15 Forgotten 90s Wrestlers: Where Are They Now?

The 90s was the era for wrestling which brought back legitimacy and popularity in a sport which had been rocked earlier by the revelation that everything is “scripted” when WWE’s Chairman Vince McMahon confessed so in court. Be it the beginning of the Monday Night Wars which made for some of the best entertainment product of the time, or the inflow of some amazing wrestling into the product because of solid booking and more talents willing to join the profession of wresting, the wrestling promotions found new ground in the 90’s when people were more willing to divulge into something different than the regular American sports.

Wrestling found some popularity starting from the 80’s which hosted the first ever WrestleMania and the infamous Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant match-up along with more businessmen buying into small promotions to compete with the rising WWE. Also there was a major inflow of talent coming in the 90’s, as many got inspired by the events of the earlier decade to try their hand in wrestling which was becoming more popular by the day. And with so many wrestling promotions gathering ground, as McMahon’s WWE, Jim Cornette’s WCW and Paul Heyman’s ECW all got their own fans who expected the absolute best from the workers.

Many wresters were groomed and trained by these promotions in an attempt at making their own “superstars” and because of the strong booking and less restrictions to the product at the time, many wrestlers excelled at getting popular while some became icons as well. On the other hand, many others who found success in that decade would fall from grace after the turn of the century, as they would soon be forgotten by the wrestling community. These wrestlers would have to look for work in low-key promotions or go for others career options, as they seemed to diminish along with the 90s.


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2 Cold Scorpio was probably one of the most hard-working guys in the sport during his time, as he became a prominent mid-carder of the 90’s having stints at all three of WWE, WCW and ECW. 2 Cold Scorpio would step into the American wrestling scene through WCW where he tagged with Ron Simmons and won the WCW Tag Team Titles with Buff Bagwell. He wouldn’t excel as a singles competitor there and soon moved to ECW to look for a singles run. His entertaining gimmick and ability to pull of crazy moves (including a stunning 450 Splash) encouraged Heyman to give him four reigns as ECW Television Champion, but he couldn’t move to the very top. So he went to the WWE when they came calling, which would prove to be disastrous as he was given an awful gimmick of “Flash Funk” and later became a member of the “J.O.B Squad”.


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After stints at the top wrestling promotions of the time, 2 Cold Scorpio would have to look into other places and ended up in Pro Wrestling Noah where he kept his place as a strong mid-carder, winning their Hardcore and Tag Team Championships. As years passed by, Scorpio’s reputation would come to no avail as no top promotion wanted to sign him and he had to look around for work in the low-key indy promotions. His drug-abuse problem was another demon which held him back, as he mostly gets called back for ECW Reunion dates and finds some work because of his ECW friends’ help. Scorpio recently appeared in Colt Cabana’s “Art of Wrestling” podcast where he mentioned to grasp up any opportunity which comes his way in the form of wrestling, but nobody really wants a washed-up star like him.


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Ahmed Johnson might be remembered by some as this intimidating mid-carder in the 90’s WWE where he became the first African-American Intercontinental Champion after defeating Goldust for the title. This pitched his uprise into main event status as he often tagged with hot-shot Shawn Michaels to defeat and was also in line for a WWE Championship match at Summer Slam, but kidney problems got him sidelined and forced him to vacate his title. He later returned to feud with The Nation of Domination before joining “The New Nation” with Kama Mustafa, D’Lo Brown and Farooq. He was later let go after the stable disbanded and joined WCW for a short stint where he feuded with The Harlem Heat and eventually formed “Harlem Heat 2000” with Steve Ray. He was later released for overweight issues.


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After being released by WCW, Johnson stayed away from wrestling before returning to wrestle in the indy circuit. He wrestled his final match in a tag team match, teaming with Monty Brown to face the team of Sabu and Gangrel. Johnson started working for Booker T and Stevie Ray’s Pro Wrestling Alliance wrestling school. Johnson also went back to college to get a degree in criminology from Huston-Tillotson University and now lives a happy life in Houston, Texas and doesn’t really want to return to the wrestling circuit anymore.


