15 Fit Wrestlers Who Love Wearing Athleisure Wear

Never let it be said that we here at The Sportster don’t give our readers more of what they prove to us they like. Considering that our previous list of female wrestlers that look fantastic in yoga pants was looked at by so many of you, it made a lot of sense to create a sequel to it. After all, there are so many women in the business today that it was not at all difficult to put together a new group of them that live up to the expectations built up in the previous outing. In fact, there is such an embarrassment of riches here that it seems almost all too easy to populate a list like this one. As such, we poured through photos of the hottest female wrestlers around looking for images of them in yoga pants to bring to you. With all of that in mind, let’s get to the list of fifteen more fit wrestlers who take yoga pants to a whole new level.

In order for someone to be up for possible inclusion on this list, they first and foremost have to be someone that is associated with the wrestling industry. For our purposes, it doesn’t matter if they are known for being an in-ring worker or if they have made a name for themselves for being a manager, interviewer or having any other job within the business. Next, there needs to be a photo of them wearing yoga pants or leggings, and the result needs to be a marvelous thing to see since they look so great. With all of that in mind, let’s get to the list.

15 Natalya

Via Pinterest.com

A member of the famed Hart wrestling family, from the time of her birth Natalya Neidhart has been around the industry in some form or fashion. Continuing in the tradition of her father and uncles, she opted to become a performer in the ring and has managed to stand out for how skilled she is once a match starts. A part of the WWE’s main roster since 2008, as a result, when her time there started the powers that be were largely signing female performers based solely on their looks. Not a part of that group in some ways as she was awesome at her craft coming in, most fans don’t think about how attractive she is first when her name is brought up. That said, she does have it going on and has one heck of a body that looks fantastic in something like yoga pants.

14 Alexa Bliss

Via Twitter.com

Someone that first popped up in NXT as a bubbly cheerleader type, at that time we would never have expected to see the Alexa Bliss that appears on our televisions each week now. Brought up to the main roster in 2016, by then she had remade herself as an angry and egotistical person which is a change in temperament that has done her career well. The current Raw Women’s Champion at the time of this writing, as of yet she is a four-time WWE champion because she has won championship belts as a part of both Raw and Smackdown. One of the smallest people on the WWE payroll today, she stands at only five feet one but you’d never know it by her larger than life personality and how well she fills out whatever she wears.

13 Nikki Bella

Via Instagram.com

Someone that entered the WWE alongside her twin sister through the WWE Divas Search, Nikki Bella and her sister Brie auditioned for that competition together but didn’t make the cut. Given a developmental contract despite that, when they joined the main roster they spent a long time serving as the arm candy of the many Raw celebrity guest general managers. Eventually able to be taken a lot more seriously after she improved immensely from an in-ring standpoint, she will go down in history as the longest-reigning Divas Champion in history. Arguably one of the biggest female stars in the history of the WWE, she is a star which means we’ll see more of her going forward and we can only hope some of that time she is wearing yoga pants.

12 Taya Valkyrie

Via wrestlingforum.com

A wrestler whose career has been on the ascent for several years at this point, Taya Valkyrie has managed to grow her fan base with each passing month it seems. Formerly signed to a WWE developmental contract, sadly that never amounted to much of anything as she was released prior to making her debut on the main roster. However, she was able to find success on her own terms as she performed for several other famous promotions including Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide, Lucha Underground, and Impact Wrestling. Notable for having a very fit body that she is not afraid to show off while in the ring, here we see her in the gym wearing yoga pants that show off how impressive her booty is even from the front.

11 Billie Kay

Via WWE.com

One of the most talented performers in NXT in our opinion, Billie Kay is someone that deserves all the respect in the world for the performances she’s been giving for quite a while now. Teamed with Peyton Royce as a pair that goes by The Iconic Duo, they have really grown into their role and are so good at what they do that we love to hate them. Completely committed to her character, we are very hopeful that when Billie and her pal make the leap to the main roster that they are used as well as they have been while in NXT. Someone that carries herself with a great deal of ego whenever she plays her character, she certainly looks as good as she often claims on TV while wearing pants like these.

10 Summer Rae

Via Twitter.com

A performer that feels like a throwback to the period of time in which the WWE often hired women based solely on their looks, Summer Rae had little to no wrestling experience. Standing out in the current scene, as a result, up until her recent release she was one of the only women on the roster that couldn’t take part in a well put together match without being carried. Still, we think that she had a lot to offer as there is something about her that is extremely easy to hate or at the very least be annoyed by. Someone that easily could have found a career in modeling from the look of things, Summer seems to look good no matter she wears but that is especially true when it comes to yoga pants as you can see.

9 Maryse

Via Twitter.com

From one blonde bombshell to another, this time around we are looking at another woman that has been better known for managing other wrestlers over the last several years. However, unlike our previous entry, Maryse has an extended history of performing in matches and she is a former two-time WWE Divas Champion and won a tournament at one time. Seen of late serving as the chief alley of The Miz after several years away from WWE TV, she has done wonders for his character and also managed to turn herself into a major star again as well. Someone that for a long time had one of the most sultry social media accounts in the business, she routinely posted shots of herself looking seductive like this one of her wearing tight pants.

