15 Former WWE Divas Instagram Accounts That Will Make You Drool

Warning. You may experience symptoms of dehydration after reading this list. If you experience increased thirst, dry mouth and swollen tongue, weakness, dizziness, palpitations, confusion, sluggish fainting, or just plain fainting, please call or visit your local doctor. Now that TheSportster can’t be legally responsible for your state of being after you witness this incredible and salacious gift we give to you, we'll gladly tell you what this is all about. Just like the article, “15 WWE Diva Instagram Accounts That Will Make Your Eyes Bleed,” we want to celebrate the beauty of women. What better way to celebrate their beauty, than by letting the world know how great they truly are.

Many of these ladies only had short stays with the WWE, while others lasted a very long time. Some got rich, others didn’t. Regardless if they made it or not, they all have the right to say that they worked for the WWE. You’ll notice many of these celestial beings are also models, actresses, and work in a wide variety of entertainment. Some left the WWE and found greater success in companies like TNA and other wrestling indie promotions.

Stay on this list too long, you may end up looking like a guy lost at sea without any drinkable water. Also, check your computer equipment for any smoke because things are about to get hot.

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15 Devin Taylor

Brittany Christine Fetkin got her WWE start in 2013 after she was assigned to NXT. The former WWE employee worked as both an in-ring competitor and backstage interviewer for the brand before getting the boot in 2015. Her Instagram page show us her lovely Halloween outfit, which seems to be some sort of demon angel or satin himself. Hell, if she gave out the commands, it’s almost a given most of us will follow the instructions.

We have to admit, she keeps her goodies packaged, so don’t expect the skin you'll see with other ladies on this list. However, sometimes conservatism is the hottest way to go. Fetkin appeared on the reality show The Bachelor and will probably be seen on television again in some shape or form. Maybe she’ll get back into the wrestling business and be the backstage voice of NXT once again.

14 Cameron

Happy #Humpday

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She’s the most recent woman on the list to be let go by the WWE. Her career started in 2011 when she competed in the Tough Enough series. She earned a spot in Florida Championship Wrestling and quickly made her debut on the main show in 2012. Cameron would never break through and become a major player while with the company for four years. In 2016, WWE released her to make room for new blood.

The straight jet black hair, perfect smile, and exquisite curves make her very worthy for this list. It’s also a plus that she shows off the beauty that she is. Cameron has made appearances at wrestling conventions since her time away from the company, so she may dip her feet back into the ring.

13 Maxine

💀💀💀 #smashglobal #mma Was a great event for a great cause!!!!

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Karlee Perez started her WWE career in 2009 when she signed a developmental contract. She went through several names before sticking with Maxine when she participated in the third season of NXT. In 2012, Maxine asked for her release and eventually returned to wrestling ring under the TNA banner in 2014.

Since then, she has found her groove as a vicious manager in Lucha Underground, where she calls herself Catrina. Believe us, you don’t want to get on her bad side or she’ll give you the “Lick of Death.” If you visit her page, you can find a ton of revealing images. You have your typical beach shots, taking a photo by using the mirror, and lots of selfie pics. It’s also a bonus if you’re into the black leather outfits.

12 Savannah

Angela Fong signed with the WWE in 2008 and debuted in Florida Championship Wrestling that same year. She did a bit everything, from being a valet to an in-ring worker and then announcer. She left the WWE in 2010 and bounced around the indie circuit for a while. She signed with Lucha Underground in 2014 and has been part of the promotion ever since.

Now when you go on her page, you’ll see the baby bump pictures, where she still looks lovely, but if you go further down, you'll see plenty more revealing shots. If your thing is hot mothers though, then no judgment here broski. It’s crazy to think at one time Vince McMahon thought Asian women weren’t appealing to the masses. Oh Vince, you make us laugh.

11 Gabi Castrovinci

Her introduction into the WWE Universe came in 2015 when she appeared as a contestant on the sixth season of Tough Enough. She finished in tenth place but we will give her the number one spot for being the impressive woman that she is. Sometimes the WWE just doesn’t give these girls a chance and next thing you know they’re making people drool on TNA, which is exactly what Castrovinci is doing.

She signed with TNA this year and goes by the name Raquel. How can we describe Gabi? Fair, elegant, charming, delightful, enticing; the list goes on and on. Not only does she wrestle, but she also has her own clothing line. She has the brains and beauty, which is a deadly combination that can destroy or bolster anyone’s heart.

10 Ariel

Shelly Martinez had a short tenure with the WWE, however, if you love the vampire look, she will never be forgotten. After making her way through WWE’s developmental organization Ohio Valley Wrestling, Martinez made her WWE debut in mid-2006 for the ECW brand. Her time in the WWE was as a valet for two stables before being released in 2013.

Her Instagram page has something we haven’t seen the other ladies post, which is hilarious memes of themselves. If you like a marvelous woman who can have a sense of humor, then drool over Martinez for a bit. Keep scrolling down because it’s worth it, as you’ll find some very appealing images of a Vampire Queen before your drooling destroys the keyboard.

9 Carolyn "CJ" Dunning

Technically, Carolyn never was seen inside an NXT ring before she was released by the WWE. With her stunning body, ravishing presence, and mesmerizing face, we have to let you know about this lady. As a Las Vegas native, she got into bodybuilding and became nationally ranked. WWE signed her with ten other recruits in April but she was released in October.

