15 Forgotten Women Of WCW And Where They Are Now

If you’re one of those fans who misses the bra and panty matches of the Attitude Era in WWE, this article may change your mind. WCW had virtually no Women’s Division and any “wrestling” match that occurred between the women of WCW was mostly the disorganized catfights some say they miss. Wrestling fans today should thank their lucky stars the “Women’s Revolution” is ongoing in WWE. WCW’s “Women’s Division” consisted mostly of valets, dancers, backstage interviewers, and Madusa.  In other words, WCW's women's roster wasn't exactly the stacked WWE women's roster of today, to say the least.

Yes, Madusa (Alundra Blayze in WWE) was basically the WCW’s Women’s Division as far as actual wrestlers were concerned. Not that the WWE Women’s Division was great during this time, but while WWE pushed the envelope with racy “Lingerie Matches” and “Pillow Fights,” WCW had the opportunity to be unique and build an actual roster of female wrestlers. Instead, WCW tried to mimic the sex appeal route of WWE and ended up falling flat on their face.

That’s not to say these women of WCW weren’t memorable or significant. Some of these women played a huge part in WCW lore, affecting some of WCW’s biggest storylines and superstars. After WCW closed its doors, some of these women continued with their “wrestling” careers while others moved on to other endeavors. This article is about these women of WCW; who they were, how they got into the business and where they are now. Here, we take a look at 15 of the forgotten women of WCW.

15 Kimberly Page

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Before she became the de facto leader of the Nitro Girls, Kimberly was originally the valet of Diamond Dallas Page as the Diamond Doll before becoming the Booty Babe valeting for the Booty Man, aka Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake in WCW. Later, she would drop the valet role and form the Nitro Girls at the request of Eric Bischoff. As DDP’s real life marriage to Kimberly became more well-known, Kimberly found herself more involved with the feuds featuring DDP and eventually moved away from dancing with the Nitro Girls altogether.

After Kimberly quit professional wrestling in 2000, she moved onto acting, making appearances on Curb Your Enthusiasm, CSI Miami, and in the film, The 40-Year Old Virgin. Today, Kimberly is divorced from DDP and currently working in marketing and interior design.

14 Pamela Paulshock

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No offense to Mean Gene Okerlund, but WCW lacked a beautiful backstage interviewer, a market WWE had already capitalized on with interviewers like Sunny, Terri Runnels and Lilian Garcia. With a background in fitness and bikini modeling, Pamela Paulshock filled that void for WCW, joining the company in 1999. Paulshock was the spunky, well-endowed backstage interviewer for WCW who interviewed the likes of Booker T, Sting and Jeff Jarrett. In addition to her backstage interviews, Paulshock participated in a bikini contest where she would be victorious and also wrestled a tag match with Kanyon in a losing effort against Buff and Judy Bagwell (yes you read that correctly).

Paulshock would leave WCW during its demise. She is currently married to Roger Lodge and definitely not hurting for money.

13 Major Gunns

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WCW really wasn’t interested at all with hiring women that could actually wrestle. Enter Tylene Buck. Buck would join WCW as a member of the Misfits in Action, dubbed Major Gunns. As a member of M.I.A., Major Gunns feuded with The Filthy Animals and Miss Hancock (Stacy Keibler). During a feud with Team Canada, Gunns would turn heel and joined the Team Canada stable managing their leader, Lance Storm. She would be released prior to WCW’s purchase, but ironically her wrestling career held strong.

After WCW, Buck would wrestle in the indies for Xtreme Pro Wrestling, feuding with Lizzy Borden. The former Major Gunns still steps into the ring for the adult wrestling company, Double Trouble Productions. At 45, Buck currently performs in adult films and as a cam girl.

12 April Hunter

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After posing for Playboy, former fitness model April Hunter, began her career in professional wrestling and continues to wrestle today. Yet, WWE has somehow escaped her grasp. Right after her Playboy shoot, Hunter actually appeared in WCW, as one of the valets accompanying the New World Order. Of course, WCW did nothing with her and released her in 2000. However, she would go on to wrestle in the independent circuit and became one of the best female wrestlers in the sport.

After WCW, April Hunter wrestled for TNA and SHINE Wrestling, while competing in muscle and fitness competitions. She has also appeared in several B-Level films, started her own blog, and runs a small business called April’s Scent Sensations with products that can be found on Etsy. If that wasn’t enough, in 2016, Hunter decided to return to college to pursue a degree in Creative Writing.