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Haku was amongst the first wrestlers from the Samoan dynasty to really excel in the wrestling circuit, as he was a brute force to be reckoned with in his hey-days. He would challenge the greatest of stars in his first stint at the WWE, where he showed an intimidating nature anyone could shudder at. During the 90’s he moved to WCW where he was named as Meng where he was this heel destruction machine for the authority. He even went on to face Goldberg for the WCW Heavyweight Title which he lost, but pushed Goldberg the longest that anyone ever had. He later on started taking down Ric Flair’s enemies and even went onto win the WCW Hardcore Championship.


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With the turn of the century, Haku returned to the WWE in 2001 in the Royal Rumble match. He would later team with Rikishi but that would be short-lived because of Rikishi’s injury. Haku would later leave the WWE and go into the indy circuit where he would work short dates because of his age. He would work limited dates for promotions like World Xtreme Wrestling, Ring of Honor in the next decade or so, while working at a Toyota dealership on the side. In January 2016, Haku made a surprise return to New Japan Pro Wrestling, taking part in a match in their Wrestle Kingdom 10 pre-show. He would later wrestle a match alongside his son Alipate’s Bullet Club stable in a ten man tag-team match. In spite of being almost 60 years old, Haku still gives his everything for the entertainment of wrestling and keeps an intimidating nature to his character.


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Marty Jannetty found fame alongside “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels during their time as part of The Rockers who were undoubtedly one of the most entertaining tag teams of the 90’s WWE. The Rockers would never win any tag team titles, but after his return to the WWE from injury, Jannetty would go on to win the Intercontinental Title from Shawn Michaels in 1993. He would later go on to win the Tag Team Titles with the 1-2-3 Kid but that would be the end of his fame. Marty would again be released by the WWE because of some legal problems, and he would go on to wrestle for ECW. He would face the ECW Heavyweight Champion Shane Douglas in his debut match and challenge in some other title matches during his short stint at the ECW. Another return to the WWE would prove to be futile, as he would have to move back to the indy circuit.


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After getting released by the WWE again, Jannetty would go on to work for some indy promotions, including Jimmy Hart’s XWF promotion before getting another call from the WWE. This time he’d return in a “One Night Only” reunion of The Rockers, before going on to lose to Kurt Angle on Smackdown. He was awarded another WWE contract, but wasn’t used as a wrestler because of his personal problems. Jannetty was used as a tool by Mr. McMahon to get to Shawn Michaels, as he was tormented by Mr. McMahon for a while. He was given a contract to “work with young talent” as in the later years his relationship with the company was pretty topsy-turvy and he got to wrestle a few matches before being permanently fired. In 2011, Jannetty would go on to join Chikara and debuted by accompanying The Young Bucks. He would later reunite with the 1-2-3 Kid in the promotion and they would challenge the Young Bucks for the Chikara Tag Titles in a losing effort. Jannetty currently works with the promotion as a trainer to hone the inexperienced wrestlers and got a short lived fame some months back when he ranted on Stephanie McMahon for demeaning him on a segment of RAW.


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Marc Mero would debut in the WWE alongside his then wife Sable after having a successful career in WCW where he won the WCW TV Title thrice. Mero would almost instantly go on to win the vacant Intercontinental Championship. After an injury, he would return as “Marvelous” Marc Mero who would feud with Sable and want her out of the company. He defeated Sable in a match which resulted in her leaving the company for a while, as he would now hire Jacqueline as his manager who would interfere in many matches to get him to win them. He would leave the company with Sable in 1999 after some problems with management, and after this Mero could never properly return to wrestling because of injuries as he made sporadic appearances in wrestling events before officially retiring in 2006.


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After retiring from wrestling in 2006, Mero would go onto opening the Marc Mero Body Slam Training Institute which he would also operate in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Mero would then deal with his drug problems head on and take a different career path on to becoming a motivational speaker and in 2007 he created his own non-profit organization called Champion of Choices. This organization aims to help young students with anti-bullying, substance abuse and suicide prevention as he uses his own experience to make for a better life for these children. His motivational speaking is quite successful, as he goes on to do it for many schools and is the self-proclaimed “Happiest Person on the Planet” who transitioned onto this line of work very quickly.


