15 Forgotten TNA Knockouts: Where Are They Now?

The "Women's Revolution" might be something the WWE brought into the spotlight, but that revolution of women's wrestling had taken place in another promotion quite a few years back. TNA might be in the sorrowful state it is in now, but a few years back it was the home of some fantastic women's wrestling, as it had some proper female wrestlers. With two different championships for women only, TNA took their female superstars seriously and often brought the spotlight onto them to come and shine out amongst their male counterparts.

TNA became the home of some amazing women's wrestling, as their "knockouts" often tear the house down with their great chemistry and in-ring skills, as the company didn't shy away from making them wrestle under violent conditions, which escalated the intrigue and excitement of their matches. Some very good female wrestlers came through TNA in the past decade or so, as wrestlers like Awesome Kong, Mickie James and TNA Hall of Famer Gail Kim escalated the level of women's wrestling with their amazing displays.

But while there are some remembered Knockouts, there are some which have been forgotten by the fans and are now living their own unique lives and doing work somewhere else. For all the Awesome Kongs and Gail Kims, there are these forgotten Knockouts who were also pivotal to the rise of the Knockout division in TNA but are rarely remembered by many. Let's take a look at these 15 Forgotten TNA Knockouts and where they are right now.

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31 Taylor Wilde (then)

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Taylor Wilde couldn't really make it in the WWE, as she was signed by them in their developmental territory of Deep South Wrestling and Florida Championship Wrestling but didn't make it to the main roster and instead turned to TNA who signed her in 2008. She debuted as a woman who defied Awesome Kong's dominance and came close to defeating her, and actually won the TNA Knockout's Championship from Kong later on. This asserted her as a top star in the company, as she went onto feud with the Beautiful People and the best of Knockouts of the future and won the TNA Knockout's Tag Team Championship with Sarita later on too. They would feud after Sarita turned on Wilde, as Wilde won the TNA Knockout's Tag Team Titles with Hamada next. But they were stripped of the title soon after as Hamada had been released by TNA, while Wilde also didn't get her contracted extended and left TNA.

30 Taylor Wilde (now)

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Soon after leaving TNA, Wilde went onto announce in an interview with The Sun that she would be retiring from wrestling soon, as she wanted to concentrate on her studies in psychology. She wrestled her last match at a ChickFight and Pro Wrestling Revolution co-promotion event where she was defeated by Alissa Flash. Wilde has been doing a lot of stuff ever since bidding adieu to wrestling as she has been a firefighter since 2013 and is currently studying psychology at York University. She says that she also has ambitions at studying broadcast journalism at Seneca College as she is looking onto a new path in her life after leaving wrestling and despite being such a good wrestler, she is barely remembered by many nowadays.

29 Lacey Von Erich (then)

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The Knockout to come out of the legendary Von Erich family, Lacey Von Erich started her journey in the developmental territory of the WWE but couldn't manage to fit in there. So she started to wrestle in the Indies, going onto wrestle for Wrestlicious as well before TNA signed her up. She immediately aligned herself with The Beautiful People and attacked the other Knownckouts with them. Erich soon asserted herself in the company, as she became a holder of the TNA Knockout Tag Team Titles when the other members of the Beautiful People won it. She'd often compete to defend it and they'd have quite the bond, before the Beautiful People lost the titles and tensions started to brew among Erich and the other members. She turned face and started to feud with the Beautiful People, and wrestled in some tag team matches against them before leaving the company.

28 Lacey Von Erich (now)

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Lacey revealed that the reason she left TNA and retired from wrestling was to look after her family, as she gave birth to a second son years after leaving the company. She now runs her advertising company in Southern California while also being a mom who looks after her kids and is now dedicated towards raising them. She recently also gave birth to a baby girl and is now happily retired from wrestling as she's more focused on raising her kids properly and further increasing the legacy of the Von Erich family so that they're still remembered in the future.

27 Winter (then)

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Another female wrestler who arrived in TNA with loads of experience behind her, Winter had actually wrestled in a lot of places which included the WWE where she wrestled for a few years under the name of Katie Lea after spending much time in their developmental in Ohio Valley Wrestling. So when she was released by the WWE, she found herself signed up TNA who pushed her right from the beginning. She won the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Titles with Angelina Love before heading onto her singles career when she won the TNA Knockouts Title while she was Tag Team Champion as well. She'd be in the main event scene for the Knockout's Division for quite some time, before she left the company towards 2012.

