15 Female Wrestlers You Would NEVER Bring Home

Being a WWE Diva, or Superstar/women's wrestler as they’re now known, can’t be an easy task. Night in and night out these women are subjected to all kinds of abuse and creepy admiration from fans all over the world, but to their credit, they take it all in their stride and use it as fuel to improve their overall performance inside of the squared circle.

However, there’s the odd competitor here and there that makes you stop and think to yourself, “wait, would I actually want my folks to meet her if we were ever going to settle down?” Now obviously 99% of the audience members that are thinking this will never come within 50 feet of these ladies, but still, the point still stands.

You should never judge a book by its cover and we understand that, but when you’ve seen as much of these women as we have across all forms of WWE television then you can make a pretty solid estimation when it comes to their personality outside of the ring. Well, we think so anyway.

A quick disclaimer of sorts – some of these entries will be based around their actual on screen characters, meanwhile others will focus on their persona in every day life as we see it. What can possibly go wrong?

15 Candice Michelle

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Candice Michelle is one of the most beautiful women to ever walk through the doors of WWE and there aren’t too many people that will deny that. She’s strong, sexy and always carried herself with a certain confidence throughout her entire run within the professional wrestling industry. That may all sound a little bit over the top, but let’s just go with it.

Unfortunately if you were ever to take Candice home to meet the family, you just know that your younger sibling would sniff out all of the inappropriate pictures of her lurking around the internet. This includes Playboy, a string of saucy model shoots and even a rumoured softcore movie. Cover your eyes, mum and dad.

14 Nikki Bella

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Nikki Bella is the ultimate professional when it comes to pro wrestling, with her multitude of media appearances helping her to rise up the ranks of WWE. She’s a PR machine and when it comes to her physical attributes, Nikki comes across as a charming woman with a smile that can light up any room she walks into.

But if Total Divas is anything to go by, then things may start to unravel pretty quickly. Nikki has portrayed herself as being whiny and high-strung, and she’s extremely dependent on her other half, John Cena. It’s seems likely that any normal family with half a brain would catch onto that, and when that happens you’d better prepare yourself for some serious lectures.

13 Victoria

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A few months ago we probably would’ve said that Victoria doesn’t belong anywhere near this list. She’s been a success both in and outside of WWE, she started up her own restaurant business, and during the majority of interviews she’s given, the former Women’s Champion comes across as a kind and loving woman.

But then the recent photo leak happened, and all hell broke loose, with some pretty convincing pictures of Victoria getting out onto the web. Now of course that wouldn’t be too much of a problem a decade or two ago, but you just know that word would get out and eventually everyone around town would be talking about it. Plus, and we mean this in the nicest way possible, she does seem a tad intimidating.

12 Dana Brooke

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Dana Brooke is working tooth and nail to try and improve herself as a professional wrestler, and for that she deserves a lot of respect and praise. Coming into the company as a bodybuilder couldn’t have made for an easy transition, especially considering how many talented women were already residing down in NXT.

With that in mind, we do have to bring up the fact that she could probably kick anyone and everyone’s ass who is reading this. Again, that may not be considered an issue to some, but bringing a girl home who is not only extremely loud but could also make any member of your family look as weak as a Mikado stick is worrying.

11 Emma

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In terms of looks and nothing else, Emma has captured the hearts and minds of the WWE Universe on more than one occasion throughout her tenure with the company thus far. Whether it be as a fun-loving babyface or a no nonsense heel, the Australian sensation has proven herself to be an extremely capable competitor.

But then you’ve got the rumours that have been abound when it comes to her attitude backstage. It all stems from the Emmalina character with many stating that Emma didn’t give 100% when it came to the gimmick, which adds up to all of the reports about how difficult she is to work with. If you translate that into a relationship, then you’re going to have yourself some problems.

10 Eva Marie

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Eva Marie represents everything that WWE fans hate, unfortunately for Little Miss All Red Everything. The company has been obsessed with thrusting her into a featured spot ever since she arrived on the scene four years ago, and because of that she seems to have picked up some enemies behind the scenes – if Total Divas is anything to go by, of course.

Sticking with the E! Network show, Eva tends to come across as a bit of a backstabber when it comes to her personal issues. Obviously a TV show doesn’t tell the entire story but that’s all we’ve got to go off, and because of that things could get pretty ugly pretty quickly when it comes to dealing with the in-laws.

9 Nikki Cross

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This one is pretty self-explanatory and it fits into the “character-based entry” that we mentioned at the start of the article. The woman formerly known as Nikki Storm used to be a pretty down to earth chick that you could picture spending the rest of your life with – then she was repackaged down in NXT and literally everything changed.

