15 Former And Current WWE Stars You Wouldn’t Believe Are Over 40

Today’s WWE roster is full of veterans that turn back the clock with impressive performances. They are able to hang with the young hungry stars.

Age is a tricky subject in professional wrestling. Many would say it’s a young man’s game due to the athletic ability needed to thrive in the ring. However, recent years have shown that older wrestlers quite frankly dominate the sport in many retrospects. WWE relies on older talents like The Undertaker, Triple H and Bill Goldberg for the big shows like WrestleMania and the Royal Rumble. The high profile main event acts aren’t the only ones in the older tier of performers in the business. Many of the current top names in WWE are far older than one would expect based off their appearance and skill level.

Today’s WWE roster is full of veterans that turn back the clock with impressive performances. They are able to hang with the young hungry stars of today. Many wrestlers to leave WWE in recent years have continued their careers into their 40s and are also making you forget about their age. We'll take a look at numerous wrestlers currently at an age where their ability are supposed to hit a decline. These names actually make you question the validity of their age when figuring it out. Here are fifteen current and former WWE stars that you would not believe are all over the age of 40.

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15 Rhyno


WWE signed Rhyno originally to play a role in NXT by adding a veteran presence. The young prospects learned from wrestling a respected professional. Rhyno has been around since the days of ECW but never appeared to grow old. The Man Beast looks better than ever today at the age of 41. WWE has been impressed with him enough to make him a fixture on the SmackDown Live roster.

Rhyno actually was one half of the first SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions after winning a tournament with partner Heath Slater. The work of Rhyno would lead you to believe he's actually in his mid 30s at oldest, but he's already over 40. We could very well be witnessing the final year or two of Rhyno in WWE and he's doing a good job.

14 Chris Jericho


Chris Jericho has been wrestling long enough to make you remember he's 46 years old every now and then, but his performances will have you forget about it. The past year of Jericho’s work has seen him add many more memorable moments to his list. Jericho has done outstanding things as the “best friend” of Kevin Owens before the recent breakup.

The eventual match between Owens and Jericho will be arguably the best story heading into WrestleMania 33. Jericho takes great pride in his legacy and is adding to it at the age of 46 in shocking fashion. The Raw brand has seen Jericho step up to fill the gap with various injuries and disappointments following the brand split. It proves age is just a number for some talents that are special as Jericho is.

13 Christian


The unofficially retired Christian will go down among the most underrated wrestlers of his era. Christian always delivered outstanding matches from his early WWE days as a tag team wrestler with Edge to the Captain Charisma singles run to his time in TNA as a top guy. Diehard fans enjoyed the in-ring work of Christian along with his endearing personality.

Christian was forced out of the ring due to concussion related symptoms causing WWE to refuse to clear him to return. The former star seems content with it at the age of 43. Christian still makes the occasional appearance for WWE on television shows and on his own WWE Network sketch comedy show with Edge. The look of Christian hasn’t aged at all and he looks the same as he did ten years ago.

12 Goldust


Goldust rarely wrestles on television these days but he still performs at a high level when given a chance. Whether you know him as Goldust or as Dustin Rhodes, we all can respect all he has given to the sport of wrestling. Goldust is currently 47 years old. It's impossible to believe that when you watch him perform at live events any time he's in the ring for more than a few minutes.

There’s no doubt Goldust will eventually enter the WWE Hall of Fame. The fact that he doesn’t have to retire any time soon is going to have us wait a few more years. Goldust has another strong run left in him for a small push. The brand split allows more opportunity and a veteran at his age that can still provide interesting story potentials for a short run at a mid-card title or more.

11 Trish Stratus


The retirement of Trish Stratus took place over a decade ago but she left at a young age. Many assume Stratus is still in her 30s due to her look refusing to age. Trish is actually 41 years old and happily removed from the wrestling industry. The women’s wrestling legend still watches the product and references today’s stars on social media, but she has made it clear her in-ring days are behind her.

Stratus recently gave birth to her second child and is focusing on her life at home along with her yoga studio. Even after giving birth to two kids, Stratus is in outstanding shape that would allow her to fit into the current landscape of WWE if she chose to return. Either way, it's a shock to realize Trish is already past 40.

10 Rey Mysterio


The career of Rey Mysterio is up there with the best of the best when discussing the greatest in-ring performers of all-time. Mysterio has consistently delivered greatness from his days as a teenager to his current time as a 42-year-old. You would never guess the age of Mysterio watching him perform today. The lucha legend still flies around the ring with innovative moves to keep up with the current stars.

Mysterio left WWE a few years ago after various injuries kept him out. The move worked out for the best with Mysterio having a lighter schedule. It allows him to wrestle much less and perform at a higher level in the limited appearances. Mysterio is the face of Lucha Underground, hoping to help the project thrive outside of WWE as a veteran with a lot left to offer.

9 Big Show


Big Show has been wrestling on national television for over two decades now, but the recent changes in the gym has led to shocking results. The big man is leaner than ever and is in arguably the best shape of his career. Show looks slender, fit and young enough to compete with anyone in a WWE ring. There have been rumors that Show is planning to retire within the next year or two.

