15 Forgotten Members Of The nWo: Where Are They Now?

The Attitude Era remains the most talked about and viewed period in the history of modern professional wrestling. It was largely spurned by the dramatic uptick in competition that took place when WCW came to play and for the first time in its history took the WWE down a peg becoming the top dog in the industry. That dramatic shift was largely started by the creation of the nWo, a faction the likes of which wrestling fans had never seen before. However, the group ballooned into an unwieldy mass of performers and arguably had a hand in the eventual selling of the company. We aren’t saying that anyone who put on the black and white T-shirt deserves the blame; it is simply because it became so big that it could no longer be perceived in the same ground-breaking manner.

While men like Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Syxx-Pac, Eric Bischoff, Scott Steiner, and Randy Savage, are typically associated with the group but many former members are largely forgotten. For this list, we will be looking at some of those lesser remembered members and what they are up to now. For the purpose of this list, anyone who was a part of any version of the long-lasting group could’ve been included here.

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15 The Disciple

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The man once known as Brutus Beefcake has been closely associated with Hulk Hogan for the majority of his wrestling career. Teaming with him several times in the WWE, it made perfect sense that he eventually made his way to WCW and join his friend as a member of the nWo. Rechristened The Disciple, he became the bodyguard of Hollywood Hogan while completely remaking his look by wearing dark sunglasses, biker attire and growing a beard. Eventually turning on him when he was brainwashed by The Ultimate Warrior, he was the only other member of Warrior’s short-lived OWN group.

Remaining close to Hogan for several years afterwards, he served as a coach on his pal’s reality show Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling and took part in his Hulkamania: Let the Battle Begin tour. Unfortunately, their relationship seems to have taken a nasty turn as he allegedly began to sell photos supposedly signed by Hogan which caused a massive rift between the two. A manager of a Planet Fitness for a while, he made noise in the last year after claiming that he may be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year, something that clearly never took place.

14 The Great Muta

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If you follow the Japanese wrestling world closely it may seem silly that we included The Great Muta, the second leader of nWo Japan, on this list but his time in North America was forgettable. A true legend of the sport whose ground-breaking style and colourful persona made him stand out wherever he went, any attempt to chronicle his career here would go on for paragraphs on end. Suffice it to say, he was inducted into the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame, which is harder to get into than the more publicized WWE Hall, and he totally deserves it. The only active wrestler we included on this list, as his Keiji Mutoh persona, he is one of the current holders of the Wrestle-1 F-1 Tag Team Champions alongside Kannazuki. An absolute legend of the business, there is no telling when this fifty-three-year-old will pack it in and retire but we do know that when he does he should rest easy considering his impressive career.

13 Scott Norton

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Considering how big men like The Giant (known as The Big Show today), Scott Steiner, Brian Adams and other former nWo members are, it is impressive that Scott Norton is arguably the most intimidating looking. Built about as solid as anybody possibly could be, he mostly seemed to serve a background role in the North American version of the group but became a much bigger star as part of nWo Japan. Splitting his time before the two countries at the time, he eventually would favour New Japan where he would win the coveted IWGP Heavyweight Championship twice. One of many men who worked in the squared circle that decided to write a book, alongside one of his fans, we can’t wait for it to be released. In the meantime, he spends his time working on his golf game, watching sports and spending time with his wife.

12 Ron and Don Harris

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Members of the black and silver version of the group, known as nWo 2000, this pair of massive twin brothers served as the muscle for the striped down version of the faction. Standing aside more famous members like Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner, and Scott Hall, they largely would have gone unnoticed if huge guys in suits were impossible to ignore. Winning the WCW World Tag Team Championships on three separate occasions, they remained with the company until it was bought out by the WWE. Providing TNA Impact Wrestling with security for some time now, they are also officers in the company Aroluxe out of Nashville that reportedly is now part owners of the company. While Billy Corgan has recently taken on a leadership role in TNA, there was a time when they were rumoured to be in the running to buy out the company but that may no longer be in the cards. Either way, they still have a part to play in the future of the company.