26 Winter (now)

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Winter went onto wrestle in the Independent Circuit for a while after leaving TNA, as she performed in promotions like FWE Wrestling for a while as their top female wrestler before appearing in a House of Hardcore show, as an attraction for the promotion's first show. She also competed in Pro Wrestling Syndicate's Bombshells Championship tournament where she lost in the finals. Apart from being a wrestler, Winter has studied Film and Drama for 3 years and is probably focused on that part of her career right now as wrestling has taken out a lot from her, as she now focuses on the entertainment business.

25 Rosita (then)

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Rosita came to TNA to bring a different side to their Knockout's Division as she debuted as the cousin of TNA Knockout Sarita and they started to stick around with each other. Soon they won the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship, claiming that there would be a Mexican takeover in TNA and they started a stable called "Mexican America" with Sarita, Rosita, Hernandez and Anarquia. They kept the belts on them for a bit, before losing it to Brooke Tessmacher and Tara but Rosita kept on wrestling alongside her "cousin" as they kept the Mexican American stable going until it was eventually disbanded. Rosita wouldn't be relevant enough for TNA after that and was released after months of inactivity.

24 Rosita (now)

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After being released by TNA, Rosita went back to Mexico and started to wrestle there in their Independent promotions as she wrestled in their renowned CMLL and AAA promotions for a bit. She went onto become a part of the Global Force Wrestling roster as well in 2015, as well as making appearances in Ring Of Honor and Shine Wrestling. She also went back to TNA for a one-night only deal, but left GFW soon after joining and is continuously wrestling in the Independent circuit. She most recently was seen on an episode of WWE NXT where she lost to NXT Women's Champion Asuka and might get a shot with WWE if she impresses them enough, but she's long forgotten by those who followed her in TNA and is finding it difficult to get into major promotions again.

23 Traci Brooks (then)

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Traci Brooks is literally one of the first Knockouts in TNA history, as she started out with the promotion in its early days in 2003 as she was mostly kept as an eye-candy for viewers because of her sensational figure. In the new few years, Brooks would establish her name as the best manager in TNA as she went onto manage wrestlers like Michael Shane and Robert Roode for a number of years, before she returned as a wrestler in the company. Brooks won a battle royal to become a part of the Main Event Mafia and wrestled under their name as she mostly tagged with Sharmell to compete for TNA Knockout's Tag Team Titles. Brooks kept on feuding with many of the up and coming women on the roster, putting them over as she failed to win any championship at TNA in her years in the company and left the company in 2012, almost after 9 years in it.

22 Traci Brooks (now)

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Brooks would look after her personal life more after leaving TNA, as she started a family with husband Kazarian and they welcomed their first child in 2012. She started to look after her son and didn't appear in many wrestling events, sometimes accompanying her husband at his wrestling events but was mostly out of wrestling since the birth of her child. She made her final wrestling appearance in 2015 in an event of House of Hardcore, accompanying Kazarian and Christopher Daniels in their match against The Kingdom and has since kept out of much publicity as she now lives a happy life with her family.

21 Rhaka Khan (then)

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Rhaka Khan has probably been long forgotten by TNA fans, despite being quite glaring during her short stint in the company. She tried her hand in WWE before TNA where she made the top 25 of their 2005 Divas Search program and worked a bit for their developmental Deep South Wrestling before going to TNA. Introduced as Rhaka Khan, she started to manage Petey Williams before going onto wrestle herself as she was more like a tag team knockout than a solo one. She tagged with many other knockouts and gained relevance mostly when she aligned herself with Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeed, but was suspended in 2009 for having a backstage altercation. She came back to wrestle some matches, but was soon released from the company some months after the altercation.

