15 Former WWE Stars That Shockingly Still Bash The Company

The high stakes involved in being a WWE wrestler has led to many negative relationships between the talent and the company. Everyone wants to have a strong career moving up the card and getting pushed hard. It leads to making the most money and setting up a bright future. Guys like Steve Austin, The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels are living comfortably today off their fortunes earned from being top stars in WWE. Not every top star has a great ending like that and not every Superstar gets the opportunity to have a high level career.

WWE is known for the political environment that also contributes to negative experiences. These factors have led to quite a few wrestlers having horrible things to say about WWE. Most wrestlers end up making peace and getting back into the good graces of the company. Others just stop caring with no desire to continue bashing them. We'll look at some of the wrestlers that have yet to get over their drama and still hold hostility for the biggest wrestling promotion in the world. Shoot interviews, podcasts and appearances have allowed the performers to continue the hate. These are the fifteen former stars to still shockingly bash WWE today.

15 Bret Hart

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Bret Hart is over his strong hatred of WWE but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t still talk trash about the company. The legendary Canadian wrestler ended his WWE career back in 1997 in the worst of ways when the Montreal Screwjob saw Vince McMahon, Shawn Michaels and Triple H all make a fool out of him. Hart returned to WWE to make peace with McMahon and Michaels but still has issues with Triple H.

Many of the critical comments from Hart regarding WWE are aimed towards Triple H making the big decisions and running the future of the company. Hart thinks Triple H is responsible for the overrated wrestlers getting pushed hard and the better talents being underutilized. Seth Rollins is one of the wrestlers to feel the wrath of Bret with insulting comments about his skills after a few wrestlers suffered injuries working against him.

14 CM Punk

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One of the wrestlers that Bret Hart referenced being treated poorly by WWE was CM Punk. The same opinion goes for Punk as he ended his time in WWE in ugly fashion as well. Punk walked out of the company after years of frustration and both sides held a grudge. Unlike many others on this list, Punk does not go out of his way to trash WWE, but he does take subtle shots at the company when asked about it.

A recent interview saw him imply wrestling for WWE is not as great as everyone thinks it is. Punk also stated he accomplished his dreams becoming a professional on the independent wrestling circuit and he would likely wrestle there if he ever returned. We all know how he feels about Vince McMahon, Triple H and the entire political landscape of the WWE.

13 Teddy Hart

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The nephew of Bret Hart joins his uncle on the list. Teddy Hart has been talking trash about WWE for over a decade now. WWE signed Hart to a developmental at the age of 18 due to his athleticism and pedigree growing up in the Hart family. Unfortunately, he lacked the maturity and quite frankly, the sanity to become a star.

WWE released him after a couple of years and Teddy has been trashing them in interviews ever since then. Hart claims the company tried to punish him for the sins of Bret and thinks they sabotaged his career. A recent appearance on the Talk is Jericho podcast featured Teddy attempting to get a job with the company, but he still took shots at the company. Hart challenged WWE star Samoa Joe to a fight at one point proving he still has issues with WWE and their talent.

12 Batista

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Batista started making critical comments about WWE after his first departure. The rating change from TV-14 to PG saw Batista insult the company for watering down their product. Batista returned for a few months back in 2014 and it was a huge disappointment. Fans no longer cared for the one-time top face of the company. The booking and backstage atmosphere were blamed by Batista for the horrible stint.

More interviews following his second departure showed he still has problems with WWE. Batista trashed the company for not listening to him regarding how he should have been used and not viewing him as a bigger star regarding his Guardians of the Galaxy role. The suspension of his friend Titus O’Neil back in 2016 also made Batista speak out against WWE and claimed O’Neil should have told them to go to hell by quitting.

11 Josh Mathews

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Josh Mathews leaving WWE was surprising at the moment but it became clear he didn’t enjoy his time working there. The instant move to TNA saw Mathews get an important role in the company running social media along with his job as the play by play commentator. Mathews consistently took shots at WWE on Twitter for a few months insulting fans of his old employer.

The recent controversy regarding JBL and Mauro Ranallo led to Mathews returning back to his roots as a WWE hater. Mathews trashed the company for allowing JBL to make life miserable for other employees, especially the broadcasters. A heel character on TNA television has also allowed him to get cocky taking shots at the WWE broadcasters by saying he's the best in the wrestling industry.

10 Alberto Del Rio

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The recent rants of Alberto Del Rio have proven he is still adamant against WWE. Del Rio has appeared in various interviews and live streams showing a disdain for his former wrestling home. Some of the claims of Del Rio range from saying the company do not treat their performers with fair financial compensation to accusing WWE of being the ones to leak the Paige sex tape.

Del Rio cursed out Triple H at one point in one of the video streams on Paige’s Periscope. It is clear that he never wants to work for WWE again after requesting his release. WWE allegedly tried to break up Del Rio and Paige due to him being a negative influence on her. Both careers ended up the worse for it and WWE definitely hates Del Rio now more than ever for the things he is saying.

9 Sabu

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ECW icon Sabu is one of the few top stars of the 90s to not work for WWE during the Monday Night Wars. It wasn’t until the ECW rebirth that Sabu started working for the company regularly. The stint was not very successful and Sabu bashed them in shoot interviews for not knowing how to use him well. Sabu definitely didn’t have the same dynamic from his better days.

Recent comments about the WWE Hall of Fame showed just how little Sabu thinks about WWE today. Sabu trashed the HOF for not being credible due to WWE only picking the people they like. The current state of Sabu is rather depressing with his body in bad shape and him needing money for the surgeries. WWE not leading to better financial results likely is the main reason Sabu despises the company.