We understand she was a prospective NXT talent so you might not think she truly is a WWE star, but we'll give her a pass here on TheSportster. If you want to check out a divine creature who has a tight stomach, perfect curves, and a knockout smile, she’s the girl for you. There’s just too much hotness going on in her page to describe it to you. You’re welcome.

8 Zahra Schreiber

📷 Visual Soul Photography #zahraschreiber #inkaddict

A post shared by ZahraSchreiberDaily.com (@zahraschreiberdaily) on

We know Schreiber landed in extremely hot water and a lot of people are disgusted with her actions. We should give people second chances and understand people make mistakes and do stupid things. We aren’t here to talk about her problems of the past, so let's move past that here.

If you love beauteous bombshells that have tattoos and dark hair, you’ll probably never leave her page. She was only in NXT for about a year, though she gained more popularity for her drama outside the WWE ring then within. We totally understand why Seth Rollins dated Schreiber and you will too once you see her page. She hasn’t left the wrestling business, so you may still be able to see her in action sometime in the near future.

7 Brandi Rhodes

We may have made fun of Cody Rhodes’ “Stardust” gimmick while he was in the WWE, but at least he got to go home to Brandi, his wife, every night. We first got a taste of Brandi in WWE’s developmental promotion, Florida Championship Wrestling, in 2011. It was a brief stint and she returned as an announcer in 2013, appearing on the NXT brand.

You can find a lot of eye-popping pictures on her account. Two of her most recent images show off all of her assets and left fans praying for more. Not only is her body on point, but her eyes are very seductive and we think she knows. She recently started working with her husband in TNA and we think the power couple can bring a lot of prestige back to the company.

6 Lauren Mayhew

Her time in the WWE was shorter than anyone else on this list. Mayhew started her tenure with the WWE when she was assigned as a ring announcer for the ECW brand in October of 2006. By late November, her short-term contract was up and both sides decided to part ways. Once a diva, always a diva is what we say at TheSportster.

Mayhew is sort of a renaissance girl because she’s involved in music, modeling, and cinema. Her page is luscious, scrumptious, and delicious to the human soul. Keep on scrolling down and the photos get better and better. She’s not doing too bad with the number of followers she has, but let us give her TheSportster bump anyway.

5 Ashley Massaro

Ashley Massaro made her way into the WWE by winning the 2005 WWE Diva Search. She would be involved in various feuds and storylines over several years and also participated in the hit reality CBS television show Survivor in 2007. She ended up retiring in 2008 from the wrestling industry, but her name popped back up this year when she joined a class action lawsuit against the WWE.

We’re not here to talk about the lawsuit but rather how much saliva can fall out of your mouth before you notice. Her account has a ton of selfie pictures but you’ll definitely find some spicy lingerie photos. Her luscious lips, buttery blonde hair, and perfect figure are great reasons to give her a Tye Dillinger perfect 10. Did we forget to mention she was also a Playboy model?

4 Kelly Kelly

Well hello cabo.....

A post shared by Barbie Blank (@thebarbieblank) on

We understand Kelly Kelly has been considered this generation's Sunny and rightfully so. Randy Orton has accused her of some sneaky stuff and a list of guys that have been known to be with her can be drawn up in seconds. TheSportster isn’t going to hold it against her that she likes the fellas.

We’re pretty sure most of you would like to be with her one way or another. The one-time Divas Champion who made her debut for the WWE in 2006 has more than a few titillating images on her page. If you enjoy a seductress like Kelly, her page is the right spot for you. From the workout photos to bikini pics, this page can make anyone go insane if they stare at it for too long.

3 Maria Kanellis

She married TNA Superstar Mike Bennett but that hasn’t stopped this firecracker from looking good for her Instagram followers. In 2004, she was introduced to the WWE through a Divas Search competition. She only placed fifth but would stay with the company. She stayed with the WWE for six years and won a Slammy Award for Diva of the Year.

After leaving WWE, she went to Ring of Honor before making her home in TNA. You’re definitely going to see Bennett’s happy grin on her page but that won’t stop you from foaming at the mouth. If you have a thing for red heads, then you probably won’t have to look anywhere else for your obsession. Maria has some awesome mirror shots, however, the dessert is in the professional photo shots.

2 Kaitlyn

Celeste Bonin first appeared under the WWE umbrella in a bikini contest for Florida Championship Wrestling in 2010. After FCW was re-branded as NXT, she appeared in the third season. She would make it to the big leagues in 2012 and eventually won the WWE Divas Championship. After two years on the main roster, she decided to retire and focus on other business opportunities.

Her page is fire, so we warn you to have a fire extinguisher close by. This goddess has the total package and it behooves us to why WWE didn’t throw more money at her. She can arguably put Nikki Bella to shame. We couldn’t even scroll down to the bottom of her page because our monitors melted from the intense heat of her images.

1 Torrie Wilson

We have to give major props to one of the queens of the golden age of Divas in the WWE. Her career in the wrestling industry started in WCW, but she quickly became a shining symbol of hotness when she went over to the WWE after the companies merged in 2001. At the age of 41, Wilson can still put a lot of girls on this list to shame.

Hotter than the Mother of Dragon’s fire on Game Of Thrones, sexier than all the hosts on Westworld, and more alluring than any women partying on Ballers, there aren’t enough HBO shows to compare how attractive Torrie Wilson is. The point is, Wilson needs to donate her DNA so we can clone her in the future for the betterment of society.

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