8 Maria Kanellis

Via pinterest.com

Someone that first entered the wrestling world during the 2004 WWE Divas Search, she did not take home the crown but remained a part of their roster for an extended period after that. Eventually leaving in 2010, once she was free to do her own thing she managed to get a lot of attention for her character work in Ring of Honor, New Japan, and Impact Wrestling among other companies. Brought back to the WWE alongside her real-life husband in 2017, as of yet this run has been a disappointment as they’ve been given very little of note to do. Taking a selfie of herself while wearing yoga pants in this image, she looks stunning as they hug her hips and her midriff is exposed.

7 Paige

Via taringa.net

Someone whose career seemingly has gone from being defined by her in-ring work to now having to focus on her playing a management role, Paige’s life has taken a number of turns of late. Arguably one of the most talented female wrestlers the WWE ever hired and near the top no matter what gender, she is a former Champion in both NXT and the WWE main roster. Forced to step away from the ring when she badly hurt her neck in 2016, she made her return in late 2017 only to have the carpet pulled out from under her based on a rumored career ending injury. Still as stunning as ever when she makes her way to the ring you’d never know that her body is anything but stunning, especially when she wears something as revealing as yoga pants.

6 Liv Morgan

Via Imgur.com

Someone that very recently was brought up to the main roster as a part of the Smackdown roster at the time of this writing, many people were surprised to see Liv Morgan make that leap. Given a developmental contract by the WWE in 2014, she had been under their tutelage for quite a while but she had yet to be really focused on even in NXT. Now a part of a threesome of villainous ladies alongside Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan, we’re hoping that their run will be more successful than it has been at the time of this writing. Someone that is great at standing out in any group in part because of how beautiful she is, if she looks as good in the ring as she does in this shot we could easily see her rise to the top of the WWE.

5 Santana Garrett

Via pholder.com

A wrestler that we are really hopeful is given more of a chance by the WWE in the very near future, it is clear that Santana Garrett has been on their radar for some time now but they’ve yet to sign her. Previously seen working for other companies like Impact Wrestling, Shine, and far too many more to list here, she has improved consistently and was pretty darn good to start with. Brought in by the people in charge of NXT several times, she faced people like Asuka, Emma, and Billie Kay and then was a part of the WWE Network tournament the Mae Young Classic. Often seen with a big smile on her face and a positive attitude, she deserves to be so happy considering she is great at her craft and has made her body into a thing of true beauty.

4 Zelina Vega

Via Instagram.com

By far one of the most important people on the current NXT roster if you ask us, even though she isn’t seen in matches at the time of this writing, Zelina Vega has made herself imperative to a major act. Previously a part of TNA’s roster before they changed their name to Impact Wrestling, under the name Rosita she was a part of the faction Mexican America during her run. Largely absent from the television scene for five years, she eventually made her name to WWE where she now serves as the manager of the current NXT champion Andrade "Cien" Almas. Able to take him from a lesser act to the top of that roster, she seems to be excellent at whatever she does and that very much includes wearing yoga pants as you can tell in a photo like this one.

3 Tessa Blanchard

Via Reddit.com

Someone that was born into the wrestling industry, Tessa Blanchard is the daughter of the Four Horsemen Tully, step-daughter of Magnum T.A,, and granddaughter of Joe Blanchard. Blessed with an incredibly impressive pedigree like that, she seems as though she was born to find success which is why we’re not surprised she has worked for Shine and Lucha Underground. Of course, she likely has her eye on WWE stardom above all else and she is on her way as she has shown up in NXT in the past and was a part of the Mae Young Classic just like Santana. Someone that very obviously works hard on her body and is proud of it for good reason, she seems happy to show off what she is working with and wearing yoga pants is a great way to do just that.

2 Giorgia “GiGi” Piscina

Via Instagram.com

Something of a unique entity on this list, as far as we can tell Giorgia “GiGi” Piscina has never had any kind of substantial run with any wrestling company throughout her life. As a result, you may be wondering who the heck she is and why she qualifies for a list like this one and if that is the case we’re not going to leave you in the dark any longer. A contestant in the most recent edition of the WWE “reality” competition show Tough Enough, GiGi ended up coming in sixth place and many fans hoped she would get a developmental contract. While that hasn’t happened and is unlikely to at this point, she still made her mark on viewers of that show through her hard work and incredible looks including her derriere that looks amazing here.

1 Lana

Via Twitter.com

Nicknamed the Ravishing Russian during her time in the WWE, the woman that goes by the name Lana on Smackdown these days has a history as an actress, dancer, and singer. Signed by the company in 2013, she is one of a select few people that have been used as a manager on the main roster over the last couple of decades, which says a lot. Most associated with the man she would go on to marry in real-life, Rusev, she has also been used alongside other acts in the past like Tamina Snuka and Dolph Ziggler. Also a former model at a different time in her career, it is clear that she knows how to make herself look absolutely bewitching on film. A feat that is made all the easier when she has on clothes that accentuate how appealing to the eye she is, this kind of workout wear shows off her curves to perfection.

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