15 Former WCW Stars That Randomly Disappeared

WCW showcased some of the biggest stars in wrestling history during their attempt to compete with WWE. Many established legends like Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Sting and Randy Savage spent a lot of time in the company. It gave us a glimpse of future legends like Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio despite not utilizing them to the best of their abilities. The legacies of countless wrestlers improved thanks to their bodies of work in WCW. However, there are many forgotten names that lost their way following the end of the company.

Vince McMahon deciding to purchase WCW changed the landscape of the industry for quite some time going forward. Many wrestlers that would have been able to make great money in the Monday Night Wars era would get lost in the shuffle. WWE was the only place to make a great living until recent years with the popularity of social media allowing new young performers to shine on their own. The wrestlers to not get a shot with WWE or fail there following WCW dying would struggle immensely to continue making a comfortable living in wrestling. We'll look at some of the former WCW stars to disappear from the industry over the years.

15 Rick Steiner

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The Steiner Brothers were arguably the best tag team in WCW history. Both brothers brought great teamwork together and always appeared to be on the same page. Scott ended up becoming the bigger singles star when they finally broke up in 1998. The new role in the New World Order allowed Scott to showcase his main event potential.

Rick Steiner was left in a smaller role struggling to find the success on his own. WCW going out of business saw the brothers go in different directions. Scott continued wrestling and recently appeared in Impact Wrestling last year. Rick decided it was time for him to get out of the spotlight. Wrestling is now his past life and he is living a private life as a real estate agent in Atlanta away from everything.

14 Kimberly Page

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The gorgeous Kimberly Page was one of the few ladies to become a popular star in WCW. As the real-life wife of WCW star Diamond Dallas Page, she became part of the show working as his manager. Kimberly eventually branched out to create the Nitro Girls as the unofficial cheerleaders of WCW participating in dance numbers a few times per show.

Following the death of WCW, Kimberly and DDP divorced but remain friends today. She tried to make it in the acting world with her most noteworthy role coming in a secondary role for the hit film 40-Year-Old Virgin. The acting career didn’t take off and she didn’t want to go back to wrestling. Kimberly has been relatively quiet for years and has a new career in interior design.

13 Van Hammer

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Van Hammer spent the better part of a decade with WCW. They took a break from each other a few times during that time, but he always returned after the short time away. The biggest of his pushes took place in the early 90s when WCW wanted to make him a top star based off his look. However, the lack of talent and in-ring skills always held him back.

Most fans of the Monday Night Wars will always remember him as being the jacked dude in Raven’s Flock. Van Hammer tried to continue wrestling on the independent wrestling circuit in the 2000s after WCW went out of business. Things didn’t work out for him and he has stopped wrestling for about nine years now. No one knows what Van Hammer is up to these days as he's away from the public spotlight.

12 Horace Hogan

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Hulk Hogan’s popularity and success in the wrestling industry gave him a ridiculous amount of power. Many of his friends like Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, Big Boss Man and Hacksaw Jim Duggan joined WCW thanks to Hogan joining the roster. Hogan developed enough power to get his relatives hired later in his WCW run when Horace Hogan was signed.

Horace became a member of the New World Order that did almost nothing of note during his WCW career. The end of WCW meant the end of the gravy train for Horace. Hulk convinced WWE to give Horace a developmental contract in 2002, but WWE released him within a month of reporting. Horace has not been heard from in years and is reportedly working in the construction field.

11 Lenny Lane

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The career of Lenny Lane has him remembered as one of the lower card acts of WCW during its decline. Lane worked as a Cruiserweight in 1998 before getting paired with Lodi as a tag team under the Vince Russo era. Russo wanted them to portray a gay couple that fans would mock and make fun since offensive and tacky television which was accepted at the time.

Lenny had more talent than the role required, and he sadly never got to showcase it outside of the random Cruiserweight match with enough time to put out a good performance. Lane tried wrestling on the independent circuit after WCW went out of business, but he struggled to get any momentum as a free agent. We have not seen him wrestle since 2013 and he is nowhere to be found these days.

10 Ernest Miller

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Ernest “The Cat” Miller originally joined WCW to team with Glacier by utilizing his background in martial arts. Eric Bischoff had a passion for martial arts and was always partial to wrestlers with similar backgrounds. Miller eventually evolved into a charismatic character that received more opportunity in the final few years of WCW when bigger names left.

WCW placed Miller in top storylines as the Commissioner and the man pulling the strings of many of the top names. WWE tried using him as a wrestler and commentator a few years after WCW died, but he just never fit in with the new company. Miller’s last stint with relevance came when he received a role as a wrestler in The Wrestler film. The acting career of Miller never took off and he has essentially disappeared from the public.

9 Bobby Eaton

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The in-ring work of Bobby Eaton was extremely underrated during his time in WCW. Eaton never received a major run and rarely got television time towards the end of the middle of the 90s when WCW started to heat up. However, most of the wrestlers and many experts agreed he was one of the best in-ring performers in the world.

Eaton likely would have been a bigger deal if he entered the business at a different time when his style was more appreciated. The wrestling career of Eaton continued into 2016 when he apparently went missing. Luckily, the family of Eaton found him, but he has remained away from the ring since then. Eaton is hopefully being cared for by his family rather than trying to get more bumps given his health.

