15 Foley Family Photos They Want Us To Unsee

From Mick to Noelle, you’ll see a reoccurring theme throughout the article of photos the family wants us to unsee. In terms of Mick content in the article, we’ll take a look at some of his most reckless and brutal moments he’ll want us to unsee. However, we’ll water down those moments and follow them up with some eye pleasing photos of Noelle, some of which the family will want us to forget about because they might be a little too revealing and not so family friendly.

Along with the steamy and hardcore photos, we’ll close out the article with a controversial photo that seems to be making the IWC rounds as of late. The picture features a lady holding a sign making serious claims against Mick. We’ll dive into the details of that photo a little later in the article.

From Mick holding his daughter’s hand after the brutal HIAC match to Noelle looking smoking in Halloween attire, these are photos the family likely wants us to unsee. Enjoy and like always, be sure to pass the article along to a friend. We begin with Mick’s 1999 Royal Rumble bout and his family’s reaction to the match.

15 Colette & The Kids (’99 Royal Rumble Reaction)

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Just before this event took place, Mick was riding an all-time high capturing the WWE Championship from his same adversary of the night, The Rock. The title change sparked the Monday Night Wars as Raw took a huge leap in the ratings, particularly because WCW spoiled the title change, leading to millions of fans changing the channel and tuning in to watch Mick’s epic win.

Well, that was the good and this match shortly after, was the bad. Regarded as the most barbaric and cringe match in WWE history, the scenes between Mick Foley and The Rock during the I Quit match were truly horrifying. Making matters worse, Colette, Mick’s wife along with their two kids Noelle and Dewey were both on hand to witness the “Not So PG” brutality. It’s a moment in time both the Foley family and the WWE will want us to unsee.

14 Swimsuit Fun With Noelle

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From “Not So PG” brutality in the ring, to some “Not So PG” beauty outside of it, Noelle has made her name be known amongst the masses in large part, thanks to her incredible looks. It’s pretty baffling that Mick created such a human being which only adds to the intrigue of it all.

Without a doubt, Mick won’t be happy with such pictures of his daughter making the rounds online, though in truth, this is quite tame compared to other photos she’s posted on various social media platforms. Selling her image seems to be working as not only do her social media numbers continue to grown, but she's also a sought after figure at various conventions both wrestling and non-wrestling.

13 Mick’s Busted Ear

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Throughout his pro wrestling career, Foley has dealt with various injuries that have carried over throughout his entire life. Perhaps the worst one can argue took place early on in his career when Foley legit saw half of his ear get ripped off, just thinking off the freak accident makes us want to vomit but the incident was much worse.

Mick lost a part of his ear in what looked like an innocent exchange with Vader from back in the day. Vader gave Mick a shot in the ear, causing a chunk to get ripped off. The ref actually grabbed the ear part and gave it to an official who then brought it to the back. Ric Flair was backstage and recalls the ear looking like an uncooked piece of chicken.

12 Noelle & Her Boyfriend

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As evidenced by the reality show Holy Foley, the family wasn’t very thrilled with Noelle dating Frank and when we say the family, we mean Mick specifically. Frank was not only not the most suitable in the look department, but he was also living life banking on his gimmick of being a clown. Not a very stable career for someone Foley expected to take care of his daughter.

The backlash would ensue on social media as many have taken shots at Noelle’s boyfriend for the glaring differences between the two. Noelle doesn’t seem to be all that affected as despite their ups and downs, the two remain together nowadays. Mick likely wishes we can unsee the entire relationship but unfortunately, the damage is already done with a slew of “Not So PG” couple pics of the two.

11 Broken Mick With Noelle (After The HIAC Match)

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We said earlier that the Royal Rumble match was likely the most brutal and barbaric in WWE history, though you can argue this one was just as bad. Without a doubt, this encounter was not only the greatest Hell in a Cell match ever, but it’s also regarded as one of the most memorable in the history of the Attitude Era.

Usually, the type of match sees one risky high spot, though on that night, going off-script, we got to see two. Mick being launched threw a table from on top of the cell was planned, however, breaking through the cell and crashing into the ring was not. ‘Taker himself recalls thinking that Foley was dead following the incident. The scene of his teeth lodged in his nose is something we’ll never forget. The aftermath as you see in the photo above wasn’t so glamorous and pretty dark. Mick looks like a bloody mess as his concerned little daughter at the time Noelle watches on.

10 Noelle On Halloween

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The Foley’s are a wacky bunch and the family has some days on the calendar they are most fond of and some would say, even obsessed with. Mick for example, loves Christmas, so much so that he has his own Christmas themed room that he keeps year round. One can only imagine how far he takes things once the holiday comes around.

It turns out, the obsession might run in the family as Noelle is a huge advocate for dressing up on Halloween and judging by her past “Not So PG” costumes, fans aren’t objecting one bit. Whether it was her Princess Leia costume, that had a “Not SO PG” twist or the steamy cosplay themed wardrobe in the photo above, in all likelihood, these are photos father Mick likely isn’t too fond of. For what’s it’s worth, she looked smoking once again this Halloween season rocking some steamy Nikki Bella ring gear.

9 Mick’s “Not So PG” TNA Days

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As many have in the past, Foley grew frustrated with the WWE’s creative department, for that reason, his contract was allowed to expire and he would take his talents to TNA, a decision he likely regrets similarly to other legends like Ric Flair. In fact, many tend to forget that Foley wrestled with TNA to start with. Not only was he an active performer, but he was also the World Champion at one point in time.

The sad truth about his run with Impact is that he was still putting his body on the line in more brutal matches, something he shouldn’t have been doing at that point. From losing blood in multiple matches which included bouts against Abyss to even getting a fireball in his face, all the “Not So PG” moments from TNA were not only tough to watch but in general, moments he’ll want us to unsee for the simple fact that they took place outside of the WWE.

