15 Former & Current WWE Stars That Rock Yoga Pants Better Than Fitness Pros

Yoga pants have dominated social media fashion in recent years given the amazing work it does showing off the assets of ladies. Women can have both comfort and display their physical beauty in their social media posts. Guys love it as much as any other hot outfit choice due to how great most backsides look in them. Fitness models have become the most high-profile ladies to implement yoga pants into their social media pictures for branding. However, WWE’s female wrestlers are not only challenging them but outdoing them when it comes to the magic of yoga pants.

Many current and former women to work for WWE frequently posts pictures wearing yoga pants on various social media platforms. Companies send it to them for free most of the time and we're all grateful for this. The ladies will share promo codes to get some extra coin with amazing displays of endorsements being how good their backsides look in them. We will take an in-depth look at some specific WWE ladies that found their way to success in the yoga pants category. Both active and former stars will be examined as we list fifteen WWE ladies that rock yoga pants even better than fitness pros do.

15 Sasha Banks

The incredible wrestling talent of Sasha Banks got her discovered by WWE. Banks’ standout work in NXT certainly played a huge role in the success of the Women’s Revolution coming to the main roster. In past interviews, Banks has described herself as a “plain Jane” believing she isn’t as attractive as the other ladies in WWE. Most fans would disagree with that statement, especially when it comes to her pictures in yoga pants.

Banks has posted quite a few pictures in her workout gear. The influencer side gig of Banks sees her often advertising products on her Instagram page. Any yoga pants she received has truly led to great content for all involved. Banks wearing tight pants on WWE television has always led to amazing results, but the yoga pants are the best of the best.

14 Kaitlyn

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Former WWE star Kaitlyn aka Celeste Bonin recently made news by announcing her return to professional wrestling. Kaitlyn chose to leave WWE a couple of years ago to start her own business. Funny enough, the main product she made money selling was yoga pants as part of her Celestial Bodiez brand. The amazing look of Kaitlyn in the yoga pants was enough to get many customers.

Bonin has one of the most fit bodies in the wrestling business due to her background in fitness. It only makes sense that she looks amazing in yoga pants. The return to wrestling will see her perform on independent wrestling shows in hopes of a WWE return. We can only hope Kaitlyn decides to show off her merchandise in more ways than one by wrestling in her apparently comfortable yoga pants.

13 Alexa Bliss

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There aren’t as many pictures of Alexa Bliss in yoga pants as the other ladies on the list, but she is one of the most desired ladies to rock the flattering fashion choice. In the words of Bliss during a promo about her butt, it is “cute” to her and most of the viewing audience. The small glimpses we have seen of Alexa in yoga pants just make her even more attractive than she already is.

Bliss recently won the WWE website poll about which Superstar fans most would want to kiss under the mistletoe. The other polls of similar categories are almost always dominated by Bliss. The goddess of the Women’s Division rules any debate when it comes to the fans perception of physical beauty. Bliss’ power will only grow if more yoga pants pictures are shared online.

12 Stacy Keibler

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The legendary Stacy Keibler achieved huge success in WCW and WWE despite not having any in-ring talent. Keibler got by on her looks and personality to make a lot of money in the wrestling business before moving to Hollywood in hopes of starting an acting career. The backside of Keibler has always been her most popular assets from the legs to the booty.

WWE always tried to present her as having the best legs in the world. Stacy still looks great and recent pictures of her in leggings and yoga pants show she still has the assets. Despite giving birth to her first child, Keibler is already back in great shape and the yoga pants show it off. One shame is that yoga pants didn’t become a popular fashion choice after her peak of sharing pictures on social media.

11 Torrie Wilson

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Torrie Wilson is the best friend of Stacy Keibler and is even more impressive in yoga pants today. In recent years, Wilson has tried to start a new career in the fitness world. Torrie often posts pictures and videos on social media featuring various workout regimes she uses to stay in shape. Wilson has never looked more fit than she does today, which is wild considering her wrestling career ended about a decade ago.

This choice may be considered cheating since Torrie is trying to become a fitness pro, but she is still remembered more for her time in WWE. Wilson looks outstanding in yoga pants and they are an essential part of the content she uploaded. Most of the workouts will feature Torrie looking great rocking the yoga pants.

10 Nikki Bella

The introduction of the Bella Twins YouTube channel has given us a lot of great Nikki Bella content. Nikki loves to show off her assets in the most revealing outfits. She has even gone as far as to say looking good is a passion of her in terms of flattering fashion. While there are many great looks for Nikki, there’s no doubt that yoga pants are the best choice when it comes to her booty.

Nikki has posted a couple of workout videos showing some of the exercises she does to stay in shape. The videos get a ridiculous number of views. A lot of fans do want to learn her workout secrets, but most are tuning in to get a glimpse of Nikki in the yoga pants.

9 Brandi Rhodes

Brandi Rhodes is arguably the most underrated beauty in wrestling due to how little WWE did with her. The original hope of Brandi was to become a wrestler or a least a character managing her husband Cody Rhodes. There was a leaked video the two did together as a heel couple spoofing Iron Man that was pitched to WWE. Brandi was pigeonholed by WWE as a ring announcer and seemed to happy to leave when Cody left.