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Charles Wright had quite the rollercoaster ride to find the right gimmick for himself after joining the WWE. After a failed Sir Charles gimmick, he was given the gimmick of a voodoo witch doctor Papa Shango who was infamous for putting a curse on the Ultimate Warrior and was later voted as the “Worst Gimmick” of the year. He would return to the WWE as Kama, before joining The Nation of Domination where he found quite a lot of success. This time triggered a singles run for him as The Godfather for which he’s infamous for bringing his “hoe’s” to the ringside. The Godfather was by far his most entertaining gimmick, as his time in Right to Censor felt bland in comparison to it. His gimmick wasn’t liked that much by officials who let him go in 2002 and he briefly retired from wrestling.


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The Godfather would continue to have a healthy relationship with the WWE, as he would make sporadic appearances in the years to come. He would arrive at various marriage ceremonies in the shows to appear with his “Ho Train” and disrupt everything. He teamed with D’Lo Brown in 2007 to wrestle for the first time after retiring in 2002 in a local indy event. The Godfather was a surprise entrant in the 2013 Royal Rumble, but was immediately eliminated by Dolph Ziggler. Meanwhile he also worked various shows and tours in the indy circuit, also bringing back his Papa Shango character. The Godfather was inducted into the 2016 Hall of Fame and appears in some WWE Network shows like “Swerved”. On the side, he also manages his own strip club Cheetah’s in Las Vegas where he now resides in and lives like the character he was in the WWE.


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Justin Credible is mostly known for his impressive time at ECW, where he went onto have success with his athletic style and hard-hitting maneuvers. Credible would although be signed by the WWE in the early 90s, as he worked mostly as a jobber before being signed up permanently. He was given the name of Aldo Montoya as “The Portuguese Man O’ War” and managed to pick up some upset victories over the likes of Irwin R. Schyster and Jerry “The King” Lawler. He asked for his release because of his jobber status and was granted so, in terms that he wouldn’t join WCW. So he went onto join Paul Heyman’s ECW, where he tagged with former trainer Lance Storm calling themselves “The Impact Players” as they went onto win the ECW Tag Titles twice. His impressive performances led him to win the ECW World Title but dropped it months later. Credible would continue to headline ECW in its dying days, sticking with the promotion which gave him his fame almost till its last breath.


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As ECW was sinking further down its hole, Credible returned back to the WWE with the turn of the century, immediately forming a stable with X-Pac and Albert known as “The X-Factor”. Credible then sided with Heyman to join The Alliance, and was on the B-Shows before the Alliance lost to Team WWE. After that, Credible did manage to win the Hardcore Championship 8 times in his career, but was featured on shows like “Heat” and mostly jobbing in RAW shows. He was released by the WWE and went onto wrestle for ROH and TNA in the next years, while also working in the Indy circuit. Credible returned for a short stint at WWE in 2006 to put over their ECW Brand. He would later go onto wrestle for “Pro Wrestling Syndicate” as well as appearing for ECW-based reunions in the later years. Credible was inducted in the New England Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2009, as he would go onto wrestle for some events for TNA as well as Chikara in the next years. Credible wrestled his last match against Tommy Dreamer at a Pro Wrestling Syndicate Event last year, and insists that he’s happy with life after retirement and continues to appear in Wrestling events, confessing that he can’t let go of his love that easily.



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Known as the “Mexican Hulk Hogan”, Konnan saw immense popularity in the 90’s where he was a vocal part of the uprise of WCW as a solid mid-carder as well as a prominent member of the NWO. He would first try his luck at the WWE who hired him because of his growing popularity as one of the top rising talents, as they hired him with much anticipation and then completely ruined him by giving him an awful gimmick of a cyborg who would shoot sparkles into the crowd. Konnan was given many characters and names in his WWE and each one failed miserably, leading him to be released. He rejoined the WCW in 1996 where he impressed everyone by winning the US Title soon after joining, and then would shoot into fame by joining the NWO. Known as “K-Dog” during his time, he would go onto win the WCW Television Championship and later side with NWO Wolfpac. He would later also be a part of “The Filthy Animals” with Rey Mysterio as they won the WCW Tag Team Titles together. Konnan would be seldomly used as horrible booking took over WCW, and would leave soon after.



