15 Forgotten WWE Hotties: Where Are They Now?

The Women's Revolution in the WWE has been pushed for the past few years in the company, but well before that, we saw just how amazing the female wrestlers can be in the ring, during a time when the WWE mostly used their female talent as eye-candy for the audience. It all started from the Attitude Era when the raunchy segments and matches featuring women were a big hit and encouraged WWE to push the hot divas on the roster and expose their hotness to the crowd as much as they could.

Women's Wrestling was given more importance as the Ruthless Aggression Era was ushered in, with the likes of Trish Stratus and Lita changing the way people looked at women in wrestling and getting them hooked. But WWE continued to recruit women for their looks who had no knowledge of wrestling and while some of them survived in the company, others perished after a few years of showing their hot bodies to the audience. Many of these divas who were recruited in the last decade or so for their looks were forgotten soon after they left, as their hotness only worked for a point of time.

The WWE hired many gorgeous women ever since they became a hit in the Attitude Era but much of these women quickly perished from WWE fans' minds after they left.

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30 Cherry (Then)

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Cherry might not even be known by recent followers of WWE but she was quite the stunning diva during her time in the mid-2000s in WWE. Cherry was recruited by WWE's developmental program in OVW(Ohio Valley Wrestling) and started off there as a valet of the Throwbacks who would later be known as Deuce n Domino. She was promoted to the main roster later on with the duo, being their duo for quite a long time and helping them win the WWE Tag Team Championship as well. She later participated in some exotic matches and feuded with the divas in those matches before being fired by Deuce n Domino. With her character going nowhere, WWE was forced to fire her in 2008 due to budget cuts.

29 Cherry (Now)

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Cherry was pretty upset at the way she was fired from the WWE and decided to try her hand in a few Independent events after her release, but soon decided on leaving wrestling altogether. She has been doing some part-time jobs here and there as she apparently worked in a restaurant and an aquarium after leaving the WWE to make meets end. But she's still in very good terms with the divas of her time, as she's especially good friends with WWE Superstar Natalya and also a pet-lover like her. Cherry is quite active in social media and loves to interact with her fellow divas in it, as she seems to be enjoying her time outside wrestling but is still very good friends with some of her colleagues.

28 Joy Giovanni (Then)

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Joy Giovanni was the former model who was signed by the WWE solely because of her exquisite looks after she participated in the 2004 WWE Divas Search. Although she finished 3rd in it, she was later signed by the WWE and portrayed the character of a massage therapist on Smackdown. She also worked as a part-time special guest bell ring announcer before she was aligned with the Big Show and played a part in his feud with the Cabinet. She later feuded with Amy Weber and also participated in a few non-wrestling matches where she got to "reveal" her assets to the WWE fans and she also had brief feuds with other divas. Joy continued to participate in bikini contests and so before being released in 2005 due to budget cuts despite being quite popular.

27 Joy Giovanni (Now)

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Despite being released by the WWE, Giovanni gained quite a lot of attention in the entertainment business and even starred in a film "Pretty Cool Too" a few years after leaving the WWE. She'd come back for WrestleMania XXV to participate in the "Miss WrestleMania" Battle Royale but was quickly eliminated. She has since been working an internship for a chiropractor in Los Angeles. She recently also got re-certified in massage therapy for a new business venture which she hopes to start up quickly, as Giovanni seems to have taken her WWE gimmick seriously and hopes to become a professional massage therapist after giving up on any chances of making it in the wrestling industry.

26 Katie Lea Burchill (Then)

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Katie Lea Burchill was a highly experienced wrestler when she arrived at the WWE, having many years of experience wrestling around the world before being signed to Ohio Valley Wrestling. She spent quite a lot of time in OVW where she was a top diva who was the main event attraction as well, with her impressive work getting her a promotion to the main roster. She was introduced as the sister of wrestler Paul Burchill, who indicated of a weird relationship between them. But Katie started to go her own way and went after the Women's Championship but failed to win it. She was later moved to the ECW brand with Paul and was made to play second-fold to her "brother" as she had lost her place at the top. She was released in 2010 which was actually good for her after being wasted on the main roster.

