15 Former WWE Divas Who Look Better Now Than They Did At Their Peak

It’s news to no one that after a certain age, there is a negative correlation between time and physical appearance (what you might call the “Lindsay Lohan Effect”). That is, as we get older, we become less physically desirable.

According to research conducted by the dating site Ok Cupid, peak desirability for women is somewhere between the age of 20 and 26. Like it or not, after that, it’s a hard decline. (Interestingly enough, peak desirability for men is between 26 and 30, with a less severe drop off after that, which might explain why you see so many older men with younger women.)

The following women, however, have managed to defy the odds. Here are the top 15 hottest former WWE Divas who look better now than they did at their peak.

Note: The last time we published one of these lists, we received a lot of comments to the effect of: “Well, if they look better now, then isn’t this technically their peak?” So, to clear up any confusion, let us specify what we mean by “peak”: We’re referring to the average age of physical peak (which, for women, is early to mid-20s) or the peak of the wrestler’s career.

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18 Kelly Kelly


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Kelly Kelly developed a reputation for being something of a serial dater during her time in the WWE (2006-2012), but it’s easy to see why so many men fell for her.

Since leaving the industry roughly half a decade ago, she has gone on to marry former NHL player Sheldon Souray. And what a lucky guy he is, because Kelly (who’s since gone back to her original name of Barbie Blank) somehow looks even better now, at the age of 30, than when she was in her 20s.

Aside from starring in the reality television show WAGS, it’s hard to tell what exactly Blank does for a living post-retirement. Judging from her Instagram (which is chockablock full of sexy pictures, in case you’re into that sort of thing), it appears as though she’s gone back to her former profession: bikini model.

17 Michelle McCool

McCool signed with the WWE at the age of 24 when, in 2004, she finished 7th in the RAW Diva Search contest but impressed the company enough to earn a contract. With gimmicks like “sexy teacher” and the “All-American Diva,” she would quickly become one of the most popular female figures in all of wrestling. She was also one of the top performers, winning the WWE Divas Championship in 2008 and following it up with another win in 2010. She is also a former two-time WWE Women’s Champ and Woman of the Year.

The Undertaker is one lucky man. Not only did he marry McCool while she was at the top of her game, but she only seems to be getting hotter with age.

16 Candice Michelle

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Although failing to make the top ten of the RAW Diva Search, Candice Michelle was hired by the WWE in 2004 because of her knockout looks. Those looks would eventually make her the face of the GoDaddy marketing campaign, which included a 2005 Super Bowl commercial wherein she appeared before the “Broadcast Censorship Hearings” performing provocative dance moves in a skimpy tank top (it’s a good commercial).

Michelle’s wrestling career came to an end in 2009. According to her Twitter page, she is now a devoted wife and mother, and judging by her recent pictures, she hasn’t lost her good looks. In fact, at 38, she could easily still be the face (and curvaceous body) of GoDaddy.

15 Christy Hemme

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Christy Hemme had a brief stretch in the WWE. Despite winning the 2004 Diva Search, she failed to make much of a name for herself, performing mostly in bikini and lingerie competitions before being released in 2005. In fact, perhaps her most lasting legacy with the company is an alleged affair with Triple H, which some believed to be the reason behind her being released (although she claims to have left on her own terms).

Now 36 years old, Hemme still looks like she could tempt more than a few men to betray their wedding vows. Since leaving the WWE, she has gone on to wrestle and announce for TNA.

14 Trish Stratus

via wrestlingforum.com

At her peak (which was pretty much her entire run in the WWE, from 2000-2006), Trish Stratus was the hottest woman in all of wrestling. So it’s nothing short of a miracle that now, at the age of 41, she’s even hotter.

Stratus’s good looks are thanks in large part to the fact that she takes great care of herself. Not only is she a health food freak, often sharing nutrition advice (which she calls “nuTRISHion”—get it?) on her personal website, but she is also a workout fiend.

After leaving wrestling, Trish opened up her own yoga studio, Stratusphere, just outside of her hometown of Toronto. According to Stratusphere’s website, “Trish Stratus is passionate about sharing the health and wellness benefits achieved through the practice of yoga and fitness.” One of those benefits, apparently, is looking amazing into your 40s.

13 Kristal Marshall

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Judging by the way she looks today, it’s amazing Kristal Marshall wasn’t more popular when she was in the WWE (from 2005-2007). At the time, Marshall was just in her early 20s, and she never really found her footing in the company, which is why she was released just a few short years after joining.

After a brief stint in TNA, she would retire from wrestling altogether, at which point she began focusing on a career in fitness and modeling, winning the 2008 Ms. Bikini America contest.

Now 33 years old, Marshall is hotter than ever, with a killer body that could rival that of just about any Diva—past or present. Somehow, though, this former WWE backstage interviewer has just over 7,000 followers on Instagram.


11 Rosa Mendes

Rosa Mendes is the newest “former” WWE Diva on this list. After more than a decade in the industry, she announced her retirement this February, exactly a year after the birth of her first child.