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After leaving WCW, Konnan would go onto wrestle for many promotions before joining TNA in 2002. He would later create a crew with B.G James and Ron Killings known as “3Live Kru” as they won the vacant NWA World Tag Team Championship together. This stable would be together for quite a bit inspite of some topsy-turvy turns, before Konnan went onto creating “The Latin American Xchange” with Apollo and Homicide. This heel stable would ambush and dominate other stables in the promotion, as LAX would go onto exchange the Tag Titles back and forth with other teams. But a bitter ending came to his TNA career as they didn’t support him as he was diagnosed with cancer and needed to go with a hip replacement surgery, as he left TNA for AAA after it. Konnan would help AAA reach new levels and would take control of things soon enough, becoming the manager of their top stable “La Legion Extranjera” as well as having a creative hand in the production of it. Konnan would also go onto join Lucha Underground in 2014 and appeared as the manager of Prince Puma in the first episode, as well as introducing more exciting talent to the promotion. In February 2016, Konnan stated that he lost his creative position in AAA but still works as a consultant, but is definitely a vocal cord for both AAA and LU, helping them grow in stature.



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Gangrel couldn’t really make it to the wrestling business before he was given the vampire gimmick in his second stint at the WWE, as the freedom to show this terrifying character had him get over with the raunchier fans at the time. Gangrel would go onto form The Brood with Edge and Christian, a gothic faction who would give their opponents “blood-baths” after the matches as Gangrel would drink blood himself. They temporarily joined Undertaker’s Ministry of Darkness, but Gangrel couldn’t really make it as a singles competitor. After splitting with The Ministry, The Brood would be back together until Gangrel turned on them and allied with Jeff and Matt Hardy, calling themselves The New Brood. This whole thing got stale after a point of time and Gangrel couldn’t make it as a singles guy, and was let go because of weight issues.


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After being released by the WWE, Gangrel would return on many occasions to wrestle on some events, but couldn’t manage to return full time because of his weight issues. He continued to work for a bunch of indy promotions, mostly with his vampire gimmick which still has some fans of it. Apart from wrestling and appearing in various promotions’ events and conventions, Gangrel also signed a deal to direct 12 pornographic films for New Porn Order. His debut film was named Miami Rump Shakerz 2. Gangrel appeared in last year’s Hall of Fame ceremony to show support for good friend Rikishi, and appeared on an episode of The Edge and Christian Show That Totally Reeks of Awesomeness. He continues to travel around the world and offers his services to a variety of independent wrestling promotions.


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Named as the “Lethal Weapon”, Steve Blackman was quite the terrorizing superstar in his hey-day as he had the hard-hitting style of wrestling which made for a very intimidating character. His feud with Ken Shamrock got him over and cemented him as this destructive heel who had a lot of legitimacy to his moves. Blackman later went on to form a team with Al Snow called the Head Cheese which didn’t really survive that long and had a very weird gimmick to it. He later joined the Hardcore Division and went on to win the Hardcore Championship (which had the 24x7 defending rule) six times in his career and also put on some memorable matches in the meantime as well. After the hardcore division was slowly winded up, Blackman would be released from the WWE.


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Blackman went on a different route after getting released by the WWE, as he went onto open a self-defense school in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania called BlackmanMMA where he would be teaching jujitsu and wrestling. Blackman would form a partnership with fellow former wrestler Ken Shamrock to promote a clothing line for professional fighters called “Ground ‘n’ Pound gear”. Blackman now features his own MMA classes and has hosted various MMA events in Harrisburg, with the events being a part of the Pennsylvania Fighting Championship (PFC). Blackman also works as a bail bondsman in the Pennsylvania area as a day job, with his MMA training being a periodic one.