25 Katie Lea Burchill (Now)

Katie went onto join TNA after leaving the WWE where she shone in their own "Knockout's Division" and played a key role in a revolution in their own Women's wrestling. She went onto a team with Angelina Love to win the TNA Knockout's Tag Team Championship and asserting herself as a big time diva in TNA. Katie would later go onto challenge Mickie James for the TNA Knockout's Title and won it as well, becoming the first ever British Women to win the title. But after losing the title, Katie wrestled for a few months before leaving TNA. She continues to wrestle in the Independent circuit to this day, wrestling for WhatCulture Pro Wrestling a few months back. This forgotten, talented diva should be brought back as a trainer by the WWE.

24 Aksana (Then)

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Aksana was quite the cunning character in the WWE who came up from their Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) before being a part of the all-female season three of NXT. She went a long way before being eliminated from the competition, after which she debuted on the main roster. She'd wrestle a few matches before becoming the storyline girlfriend of Antonio Cesaro, also going onto wrestle as one in the next few months. She later aligned herself with some divas before forming a team with Alicia Fox, with the two being called "Foxsana". The two failed to make an impact and with Aksana failing to prove her worth, she was also released by the WWE in 2014 along with other unnecessary talents.

23 Aksana (Now)

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Aksana made the decision of leaving wrestling altogether after she was released by the WWE and went off the wrestling circuit, deciding to go live a peaceful life. She had won the 2009 IFBB Arnold Classic Contest and was a renown bodybuilder before coming to the WWE, so she decided to continue her fitness career and hit the gym hard in order get herself back into the shape of a body-builder. Aksana has since been working as a personal trainer for other people, as she helps to get themselves fit and strong as she realized that wrestling wasn't meant for her after being given the boot by the WWE and this forgotten diva is trying to remain quite discreet after leaving wrestling altogether.

22 Terri Runnels (Then)

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Terri Runnels was quite the hot thing back in the 90s when she began to appear alongside her real life-husband Goldust and started to portray "Marlena". She would smoke cigars and portray a risque character where she'd help Goldust get some wins. Runnels was later part of a feud between Brian Pillman and Goldust which was stopped due to Pillman passing away, after which Marlena's alliance with Goldust would be dissolved. She later went onto be part of the Pretty Mean Sisters with Jacqueline, often using Meat as her "sex slave" and her infatuation with him disbanded the Sisters. She then began rivalry against other divas and continued to appear as this sexy eye-candy, as she'd also host the WWE Show Excess as well as holding the Hardcore Championship for one time. She was then released by the WWE in 2004 on rather good terms.

21 Terri Runnels (Now)

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Runnels continued making sporadic appearances in some Independent wrestling events after leaving the WWE, but she mainly focused on her work with various charities where she'd do her work towards society. She started to work with various charity foundations like "Make A Wish Foundation", "Big Brothers Big Sisters Of America" and "Boys & Girls Clubs of America". She also began a contest in 2008 called "Make The World Write" where she'd encourage the contestants to write about how they'd make the world a better place. Runnels appeared in WWE's Hall of Fame Ceremony last year, giving her support to Jacqueline and the Big Bossman and also gave an interview to WWE.com, as her relationship with the company seems to be strong as ever.

20 Tiffany (Then)

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Tiffany was also recruited by the WWE after participating in their 2007 Divas Search Program, where she made it to the final eight. She later spent some time honing her skills in FCW where she'd wrestle quite a lot and impressed WWE officials enough to get her the main roster call. Tiffany debuted as the Assistant- General Manager of ECW under Teddy Long. She continued participating in some matches despite her position and was promoted to General Manager after Long returned to Smackdown. Tiffany was later traded to Smackdown, where she quickly formed an alliance with Kelly Kelly. She also managed Kelly in some matches before gaining her shot at the Women's Championship, but she failed to win the match. But Tiffany was later suspended by the WWE because of an incident involving her real-life husband Drew McIntyre and she was later released by the company as well.