Currently at the age of 45, Show has very little left to prove but clearly wants to retire in glory. The next few years could provide some of the best work of Show’s career if his athleticism matches his new look. As recently as a year ago, Big Show showed his age as an older star. Now it's a difficult task to successfully predict his age.

8 Victoria


The WWE career of Victoria is rather underrated in the grand scheme of things. Victoria was right there with Trish Stratus, Lita, Molly Holly and the rest of the top workers in the early 2000s time period of the WWE women’s division. The talent of Victoria saw her hold her own for many years even following her departure from the WWE.

Victoria had a strong run in TNA and has transitioned out of the spotlight. She still makes rare appearances at conventions and independent shows. The current look of Victoria shows very little aging and there’s no way the average person could guess she's actually 46 years old. Victoria has stayed in shape and appears like she can still go in the ring if needed.

7 Tajiri


WWE signed Tajiri in 2016 after a long absence to help add name value to the project of the cruiserweight division. Tajiri achieved success for WWE in the 2000s as a great worker that helped provide whatever was asked of him by the company from comedic entertainment to credible wrestling. Not many would figure out that Tajiri is currently one of the oldest members of the WWE roster at 46 years old.

Tajiri continued wrestling in Japan and tried running his own promotion at one point. WWE tried him out in the Cruiserweight Classic and he proved age was just a number. Despite nearing 50, Tajiri finds a way to keep up with the young fast-paced stars of the cruiserweight division today. The veteran presence of Tajiri is equally valuable with his knowledge helping the younger wrestlers working with him.

6 Lita


The legacy of Lita will always have her rank high among the greatest female wrestlers in WWE history. Lita inspired many of today’s women’s wrestling stars with her unique style at the time. Factor in her daredevil personality and the impressive matches, and Lita is absolutely a legend.

WWE employed her as a broadcaster for quite some time last year before deciding to go in another direction. Lita still looked rather young and could have easily returned to the ring without looking out of place. The surprise is realizing she’s currently 41 years old. Common sense would suggest otherwise glancing at her but Lita is actually over the age of 40.

5 R-Truth


The fountain of youth is something R-Truth has found and will never share. R-Truth has not aged one bit in the physical or athletic aspects. WWE loves him for his veteran presence and the fact that he's a hard worker. The look of R-Truth has appeared to be the same for many years now. Not only does R-Truth look the same as he did five years ago but he can still move around the ring as if nothing has changed in that time frame.

R-Truth is stunningly 45 years old and among the older locker room leaders on Raw. The age of R-Truth is the main reason WWE does not have him frequently appear on television in matches every single week. Along with the fellow older veteran Goldust, R-Truth works on live events in tag matches to add depth to the show.

4 Batista


The faction known as Evolution was meant to showcase the past, present and future of professional wrestling. Ric Flair was the highly respected past, Triple H was the present top star and Randy Orton was definitely the future. Batista joined the group and was meant to be the future along with Orton. The problem is Batista was 12 years older than Orton and a year older than Triple H.

Evolution caused fans to believe Batista was far younger than his actual age. That belief still exists today. Batista is 47 years old and finding his stride as an actor at the right time. The role as Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy has launched his acting career to add to his fame. WWE may call Batista back at some point but the near 50-year-old seems happy away from the ring and in the Hollywood spotlight.

3 Lilian Garcia


The beautiful Lilian Garcia is arguably the most successful WWE ring announcer following the era of Howard Finkel. Garcia always did a good job with both the ring introductions and singing the national anthem when needed to before shows. She chose to leave WWE a few months ago to spend time with her family and to take care of a sick relative.

Garcia still appears in the wrestling world hosting a weekly video podcast. Anyone who has watched her on television or on the podcast would assume she was in her 30s. Lilian is shockingly 50 years old proving you can never safely assume someone’s age. Despite not being an athlete like the other members of this list, Garcia’s age may actually be the most surprising as she is actually in the 50+ club.

2 Matt Hardy


The Hardy brothers started appearing on WWE television in enhancement matches as teenagers. That will always make us view them younger than they truly are. It helps Matt Hardy that his “Broken” gimmick has resurrected his career. Matt was arguably the hottest act in wrestling last year proving creativity could match the athleticism of the younger stars.

Hardy still has great matches as well making it a bit of a surprise to find out he's currently 42 years old. Both Matt and Jeff Hardy have decided to leave TNA with their contract recently expiring. WWE may be the next obvious step with star power and the fountain of youth allowing them both, especially Matt, to have a red hot run left in them at older ages.

1 Bobby Roode


The most surprising age for any wrestler currently on the WWE roster has to be Bobby Roode at the age of 40. Roode is the reigning NXT World Champion, making it a bit of a shock to find out the veteran recently turned 40. NXT is usually home to the younger wrestlers on the way up and Roode doesn’t actually show his age.

Roode is among the most athletic performers in the ring and he visually looks the same as he has over the past five years. The look, work and surroundings of Roode makes it impossible to figure out the talented star is already 40 years old. Hopefully it doesn’t prevent WWE from allowing him to have a “glorious” run on the main roster as a future top star.

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