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Shane Douglas wasn’t given the name of “Franchise” easily, as he was the heart and soul of ECW for a very long time. Douglas called himself “The Franchise” under his first gimmick in ECW where he was an arrogant, foul-mouthed villain. This got him over with creative with creative as he won the NWA Heavyweight Title and threw it down to replace it with the ECW Heavyweight Title. This got him quite a lot off buzz and got WWE interested in him as he went there for a failed term, only to return to his “extreme” home a year later. He was immediately pushed into the main event scene as he feuded with ECW Champion Raven, but would fail to capture the title. He did win the ECW TV title twice in quick succession but soon his relation with Paul Heyman got sour and resulted in him leaving again, this time for good. He arrived at WCW where he feuded with Ric Flair, but this stint wouldn’t be successful for him as the popularity he had in ECW wasn’t to be replicated anywhere else.


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After WCW folded up, Douglas went on to have stints at Xtreme Pro Wrestling as well as for Total Non-Stop Action (TNA). Later on as he would have many “hardcore” matches in some sporadic appearances in the promotion. He also returned to NWA territory in 2009. On the side, Douglas was now a promotor for Xtreme Pro Wrestling and was responsible for moving it from California to Philadelphia. Douglas also promoted and booked “Hardcore Homecoming”, a series of ECW reunions with Jeremy Borash where he would bring back ECW alumni and the violence for the crowd. In 2014, Douglas stated in an interview that he had partnered with a wealthy investor and was looking into creating a new wrestling promotion. While not wrestling, Douglas also does a bit of motivational speaking on the side as he is one of the forgotten “originals” of ECW who is trying to keep the fire of that product alive to this day.


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Also popularity known as Sycho Sid during his career, Sid Vicious would be an extremely intimidating powerhouse during his time in wrestling and had successful stints at both WWE and WCW during the Monday Night Wars. It was during his time as an ally of Shawn Michaels as Sycho Sid that he properly got over with the crowd, as he was a vicious heel who found cheers when he won his first WWE Championship from the Heartbreak Kid. He would later lose it back to Michaels who would forfeit the title claiming an injury, as Vicious would win the vacant championship for the 2nd time. Vicious would be in the main-event scene for quite some time and defended his WWE Championship against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 13, losing it because of Bret Hart’s interference. Sid would leave the company after disputes, and wrestle a bit for ECW before going back to WCW. He won his only US Championship during this time and saw his career being cut short because of a horrific injury in a match, forcing him to formally retire.


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Sid had to go under intense rehabilitation while recovering from that injury, but managed to make appearances as World Wrestling All Star’s commissionaire promoting the brand in their Australia tour. Sid would come back to wrestling in 2004 appearing in Canada based Internet Wrestling Syndicate. He would also appear in Memphis Wrestling in 2007 and started to appear in other independent events. Sid would also appear in some films after his time at WWE and WCW as he appeared in two films in 2011, Death from Above and River of Darkness with other wrestlers. He also appeared in CBS’ reality show Big Brother 14 to cheer on his son Frank (who was a competitor in it) and talk about their relationship. Sid also returned to WWE in 2012 in a match against Heath Slater, crushing him. He would also later return in RAW’s “1000th” episode helping Lita take down Slater. But Sid is barely remembered by fans nowadays, as his psychotic mannerisms were only good while they lasted in the 90’s.


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Ken Shamrock came into the WWE with a strong knowledge of Mixed-Martial Arts and the ability to bring legitimacy to a fight. Labelled as “The World’s Most Dangerous Man”, Shamrock was built to destroy and went on to crush through the mightiest of opponents including Vader and members of The Hart Dynasty. He even challenged Shawn Michaels for the WWE Championship, but lost it because of a DQ after being attacked by Triple H and Chyna. He later went on to feud with The Nation of Domination and even won King of the Ring. A prominent turn came to his career when he became a heel again to join Mr. McMahon’s “Corporation” being the security for him. During this, he won the Intercontinental Title and Tag Titles, and later would go on to have a feud with Undertaker’s Ministry of Darkness. He went on to have his last matches against Steve Blackman in a “Lion’s Den Weapon’s Match” and Chris Jericho before leaving the company to focus on his UFC Career.