19 Tiffany (Now)

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Tiffany started to wrestle in the Independent circuit for a few years after leaving the WWE before she was signed by TNA where she debuted as Taryn Terrell. Terrell started off as the referee for the knockout's division but cost Gail Kim some chances at the Knockout's Title, engaging in a feud with her. She was later fired as a referee and started off as a wrestler, continuing her feud with Kim which would be quite memorable. Terrell returned to TNA after some-time off and was given quite a push, winning the TNA Knockout's Title for the first time. Terrell held the title for over 279, which was the longest reign for a Knockout's Champion. She left TNA last year due to "personal reasons" but she returned in Bound for Glory last year to induct Kim into the Hall of Fame and lives happily with her family right now.

18 Ashley Massaro (Then)

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Ashley Massaro was built as the next big thing in women's wrestling when she participated in WWE's 2005 Divas Search program, winning the contest and earning a contract with the company. She was built as an underdog right from the get go, feuding with Vince's Devils and Mickie James as people started to pick on her. Massaro was later traded to Smackdown where she became the valet for Paul London and Brian Kendrick, with the three wrestling many 6-person tag matches together. Massaro later got push because of being on the cover of Playboy Magazine but failed to win the Women's Championship. She was later part of some rather irrelevant storylines as she tried to help Maria Kanellis to get on the cover of Playboy and played the sweet face character really well before she left the company in 2008.

17 Ashley Massaro (Now)

Massaro has not appeared in the WWE nor anywhere else in the wrestling industry after leaving in 2008, as she seems to be focused on looking after her family and living happily with her children. After being forgotten by the majority of fans for many years, Massaro suddenly made the news last year when she was said to be a part of the mass-class action lawsuit against the WWE for incurring injuries which can cause neurological damage. She also came up and spoke about how she was sexually assaulted at a military base in 2006 when she was part of WWE's tour of Kuwait and that WWE apologized and pleaded her to not report it. Massaro seems to have a rather sour relationship with the company and is trying to get back her attention after almost being forgotten in the past few years.

16 Dawn Marie (Then)

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Dawn Marie was definitely amongst the greatest exports from WWE from a rival company, as the former ECW Diva fit right into becoming WWE's raunchiest character in quite a few years. Marie signed with WWE after ECW folded up and appeared on Smackdown fighting to become Vince McMahon's Legal assistant. She later would be involved in a controversial feud with Torrie Wilson, where she threatened to marry Torrie's dad Al if she didn't comply to her wants. Torrie wasn't deterred by it, so Dawn married her dad who was "killed"(Kayfabe) after Marie had rigorous sexual activity with him on their "honeymoon". Torrie ended up winning the feud and Dawn would continue portraying a raunchy character in the WWE before she was released when she was on maternity leave due to being pregnant at the time.

15 Dawn Marie (Then)

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Dawn Marie was pretty shocked and pissed with the WWE after they wrongfully fired her, as she filed a complaint against WWE with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission where she claimed that her contract was wrongfully terminated whilst she was on maternity leave. The case was later settled, as Dawn continued appearing in the Independent circuit and also wrestled on a sporadic basis. Marie also competed in Women Superstars Uncensored promotion and was inducted into their Hall of Fame in 2010. She started an organization called "Wrestlers Rescue" in 2012 which would help to pay for healthcare issues for former pro wrestlers in need. Marie has since left the wrestling ring and is living a peaceful life with her family and has become quite the forgotten figure despite dazzling everyone with her hotness back in the day.

14 Kelly Kelly (Then)

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Kelly Kelly was another diva who was signed by the WWE because of her looks, as she started off at their ECW brand where she'd do a segment called "Kelly's Expose" where she'd strip every week. Her sexiness got her over with the fans, earning her a place at Smackdown where she started to wrestle on a more regular basis. Kelly spent the next years improving her in-ring skill and finally got her breakthrough in 2011 when she was given a push and won the Divas Championship from Brie Bella. She had an impressive reign and held the title for 104 days and wrestled as a star for the next few months before she decided to leave the WWE in 2012 to pursue a career in the entertainment business.

