15 Forgotten Members Of Your Favorite WCW Stables

When looking back at the legacy of WCW, wrestling fans remember the company fondly with both positive and negative memories. WWE often showcases their worst moments and have every right to do so since Vince McMahon won the Monday Night Wars in the most dramatic of fashions by purchasing WCW. However, there are many great things the company did that have at one point in time that has been forgotten over time and during the course of history being re-written in the landscape of pro wrestling. WCW was the home of several great wrestling factions. Some are remembered among the greatest groups in wrestling history and others just provided short term entertainment.

Like with all factions, there were the leaders, strong contributors and the forgotten members. Everyone thinks of Hulk Hogan with the New World Order and Ric Flair with The Four Horsemen. Other members like Kevin Nash and Scott Hall for the nWo or Arn Anderson with The Four Horsemen are also remembered for their contributions to the groups. The story was the same for other factions in the company like The Dangerous Alliance, Filthy Animals and Natural Born Thrillers. Some names are tied to their work in the factions.

However, there happens to be a few that just are forgotten for their time and efforts in the same group. We’ll look at those with the fifteen wrestlers forgotten members from your favorite WCW stables.

15 Curt Hennig (nWo)


The New World Order dominated WCW and the entire landscape of pro wrestling during their hottest years between 1996 to 1998. Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash were the original trio adding legitimacy to the invasion angle. Shortly after that, the group consistently added wrestlers to the point where it grew far too large. One wrestling legend to join the nWo and make a lackluster impact was the late, great Curt Hennig. Formerly known as Mr. Perfect in the WWE, Hennig initially joined The Four Horsemen in WCW before turning on them for the nWo.

14 Sid Vicious (Four Horsemen)


It is uncommon for one of the largest and most physically intimidating men of a stable to get lost in the shuffle, but that is exactly what went down with Sid Vicious. The big man joined the legendary Four Horsemen stable, as WCW saw huge potential in Sid and figured that working with some of the best in the sport would be beneficial to all involved. This incarnation of The Four Horsemen saw Sid join Ric Flair, Arn Anderson and Barry Windham.

13 Torrie Wilson (nWo)


Torrie Wilson earned a job in WCW by attending a show and getting a trip backstage as a fan. Kevin Nash and others saw Wilson as a potential star and convinced her to sign with the company. The introduction of Wilson featured the New World Order hiring her to seduce David Flair and have him turn on his father. David and Torrie were romantic interests on television for months as members of the nWo elite.

The second generation Flair proved wrestling talent wasn’t hereditary and struggled to get over with the fans. Wilson was by far more entertaining with a brighter future ahead of her, but no one could see it due to the association to the hapless David. Torrie started to make her name in the wrestling industry when she split from the nWo and aligned herself with Billy Kidman.

12 Reno (The Natural Born Thrillers)


WCW attempted a last ditch effort at a youth movement in the last year of WCW’s existence. Their developmental program known as the Power Plant trained students with potential in hopes of getting them on television. Some of their brightest talents would be introduced together as The Natural Born Thrillers. Sean O’Haire, Chuck Palumbo, Mark Jindrak and Shawn Stasiak were the primary members of the group. Mike Sanders served as the mouthpiece speaking for the stable.

11 Juventud Guerrera (The Filthy Animals)


The Filthy Animals were an underrated faction in the history of WCW. They were clearly never at the level of the New World Order or The Four Horsemen but provided a great deal of entertainment. The original group consisted of Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman and Torrie Wilson. WCW would eventually change the group after losing Guerrero. Konnan, Disco Inferno and Tygress all joined the faction in a new version that seemed to be similar to D-Generation X with childish antics and pranks.

10 Brian Adams (nWo)


Brian Adams had a good stint in the WWE during the early 90s as Crush. Adams’ look and size made him standout as the WWE loved his type of look during that time-frame. WWE let him go in the mid-90s and he took the big leap over to WCW like a variety of other performers. WCW allowed him to wrestle under his real name, but booked him lazily for his entire run.

9 Elix Skipper (Team Canada)

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WCW ripped off the WWE on several occasions during the Monday Night Wars. WWE achieved huge success with Bret Hart leading The Hart Foundation as an anti-American faction. They became the most hated villains on WWE television any time they performed in the United States. WCW tried to imitate it a couple years later with their Team Canada faction. Lance Storm started the group and cut promos ripping the American fans for what the country represented.