It was just a matter of time before she lost her baby weight, citing “healthy eating” and “staying active” as the key to her success. Rosa hopes to inspire other mothers to get in shape with her soon-to-be-released cookbook Totally Fit Mama: Out of the Ring and into the Kitchen. She also gives out nutrition advice on her personal website.

Clearly the woman is an expert on fitness, because at the age of 37, she’s in the best shape of her life.

10 Lita

via independent.co.uk

As much as we liked Lita’s punk rock, bad girl persona during her days in the WWE, we’d have to say that her current look is even hotter. Apparently when Trish Stratus discovered the fountain of youth, she was kind of enough to share it with her good friend Lita, who, at the age of 41, looks even better now than she did when she was at the peak of her wrestling career in the early 2000s.

Since leaving the company, she has gone on to pursue other interests, such as music and radio. Her punk band, The Luchagors, released their debut self-titled album in 2007 to positive reviews, and in 2013, she began hosting her own radio show, Amy’s Discordia.

9 Kaitlyn

At just 30 years old, Celeste Bonin (aka Kaitlyn) is far from being over the hill, but she’s gone through a significant transformation (for the better, we’d argue) since she left the WWE in 2014.

Shortly after retiring, she started her own fitness clothing company, Celestial Bodiez, and there’s no better model for the brand than Bonin herself. A former bodybuilder and “body fitness model,” Kaitlyn has since rededicated herself to physical fitness and appears to be in the best shape of her life—shape is the operative word here; seriously, this woman now has curves on top of curves. Don’t take our word for it though. Go check out her Instagram (@celestebonin). It’ll be the best thing you do all day.


7 Beth Phoenix

via WWE.com

Beth Phoenix was one of the company’s top female wrestlers for over a decade, taking home the WWE Divas Championship and the WWE Women’s Championship (the latter three times). Publicly, she was “fired” by the company (Vickie Guerrero in particular) for poor performance, but in reality she went out on her own terms, deciding to walk away because she was unhappy with the state of the women’s division.

Beth has since gone on to start a family with fellow former wrestler Adam “Edge” Copeland. Together they have two children. And apparently motherhood agrees with her, because she looks better now at the age of 36 than when she was winning matches in her 20s.


5 Victoria

Lisa Marie Varon (aka Victoria), who was once on track to become a physician, took up wrestling in 2000 at the suggestion of WWE legend Chyna. Within a matter of years she would be named Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Woman of the Year and would go on to win two WWE Women’s Championship titles and five TNA Women’s Knockout Championships.

Age is clearly just a number to Victoria, because at 46 years old, she’s the oldest woman on this list yet still one of the hottest. A former pro fitness competitor, Varon maintains her muscular figure through bodybuilding.

In 2013, she opened a wrestling-themed restaurant with her then-husband, Lee Varon, called Squared Circle.

4 Maria Kanellis

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Maria looks no different now, at the age of 34, than when she first entered the WWE in 2004—which is to say, drop dead gorgeous. On second thought, she looks even better now.

After roughly half a decade with the company, Kanellis was released, at which point she joined Ring of Honor and eventually TNA, where she remains to this day.

Unlike her fitness-obsessed colleagues, she doesn’t abide by a grueling workout regime, telling the Daily Record back in 2010: “Be careful not to overindulge yourself in anything, whether it's food or exercise. If you do too much exercise one day, then you're not going to want to get up and do it again the next day.” Instead, she does about an hour of cardio whenever she gets the time. Whatever she’s doing, it’s clearly working.

3 Mickie James

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Technically Mickie James isn’t a former Diva since she recently re-signed with the WWE after roughly six years away from the company, but she was a former Diva up until December 8.

It makes sense that they’d want to bring her back, because not only was she one of the hottest female wrestlers of the early 21st century, but she’s every bit as hot (if not hotter) today. At 37, she can easily hang with the current women in the WWE.

James maintained her famous figure while wrestling for TNA and the independent circuit. Back in 2010, she told 411 Mania that she works out five times a week, combining lifting and cardio exercises. She also does yoga, boxing, horseback riding, tai chi, and pilates.

2 Stacy Keibler

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It’s not so much that Stacy Keibler looks better now than when she was in the WWE; it’s more the fact that she hasn’t changed a bit—which, in her case, is certainly a good thing. Even now that she’s closing in on 40, Keibler looks like she could still be strutting around the ring in a bikini, showing off her famous long legs. (In fact, that sounds like a pretty good idea? Can we please start the #BringBackKeibler campaign ASAP?)

After retiring in 2006, Keibler went on to date George Clooney for a couple years. Shortly after calling it off with the Hollywood actor, she moved on to businessman Jared Pobre, to whom she is currently married. They welcomed their first child in 2014.

1 Torrie Wilson

Like her former colleague Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson has devoted herself to physical fitness after retiring from the WWE. Instead of yoga, however, Wilson is more of a gym rat, telling one interviewer back in 2004 that she works out no less than four times a week, devoting an hour to cardio and another half-hour to weightlifting—and this was before she retired, so you can only imagine how much she works out now.

Unsurprisingly, Wilson has made a career out of fitness post-retirement. Not only is she a fitness model, but she also runs her own website, torriewilsonfit.com, where she gives out workout, nutrition, and general health and lifestyle advice.

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