8 Noelle In Her Calvins

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If you haven’t noticed by know, were using an effective theme in this article using barbaric Mick Foley “Not So PG” moments and watering them down with pics that follow featuring the lovely Noelle in some skimpy attire such as the photo above. Cause like seriously speaking, who wants to see 15 pics of Mick alone in hardcore and barbaric activities. If you raised your hand, reevaluate things going on in your life...

This is another smoking shot of Noelle and one of the first photos to go viral. When most fans of Noelle think of her steamier photos, the Calvin ones are usually the first images that come to mind for most. As for Mick, we hope he didn’t see such photos for his own well being. Seeing the pics would be the equivalent of taking a steel chair shot straight in the head from The Rock... Okay, not really but you get it.

7 Mick & The Flaming Table

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From Noelle in her wonderful Calvin gear to Mick getting speared through a flaming table, yup, this isn’t your most conventional photo article folks but hey, we’re quite wacky here on The Sportster and we truly wouldn’t have it any other way!

Looking back, this was yet another unnecessary spot that Mick took later on in his career. Looking at the damage his body went through, this one was not all that necessary. The bump took place at WrestleMania 22 and you won’t see anything similar in the near future with a family friendly WWE product nowadays. Foley took on real-life best friend Edge, which likely facilitated the spot. Foley went crashing through the fiery table and lost the match. It’s yet another brutal moment the WWE and likely Mick himself want us to unsee.

6 Noelle’s First WWE Appearance

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Okay, stick with us for a second here, we understand this isn’t a “Not So PG” photo of Noelle but we promise we’ll get to more of those to finish off the list. Instead, this photo is simply one the Foley family will want us to unsee, due to the fact that it was her WWE on-screen debut, in such a marginal role. Noelle was taking part in a WWE Shop spot alongside her dad playing the role of an Elf. Without a doubt, the Foley family likely visualized a different type of debut for their daughter.

She would end up getting the proper exposure during the WWE Network’s Holy Foley, as the reality serious was mainly based on Noelle trying to get a WWE contract. Unfortunately, she fell short of the goal and it remains to be soon is she’ll pursue another career instead, or give pro wrestling another try.

5 The Match That Never Took Place

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Like the entry above, this really isn’t a “Not So PG” photo, however, it is a memory that Foley wants to forget about, as it signaled the end of his storied career for good. At the 2012 edition of SummerSlam, Foley was set to take part in a marquee matchup on the night taking on Dean Ambrose in what could have been a dream match for hardcore enthusiasts. Instead, Mick was not medically cleared for the match and did not get an approval from the doctors. This not only caused the cancellation of the match, but Mick announced his professional retirement from the ring as well.

A little later, in January of the next year, Foley was announced as an inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame. Although the moment and realization of his career coming to an end was tough, the HOF entry made things a lot easier for the hardcore legend.

4 Noelle’s Instagram Game

As promised, we continue with the “Not So PG” photos featuring Noelle. For this picture, we dug through her steamy Instagram profile, one that Mick would likely wants us to unsee, or at least more than half of the photos featured. The photo above was a recent shot showcasing Noelle’s mesmerizing cleavage that’ll leave you lost for days. The photo garnered some interest with close to 50K likes and we don’t blame her supporters for double tapping such a glorious picture.

As for what’s next with Noelle, that remains to be seen. For now, she continues to excel selling her image via multiple sharing platforms. She even recently launched a new YouTube channel that has gather 35K subscribers. Of course, the bikini inspired thumbnails are the most clicked.

3 Backstage After The Royal Rumble

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Not only was the Rumble match hard to watch on-screen as is, but we also got a sneak peak as to what went on backstage following the match due to the Beyond the Mat documentary cameras rolling. The Foley family was in absolute shock assisting Mick in the backstage area. The “Not So PG” photo above is a harsh reality as two what the wrestling business was like back in the 90s.

According to rumors, Mick wasn’t too thrilled with the match, even claiming Rock took liberties with him, taking some brutal unprotected chair shots. Foley would end up getting his revenge reclaiming the WWE Title during an Empty Arena match which took place during the half-time of the Super Bowl. Despite reclaiming his title, there’s no denying the brutal memory of such a match and this picture perfectly depicts that.

2 The Swimsuit Photoshoot

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We saved the best, or for Mick, the worst for last. Noelle has a slew of smoking hot pics from selfies to candid photos of nights out to pics like the one you see above, professionally taken in bikini gear and water, an ideal mix. The shoot is by far one of the steamiest and if you don’t believe us, go see for yourselves as Noelle looks as steamy as any WWE Diva on the current roster.

As we eluded to earlier in the article, the fans are receptive to Noelle and her Instagram following is a big example of that with 770K. If she continues at this rate, she’ll be hitting the one million in no time. Continue with such “Not So PG” photos, and you’ll get there Noelle! Somewhere out there Mick is pulling a dirty sock out of pants and getting ready to stuff in our mouths!

1 The Recent Mick Foley Controversy

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Mick Foley recently underwent a bit of controversy during a book signing in the Pennsylvania area. Mick was hosting a meet and greet, promoting his children’s books. However, one Angel Amoroso rained on his parade wanting those attending the event to know that Foley was an abuser. She even shot a clip to her Facebook page outside of the event explaining her intentions; the video came across like a scripted promo more than anything else.

According to Amoroso, the sign basically states her intentions as she makes the claim that Mick had intercourse with her when she was 15. The Foley family hasn’t addressed the situation and it seems likely they won’t at any point. Without a doubt, it’s a situation Mick wants us to forget about and unsee.

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