8 Steve "Mongo" McMichael (The Four Horsemen)


The Four Horsemen became associated with greatness for years and many fans believe they are the greatest wrestling faction of all time. WCW’s booking of them in the late 90s hurt that chapter for the group however. Ric Flair, Arn Anderson and Chris Benoit were a great top three in 1996, but the group needed a fourth man. Former NFL stars Steve "Mongo" McMichael and Kevin Greene teamed in an attraction match against Flair and Anderson.

7 Bobby Eaton (The Dangerous Alliance)


WCW was home to an absolutely loaded faction in the early 90s. Paul Heyman was known as Paul E. Dangerously at the time and led The Dangerous Alliance. His microphone skills and managing expertise allowed him the opportunity to have his own faction and it paid off. Almost all members of the faction went on to have legendary careers proving once again why Heyman is viewed as a visionary.

6 The Great Muta (nWo)


WCW had a good relationship with New Japan for many years that allowed talent to work for both promotions. The Great Muta was the biggest star to come over to WCW and had a few noteworthy stints working in the United States. Eric Bischoff had the idea of expanding the New World Order in an attempt of making the faction global. Muta joined the nWo in WCW and served as a member of nWo’s Japanese faction in New Japan.

5 Evan Karagias (3 Count)


One of the final noteworthy character revamps in WCW saw the debut of the faction 3 Count. The late 90s featured boy bands dominating the music world with the likes of NSYNC, Backstreet Boys and 98 Degrees at the top of the pop charts. WCW decided to use that to their advantage by making a trio of wrestlers adopt a boy band gimmick knowing the wrestling fans would hate them.

Evan Karagias, Shannon Moore and Shane Helms worked together to perform dance numbers before matches. They would provide far more entertainment during the segments than with their actual in-ring wrestling. The trio only had noteworthy matches in the final few months of WCW.

4 Disco Inferno (nWo)


You know the New World Order added way too many members when you find out Disco Inferno joined the group. Disco was primarily an enhancement talent known for his comedic antics and losing to the faces of the roster. The split of the nWo into two factions saw Inferno try to join the nWo Wolfpac and continuously get shut down by Kevin Nash. Disco finally joined the group when Nash and Hulk Hogan merged both nWo factions to form the nWo elite.

3 Jamie Noble (The Jung Dragons)


Jamie Noble is a highly respected performer for his body of work in the WWE. Everyone remembers him as the redneck trailer park heel in the cruiserweight division trying to make money to support his girlfriend Nidia. Noble actually spent time with WCW during the company’s final months. The Jung Dragons saw Noble work under the name of Jamie-San along with Kaz Hayashi and Yang (Jimmy Wang Yang) in tag matches against 3 Count. They were led by manager Leia Meow.

WCW wanted the group to be performers with Asian roots. All of them were aside from Noble. This led to Jamie-San having to work under a dark mask to hide his face. The matches between the Jung Dragons and 3 Count are still beloved today for their excellence. Very few watching it back have any idea Noble were one of the Dragons unless they looked it up beforehand.

2 Paul Roma (The Four Horsemen)


The Four Horsemen were the symbol of excellence for a long time in WCW. Ric Flair led the legendary group with Arn Anderson always being wrestling's most credible right hand man. The other members of the group often rotated. Barry Windham, Ole Anderson and Chris Benoit were among the better choices that fit in well. One member clearly stood out as the worst ever to hold a spot in the group and that would be Paul Roma.

Following a lackluster career in the WWE, Roma came over to WCW and instantly received a spot in the Four Horsemen. WCW loved the look of Roma, so his inclusion in the relevant faction was meant to give him credibility with the fan base.

1 Ted DiBiase (nWo)


Everyone recalls the first members of the New World Order being Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan. The three officially formed when Hogan turned heel and completely changed the wrestling industry. Fans often forget about who the fourth member was. Ted DiBiase signed with WCW after his WWE contract ended and they introduced him with the perfect character. The former wealthy character of DiBiase from the WWE continued with him being the financial benefactor for the nWo.

DiBiase could no longer wrestle due to an injury but had an outstanding character along with great mic skills. It seemed like a perfect fit with him belonging in the nWo.

DiBiase's tenure ended shortly, as Eric Bischoff decided to become part of the group. Bischoff booked himself to be the guy pulling the strings in favor of the nWo as a non-wrestler. This negated DiBiase's purpose and Bischoff basically took his place. Instead of being a noteworthy chapter in New World Order history, DiBiase is now just a forgotten member of the faction.

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15 Forgotten Members Of Your Favorite WCW Stables