15 Former & Current WWE Divas That Are Hotter Outside Of The Ring

Rightly or wrongly, the WWE has emphasized a stunning body, beautiful face, and long (blonde) hair when seeking to add women to its roster. That was especially the case in the 90s and early 2000s and while the company has gotten more progressive, the above criteria is still high in demand, unless of course the woman in question has unmatched talent. With that said, it's not exactly an easy task to put together a list of WWE Divas past and present who look much better outside of the ring; for the most part, they're all beautiful women, and, as wrestling enthusiasts (nerds) we love the site of a woman in her in-ring attire, especially if said woman happens to be someone like Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson, or Sasha Banks.

Those three, however, as well as others, could also be included on this list as, let's face it, they've combined to do some incredible photo shoots throughout the years. That said, we're looking beyond the traditional pin-up blondes and diving into some of the Divas who might surprise you with their exceptional beauty outside of the ring. It's not at all that they're ugly in the ring - let's just say they clean up well.

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16 Charlotte Flair

Officially in my "30s" so far the best years of my life 🤗😎

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Have you read the comments section lately? The internet is as divided on the topic of Charlotte Flair being hot as it was on whether or not that damn dress was black and blue or gold and white. The Queen is arguably the most talented woman wrestler on the WWE roster and probably a better performer than half of the men; that much is generally accepted, but ask a group of people if they think she's hot and the answer won't be as unanimous.

The truth is, the genetically superior athlete might not be the prettiest or daintiest woman on the roster, but she's damn fine, particularly in the gym or in her everyday attire. A former certified personal trainer, she's in better shape than any woman in the WWE and looks much more attractive in the real world, especially during the short period in which she was a brunette (probably because it reminded us less of her father).

15 Terri Runnels

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Terri Runnels wasn't exactly known for covering up during her time with the WWE; the former valet of Goldust and others played a cigar-smoking, milf-like vixen that presumably introduced many young fans to a raw form of sexuality. Yet, it's not as though she was ever the most attractive female in the company at any one point. Terri was overshadowed by the likes of Torrie Wilson and Trish Stratus, to name a few, but those who have viewed upon her many photo shoot images incessantly know just how hot she truly is.

Whether it's posing in a bedroom, covering her "puppies" up on a beach, or standing in wildlife with full body paint, Terri is an absolute beauty. Even at 50-years-old, she remains in great shape. We certainly miss Terri, but not so much in the ring.

14 Beth Phoenix

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A WWE Hall of Famer, Beth Phoenix might fall into the category of hot blondes whom fans considered - and still consider - extremely hot in the ring, but her dominating physical style made her a semi-intimidating figure and she wasn't exactly known for her great sense of fashion as a wrestler. And that's fine, because she was a great performer, as evidenced by the championships and Hall of Fame nod, but we're not dealing with talent here.

Unlike other blondes who showed off their physical assets in the ring enough that you didn't need to see them outside of the wrestling realm, Beth Phoenix left a lot to the imagination. In the real world, however, without the ridiculous headband, she's a natural beauty who appears just as comfortable in a seductive dress as she is in a t-shirt and jeans. Edge is a lucky man.

13 Eve Torres

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As Beth Phoenix and Terri Runnels above were overshadowed by hotter blondes in the ring, former WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres might be the redhead equivalent, having to showcase her beauty and talent in the shadow of Christy Hemme, who fans adored. That said, Torres was a beauty in the ring, don't get us wrong, but she steps her game up a notch in the real world and during the several photo shoots she has conducted. In fact, given her sultry look, flat tummy, pierced belly button, and natural charisma, she might be a notch above Hemme.

Married to Rener Gracie, she currently teaches a self-defense class at the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy and remains in incredible shape despite giving birth to her first child a little under two years ago. There's a reason she has 411,000 followers on Instagram.

12 Jillian Hall

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If we're taking Jillian Hall's entire career into account, this is an absolute no-brainer. The busty blonde could certainly strut her stuff in the ring, but let's not forget she broke into the WWE as a "fixer" with MNM (Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro, and Melina) who had a hideous growth on the left side of her face. Add in the everlasting image of The Boogeyman biting off the ridiculous, cartoon-like growth and it's hard to even remember her as being a vixen in the ring.

Her Instagram account paints a much prettier picture, whether she's looking great in everyday attire or dressed up for a night of drinks with the girls. In fact, she recently posted a photo of her and Marty Wright, who portrayed The Boogeyman and is leaning in toward her face as if to go for round two. Beyond that nightmarish reminder, however, it's all good.

11 Becky Lynch

@toni_mua helped my face out tonight 💚 #sdlive

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Full disclaimer on this one as the author thinks Becky Lynch is the hottest woman in wrestling right now. That might not be the most popular opinion as her fiery red hair isn't appreciated as much as the blondes of the world, but she's clearly one of the best-looking women on the roster. That said, the jacket and goggles is a bit of a ridiculous look and one that she probably needs to ditch. The recent dreadlocks can go too.

In the real world, with or without the red-orange hair, Lynch is a true beauty who possesses the best smile out of all the women on this list and the others that aren't. Beyond looks, she's clearly the one Diva we would all most like to have a beer with.


9 Nia Jax

via comicbook.com

This might be the most obvious entry on our list. You can tell when watching Nia Jax that she has a pretty face, but there's absolutely nothing sexy about the full-body suit that she wears when wrestling, not to mention the ever-present scowl she has on her face.