The career of Brandi has skyrocketed since leaving WWE with actual wrestling on the independent circuit along with a great gig as part of the WAGS Atlanta reality show coming in 2018. Some of the hottest pictures of any woman in wrestling this past year have come from Brandi. Workout pictures featuring yoga pants are truly the best to showcase her incredible body.

8 Bayley

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Current WWE star Bayley is a wholesome character that doesn’t get to showcase her looks as much as the other women. The character of Bayley is meant to be an underdog that thrives in being treated as lesser to the other ladies before proving them wrong. Despite not being portrayed as the hottest women’s wrestler, Bayley certainly holds her own in the looks department.

Most fans would agree that Bayley’s best look outside of the ring comes in the form of yoga pants. Bayley has posted a couple of workout pics wearing yoga pants and it has surprised fans that never noticed just how impressive her backside is. The beauty of Bayley will not be overlooked if more fans see the magic of her in yoga pants.

7 Eva Marie

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The wrestling ability of Eva Marie failed to impress anyone, but WWE tried to push her due to her looks. Eva was considered among the best-looking women WWE has hired in quite some time. The potential of her breaking into the mainstream whether in Hollywood or as a high-end model. Both careers are now being ventured by Eva after WWE decided to let her contract expire this past year.

Eva has already participated in some stunning photo shoots. One of these shoots showed off how amazing she looks in yoga pants. Eva looks as good in yoga pants as she looked terrible in the wrestling ring. Diehard wrestling fans will know just how flattering the yoga pants look on Eva Marie based off that analogy alone.

6 Stephanie McMahon

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We sadly don’t get to see as many hot pictures of Stephanie McMahon these days as we do the other ladies on the list. Stephanie does not take as many pictures showing off her looks since she uses social media for her business ventures as the Chief Brand Officer of WWE. However, one of her passions is fitness and she does try to share that with the world.

Stephanie hosted a workout DVD series for WWE a couple of years ago that featured her looking amazing in yoga pants. There are also the midnight workout videos we get to see on her Instagram in workout clothes during training with Triple H and their personal trainer in their gym. Stephanie does not have as many pictures as the other ladies, but her slugging percentage is top tier.

5 Trish Stratus

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Another legendary figure in WWE on the women’s side to have a passion for fitness and yoga specifically is Trish Stratus. The wrestling career of Stratus saw her become the most successful woman in WWE. At a time when the women struggled to get strong character development or credible matches, Stratus did her part of create opportunity for the ladies in WWE.

The early retirement came in 2006 due to wanting to spend time with her husband and start a family. Trish found another career path as a huge yoga enthusiast. Long before yoga pants became the hottest fashion item, Stratus rocked them to perfection while teaching her method of yoga. The Stratusphere yoga brand was a success and Trish will always be fond of yoga pants we will her fans.

4 Naomi

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You can’t talk about athletic ladies with amazing booties without referencing Naomi. The backside of Naomi may be the most visually impressive one in WWE. Naomi works out as hard as anyone on the roster and is up there with Charlotte Flair as the most athletic woman in WWE. After being underappreciated on the WWE roster for many years, Naomi has been a top star in the SmackDown Women’s Division in 2017.

Naomi has posted a decent number of pictures from her workouts and yoga pants clearly are a great option. Most ladies need the yoga pants to look as good as Naomi looks in standard pants. Naomi would be the top pick on many lists, but the fact that the yoga pants don’t add as much to her overall look makes her fall a few spots under in the essential yoga pants rankings.

3 Paige

The return of Paige to Raw has reminded the wrestling world just how popular she is. Paige received a massive ovation on her first night back after the controversial time away from WWE. Things have gone well for her as the impressive leader of the Absolution faction. Paige is finally free from the personal issues and her prior relationship with Alberto Del Rio to do what she loves again.

As much as Paige loves wrestling, the fans enjoy watching her perform more. Not only does she deliver on-screen, but she manages to look amazing in most outfits. Nothing stands out as much as the yoga pants she loves to wear on a regular basis. Paige was seen in yoga pants almost every time she was filmed outside of the ring on Total Divas and it is the best possible look for the stunning woman.

2 Summer Rae

The news of WWE releasing Summer Rae was the saddest story of 2017 for wrestling fans that love yoga pants. Summer has always posted some of the steamiest pictures from workouts on her social media pages. The posts started picking up even more this year when she realized WWE was starting to phase her out. Rae reminded the fans just what she was working with in the form of many yoga pants pictures.

Summer has started to branch out with more photo shoots this past year, but her most popular pictures would have to be the yoga pants images. The booty of Rae is the perfect example of how well an impressive backside can be presented in the right pair of yoga pants. Summer is not looking back after WWE released her and we are being spoiled on social media because of it.

1 Mandy Rose

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Raw newcomer Mandy Rose has already made an impact if you follow her social media pages. No one is prouder of their booty or enjoys the look of yoga pants more than Rose. Most of her top posts are either bikini pictures or yoga pants images. It is a win-win situation, but any fan of yoga pants will argue those are her by far her best images.

Rose is a bombshell that skipped NXT due to WWE believing she was too valuable to even have wrestled there since they knew she was main roster bound from day one. Mandy was fitness model before signing with WWE and has taken it to another level since her profile grew after entering wrestling. The hard work at the gym makes Rose’s booty among the best in the world and the real MVP of yoga pants.

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