15 Forgotten Members Of Your Favorite Wrestling Stables

The popularity of factions in wrestling has remained consistent through the decades as long as the groups bring the entertainment. There’s just something cool about multiple talented wrestlers all working together as one. WCW is still most remembered for their success that came thanks to the New World Order dominating the program. Ric Flair’s iconic career is beloved, but his time as the leader of the Four Horsemen may be his biggest accomplishment. A recent WWE live event in Madison Square ended with fans chanting for a reunion of The Shield likely forcing the company to have Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose team going forward.

Basically, a great faction will always be remembered and celebrated by the diehard wrestling fan. Not all members of a group will have an equal legacy however. Only one or two names can be the leaders of a stable, but the purpose is to have everyone contribute and benefit from being in it. That just doesn’t always work out as some performers get lost in the memory of the fans due to not making an impact. We will take a look at those specific names here with fifteen forgotten members of beloved wrestling factions that were generally popular.

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15 Dean Malenko (Four Horsemen)

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The technical wrestling skills of Dean Malenko were way ahead of his time. Malenko delivered many classic matches in WCW but it appeared Ric Flair was the only one impressed with him. Flair picked Malenko as one of the final members of the Four Horsemen during their final incarnation. The in-ring ability of Malenko made him a solid fit given the work rate associated with the group.

WCW was already dying at that point. The New World Order was still dominating the program and it made the once storied Horsemen a lot less important. Eric Bischoff also had personal issues with Flair causing friction between the two. Malenko endured a lot of bad luck to see what could have been his biggest break become an afterthought.

14 Hornswoggle (DX)

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D-Generation X reached their peak in the late 90s but there would be a few other versions through the years. The most recent incarnation of DX featured Hornswoggle joining Shawn Michaels and Triple H to pull pranks on the heel wrestlers in WWE. If Triple H and Michaels being over 40 years old still doing the juvenile jokes wasn’t bad enough, the corny humor of Hornswoggle added to the horrible group.

This was nothing like the DX fans enjoyed in the 90s when young wrestlers looking to make an impact started breaking all the rules. Most fans don’t even remember the antics of the last stand of DX. Hornswoggle usually only participated in comedy segments causing WWE to add him, but no one cared enough to recall his contributions.

13 Chase Owens (Bullet Club)

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The Bullet Club is currently the top faction in all of wrestling. Top names like Finn Balor, AJ Styles and now Kenny Omega have led the group to massive success. The New Japan faction of foreigners wanting to take over the company is the most popular thing in wrestling outside of WWE. Bullet Club merchandise dominates Hot Topic stores right now showing its reach.

NJPW recently ran a couple of United States shows for the first time in many years. One specific Bullet Club member looked out of place. Many social media posts were asking about the identity of one Chase Owens. You never see Owens in matches or segments with Omega, the Young Bucks, Cody Rhodes or the other top Bullet Club members. Owens has a chance to change the perception but he’s on pace to be the most forgettable wrestler ever to join a great faction.

12 Summer Rae (Beautiful Fierce Females)

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The Women’s Revolution in WWE has seen the NXT ladies work their way to the top. Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks are specifically viewed as the biggest stars in the division today. WWE has referenced their past of working together as a team in NXT. However, one person snubbed from this history is Summer Rae.

Summer, Sasha and Charlotte made up the faction known as the Beautiful Fierce Females aka the BFFs. All three women played heels and Summer was actually the leader. Banks was new to the television show with this being her first stint as an actual character. Flair was still extremely new to the business in general. Rae helped them get their personality skills up to the level needed to succeed as the leader. The charisma shown by Summer was quite impressive, but it took place during a time when most fans weren’t watching NXT yet.

11 Hector Guerrero (LAX)

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TNA did not do too many great things but the LAX faction was one of the bright spots. The original group of Homicide, Hernandez and Konnan was the best incarnation as a heel unit. LAX delivered classic matches against A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels in a series that made them a relevant team in the industry. TNA however had issues with Konnan leading to them ending.

The signing of Hector Guerrero gave LAX a new manager at ringside. Guerrero played a face and had significantly less charisma than Konnan did. The entire dynamic changed the faction and it completely fell off. Both Hernandez and especially Homicide suffered from the change. TNA eventually moved Hector solely to a commentary role. The entirety of his time with LAX was lackluster enough to leave the memories of everyone watching the product at the time.

10 1-2-3 Kid (Million Dollar Corporation)

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The Million Dollar Corporation was a much underrated faction in the early 90s. Ted DiBiase suffered a career ending injury and moved into a manager role. This led to the faction of the Million Dollar Corporation being born. Irwin R. Schyster, Bam Bam Bigelow, Tatanka and King Kong Bundy were the main members of the group.

A heel turn saw 1-2-3 Kid (Sean Waltman) join the faction. The character of him being a whiny crybaby allowed him to have DiBiase as his manager. 1-2-3 Kid did not make much of an impact with the group. The Million Dollar Corporation lost their luster during this time frame. It led to the run of 1-2-3 Kid failing to provide many memories for those of us that lived through it.

9 Rhyno (Team ECK)

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The magic trio of Kurt Angle, Edge and Christian created some of the best moments of the Attitude Era. All three wrestlers were extremely talented and showcased their personalities with their segments together. It helped Angle move into a top spot while Edge and Christian were now more than just guys that had good matches. One other member would join this faction towards its end.

Rhyno turned “Team ECK” into “Team RECK” by joining his old pals Edge and Christian along with Angle. They did good work together for a short time before everyone went their separate ways. The 2001 King of the Ring semi-finals featured all four men going at each other with Edge winning it all. Rhyno is not remembered as fondly as the other three but he did benefit from it.