8 Jeff Jarrett

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The issues between Jeff Jarrett and WWE got very personal all the way back in 1999. Jarrett’s contract expired the day before a PPV defense against Chyna and he threatened to take the belt to WCW if he did not get paid big money. WWE ended up paying him what he wanted, but Vince McMahon claimed he would never do business with Jarrett again. McMahon has kept that promise to this very day.

Jarrett used to trash WWE for their product and monopoly of the wrestling industry years ago. The new approach of Jarrett is a little less hostile, but he still can’t help it at times. Both Jeff and Karen Jarrett allegedly insulted WWE after having a few drinks and appearing at one of Jim Ross’ one man shows. TNA is also desperately trying to keep the “Broken” Hardys gimmick away from WWE proving just how much he wants to make things tough for WWE.

7 New Jack

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Shoot interviews frequently are the main source of wrestlers insulting WWE. The wrestlers to make controversial comments and strong takes usually get more popularity of their interviews. All of the wrestlers to make harsh comments about WWE will get more opportunities and bigger paydays to do more of the same.

ECW legend New Jack is the perfect example of this. During his peak shoot interview years, New Jack went as far as to say blood was on the hands of Vince McMahon regarding the Chris Benoit tragedy. The way WWE does business is the main criticism of New Jack, but he goes overboard with the insults. New Jack still appears at conventions and does interviews where he insults WWE. You can get a cheap shoot promo by just asking him about WWE at your local show.

6 Shane Douglas

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Another ECW star to hold hostility towards WWE is Shane Douglas. The poor run in the mid-90s as the Dean Douglas character soured him on the company forever. Douglas was harassed by Shawn Michaels and other members of the Kliq while working an awful gimmick he knew would fail. The anger of Douglas led to him showing extra frustration in his ECW promos that made him a favorite of the promotion.

Recent podcast appearances feature Douglas still criticizing WWE for both their product on screen and the inner workings behind the scenes. Douglas claims Vince McMahon is destroying the business by getting around unfair employee treatment with the independent contractor label. The veteran still wrestles on the independent wrestling scene and isn’t afraid to continue trashing WWE on the microphone in his promos.

5 Ryback

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The end of Ryback’s WWE career last year saw him write a blog trashing the company. Ryback stated WWE didn’t pay their wrestlers enough and refused to follow through on their promises. You would have assumed Ryback got over his issues by now moving on to a new chapter in life. Instead, Ryback’s entire reputation today is about making controversial comments.

“Conversations with the Big Guy” is Ryback’s weekly podcast and he dishes dirt on WWE every week. The most recent rant saw him trash the company for making Jinder Mahal the WWE Champion. Ryback claims he had ideas that WWE stole for other performers and frequently lied to him about their viewing of his future. Shockingly enough, Ryback doesn’t even wrestle that much on the free agent market and just uses his energy to trash WWE.

4 Jim Cornette

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Another podcast personality to get clicks off his WWE rants is Jim Cornette. The vision of Cornette for wrestling has made him a vocal opposing figure to WWE’s sports entertainment. Cornette has ripped WWE consistently since his firing back in 2005 for striking Santino Marella in developmental. WWE’s product is what Cornette hates and he isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

Many of Cornette’s prior enemies have become stars in WWE such as Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. The success of Owens has made Cornette discuss how he would never watch the awful WWE product so it doesn’t bother him. Cornette did appear at the WWE Hall of Fame and stated he loves watching The Revival. However, just about everything else in WWE has something Cornette criticizes.

3 Vince Russo

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The rival of Jim Cornette manages to get paid for doing the same thing as him. Vince Russo has become a podcaster after getting fired from TNA. The entire gimmick of Russo is to insult WWE, WWE stars and WWE fans to try to get attention online. Russo claims WWE is killing their own future by signing independent wrestlers and not having outlandish storylines like his Attitude Era ideas.

Finn Balor, Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins are some of the wrestling targets of Russo. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are also trashed for being the ones that are convincing Vince McMahon to go in the wrong direction. The comments range from petty comments to harsh insults about everything WWE related. Russo essentially advertises ripping WWE to shreds for each podcast he does these days.

2 Buff Bagwell

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Buff Bagwell only worked in WWE for a couple of weeks but he managed to develop a hatred of the company. The presence of Bagwell was meant to make him one of the faces of the WCW brand after WWE purchased the company. A horrible attitude backstage and an awful performance in the first WCW match on WWE television led to everything falling apart for Buff.

WWE fired Bagwell for no-showing Raw and having his mother call in sick for him. Buff has trashed WWE in all of his podcast appearances saying they completely made up the story. Bagwell also claims WWE intentionally tried to sabotage his match with Booker T and considered the WWE stars intimidated by his star power. The delusional outlook of Bagwell today proves nothing has changed as he has yet to get over his WWE career ending.

1 Scott Steiner

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The hatred of WWE from Scott Steiner at least leads to very interesting commentary from the wrestling legend. Steiner had a disappointing singles run back in 2002 when he signed with the intent to be a main event star. Following a short feud with Triple H completely killing his momentum, Steiner was a forgettable guy on the roster before getting released. Steiner has held a grudge with WWE and Triple H since then.

A recent interview featured Steiner cursing out WWE and stating he definitely didn’t watch WrestleMania 33. Steiner then made personal insults towards Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Another somewhat recent incident of Steiner bashing WWE featured him turning down a WWE legends contract and saying the company didn’t deserve talents like CM Punk and Rey Mysterio.

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