15 Fit Wrestlers Who Take Yoga Pants To A Whole New Level

If there is one thing that any regular viewer of the wrestling industry will likely be able to tell you it is this, the industry is image obsessed and that is especially true when it comes to the WWE. As a result, the business is filled to the gills with attractive people, many of whom are women that are likely to drive those that are attracted to ladies crazy.

As a piece of clothing that has taken the world by storm over the last several years, yoga pants are worn increasingly and there are a few main reasons that is the case. First, they are said to be comfortable by many of those that wear them, and they are extremely practical for exercise and other daily tasks. On top of that, they look glorious on many people, and all of us know that. Realizing this is what inspired us to put together this list of 15 fit wrestlers who take yoga pants to a whole new level.

In order for someone to be up for possible inclusion on this list, they first and foremost have to be someone that is associated with the wrestling industry. For our purposes, it doesn’t matter if they are known for being an in-ring worker or if they have made a name for themselves for being a manager, interviewer or having any other job within the business. Next, there needs to be a photo of them wearing yoga pants or leggings, and the result needs to be a marvelous thing to see since they look so great. With all of that in mind, let’s get to the list.


15 Mandy Rose

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Introduced to the wrestling fandom when she became a competitor in the most recent iteration of their “reality” show Tough Enough, Amanda "Mandy Rose" Saccomanno ended up in second place among the women. Signed to a contract nevertheless, she would go on to see more success with the company than the actual winner, as she would make sporadic appearances on NXT TV. Very recently brought onto the main roster at the time of this writing, she now teams with Paige and Sonya Deville, a pair of women that were also a part of her Tough Enough season in different ways. As Mandy is the very definition of a buxom blonde, there is little debate whether or not her looks have helped push her career forward, and a photo of her like this one that shows her amazing curves will show you why.

14 Emma

via wrestlingforum.com

From one beautiful blonde to another, we’re going from someone that just joined the WWE’s main roster to someone that had just been fired by WWE. Known simply as Emma throughout her time working for them, Tenille Dashwood seemed like she should have found success several times, but was never able to find the right character as a part of Raw or SmackDown. However, fans of NXT know how much they missed out as her fan-favorite dancing character could be fun, but when she remade herself as a devious villain, it was highly entertaining. At one time poised to be called Emmalina, her planned character was a throwback to the type of female characters that were popular during the height of the Attitude Era. A shot like this one shows why we were shocked that Emma's Emmalina gimmick never made it to TV, since tight clothes do her body good.

13 Brandi Rhodes

Via Instagram.com

A former employee of the WWE, Brandi Rhodes spent the majority of her time there serving as a ring announcer, and she seemed like a great fit for that role. The real-life wife of Cody Runnels, a man who has also gone by names like Stardust, Cody Rhodes, or simply his first name over his career, it seems she was determined to join him as an in-ring grappler. A member of the legendary Rhodes wrestling family by marriage, we can understand that impulse, but after seeing her feeble attempts while she was employed by TNA, it is clear she needs more training. However, as a former model, there is one thing that she is quite good at, and that's looking amazing in photos. This shot she uploaded on her Instagram proves that fact, and how well designed for yoga pants she is.

12 Peyton Royce

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Signed to a WWE contract in 2015, it seems hard to believe that Peyton Royce has only been under their employ for a couple of years, as she has become an integral part of their roster. Currently appearing as a part of NXT where she teams with fellow Australian Billie Kay, there is nobody that fans seem to want to see get called up more than this talented pair, which is known as The Iconic Duo. Perfectly cast as an egotistical villain alongside her partner in crime, the amount of chemistry and charisma they exhibit whenever they make their way to the ring is fantastic, to say the least. However, this image of her alongside another gorgeous gal proves that she would look fantastic alongside pretty much anyone, especially while wearing the right kind of pants.

11 Brie Bella

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Signed to a WWE contract after trying out for Tough Enough alongside her twin sister Nikki, Brie Bella would spend some time as the arm candy of the celebrity guest hosts that were a staple of Raw for far too long. Finally given a chance to do a little bit more, one of her first real storylines put her in the orbit of Daniel Bryan, and the two of them would soon fall in love for real, and then create a family together. As she was given her share of opportunities to compete in the ring, she found success as she won the Divas Championship and was, together with Nikki, at one point the center of WWE's Divas Division. Now semi-retired and starring in the company’s “reality” shows Total Divas and Total Bellas, Brie can still be seen looking good in a variety of fashionable outfits, including a pair of yoga pants she matched with one of her husband's "Yes!" shirts.

10 Trish Stratus

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Arguably the greatest female wrestler in the history of the business, when the WWE first singed Trish Stratus to a contract there wasn’t any indication that that would be the case. Starting out as a valet for a tag team, she came to the ring in revealing clothes and did little else, but once she started to compete from time to time, she dedicated herself to learning the craft of wrestling. After winning WWE's Women’s Championship seven times, she turned out to be so good and accomplished that she would be inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2013, and was also named the “Diva of the Decade”. Currently retired from the business, she now runs a business based on her expertise in yoga, so it only makes sense that she would look amazing in that form of exercise’s signature kind of clothing.