8 Sim Snuka (Legacy)

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WWE had a great idea of putting together their second generation stars into the faction known as Legacy. It was Randy Orton’s first time leading a group and took his career to the next level. Legacy made Orton look like a bigger deal than usual. Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr. both made their names performing as a highly successful tag team.

The group experimented with a few other names but no one else would stick. Sim Snuka is the most forgettable of the members with no contributions at all. WWE tried to push him as Deuce in the Deuce and Domino tag team that also flopped. Snuka’s career completely ended when he failed to catch and protect The Undertaker during a dive at WrestleMania XXV when he was disguised as a camera man. The time with Legacy did nothing for Snuka despite the good intentions.

7 Louie Spicolli (nWo)

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The New World Order is both the most successful faction of all time and the group with the worst additions. Many forgettable wrestlers would join the group but they at least had roles that made them stand out once in a while. Louie Spicolli was one of the most underrated talents in ECW having a great feud with Tommy Dreamer among others.

WCW noticed his talent enough to sign him to a fat contract. Spicolli joined the nWo as the lackey of Scott Hall. His role was specifically to accompany Hall to the ring and take a lot of bumps for him. Spicolli did not get to showcase much of his talent in the popular group. Sadly, he would die about a year after signing with WCW to see his life and career end way too early.

6 Bobby Eaton (The Dangerous Alliance)

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WCW’s version of The Dangerous Alliance had a stacked group of top names. Future Hall of Famers Paul Heyman, Arn Anderson, Steve Austin, Rick Rude, Larry Zbyszko and Madusa all worked together to provide entertainment as an entertaining faction. The one name that doesn’t stand out the same is Bobby Eaton. Don’t get it twisted. Eaton was an incredible in-ring talent that often had superb matches.

The star power of Eaton however was his weakness with a lack of charisma. Eaton just doesn’t have the legacy of the other Dangerous Alliance members and is often forgotten when discussing it. Heyman always had an eye for talent. This was shown with his handpicked members all having legendary careers. Unfortunately, Eaton just couldn’t follow suit due to the all-around talent of everyone else.

5 Bray Wyatt (Nexus)

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Nexus made an impact right away when forming by attacking John Cena, CM Punk and every WWE employee at the ringside area. The shocking moment created attention to WWE that they desperately lacked at the time. Wade Barrett led the way and Nexus was the coolest thing WWE had in many years. The company just didn’t commit to it in the long term and had them lose to John Cena within months.

WWE tried to repackage Nexus under new leadership of CM Punk replacing Barrett. A couple of new wrestlers joined Punk’s version of Nexus including Bray Wyatt. Working under the name of Husky Harris back then, he was basically just one of Punk’s lackeys. Nexus didn’t last much longer which was the best thing for his career. It allowed the character of Bray Wyatt to be born.

4 Crush (Nation of Domination)

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The Nation of Domination is an underrated faction that made an impact on any 90s fan that watched WWE weekly. A stable of primarily black wrestlers speaking against WWE being prejudice against them provided a controversial feel to the show. Ron Simmons and The Rock were the leaders with The Godfather, D’Lo Brown and Mark Henry all benefiting from it as well.

One of the few white wrestlers to join the group was Crush. The WWE veteran started sporting an intimidating biker look after spending some time in prison. WWE decided to add him to the Nation in hopes of giving him credibility going forward with the new look. Crush however struggled to fit in leading to him being removed to start his own Disciples of Apocalypse faction. The D.O.A. flopped badly and no one remembers Crush’s time in the N.O.D.

3 Paul Roma (Four Horsemen)

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The most forgettable moment of the Four Horsemen faction has to be Paul Roma joining. Most of the weaker members like Sid Vicious and Mongo McMichael at least contributed and didn’t look terrible with the other members. Roma however flopped instantly with no one taking him seriously. WCW badly wanted Roma to become a future main eventer based off his look.

Most young wrestlers would have thrived to work with Ric Flair and Arn Anderson. Roma however just couldn’t improve or stand out in the way needed from such an important faction. The time spent with the Four Horsemen did nothing for Roma’s career and he hurt the group by failing with them. Roma still complains about his time in the faction despite very few people even remembering it.

2 Tori (DX)

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D-Generation X reformed in 2000 after a few breakups with a new direction. Triple H was married to Stephanie McMahon on-screen at this point as the top heel in the company. X-Pac, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn went back to their roots by joining up with Triple H again. The odd member of the new version of the group was Tori as X-Pac’s girlfriend.

WWE’s storyline at the top featured Tori being the girlfriend of Kane as he feuded with X-Pac. The heartbreaking moment for the Big Red Monster saw Tori turn on him to join X-Pac and DX. Tori participated in many bumps in the DX matches to help the group out. However, this version of DX is mostly just remembered for Triple H’s accomplishments. The time Tori spent is completely forgotten by the vast majority of fans.

1 Disco Inferno (nWo)

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The New World Order inducted way too many irrelevant members to the point where they killed their own momentum. One name stands out as both the dumbest addition and the one that fans remember the least. Disco Inferno spent the majority of his WCW career as an enhancement talent and a comedic character. Fans loved laughing at Disco as the other wrestlers beat him up.

The presence of Disco came towards the days of the nWo Wolfpac helping Kevin Nash win the WCW Championship. Inferno officially became a member when the nWo Wolfpac and nWo Hollywood merged to form the nWo Elite. The concept of a new nWo being for the elite stars was a great idea, but someone the caliber of Disco joining made it irrelevant right away. Luckily for the legacy of the New World Order, no one thinks of him when the faction is referenced. The forgettable career of Disco Inferno finally pays off.....

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