15 Former WWE Divas That Got Old

The sad truth about life is that even our favorite pro wrestlers get old and it can be depressing to think about. What makes this list even sadder is the fact that most of these women burst onto the scene during the 90s. In that time period, women’s wrestling was all about looks and less about the in-ring skill of the performers. Although it’s frowned upon today, sex sold back in the day and it helped to wrestling's ratings grow.

The women featured on this list got old, but that doesn’t mean they still don’t look good. On this list, we’ll feature women that are old in age, but who doesn’t necessarily look old. Take Lillian Garcia for example, who is 50 years old today, but who still looks amazing!

Sadly, however, we even have cases of women that not only got old, but aged absolutely terribly throughout the years. As you scroll down the list, you’ll likely get a pretty good idea which WWE alumni fall under that category.

Enough of the chit chat, let us begin. Here's a list of 15 former WWE Divas that got old. Let us know which women aged gracefully and which ones you think got old by both age and physical appearance. Enjoy the article!

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15 Sable, 49

via renalesnar.net

Love her or hate her, you can't deny the profound impact Sable had on the world of sports entertainment. During the 90s, sex sold and Sable did it better than anyone else. You’ll find it hard to name a Diva that was more popular than Sable in the Attitude Era.

She had her ups and downs with the WWE, which even led to a bitter court battle, but nowadays they are finally on good terms. It remains to be seen when Sable will get her WWE Hall of Fame induction and, looking at the evidence, she truly deserves the mention. Almost 50 years old today, we hope the WWE will acknowledge her fine career.

Today, Sable is enjoying motherhood and being married to Brock Lesnar. The couple have two children toger and reside out of Saskatchewan, Canada.

14 Terri Runnels, 50

Like most of the women on this list, Terri Runnels made a career out of being generally viewed as eye candy for the WWE Universe. She lasted a real long time with the company, starting all the way back in 1996 until her departure in 2004. She's mostly remembered for her managerial services alongside Goldust and for wearing some of the best, and most revealing, outfits from the Attitude Era.

At the age of 50, Runnels has gotten old, but we’ll give her credit for still looking quite fine for a 50 year old. Terri still shows up at wrestling conventions worldwide and looks pretty darn good doing it. She even works the casual shoot interview every now and then, discussing her time with the WWE during the craziest era in sports entertainment, the Attitude Era.

13 Ivory, 55

via newsday.com

A heel throughout her career, Ivory was one of the few WWE Divas of the 90s that kept things PG for the most part. Ivory was a dominant Women’s Champion who played the role of a heel to perfection, being a integral part of the annoying Right to Censor faction.

She left the WWE in the mid 2000s and pursued her career independently. She eventually decided to look at some ventures outside of the ring, opening up her own animal daycare called, Downtown Dog. Along with her love for animals, Ivory still keeps in touch with the wrestling business, attending various conventions to this day. It's crazy to think of the profound impact that Attitude Era had, as wrestlers like Ivory are still sought after to discuss that time period in the world of sports entertainment. She’s 55 today, but you wouldn’t think it based on how well she’s kept herself throughout the years.

12 Lillian Garcia, 50

How this woman is 50 years old is truly beyond us. She began with the WWE way back in 1999 and it seems like she hasn’t aged a day since. Lillian credits her work ethic outside of the ring as a fitness freak for stalling her aging process.

In 2016, Garcia finally stepped down from her WWE throne as lead ring announcer, ending a fantastic career which is surely Hall of Fame bound. The 50 year old is still in the wrestling business today, launching her very own podcast which can be found on YouTube. The podcast is extremely impressive and features the cream of the crop in terms of guests. Recent appearances on her show have been made by the likes of Brie Bella, Trish Stratus, Rey Mysterio and, the latest WWE Hall of Fame inductee, Kurt Angle. If you haven’t done so yet, we strongly advise you to give the podcast a listen.

11 Dawn Marie, 46

via twitter.com

After ECW went out of business, Dawn Marie took her talents to the indies and later joined the WWE. When all was set and done, Dawn made more headlines for her antics outside of the ring than in it. Marie rocked the rumor mill when she admitted to having an affair with Kurt Angle during her WWE run. This completely overshadowed her career, though she did have some bright spots with Vince’s company during her run. Dawn’s feud with Torrie Wilson dominated the SmackDown women’s scene during her time on the blue brand.

Today, Dawn is out of the business and a happy mother of two children. At the age of 46, there isn’t much of a chance we’ll ever be seeing her in a WWE ring again. You can follow her current life away from the limelight via her Twitter account.

10 Jazz, 43

via wikipedia.org

Her stint with the WWE was short-lived, but very impactful. In just a couple of years with the company, Jazz managed to win the WWE Women’s Championship twice, along with winning a massive WrestleMania match which saw her retain her championship at the event, taking on divisional pioneers Lita and Trish Stratus.

She returned briefly in 2006 alongside her spouse Rodney Mack, only to be shown the door once again soon after. Ever since she left the company, Jazz has been working the indie scene and showing at up wrestling conventions. At the age of 43, Jazz is still being advertised for shows in 2017 as she keeps the dream alive outside of the WWE. Speaking of the WWE, Jazz was one of the names involved in the class action lawsuit against the WWE for brain related injuries.

9 The Kat, 46

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There's no chance she would make it in the WWE today, but, back in the day, The Kat fit in perfectly with the edgy content featured in the Attitude Era. Although she only stayed on board from 1999 until 2001, she still managed to ruffle a couple of feathers in the company. Her exotic ways endeared her to the audience, so much so that she’s still profiting from her two years in the WWE to this very day. She even managed to win a Women’s Championship during her run, something not many women can say. Although she lacked in-ring skills, she certainly made up for it from an entertainment standpoint.