She lives a healthy lifestyle and works out as much as possible, but she doesn't - and likely never will - have the barbie figure that some others on the WWE roster have. That said, she's beautiful in her own skin, as evidenced in a recent no-makeup bathing suit selfie she posted to promote positive body image. She's even better looking when she cleans up for a night out on the town, which is a major reason she has over 400,000 followers on Instagram.

8 Emma

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Emma is so much hotter outside of the WWE world that her mugshot is more appealing than the sunglasses-wearing, black lipstick look that she's currently rocking on Raw. The shoulder pads don't help either; if we're being honest, the shoulder pad look fit in with the oversized, fluorescent dress suits of the 1980s - and The Road Warriors - but it's not one we enjoy seeing on the 28-year-old Aussie Diva.

The real-life heel (seriously, who steals an iPad case) does have a bit of a resting b**** face vibe going on at times, but she makes it work. And when she does smile during photo shoots, we see a true beauty who can play the role of girl next door and seductress just as effective.

7 Mickie James

via wwe.com

This should be another obvious inclusion. When Mickie James debuted in the WWE as an obsessive Trish Stratus fangirl, she was a little too creepy for our liking and rocked a look that aligned her with the early 90s. She wasn't likely a candidate for best-dressed Diva during that time, but she clearly had great assets.

Despite the obsessive angle, she appeared a tad vanilla in her look. However, as we now know, she was anything but vanilla in her shoots outside of the ring, especially prior to joining the industry. James posed for some very X-rated photos before joining the WWE, but that's not why she's included here - we're not complete pigs. Even fully clothed away from the ring, the nine-time Women's Champion is a gorgeous women who might be in better shape today than she was at her prime.

6 Nidia

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Nidia Guenard was on Tough Enough's debut season and made her first appearance on-screen as a trailer-trash-type valet for Jamie Noble, who played a similar role. Naturally, given their gimmick, Nidia wasn't necessarily one to dress up in her finest attire; rather, she rocked cut-off jean shorts and country-girl plaid shirts.

Outside of the ring, however, Nidia was a natural beauty who could pull off the curly hair look better than most. She has been out of the industry for quite some time now and currently leads a Girl Scouts troop and is married with two kids. WWE released some current-day photos in a "Where Are They Now" feature and the Puerto Rican beauty might be better looking and in better shape now than she was during her time with the WWE.

5 Asuka

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It won't be long now until we see NXT Superstar Asuka as a main roster mainstay. The NXT Women's Champion owns an impressive undefeated streak and has been appearing in more and more WWE live events recently. And while she isn't a Diva you're likely to fawn over in terms of her looks, you just might do so in regard to her in-ring talent.

It's not as if she isn't pretty; the multi-colored hair and fluorescent get-up simply isn't for everyone. Outside of the ring, however, she boasts a beautiful smile and a charm that isn't present when she's dominating her opponents on the mat. We hope to see her as a full-time main roster performer in the near future, but we'll continue to check out her Instagram account, where she posts fun and candid pictures of herself and with other WWE Divas.

4 Layla

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The final original WWE Women's Champion, Layla had a great wrestling career and was incredibly hot during her stint with the company, but, believe it or not, the now-39-year-old had even more sex appeal in her endeavors outside of the ring. Like some of the others on this list, she could pull off the girl next door or seductive look with equal ease, probably owing to her career in the entertainment industry.

Beyond wrestling, Layla performed as a dancer for Carnival Cruise Lines and was once a cheerleader for the Miami Heat. She also once danced on stage during a Kanye West performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. The English native retired from the WWE in 2015 is currently married to former WWE wrestler Ricky Ortiz.

3 Ivory

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This entry shouldn't be a surprise either as Ivory, during the end of her first run with the WWE, was best known for her role with Right to Censor, a faction which sought to clean up the the prominence of bare skin and gratuitous underboob (among other things) during the Attitude Era. Ivory covered herself up well when she wrestled, wearing a business-style white button-up shirt and even a tie at times.

The gimmick kind of worked for a short period of time, but it was a damn shame we had to see Ivory cover up for so long, because, during the time, she was one of the most fit and beautiful non-blondes in the company. Even now, for a 55-year-old, Ivory is in great shape.

2 Victoria

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Again, we need to clarify that none of these women were out of place looks-wise while competing in the WWE, we just feel they took things to a whole other level in photo shoots and during their regular, every-day routine. Victoria is a perfect example of that. The two-time former Women's Champion debuted as a mean, sadistic heel and she played the role well. It was clear she was beautiful, but nobody was thinking that when she was thrashing the likes of Trish Stratus and Stacy Keibler.

She had stints in the WWE where her beauty comes through, but outside of the ring the muscular goddess is a sight to behold, especially with her red-streaked hair and short hair and long black hair and... Right, you get it, she's hot.

1 Bayley

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There is absolutely nothing hot or sexy about Pamela Rose Martinez's character Bayley. The current Raw Women's Champion is a fun and inspiring character who oozes positivity and love for the fans, all while rocking the hair style of your junior high crush. The 27-year-old simply isn't desirable as Bayley and that's fine; she did, after all, develop the look after Deb from Napoleon Dynamite.

Outside of the ring, Bayley likely is never going to draw the same sort of obsessive attention that others in the division get as she doesn't pander to the sex-appeal-crazed male fans - she's a hugger, after all. That said, there's such a large gap in her look away from the wrestling world that she has to top this list. In fact, during the Hall of Fame induction of Beth Phoenix, she might have been one of the better-looking Divas.

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