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Shamrock would indeed return to the UFC Octagon, and try to challenge for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship against Tito Ortiz. But he’d go on to lose the match, revealing that he was fighting with a torn ACL. Shamrock then became one of the first inductees into the UFC Hall of Fame in 2003 and would continue to compete after recovering from his ACL surgery. Shamrock was announced to be a coach of UFC season three which he did poorly, and in the later years continue to have re-matches against Ortiz. He continued with MMA with other promotions in the years to come, before debuting for Bellator MMA in 2015 as he continues to fight for them.


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Val Venis was given his gimmick of a seductive porn star to get the attention of the ladies who loved him doing his thing with towel before each match. Venis would debut to instantly have an affair with Yamaguchi-San’s(leader of The Kaientai Stable) wife. This almost led him to being castrated by a sword, as he was saved by “a little shrinkage” and his friend John Wayne Bobbitt. He would go onto have affairs with other wrestler’s on-screen wives, feuding with Dustin Runnels(Goldust) after showing him his new porn movie with Terri Runnels. Val would then have a short team run with The Godfather known as “Supply and Demand” before he went onto feud with Ken Shamrock after Val made a film called “Shaving Ryan’s Privates”. This was entertaining enough to get Val over towards the end of the Attitude era, as he won the Intercontinental Championship from Ken. He would later go onto win the European Championship as well and was over for quite a long time, as a solid mid-carder who attracted quite the audience.


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But the turn of the century wasn’t kind of Val, as his character was completely changed as he became a member of the “Right To Censor” stable, where he became a censorship based character which was the complete opposite to his former one. Things would start to go down for him, and even a return of his original gimmick wouldn’t save him from it. He would become Eric Bischoff’s assistant and also win the World Tag Team Titles with Lance Storm, but his relevance would wear off with each passing year. Val would pair up with superstars to create odd-ball tag teams but would continue to be a part of WWE programming till 2009, when he was released after completing a decade of being in the WWE. After his release, Val would go on various tours in New Japan Pro Wrestling and Hulk Hogan’s “Hulkamania: Let the Battle Begin”. Val also worked for TNA for about a year as an adult film producer. Val returned to Canada to wrestle for Championship Wrestling International for a bit. Personally, Venis is an advocate for the legalization of cannabis, and runs his own marijuana business “Health for Life”, a marijuana dispensary in Mesa, Arizona.


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D’Lo Brown had quite the emphatic debut in the WWE, as he was introduced as a member of Farooq’s “The Nation of Domination” stable which would dominate the WWE for quite sometime. D’Lo would transition out of the stable very well to become a solid mid-carder who had quite the charisma and technical skills to back it up, as he went onto win the European Championship and Intercontinental Championship, becoming one of the rare wrestlers to have held both the titles simultaneously. Things started to go down for him as he botched a move to badly injure wrestler Droz and this effected his momentum. Brown mostly went onto create short-lived, oddball tag teams with other wrestlers and was mostly a part of “Heat” and B-Shows with turn of the century. He would get a last run when he was managed by Teddy Long as part of Long’s group “Thuggin’ and Buggin’ ” and went undefeated for many weeks, before being kicked out by Teddy who replaced him with Rodney Mack. D’Lo would then be released by the company.


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D’Lo found himself having short stints in various promotions after his release from the WWE, including short stints at TNA and All Japan Pro Wrestling before returning for an even shorter one in WWE in 2006. In 2009, D’Lo would debut for Ring of Honor and wrestle a few matches in the promotion, before having a short run in Chikara where he participated in the 2009 King of Trios Tournament. Later, he went onto wrestle for promotions like Pro Wrestling Noah and Pro Wrestling Syndicate, before rejoining TNA as their lead agent and was responsible for looking after their talent developmental program and acquisitions. D’Lo returned to TNA TV in 2013, where he revealed himself as the Vice President of the Aces & Eights stable and wrestled an I Quit match against Kurt Angle which he lost, and was later let go off by TNA. After being released, he returned to All Japan Pro Wrestling where he continued to wrestle for the rest of the year. D’Lo continues to wrestle on limited dates nowadays, as he held a weekly class for “Future Stars of Wrestling” a year back. He is also a Certified Public Accountant(CPA) and has something to fall back on after wrestling, but his love for the sport doesn’t allow him to let go of it.



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