13 Kelly Kelly (Now)

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Kelly Kelly went back to the entertainment industry and it took some time before she could get a major break-through as she started to appear as a series regular in E!'s reality TV series called "WAGS" which began airing from 2015 and focuses on the life of wives and girlfriends of sportsmen. Kelly got married to former Ice Hockey player Sheldon Souray last year and the two had been dating since 2014. Kelly returned to the WWE this year with the role of an ambassador for the company as she also appeared in WrestleMania Axxess and the Hall of Fame ceremony earlier this year. Kelly was also part of the Table for 3 Episode recently with Maryse and Eve Torres, as we could see her back in the ring for a short time going by her current relations with WWE.

12 Victoria (Then)

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Victoria might be a rather forgotten figure in the minds of WWE fans right now, but she also played a big part in the rise of Women's Wrestling in the 2000s when she gave the likes of Trish and Lita good competition at the top. Victoria portrayed a rather crazy character and looked really good in the ring, having multiple WWE Women's Championship reigns in her first few years with the company. She was later made to show her "sexy side" when she became part of Vince's Devils with Torrie Wilson & Candice Michelle. She would later be traded to Smackdown where she did some good work putting over the younger divas and after there being nothing for her to do in WWE, she "retired" from the company in 2009.

11 Victoria (Now)

While everyone thought that Victoria won't step into a ring anymore, she stunned many by joining TNA quickly after leaving WWE. Victoria(named Tara in TNA) would be quite the big thing in TNA and won the TNA Knockout's Championship quickly after arriving at TNA. She'd later be part of many alliances in her next years with TNA, having some good time with Madison Rayne and later with Ms. Tessmacher with whom she won the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Titles. She'd later win the TNA Knockout's Championship for the record-tying 5th time from Tessmacher and after that, she left TNA in 2013. She was rocked recently when private photos and videos of her were leaked on the internet. Victoria recently wasn't allowed to go backstage in a WWE Smackdown event, with her relations with WWE not looking good.

10 Maxine (Then)

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Maxine might be a forgotten woman in the WWE right now, but she looked like quite the promising diva when she appeared in NXT as she had received a lot of training from WWE before appearing in the all-female third season of NXT. After spending some years training in FCW, Maxine looked like a favorite to win that season of NXT but was eliminated after failing to impress in a "kissing contest". She returned to NXT in the 5th season NXT: Redemption where she was part of some romance angle when she aligned herself with Derrick Bateman. Maxine feuded with the other divas who accused her and portrayed her conniving heel really well but it seemed like there was no future for her in the WWE beyond NXT because of which she decided to leave the company in 2012 and decided to look at other options.

9 Maxine (Now)

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Maxine had to wait for her opportunities after leaving WWE, getting a chance in TNA in 2014 when she appeared at their One Night Only: Knockout's Knockdown 2 PPV but failed to make an impression. She later announced that she had been cast in Lucha Underground which was an up and coming wrestling promotion. She was named Catrina and portrayed the character of an evil woman with much authority in the company as she often cost many wrestlers opportunities by interfering in their matches. Maxine also managed many wrestlers in Lucha Underground before wrestling a few matches herself. She seems to have asserted herself as a prime character of the promotion and is doing great things outside the WWE, who might regret letting her go.

8 Brooke Tessmacher (Then)

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Brooke Tessmacher was an aspiring model when she participated in WWE's Divas Search Program in 2006 and despite failing to make the top 8, she was signed by the company. Brooke would get her training in Deep South Wrestling before she debuted in WWE's ECW brand in 2007. Tessmacher joined Kelly Kelly in the "Extreme Expose" where they gloated their sexy bodies to the fans. Brooke barely wrestled any matches in ECW and mostly was used as eye-candy by the WWE as she did compete in a Battle Royal for the Women's Championship but failed to make an impact in it. She wrestled one more Battle Royale in the WWE before she was released by the company as her failure to make an impact in ECW and inferior wrestling skills got her the boot from the company.

7 Brooke Tessmacher (Now)


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Tessmacher had to wait a few years before she got a real opportunity in wrestling again, as she was signed by TNA in 2010 and debuted as the Commissioner of the Knockout's Division. Brooke quickly transitioned into a wrestler for TNA and became one of their top knockout's, having multiple championship reigns as TNA Knockout's Champion in the next few years. Brooke later became Bully Ray's on-screen girlfriend and a part of Aces & Eights and continued to wrestle after that disbanded before leaving in 2015 due to being pregnant at the time. Brooke returned to TNA earlier this year and wrestled for a few months before leaving again a month back, as she'll now look to find another career path after being forgotten by the WWE.