9 Bayley

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Bayley has risen as high as a wrestler can rise, but has also seen herself miscast and misused as well, hence her apparent unpopularity with a lot of fans these days. One of the most popular parts of the NXT roster for an extended period of time, her hug-loving persona was one of the most lovable in all of wrestling. For some time, it seemed like she easily could become one of the biggest draws in the business. But once she made the leap to the main roster, things went downhill for her, as Vince McMahon didn't seem to see her appeal. That is a real shame since she has already won the Raw Women’s Championship and that would have been a crowning moment if they had used her properly up to that point. Seen entering a venue in this image, a random fan likely took this shot and we’re appreciative as it provides a view of her impressive rear end we can’t get enough of.


8 Eva Marie

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Hired by the WWE to star in their “reality” show Total Divas, at that time Eva Marie had absolutely no in-ring experience and if you ask a lot of fans, based on her skill level, it seemed like that never changed. No longer employed by the company as of earlier this year, it will be interesting to see how fans will look back on her career in the future. Currently, there are probably a lot of people that presume that she will be seen as being terrible at working in the ring, but we question if that is the case. We think that she could be looked at in more rosy terms if she does end up finding mainstream success, which is her stated desire. One thing is clear, however, no matter where her career goes, she sure can make a piece of clothing sing, as evidenced by a shot of her like this one.

7 Cathy Kelley

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Cathy Kelley is someone that we need to see on WWE television a whole lot more than we do today. She was hired by WWE last year, but has yet to become a big part of their product. An experienced entertainment personality that seems to be made from a very similar mold as the one that created Renee Young, we really hope that she finds a similar level of success. After all, she has a great energy and presence for television and on top of that, she has a proven track record of actually liking wrestling which is something fellow fans can sense about her. Wearing her geek credibility on her head in this image, some may notice that right off the hop, but she looks so good in those pants that it took us a while to come to that realization.

6 Allie

Via YouTube.com

A member of the Impact Wrestling roster for a while now, the woman that goes by the name Allie now first appeared for them in 2013. Quite possibly the most beloved member of their roster today, her character is comparable to that of Bayley from her time in NXT where she was at her best. A doe-eyed innocent that wants to make friends and be kind to those around her, at times her character has found herself dominated by others who are more domineering. As a result, those times that she stood up for herself and pushed back have caused the audience to erupt in happiness. Because she is able to come across as immature, that is shocking since her body is likely to give those that view it risque thoughts, especially while she wears yoga pants that show off her incredible hips and booty.

5 Kaitlyn

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An often forgotten WWE Alumni, those that follow Kaitlyn on social media are probably shocked that anyone would look past her contributions. Her run took place after the Attitude Era and before the current women's revolution, and that was a part of an era in which the WWE’s women’s roster was ill-defined, with creative only caring about a female performer’s look. These days dedicating herself to a whole new business venture, she has turned her body into the perfect vehicle for the fitness clothing company she launched. If you’re not sure what we mean because you haven’t been paying attention to what she has been up to, then we present to you a perfect image to prove our point. Wearing pants that show off how huge her booty has become, we can only imagine how much work she puts into it looking this impressive.

4 Naomi

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We’re just going to say it, when Naomi debuted on the main WWE roster as one of Brodus Clay’s “Funkadactyls” it seemed like an incredible waste of her talents. One of the most athletically gifted women we’ve ever seen enter the wrestling business, let alone in the whole sports world, she’d already proven how talented she was on the competition version of NXT. Recently having two runs with the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship, she has become one of the most popular members of their roster and has finally lived up to her original potential. An absolutely gorgeous woman with one of the most stunning figures out there, we love checking out much of her body, but in this image of her in yoga pants, looking past her bottom seems impossible.

3 Catrina

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Another former WWE employee that went on to bigger and better things after asking for her release, we’re betting that company regrets missing out on the woman that is now known as Catrina. Formerly going by the name Maxine while working for the McMahons and company, we totally understand why she departed, as they didn’t seem to know how to use her. She's been seen as a part of the Lucha Underground roster over the last several years, and at times their heavyweight championship scene had largely focused on her character. On top of that, even when that hasn’t been the case, people know something big is about to go down whenever she makes an appearance. As someone that is absolutely known for her physical appeal, this shot of her dressed in grey form-fitting clothes is likely to drive any viewer wild.

2 Brooke “Tessmacher” Adams

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Brooke Adams, aka Miss Tessmacher, is someone we are shocked that the powers that be in the WWE didn’t see a lot more in. After all, she had, and still has the looks that the company was looking for at the time. Appearing alongside Kelly Kelly and Layla El in pretty much all of her appearances on WWE television, they came to the ring and danced for the ECW audience in a concept similar to the Nitro Girls from years earlier. Departing from the company in late 2007, it wasn’t too long before she was hired by TNA, where she would become a serviceable wrestler and four-time Knockouts Champion. Possessing one of the most impressive figures we’ve ever seen, Brooke is renowned for having one of the most incredible derrieres out there, and if you are looking for proof of why that is, you need look no further.

1 Sasha Banks

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Sasha Banks is another example of a WWE women’s wrestler who has failed to show the same brilliance on the main roster that fans of NXT were already familiar with. But we still hope to see huge things out of her. A former four-time Raw Women’s Champion at the time of this writing, that may seem impressive on the face of things, but once she wins a title she seems utterly incapable of holding onto it. Furthermore, her character work has been less impressive for anyone that remembers moments like when she made a little girl in the crowd named Izzy cry when she as an NXT villain. Still, her appeal is still clear, as she has committed to her character as written, and because she is an exquisitely beautiful woman, of course. This shot of her in WWE branded clothing reveals just how much more glorious she looks while wearing a pair of yoga pants.


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