20 Rhaka Khan (now)

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Khan went onto wrestle for Lucha Libre USA and featured in a few matches, but was mostly in the promotion for sporadic appearances. She returned for its second season for managerial duties, and spent most of the time managing wrestlers and wrestling some odd matches, mostly tag team bouts. Though she has gone off the grid since wrestling in the second season of the promotion, she came out of the blue last year when she wrote a post on reddit stating of her horrors with Bill DeMott and her time in the WWE. Rhaka might not be in any prominent wrestling promotion right now, but with her stunning figure and able skills is definitely looking after herself well.

19 Roxxi Laveaux (then)

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Roxxi Laveaux got into TNA thanks to Abyss' recommendation, and was immediately drafted as the valet of the Voodoo Kin Mafia as the "Voodoo Queen" as she'd soon start wrestling on her own and compete for the TNA Knockout title as well. She had quite the different personality and often spit mist from her mouth, as she became the first ever Queen of the Cage in the TNA Lockdown PPV in 2008. She'd soon get her head shaved bald after losing a stipulation match, and mostly wrestled in tag team matches afterwards. She was released in 2009 after serving a 60 day suspension after a backstage brawl with Rhaka Khan.

18 Roxxi Laveaux (now)

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Roxxi was brought back soon in 2009 only for an apparent one shot deal, before going onto wrestle in the Independent circuit and won the Women Superstars Uncensored championship as well. She kept on wrestling in the Indy circuit, before returning to TNA soon as she started to wrestle as a singles competitor this time. She had some shots at the TNA Knockout Championship after returning to the company, but failed to win the title but got her TNA career ended when she lost a title match. Roxxi would make some sporadic appearances in TNA in the next few years, but decided to retire from wrestling in 2013 and wrestled her last match in Lucky Pro Wrestling. She is now focused on her fitness company, as she tries to improve her reputation as a fitness expert and is looking to make good business with her company as she was pretty under-rated during her time in TNA and is now merely a forgotten figure.

17 Payton Banks (then)

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Payton Banks made her name in the Independent circuit as she excelled for Shimmer Women Athletes and impressed TNA enough for them to sign her on, as she started out as a plotted fan as "The President of Robert Roode Fan Club" as she started to stalk Roode's valet, Ms Brooks. She soon became the valet for Bobby Roode, as she'd start feuding with Ms Brooks who aligned herself with Booker T. Banks was involved in a "Stand by Your Man" strap match, where the valet would be whipped with a strap as Banks was in Roode's corner and Brooks in Booker's corner. Booker T lost the match as Banks went onto whip Brooks before she was saved by Sharmell. She wrestled some matches afterwards before she left by Bobby Roode, which meant she had no more angles and had to leave TNA.

16 Payton Banks (now)

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After leaving TNA, Banks went onto wrestle in Mexico for a while for their AAA wrestling promotion, before going onto wrestle in the indy circuit for Wrestlicious and afterwards for Women Superstars Uncensored. She was pretty successful here as she won the WSU championship in the promotion as well, before going onto wrestle for another promotion in Shine Wrestling and also became the inaugural Shine Champion in the promotion as well. But she lost the Shine Championship soon and officially retired from wrestling afterwards and is now living an ordinary life outside wrestling and is a forgotten figure in wrestling as well.

15 Cookie (then)

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More prominently recognized as Becky Bayless in real life, Cookie was actually a pretty good wrestler who had a lot of experience wrestling in the Indy circuit as well as having spent some years wrestling at Ring of Honor. She had also wrestled for reputated promotions like Wrestlicious and Women Superstars Uncensored, before she was finally signed up by TNA in 2010 where she got the gimmick of Cookie, inspired from TV show Jersey Shore. She would be paired with Robbie E, as they'd have this party-freak gimmick and wrestled together in tag team matches. She'd continue to accompany Robbie in his matches, as well as wrestling herself in the knockouts division, but soon she'd break up with Robbie E and had to leave the company after that.

14 Cookie (now)

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Cookie went back to the Independent circuit after being released by TNA, as she soon returned to Women Superstars Uncensored for a couple of matches and was mostly wrestling in low-key independent promotions this time round to make ends meet. Although she hasn't been in the limelight for years now, she was in the news for all the wrong reasons last year when she had reportedly stolen a dog from someone else. Things don't seem to be that good for Cookie right now, as she was pretty under-used by TNA and is now a long forgotten figure who is finding it difficult to get good work.