6 Jackie Gayda (Then)

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Jackie Gayda came to the WWE through their Tough Enough program where she impressed WWE officials enough to immediately get a spot on the main roster. But it was a case of all looks and no moves for her, as she famously botched many moves in a match against Trish Stratus. WWE changed their plans with her, pairing her with Rico as she'd be more of a manager rather than a wrestler after that point. Gayda also had an alliance with her real-life boyfriend Charlie Haas with the two being forced to go into a romantic angle, with the former going into a feud with Dawn Marie. Haas eventually rejected both Jackie and Dawn who wanted to be his girlfriend and Gayda was released by the WWE soon after this storyline came to an end.

5 Jackie Gayda (Now)

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Gayda found herself wanted by TNA after leaving the WWE and she did work for the company for a few years but was unable to do anything great in the company. She returned to WWE for the Divas Battle Royal at WrestleMania XXV and continued wrestling in the Independent circuit with her husband Charlie Haas. But she soon stepped down from the wrestling business and decided to work on looking after her family, as Charlie and Gayda opened their own "Custom Muscle Nutrition and Smoothie Shop" in 2008. The two have been since living their own peaceful life together and with Jackie settled in as a mother of four children right now, it doesn't look like she's planning on doing something about becoming a forgotten diva.

4 Candice Michelle (Then)

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Candice Michelle didn't have much wrestling experience before applying to become a WWE diva in the 2004 Divas Search program, but her stunning looks got her a place in the company. She was made to serve as eye-candy by the WWE who made her a part of Vince's Devils with Victoria and Torrie Wilson. She would initially take part in exotic stipulation matches before she was pushed as a singles star, as she progressed pretty well as time went on and was given a push for her efforts, winning the Women's Championship from Melina. Michelle later lost the title to Beth Phoenix in a match which severely injured her, leaving her on the sidelines for many months. Michelle failed to get back her momentum after recovering from the injury and was released by WWE in 2009.

3 Candice Michelle (Now)

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While Michelle didn't really try to return to wrestling after being released by the WWE in 2009, she did keep some close contacts with some of her colleagues in the company. She even appeared in Lillian Garcia's music video "U Drive Me Loca" with Torrie Wilson in 2011 and she had decided to take care of her family rather than further pursuing a career in wrestling or something else. Candice recently even appeared at a WWE Raw event where she can be seen in a picture with her fellow colleagues and she looks absolutely smoking hot to this day as well. While a return at the card is rather unlikely, we might see Candice return to WWE in some form in the next years which can make fans remember about this gorgeous woman.

2 Melina (Then)

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Melina was quite the conniving beauty in WWE as she gained popularity as the valet for MNM as she'd dazzle everyone in ringside while John Morrison and Joey Mercury did the wrestling. She led the both too much success before trying her hand in a singles wrestler and despite very little training, she did really well as a wrestler. Melina was pushed to the top and won the Women's Championship quickly after becoming a singles wrestler. She ruled over the Women's Division for almost over a year and was quite dominant as the evil heel. Melina later won the Divas Championship, as well as WWE, were intent on keeping her at the top all the time. She was involved in main event feuds when she was suddenly released by the WWE in 2011 as her horrible attitude finally made for the end of her in WWE.

1 Melina (Now)

Ya knowwwww,‬‪ I just wanted to‬ feel like a‬ Hellcat Again.‬ 😼‬

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Despite being released by WWE, Melina was still quite the hot thing in the Independent Circuit and got numerous offers to wrestle all over the world. She wrestled at many Independent events for about a year after which she decided to take a hiatus from it, returning three years later. Melina continued to appear in many wrestling promotions and even appeared in Lucha Underground where she helped John Morrison win his match against Alberto El Patron at the "Ultima Lucha" event. She continued to wrestle in the Independent circuit as much as she can as this forgotten diva was on her way to become a WWE Legend but her terrible attitude and arrogance rightfully made the end of her in the company, as she's now reduced to a woman not many even remember.

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