11 Midajah

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Before joining WCW in 1999 under her middle name, Melinda Midajah McCullum worked as a certified personal trainer. Being in incredible shape, Midajah would model for magazines such as Iron Man, MuscleMag and Muscular Development before being introduced to Terry Taylor, who was actively searching for models to join WCW. Midajah would become an nWo girl and eventually became one of Scott Steiner’s valets, or as he called them, his “freaks.” She had a brief feud with Leia Meow, but largely remained reserved to her valeting duties with Big Poppa Pump and was even in his corner during the last Nitro.

Midajah remained with Big Poppa Pump even after WCW and actually wrestled a few matches in the Indies. Midajah would leave the profession, dabbled in acting before becoming a make-up artist and returning to personal training.

10 Gorgeous George

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Stephanie Bellars fell into the wrestling business while she was dating her real life boyfriend at the time, "Macho Man" Randy Savage. The former stripper would debut in WCW in April of 1999 as Macho Man’s valet “Gorgeous George” and actually wrestled her first match against, of all people, referee Charles Robinson (facepalm). Her time in WCW as a member of Team Madness, with Madusa and Miss Madness (aka Molly Holly in WWE), was short lived as her relationship with Savage ended, and she left the company. Bellars joined ECW until they were bought out by WWE and has been appearing in indie shows as recently as 2011.

In 2013, Bellars made a scary Facebook post talking about financial troubles, and troubles with landing a job, around the time of her divorce from Misfits guitarist Paul Caiafa, aka Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein. Bellars has apparently been making ends meet selling autographed WCW trading cards. In 2015, Bellars was said to be working on her autobiography, but it has yet to be released.

9 Leia Meow

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Former go-go dancer Kristina Laum also fell into wrestling when her friend, Raven, encouraged her to join the business. Laum would join ECW and valet Raven to an ECW World Heavyweight Championship as "Kimona Wanalaya." Her time in ECW didn’t last long, but her racy moments were some of ECW’s most memorable. Eventually, Laum joined WCW, changed her name to "Leia Meow" and managed The Jung Dragons. Laum would also adopt a dominatrix gimmick and started attacking Pamela Paulshock after she won the “Miss WCW” bikini contest. Laum would briefly feud with Midajah and Nitro girl, Tygress, before WCW would be bought out.

Laum retired from wrestling in 2002 and, according to her Twitter account, she is currently working on television projects. She is an avid supporter of animal rescues and is scheduled to appear in the film Without You in 2018.

8 Madusa

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One of the greatest female wrestlers of all time, Debrah Ann Miceli wrestled in WWE as Alundra Blayze and in WCW as Madusa. As Blayze, she won the WWE Women’s Championship three times, before jumping ship to WCW and tossing the belt into the garbage on Nitro. Her epic feuds with Bull Nakano were some of her only memorable feuds in WCW since the company really didn’t even have a Women’s Division. Miceli would train other female wrestlers at the WCW Powerplant, namely Nora Greenwald, aka Miss Madness/Molly Holly.

In a surprising twist, Miceli would be invited back to WWE and joined the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015, despite being blacklisted by WWE for the trash can bit. Back in the good graces of WWE, Miceli is working with them on a documentary called “TrailBlayzer” while continuing her monster truck career and also working for the Japanese promotion, World Wonder Ring Stardom.

7 The Nitro Girls

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At the request of Eric Bischoff, Kimberly formed the Nitro Girls to dance during the commercials breaks of WCW Monday Nitro. There were over a dozen Nitro Girls but some of the most notable members were Kimberly Page, Skye, better known as Stacy Keibler, Storm, better known as Booker T’s wife, Sharmell Sullivan, and Whisper, also known as Rebecca Curci, who became Shawn Michaels’ wife.

For the most part, the Nitro Girls were only there to dance during breaks, but the Nitro Girls eventually became more involved in the storylines. Kimberly would leave the group, and the Nitro Girls would start feuding with each other over leadership of the group.

After WCW closed, many of the Nitro Girls went on to open their own dance companies, while others returned to college or became actresses. Other Nitro Girls like Skye and Storm moved on to WWE.

6 Asya

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If the name Christi Wolf doesn’t ring a bell, perhaps you know her by her ring name, Asya. If that still doesn’t ring a bell, don’t feel bad. In 1999, Asya debuted in WCW when the company was at its most disorganized, and WWE was crushing them. Asya debuted as Ric Flair’s “Head Nurse,” then became Flair’s valet named Double D before landing her more widely recognized name, Asya. Asya was supposed to be WCW’s answer to WWE’s Chyna. Thus, dubbing her as Asya was done to imply that she must be superior since “Asia is bigger than China” (har har). If this sounds crazy, remember that this is WCW we’re talking about.