13 Lei'd Tapa (then)

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Lei'd Tapa would get into TNA by winning the Gut Check Challenge, as she'd feature in their developmental in Ohio Valley Wrestling as well as their main shows. Tapa would compete in TNA's One Night Only shows as she would compete in Knockout Knockdown and also compete in TNA's World Cup of Wrestling for Team International. She'd be then hyped and promoted, before debuting as a heel as she'd be in the TNA Knockout Championship scene for some-time, also helping Gail Kim win the title in the process. She would stay beside Kim and feud with othe knockouts, but her inability to impress TNA management made them release her soon afterwards.

12 Lei'd Tapa (now)

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Tapa would stay in their developmental in OVW for some time as its Women Champion before it was discontinued, and found herself jobless before she was contacted by Jeff Jarrett who signed her up for his new Global Force Wrestling promotion. She would have her first match in GFW in it's World Tour and continues to work for the promotion. Tapa also returned to TNA as part of TNA and GFW's deal of promotion each other's talent, but failed to really impress. Along with working for GFW, Tapa is also a sushi model when she's free and needs to work on her wrestling technique and skill in order to climb the ladder in wrestling, as she's already pretty forgotten and has to make sure she doesn't diminish away in the long run.

11 Daffney (then)

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Daffney has quite the wrestling career, as she'd started her career back in the days in WCW where she even won the WCW Cruiserweight Championship but after the promotion folded up, she had to mostly wrestle in the Indy circuit. Years After spending her time in the Indy circuit, she was signed up by TNA who made her portray the gimmick of a governor at first. She would feud with the Beautiful People during this time, before she became Daffney and stuck around with Dr Stevie. She'd portray the dark side of the knockouts and was pretty impressive at her terrorizing character, as she was later pushed as a singles competitor and wrestled against the best TNA had to offer. Her edgy personality and wrestling made her a standout in the division for a while, but she was unable to get the gold as her contract was later not extended and she sued the company for not paying her money properly.

10 Daffney (now)

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Daffney went onto file a worker's compensation claim against TNA for suffering injuries at the promotion, claiming that she was forced to work at an unsafe environment. Apparently the injuries suffered was career-threatening for her, as the case was settled outside of court. After leaving TNA, she went to Shine Wrestling as she became the "Hostess" of Shine Wrestling before moving onto the role of a manager soon after and continues to work in a more non-wrestling role in the promotion, as her work in TNA wasn't really appreciated that much by the promotion who let a very good talent go as she wouldn't be forgotten like she is today if she was handled better by TNA.

9 Hamada (then)

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Ayako Hamada was a legend in Japan and Mexico before she started to wrestle for TNA, as she had already made quite the name for herself wrestling all around the world before TNA acquired her services. She debuted in their Hard Justice PPV in 2009 and started to wrestle mostly as a tag team knockout. Hamada found a partner in Awesome Kong as they dominated the division and won the TNA Knockout Tag Team Titles with the monstrous Kong. But after Kong was supposedly released by TNA, they were stripped off the titles, but Hamada won it once again almost four months later with Taylor Wilde after which she soon left TNA.

8 Hamada (now)

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Hamada returned to Japan after getting her release from TNA, as she went onto wrestle for Pro Wrestling Wave, where she aligned herself with the villainous Black Dahlia stable. She started to wrestle in the tag team division for the promotion as well, going onto win the Wave Tag Team Championships and held the title for 270 days, the longest in the promotion's history. In the meantime she also wrestled for Shimmer Women Athletes in USA in sporadic appearances, but mostly focused on PRW, tagging with partner Yuu Yamagata and gunning for the championship. She still wrestles in that promotion as a tag team specialist, and even though she brought international recognition to TNA with her time in it, she is barely remembered by fans in spite of being such a talented wrestler.