11 April Hunter

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One of several “nWo girls” who served as valets for the silver and black nWo 2000 version of the group, April mostly provided the group with eye candy despite an obvious passion for the industry. Trained to wrestle after she left WCW, it is a shame she hasn’t received the opportunity to show off her skills on a mainstream level but she has managed to make a name for herself never the less. A former champion in eleven different companies, including World Xtreme Wrestling and Jersey All Pro Wrestling, she is respected enough that the indie company WSU inducted her into their Hall of Fame. Describing herself as a Killer Kowalski Trained Pro Wrestler, Writer, Playboy Pinup, Nutrition Expert, and Film Fan, she also recently revealed that she has gone back to school to learn TV and movie writing.

10 Vincent

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A long-standing member of the nWo who mostly accompanied other wrestlers to the ring before becoming a member of the b squad after the group imploded and reformed, Vincent is easy to forget. Remembered best by many for the fact that he took on a name was a clear shot at WWE head honcho Vince McMahon, he never made a huge impact on the stable. Very notable online today, he has become something of an internet legend, willing to appear pretty much anywhere to get a buck out of his former fans. After teaching math classes, he became the subject of a notorious website, lonelyvirgil.com, where a seemingly never-ending series of photos of him at appearances hoping someone will buy his wares while alone are uploaded.

9 Major Gunns

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Another one of the “nWo girls” who accompanied the silver and black nWo 2000 version of the group, Major Gunns, otherwise known as Tylene Buck, managed to move past the group. A member of the Misfits in Action stable led by the former Hugh Morrus, known as General Rection at the time, she provided the group with some sex appeal. Betraying her comrades and leader by making him lose his WCW United States Championship to Lance Storm, she became a member of his group Team Canada. Released by the company just prior to when it was sold to the WWE, she would go on to work for the company Xtreme Pro Wrestling for a few years before undergoing a change of career. Joining the adult entertainment business, she has appeared in a handful of pornographic films and now works regularly as a cam girl.

8 Horace Hogan

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The nephew of nWo leader Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Horace seemed to be added to the group because of his familial relationship above all else. Joining up at the height of the era in which the faction split into its Wolfpac and Hollywood incarnations, he unsurprisingly sided with his uncle and would remain a member until Hulk left, including a run in the B-team. Teaming with The Hulkster yet again when he feuded with Billy Kidman and The New Blood, he eventually turned on him joining the upstart faction but would depart when Russo defamed his uncle. Brought into WWE developmental briefly in 2002, he didn’t last too long before being released and after a short time in the indies, he took his career in another direction. Working in the construction industry for a while, he now works with his wife for a company in Florida.

7 David Flair

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From one family member of a wrestling legend to another, David Flair had an oft-forgotten and incredibly brief run in the nWo. Turning on his father and joining up with his hated enemies, they would show their appreciation for his loyalty to them by forcibly kicking him out of the group the following month. Sticking around in the company for a shockingly long time afterward, David would go on to win the United States Heavyweight Championship and Tag Team Championship with Crowbar. Also forming alliances with the likes of Daffney, Vince Russo, Stacy Keibler, and others, he had a pretty notable run. Brought into WWE developmental in 2001, his only appearance on the company’s main roster television product took place when Undertaker beat him down to get at his father. Leaving the business in the mid-2000s, he now manages a company called The Seal Wire Company that is owned by his mother and is happy according to his father.

6 Michael Wallstreet

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Someone who is most renowned for his tenure in the WWE as I.R.S., one of the company’s most on the nose characters, which is saying something, Michael Wallstreet also wore black and white briefly. Joining up in December of 1996, he and Big Bubba Rogers, the man best known as the Big Bossman were ejected from the group in April of the following year. After briefly reforming the Varsity Club to little fanfare, he left the company and is most associated with the business today through his sons who are current WWE superstars, Bo Dallas and Bray Wyatt. Someone who was fortunate enough to receive a backstage role in the WWE, he has had the unique joy of being present as his kids achieve success in the business he paved a path for them in.