Instead of becoming the next Chyna, Asya went nowhere mostly due to inept booking and confusing storylines of WCW. Asya would retire from wrestling after her release in 2000. Asya has since resumed her bodybuilding and modeling careers that started prior to wrestling.

5 Daffney

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After getting a Bachelor’s Degree in Film and Video production with minors in Acting and Music, Shannon Spruill entered herself into a WCW contest looking to hire new characters. She would win the contest, and debut in WCW as Daffney, the screaming deranged girlfriend of David Flair. Though she rarely wrestled, Daffney would feud with Miss Hancock, and briefly with Torrie Wilson before being let go by WCW.

Daffney’s unique character that started in WCW helped her career down the road, as she appeared throughout the indies and in Total Nonstop Action, which included an infamous run as the Sarah Palin parody, "The Governor." Although Daffney is still medically cleared to wrestle and hasn’t officially retired from the business, her career in wrestling has taken its toll. Daffney is working the manager role as opposed to wrestling and, in 2015, appeared for Shine Wrestling as manager of The Iron Maidens.

4 Bull Nakano

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One can’t think of Alundra Blayze without thinking of Bull Nakano. Nakano feuded with Blayze in WWE, winning the WWE Women’s Title from her before dropping it back to her several months later. Nakano would continue her feud with Blayze (then known as Madusa) in WCW with Nakano finally losing to Blayze/Madusa with the stipulation that allowed Madusa to destroy Bull’s prized motorcycle.

Bull Nakano retired from wrestling due to injuries in 1997, but hasn’t left the wrestling spotlight. Nakano would produce her own wrestling event in 2012, where she was reunited with old opponents, and has made other appearances in the indies. Since retirement, Nakano is attempting a golf career and has played in qualifying tournaments.  In 2006, she actually qualified for the LPGA.

3 Miss Madness/Mona

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Most wrestling fans remember Nora Greenwald as WWE’s Molly Holly, the stuck up prude who lost her hair and her WWE Women’s Title to Victoria at WrestleMania 20. Greenwald in WWE would portray Molly Holly, “cousin” of Crash and Hardcore Holly, as well as Mighty Molly with The Hurricane. However, before WWE, Greenwald actually wrestled in WCW.

Greenwald debuted in WCW as “Miss Madness,” a valet for Macho Man Randy Savage, as part of his Team Madness stable. Eventually, Macho Man betrayed her, and Miss Madness changed her name to Mona. WCW would naturally release her in 2000, and Greenwald went to WWE to flourish. Currently, Greenwald is a wrestling trainer at The Academy: School of Professional Wrestling with Shawn Daivari and Mr. Kennedy.

2 Miss Hancock And Torrie Wilson

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Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson are the two female superstars to jump to WWE after WCW was bought out. Both started as models before wrestling. Torrie was a fitness model and Stacy actually was a cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens prior to wrestling. Stacy joined WCW through the Nitro Girl competition, while Torrie was picked out of the crowd to walk with Scott Steiner. Torrie would end up managing Billy Kidman, while Stacy became the character Miss Hancock, who would actively recruit WCW superstars to manage while performing a seductive dance.

When WWE bought WCW, but Miss Hancock and Torrie would join the Invasion using their respective real names. Both have retired from wrestling, with Torrie Wilson becoming a web based fitness instructor, while Stacy is enjoying the family life dabbling in acting and blogging.

1 Sharmell

Like Kimberly, Sharmell is one of the more interesting Nitro Girls. Before WCW, Sharmell won the Miss Black America pageant in 1991 and had hoped to pursue a career in dance. Her pursuits took her to WCW where she became the Nitro Girl, Storm. When The Nitro Girls split, Sharmell went on to become Paisley, the valet to Prince knockoff The Artist Formerly Known as Prince Iaukea, and actually made her singles match debut in a winning effort against Sunny. The Artist would be released, and Sharmell would then manage WCW superstar, Kwee Wee, while also engaging in a very brief feud with Major Gunns. WCW would release Sharmell, but she resurfaced in WWE as a valet for her real life husband, Booker T.

Booker T took a brief hiatus from WWE, and both he and his wife would go to TNA until 2009. Currently, Sharmell has retired from wrestling, raising twin children born in 2010. However, she remains active on social media, supporting her husband, who has since returned to WWE as a commentator.

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