6 Sarita (then)

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Sarita was another extremely talented hispanic wrestler who found her limelight quite late into her career as she wrestled all over the world before coming to TNA. She wrestled in every prominent promotions in Mexico and also wrestled in Japan before she was signed by TNA in 2009 as she was introduced and quickly built as one of the top knockouts in the company. She started to tag with Taylor Wilde as both of them even won the TNA Knockout's Tag Team Championships but soon turned on her once they lost it. Sarita started to act as a heel as her "cousin" Rosita debuted and they won the TNA Knockout's title and created a "Mexican America" stable with Hernandez and Anarquia. Sarita was the leader of the stable which dominated TNA for quite some-time, but soon they started to lose relevance. This forced TNA to disband the stable, and Sarita would slowly drift down the roster and was released by TNA soon after.

5 Sarita (now)

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Sarita went back to the Independent circuit after leaving, going onto wrestle for Mexico's CMLL promotion where she won a body-building contest in her return. She also wrestled in Japan at the time and was a hot shot in the Independent circuit, but was quickly signed on by WWE as a guest trainer at WWE's performance center. She also made an appearance as part of Tyler Breeze's entrance at the NXT Takeover: Unstoppable PPV last year, and she was soon signed on permanently by the WWE as a trainer and is currently the head women's trainer in the company as well. Sarita might not be remembered by many, but her hard-work has paid off as she's in a comfortable place in the WWE right now.

4 Raisha Saeed (then)

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Raisha Saeed might have been one of the more sadistic knockouts during her time as that character in TNA, but she was completely different before that as she rose to relevance in the wrestling circuit with the gimmick of a cheerleader. After spending years in the Indy circuit and gaining relevance through Shimmer Women Athletes, she became Raisha Saeed in TNA as a women who word a niqab and accompanied Awesome Kong to the ring. She soon transitioned into a wrestler and her costume became a focal point for angles, as Kong would often defend her. Saeed would help Kong dominate the Knockout's Division, but soon they turned into rivals and Saeed got rid of her gimmick. She became Alissa Flash next and kept on wrestling in TNA, even though she wouldn't win any title. Saeed left TNA in 2013, going back to the Indy circuit.

3 Raisha Saeed (now)

via thewrestlingchronicle.com

Saeed would go onto wrestle for many Independent promotion under her original name of Melissa as she travelled around the world to work for a variety of wrestling promotions. She also went back to Shimmer Women Athletes where she won the Shimmer Championship as well and is one of the top female wrestlers at the promotion and doing everything to make sure it gets recognized on the map. She is also signed to Lucha Underground, where she debuted earlier this year as Mariposa, portraying Marty Martinez's sister and has been competing in it ever since, as she never gained the success she deserved in TNA and is forgotten now.

2 ODB (then)

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ODB is definitely one of the most bad-ass knockouts in TNA history as she came to the promotion after being rejected by WWE(to their loss) and changed the complexion of their Knockout's division. She was a fan favorite who did all the raunchy stuff who everybody loved to see, as she was almost like the female version of Stone Cold Steve Austin and stood up to all the heels in TNA. Her popularity eventually made her win the TNA Knockout's Title and after a short, failed heel run she left TNA for a bit. She returned eventually as she would take the fight to the beautiful people and found an ally in Jacqueline. ODB would then get into a relationship with Eric Young, as they'd win the TNA Knockout's Tag Team Title and be the final team to hold it. She'd go onto win her 4th TNA Knockouts Title as well and was still a force to be reckoned with in the Knockout's Division, putting in great matches with the other women. But ODB started to lose relevance in the company and was released by the company in 2014, going onto make some sporadic appearances before permanently leaving the company.

1 ODB (now)

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After leaving TNA after almost 7 years of service for the promotion, ODB went onto to wrestle for Ring of Honor in 2015 as she saved the Briscoe Brothers from an attack from The Kingdom (Matt Tavern, Michael Bennett and Maria Kanellis). She went onto team with The Briscoes in a mixed tag team match against the Kingdom as they lost the match when ODB got pinned by Maria. She got her revenge in the Ring of Honor's 13th Anniversary show by defeating her in a singles match. ODB wrestles sporadically for independent promotions nowadays and aside from wrestling, she's a bartender in the Lil Bar in Champlin, Minnesota and is more focused on her career as a bartender than wrestling nowadays as her wrestling days are long gone now and she's is barely remembered now, in spite of being one of the more popular knockout's of her time.

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