5 Midajah

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The final one of the “nWo girls” who accompanied the black and silver nWo 2000 incarnation of the group on this list, of all of them Midajah had the longest tenure with the group. Continuing to serve as the valet and “chief freak” for “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner until the company closed down, she stood by his side as he became a world champion for the first time. Also present when he joined Ric Flair’s villainous Magnificent Seven group, she remained loyal right up to the last episode of Nitro where he dropped the world title to Booker T. Remaining active in the indies for a couple of years, including working for World Wrestling All-Stars where she managed Scott Steiner yet again, she attempted to learn the in-ring portion before leaving the business entirely. Acting in a handful of films, including Bubble Boy and Date Movie, she has since become a make-up artist in Hollywood and a personal trainer.

4 Stevie Ray

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One-half of the legendary tag team Harlem Heat with his brother and WWE Hall of Famer Booker T., Stevie Ray was one of many men to turn on his partner in order to join the nWo. Siding with nWo Hollywood during their feud with the Wolfpac, when the two sides of the faction came back together Stevie was relegated to the B Team before winning official leadership of the secondary group. Briefly reuniting with his brother before once again turning on him and bringing in the former Ahmed Johnson into outnumber him, he would lose that feud before becoming a commentator. Founding a wrestling school with his brother, he has recently tried his hand at several jobs. A radio host, actor, co-manager of a hip-hop group, on top of being the president of a motorcycle club, he seems to be a jack of all trades.

3 Torrie Wilson

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Another very short-lived member of the nWo, Torrie joined alongside David Flair and was kicked out at the same time as him. Meeting her future husband Billy Kidman while working for WCW, she managed him and Shane Douglas before the WWE bought out the company and brought her in. Working for the WWE between 2001 and 2008, she would also manage several wrestlers in the WWE, including Tajiri, Billy Kidman, and Carlito, and got in the ring several times herself over the years. Retiring from the business, she began a very high profile relationship with famed Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez between 2011 and 2015. Living a life mostly outside of the spotlight today, she has garnered some attention for the incredible shape she is in today which is clear as she has become a fitness model and competitor.

2 Lex Luger

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When the nWo split into two factions, it was abundantly clear that it was the Wolfpac that was meant to be the good guys. Made up of Kevin Nash, Randy Savage, Konnan, Sting, and Lex Luger, they were arguably the most beloved group the company had seen in years and received big reactions wherever they went. Of course, this was WCW so that had to come to an end far too quickly and it did when the two sides of the nWo reformed and the formerly popular members either became villains or left. Lex opted to do the former until it was disbanded and continued to work for WCW until it was bought out by the WWE.

Eventually making scattered appearances in TNA and on the indies, his life took a turn when he suffered some personal tragedies. First, his girlfriend, Miss Elizabeth, died while they lived together and then he suffered a series of medical setbacks, including nerve impingements and strokes. Spending extended periods in a wheelchair or using crutches and canes, he now looks dramatically thinner than he did during his wrestling career. Working on a non-profit with Nikita Koloff called the World Wrestling Outreach, he also reportedly counsels WWE superstars on nutrition, health, and exercise as part of the wellness policy.

1 Disco Inferno

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Disco Inferno may just be the most unlikely person to ever become a member of the nWo but despite that he was actually a part of the “Elite” version of the group. Accompanying the likes of Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, his tenure was hilarious but relatively un-noteworthy. Going on to play a part in other WCW groups like The Boogie Knights and Filthy Animals, he was present when the company was bought out by the WWE but they were uninterested in his services. After wrestling for the World Wrestling All-Stars and TNA, where he performed for several years, he no longer relies on wrestling in-ring for his main source of income. A bouncer at clubs in Las Vegas, he is also a podcast co-host today as part of Chris Jericho’s podcast network and a regular on Vince Russo’s show on Podcast One.

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