8 Evan Karagias

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Evan Karagias was one of the three members of the entertaining WCW group 3 Count. Shane Helms and Shannon Moore went on to achieve more success in WWE making Karagias the forgotten man of the trio. The talent of Karagias didn’t reach the level of Helms or Moore making it obvious why WWE didn’t have any interest in him.

Karagias still deserves credit for his role in 3 Count providing entertainment at a time when WCW struggled to do anything worthwhile. The career of Karagias continued after WCW ended wrestling on the independent circuit until 2010. Karagias has basically disappeared at this point and is reportedly working a quiet life in a financial service company today. The only appearance in recent years saw him reunite with 3 Count to dance one more time at a show in 2014.

7 Chuck Palumbo

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The career of Chuck Palumbo likely would have been more successful if WCW never went out of business. Palumbo was one of the young stars with potential that WCW wanted to build around when in need of new talent in its final year. WCW even had him score victories over Diamond Dallas Page and Lex Luger at various points to prove he was ready for a top spot.

WWE brought him over following the purchase of WCW and employed him on multiple occasions. Palumbo never moved above the lower mid-card picture. Fans didn’t care for him and he ended up leaving the industry. Palumbo has been out of the spotlight for years now putting wrestling in the past. A passion for motorcycles sees him building, repairing and customizing bikes.

6 Midajah

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Scott Steiner’s success as a singles character led to him becoming a ladies man on WCW television. Many ladies known as his “freaks” would appear with him at ringside. There was chemistry with one specific woman leading to Midajah becoming his full-time manager towards the end of WCW. Midajah was at Steiner’s side when he won the WCW Championship.

The duo became a successful act together until WCW went out of business in 2001. Midajah appeared at Steiner’s side for a few independent shows in 2002 before he signed with WWE. They had no interest in hiring Midajah at his side and it led to her leaving the wrestling business. Midajah has been out of the spotlight for about fifteen years now. Her current life sees her working as a personal trainer going back to the fitness lifestyle before wrestling.

5 Scotty Riggs

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The career of Scotty Riggs is best remembered for his time in the American Males tag team with Buff Bagwell. They won the WCW Tag Team Championship at their peak but failed to maintain popularity during their biggest push. It led to WCW splitting them up by putting Bagwell in the New World Order as the bigger star for the rest of his career.

Riggs ended up in Raven’s Flock but received very little opportunity to do anything of note. ECW hired Riggs and he had a few standout performances before the company went out of business. Riggs eventually retired from wrestling in 2009 after injuries piled up. Aside from being active on social media, you will be hard pressed to find Riggs anywhere these days.

4 Prince Iaukea

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Prince Iaukea had a few different roles in WCW as a member of the Cruiserweight Division and mid-card picture. The first character was rather generic, and fans never gravitated towards him. Iaukea didn’t have the talent or personality of the other young stars rising in WCW. It was obvious that he needed a change, but Vince Russo was unfortunately the one to make the change for him.

He started playing The Artist Formerly Known as Prince Iaukea, which was basically a rip-off of musician Prince. It was charming at times, but the character clearly had no legs going forward. WWE had no interest in hiring Iaukea after purchasing WCW. His career continued the independent circuit for many years but has not wrestled since 2015. Wrestling appears to be in the past for Iaukea who has all but disappeared from the public eye.

3 Perry Saturn

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The disappearance of Perry Saturn was a real story that went on for a few years. Many wrestlers requested any information on the whereabouts of Saturn as he was unseen for a long time. Saturn sadly went homeless and was going through a bitter drug addiction. It wasn’t until recently that Saturn resurfaced trying to get his life back together.

Saturn has been getting help from fans to try to continue living in a home as he is in bad shape. Not only did the drugs do some damage to his life, but Saturn also is dealing with the aftermath of the wrestling risks. Most fans have no idea what happened to Saturn. It is unfortunately one of the more negative stories of a wrestler’s life going downhill, but we can hope there is a happy ending.

2 Bryan Clark

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Bryan Clark made the jump from WWE to WCW in the 90s during the Monday Night Wars. WWE gave him the horrible Adam Bomb character that went nowhere. WCW decided to give him another weird character of Wrath meant to mimic the Mortal Kombat style of characters that Eric Bischoff wanted in the company. Wrath worked with Mortis and Glacier for most of his first year in WCW.

Clark achieved his best success as part of the Kronik tag team with Brian Adams in the final year before WCW was purchased by WWE. The wrestling career of Clark continued in Japan after a failed short WWE run. Clark eventually retired due to injuries in 2003. No one knows what Clark is up to these days aside from the fact that he joined a class action lawsuit against WWE with other wrestlers.

1 Steve “Mongo” McMichael

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Former NFL player Steve “Mongo” McMichael made the jump to wrestling by signing a full-time contract with WCW. This wasn’t an experiment like with other athletes as McMichael legitimately wanted to make wrestling his career. Mongo joined the Four Horsemen and had a solid run for about three years on the roster. TNA brought him in for his final wrestling appearance in 2008 as a special guest referee.

McMichael has stayed away from wrestling for the most part aside from the TNA appearance which was done due to the show taking place in his stomping grounds of Chicago. The most public thing he has done is run for mayor of Romeoville, Illinois before falling short in 2012. Mongo got more than enough out of his wrestling career during his time in WCW and is staying away from it now.

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