Nikki Cross is one of those wrestling characters that seems to constantly be on a lethal dose of speed whenever she goes out to the ring, and yet she still manages to wrestle a full-length match without crashing. Unfortunately, she’s not really the kind of girl that will sit around and have a civil conversation at Sunday dinner. Sorry, Nikki.

8 Rosa Mendes

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Let’s just cut right to the chase here – Rosa Mendes is crazy. Sure, she might be a nice enough woman in the real world, but everything we’ve seen seems to indicate that the former Diva is one bad move away from bursting into tears. Some of it may be an act which would be fine, but we aren’t sure where that line begins and ends.

We’ve seen her struggle when it comes to dealing with parents on Total Divas, and we’ve also seen her overreact to pretty much every situation that she finds herself in. Thankfully she seems to have fully recovered from her drug and alcohol issues, but all of the other points we’ve mentioned far outweigh the positives in this instance. Oh, plus there’s the whole Michael Hayes thing – which we hope isn’t true.

7 Summer Rae

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Boy, oh boy, would Summer Rae cause some problems. After years and years of being underutilised, it seems as if Summer has developed something of a chip on her shoulder. Sure, she’s talented and has shown that she can thrive no matter what character she portrays, but is her work in the ring imitating her real life persona?

We believe the answer is yes. Summer comes across as someone who is a naturally bitchy person, and that’s something that’s going to be hard to hide when coming home to meet the family. Obviously there’s always the possibility of us being wrong about this, but the proof is in the pudding and we’ve seen more than enough to convince us of her common traits.

6 Natalya

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Natalya is one of the most talented female wrestlers we’ve ever seen in the WWE. That’s not exactly a surprise given her background in the Hart Dungeon, but it’s still worth talking about because Nattie has been able to adapt across a number of different eras within the women’s division and we probably wouldn’t be where we are today without her.

With that being said – how annoying is she? The woman just doesn’t know when to shut up and her low-pitched voice isn’t even the thing that frustrates us. The main problem is that she constantly talks behind people’s backs and doesn’t seem to feel comfortable unless she’s stirring the pot among her supposed friends.

5 Alicia Fox

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Alicia Fox has always been one of the most underrated members of the women’s roster, and many people don’t know that she’s actually been with the company for over a decade now. Hell, even in today’s landscape she’s making an impact as the woman that seemingly everyone wants to be with over on 205 Live.

But it turns out that she’s a little bit obsessive, especially when it comes to her ex Wade Barrett. The Total Divas "storyline" of sorts made Alicia come across as a bit of a nutter, and throughout the remainder of her time on the show there were points where she seemed like a bit of a bully. That wouldn’t be the nicest thing to bring through the front door now, would it?

4 Kelly Kelly


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Look, from an outsider’s perspective looking in, Kelly Kelly seems like a perfectly fine WWE diva. She’s got the looks, she’s got the personality and she had the determination to constantly improve herself from an in-ring point of view – but as we all know there’s so much more to this former champion’s story than that.

Kelly has been described in the past as something of a “ring rat”, and for those of you who don’t know what that means we encourage you to Google it so that we don’t have to explain it. Whether or not the rumours are true are irrelevant because, as we’ve previously stated, once something is out there for the world to see, there’s no real turning back when it comes to first impressions.

3 Melina

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Melina always had a lot of potential when it comes to her in-ring career with WWE, but fulfilling that was a bit of a problem when you consider how many issues she encountered behind the scenes. Now we aren’t suggesting that was the sole reason for her failure, but when you consider the sources, it seems like a pretty validated theory.

Bringing Melina home to meet your parents would probably lead to a lot of uncertainty and heartache for you in the future, because as we’ve all heard, she tends to look in other directions as opposed to being faithful in a relationship. That may not be a true statement of course, but it’s a rumour that’s been floating around for so long now.

2 Paige

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Where do we even start here? First of all, let it be known that Paige is one of the most talented all-round competitors that WWE have at their disposal right now within the women’s division. She’s proven that over the course of a few years now and because of that, you can never rule her out when it comes to returning to the company.

That being said, her past cannot be ignored with the former Divas Champion experiencing a string of personal issues that would completely rule her out of meeting the folks back home. In addition to this, we’ve already seen her react badly to meeting her boyfriend’s parents on Total Divas. Bummer.

1 Sunny

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Sunny is considered to be the original diva in many senses of the word, with her revolutionary character creating a storm back in the '90s. She was confident, fearless and attracted the attention of viewers all over the world. In some ways, the Divas Revolution began with Sunny – and yet in others she’s one of the biggest problems of all.

Tammy Sytch, which for those of you who don’t know is Sunny’s real name, has led a turbulent life for many years now, and that cannot be ignored. From her stint in the world of adult entertainment to her drug problems, it’s considered a miracle by many that she’s still a member of the WWE Hall of Fame.

Despite this, we sincerely hope she bounces back as we’re sure many members of the WWE Universe do too.

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