Nowadays, Kat is 46 and still banking off of her pro wrestling success. Stacy Carter is frequently attending wrestling conventions and can draw quite the crowd, even years after her rise in the WWE. Because of her bitter divorce with Jerry Lawler and the way she left the company (as a backstage disturber), we highly doubt the WWE will acknowledge her contributions anytime soon.

8 Tori, 52

via facebook.com

If you didn’t watch the Attitude Era, chances are you missed out on Tori and her WWE run. Known as Terri Poch, she joined the company during the heat of the Attitude Era in 1998 and departed once the heat died down in 2001. Her role during the time was mostly served as a valet, joining forces with X-Pac and even forming an unlikely couple with Kane.

During her time, Tori had one of the more toned bodies in the company, coming from a fitness background as a former bodybuilder. Once she left the WWE, Tori stayed in the fitness field, taking a liking for yoga. She would open up her own studio and, because of it, is still looking great today at the age of 52.

7 Jacqueline, 53

via youtube.com

For the most part, wrestling fans remember Jacqueline for her contributions during the Attitude Era, but truth be told, her journey in pro wrestling began long before that. Jackie started training in the late 80s and jointed the old promotion of USWA back in 1991. She earned her stripes outside of the company for many years before finally solidifying a spot with the WWE in 1998. As soon as she walked into the company, Jackie was thrust into the spotlight against Sable in a prominent women’s storyline. She ended her WWE run as a two-time Women’s Champion, along with a Cruiserweight Championship run.

She kept wrestling all the way until 2013, appearing for TNA Wrestling. After finally calling it a career, the WWE decided to induct Jackie into the Hall of Fame in 2016.

6 Nicole Bass, 52

via wrestlingrumors.ney

She only stayed with the WWE briefly, but was fondly remembered for her gigantic frame. Standing in at 6’2" and weighing 240 pounds, Bass even put the likes of Chyna to shame. The company thought they landed a gem in the New York native, but ultimately the relationship was a disaster. Nicole ended up leaving the company on a bitter note after she accused WWE employee Steve Lombardi of sexual assault. Her evidence was deemed insufficient and the case ultimately went no where.

She’s managed to stay in the headlines over the years because of her role on The Howard Stern Show and her random comments on social media platforms like Twitter. She recently made headlines for all the wrong reasons, getting caught for shoplifting at a grocery store. According to reports, she stole over $1,000 worth of goods. In terms of aging, Nicole takes the cake as one of the very worst on the list.

5 Francine, 44

via wwe.com

Known for her work in ECW, Francine built a tremendous legacy with the company. She began as a Paul Heyman recruit in 1995 and stayed on board until the company finally closed its doors in 2001. She would go on to work the indies and later made a brief pit stop with TNA. Surprisingly in 2006, the WWE would offer Francine a deal to join the ECW brand, hoping she'd give an old school feel to the program.

Her run was ultimately terribly short. She started in September and, by October, she was already gone from the company. Nowadays, at the age of 44, Francine is out of the ring playing the role of a loving mother to two children. She also participates at wrestling convention here and there.

4 Madusa, 52

via monsterjam.com

What a career for Madusa. Whether she was with the WWE or WCW, her impact on the business was huge. She was a big star with the WWE, but eventually opted for greener pastures in WCW. Her WWE departure was arguably the most iconic in pro wrestling history, as she showed up to WCW with the WWE Women’s Championship and threw it in the trash. The consequences were profound and many wrestling pundits view that moment as the official launching of the Monday Night Wars.

Once rumors began to swirl about Vince buying WCW, Madusa exited the company and retired because of the direction and landscape of women’s wrestling at the time. She left the business and took an unlikely path as a monster truck driver. At the age of 52, Madusa is still working on her passion to this very day.

3 Debra, 56

via twitter.com

Debra was another former WWE Diva that stayed in the company briefly, but gained plenty of supporters during the hottest era of pro wrestling, the Attitude Era. Jerry Lawler glorified Debra as one of the finest Divas of the period, as he even coined her chesticles as the infamous "puppies." She would end up leaving the company in June of 2002 alongside Steve Austin and would never return again.

She went back to school and earned an education during her years away from the company. She’s still involved in the wrestling industry today, banking off of her fame by appearing at various wrestling conventions. As you can imagine, Debra gained a huge following during her rise in the WWE. Based on the way she left the company and her broken relationship with Stone Cold, a Hall of Fame inductions seems highly unlikely.

2 Linda McMahon, 68

via twitter.com

One of our favorite McMahons, Linda McMahon spent most of her time in the industry during the crazed Attitude Era. Her role on air with the company lessened throughout the years and she ultimately distanced herself from the product to pursue a political career. With the WWE cleaning up its product and going PG, politicians have begun to take Linda much more seriously.

Her political aspirations recently peaked as McMahon was handpicked by president-elect Donald Trump to run the small business administration. This just showed us that the connection between the Trumps and the McMahons is still quite strong. Which begs the question, will we ever see the new president of the United States on WWE television? The better question is; does anybody give a damn?

1 Sunny, 44

via twitter.com

Sunny is the perfect example of why you need to blur the lines between real life and on-screen character. The former WWE Diva portrayed herself in the same light all the time and it made the success get to her head, causing some troubling times. She was the face of the WWE's ladies in the mid 90s, but once her time with the WWE was up, her stock plummeted to the ground. It got so bad in recent years that she’s been in and out of jail for various DUI charges. What a shame.

She worked the indies for several years, but really made headlines for her new career in the adult industry. Sunny works adult Skype sessions with fans, along with recently signing a deal with an adult entertainment company, Vivid. Along with her new career, Sunny still appears at various wrestling conventions as she continues to pocket off of her fame from the 90s.

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