's Chief Branding Officer 

There was once a time in which Stephanie was just the young innocent bosses daughter and then one day, BAM, they appeared. Back in 2001, the Billionaire Princess underwent enhancement surgery that was less than subtle as Chris Jericho was quick to point out on the August 13th episode of RAW. While she has never really been an in ring performer, Vince's daughter has had her fair share of matches in some way shape or form and has done a great job at making sure that whether she's rocking a tight form fitting wrestling top or a more formal business outfit that her best assets are well displayed and grabbing the attention of everyone in the room.

Whether she's playing the role of the RAW General Manager, the Commissioner of Raw or her official role as the Chief Brand Officer of the WWE, Stephanie is a welcome feature to any WWE broadcast.

3 Lita: Convention Appearances 

A four time Women's Champion, and Class of 2014 WWE Hall of Fame inductee, Lita was one of the first female wrestlers to ever wrestle in the main event of Monday Night Raw and while Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks have captured fans attention for their legendary matches, Lita broke ground as part of the first ever WWE women's steel cage match with Victoria back in 2003.

After retiring from the ring in 2007 following a short run on the indie scene, Lita would serve as an ambassador for the WWE and work as a panelist to the Pay-Per-View pre-shows. Recently after five years away from the ring, Lita returned to the squared circle in March as part of a Maryland Championship Wrestling card.

2 Trish Stratus: Motherhood 

Considering her first role in the WWE came under the storyline of T&A, a spot on this list is easily explainable for one of the most decorated and popular female wrestlers of all-time. For over a decade, Stratus worked to develop herself from a piece of eye candy into a well deserving member of the WWE Hall of Fame. During her run with the company, not only did Stratus wear the Women's Championship belt on seven different occasions, but she also captured the Diva of the Decade award during the 2000s.

While sadly she decided to forgo any appearance in Playboy during the organizations relationship with the magazine during the Attitude Era, Stratus didn't disappoint fans completely, competing in various matches that left her scantily clad. Recently the Canadian beauty has added a second child to her family and continues to enjoy motherhood being happily retired.

1 The Beautiful People: Impact Wrestling/Indie Scene 

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A list like this could not be complete without one of the sexiest trios in wrestling history. As part of the TNA Knockouts Division and the Beautiful People, Angelina Love was one of the hottest female wrestlers during the turn of the decade. A six-time Knockouts Champion, the Canadian beauty has wowed fans with her in ring ability and her well enhanced breasts.

Love's long time tag team partner (and occasional foe) Velvet Sky may not have the wrestling accolades that Love has, but the two-time Knockouts Champion has proven her worth in the ring and on this list (and lets not fail to mention her ample posterior as well).

As with Love, Sky has had a revolving door with Impact Wrestling, often leaving for a short time when her contract expires and joining the independent circuit. The third member of the infamous trio, Madison Rayne is a five-time Knockouts Champ and a two-time Knockouts Tag Team Title holder. The smallest of the trio, but equally as beautiful, Rayne has been a mainstay on the TNA/Impact Wrestling roster since 2009.

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