15 Former WWE Stars Who Look Better Now Than They Did At Their Peak

The majority of wrestlers to make a living in the business are in great shape. It is an unwritten rule that you have to be able to keep up with your peers and put out the best performance for the fans every time out. There are a few wrestlers with deceptive physiques, but most are jacked and clearly spend a great deal of time in the gym. The lifestyle of a wrestler in their peak is to hit the gym as often as possible. This allows them to wrestle actively and make a great deal of money in the WWE.

Most of the stars to leave WWE see a decline in their look due to no longer hitting the weight rack everyday like they normally would while employed with the WWE. However, some are motivated to continue working to maintain their physique or, in some cases, actually improve it.

We have witnessed stories of wrestlers using their years after the WWE on working even harder and getting in the best shape of their life for the next chapter. This can allow them to continue wresting, enter another athletic field or just provide happiness and well being. We’ll look at fifteen of the former WWE stars that are currently in better shape than their peak.

15 Batista

Batista's physiques was always a very important part of his look, as Batista had the largest arms in the WWE. Most of the WWE Superstars were pretty jacked, but Batista may have been a little too jacked. It reached the point where Batista looked rather odd with rampant rumors of him being one of the heavier enhancement users in the business.

Batista looks much better today outside of the wrestling business. A decision to enter the acting business has made him a bigger star. Batista landed a role as Drax the Destroyer"in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise and it completely changed his career.

14 Lance Storm

Lance Storm will go down as one of the most underrated wrestling technicians of his time. ECW, WCW and WWE could all count on Storm to hold his end of the bargain by delivering a good match every time he went out to the ring. Storm sadly was never blessed with the charisma to compete with the top all-around performers in the business.

13 Lita

WWE struck gold when discovering Lita. Her association with Matt and Jeff Hardy during the Attitude Era helped Lita connect with the fan base and Lita went on to become one of the greatest female stars in company history. Things weren’t always great for Lita in the WWE however. The controversy surrounding her cheating on Matt Hardy with Edge harmed her career to a degree.

12 Sid


The WWE productions documenting historical moments and comparisons between wrestlers have not been kind to Sid. It is almost forgotten that Sid main evented two WrestleMania events and achieved many accolades over his career. Sid is one of the rare men to hold both the WWE and WCW World Championship belts during the Monday Night Wars.

11 Kevin Nash

Dropping weight 288 today. Always try to stay leaner during the holidays.

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Another big man to find a way to improve on his physique in recent years is Kevin Nash. The strength of Nash has always been his size and physical gifts, which made him a star during the Monday Night Wars. Nash entered the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015 and makes rare appearances on the independent wrestling scene and at the occasional WWE show.

10 CM Punk

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CM Punk's bitter departure from the WWE saw him leave around the time he was in the worst shape of his wrestling career. Health issues and injuries lingered along with the overall miserable experience he had in the WWE and it showed physically. Punk made the shocking decision to join the UFC, starting his career in Mixed Martial Arts shortly after departing from the WWE.

9 Diamond Dallas Page


DDP’s unlikely rise up the ranks of WCW is one nobody could have predicted. His physique paled in comparison to the likes of Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage and Lex Luger. Factor in that DDP was already one of the older guys on the roster after a late start to his career and everything seemed like it should have worked against him. In a rare turn of events, the fans rallying in the corner of Page is what forced WCW to push him to the moon.

8 Kelly Kelly

O cabo how I miss you already!!! 📸@theonlymaysa

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It is almost unfair to compare Kelly Kelly to the rest of the names on the list due to her young age, but she really took it to another level after leaving the WWE. Kelly was signed to the company at just 18 years old. WWE wanted to utilize her looks in hopes of her becoming one of the top female stars.

7 Al Snow

Al Snow's career stands out mostly for his time in both ECW and WWE with his beloved mannequin head. Fans loved his gimmick and it led to him holding a job in the industry to this very day. Snow always appeared to be in great shape as a wrestler but started to commit more time to improving his look after his in-ring career.

6 Billy Gunn

Billy Gunn was a constant on WWE television for about a decade, as the company typically used him as a mid-carder or tag team performer. Gunn definitely achieved his most noteworthy success as a member of The New Age Outlaws alongside Road Dogg in D-Generation X. His physique always impressed, but he's got even more jacked than fans remembered as gets up there in age.

5 The Rock

The global success of The Rock becoming arguably the biggest box office star in the world today is absolutely incredible for his longtime wrestling fans to witness. Anyone who watched The Rock cut promos during Attitude Era programs could tell he had the acting chops and charisma that could excel in any form of entertainment. Not only has he become the highest paid actor in the world, but The Rock is also the most jacked star in Hollywood.

4 Torrie Wilson

Torrie Wilson was basically hired and employed for many years in the wrestling industry for her great look. Think about that when you realize she has become even more impressive following her departure from the WWE. Wilson exceled in the roles of managing and putting on silly matches meant to show off the physical attributes of the women in the WWE. She even admits she was not a good wrestler and hated the physical contact of being in a match.

3 Stevie Richards

Morning #legs #workout before #nfl #redzone. #fitfam #trainhard #legday

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Stevie Richards' career in the WWE never lived up to its potential. His best days came with the Right to Censor faction as he would lead an arrogant, self-righteous group trying to shut down many risqué things going down during the Attitude Era with his tremendous heel work. Following that ending, Richards struggled to get consistent television time and was basically a background player.

2 Booker T

Jermall Charlo and myself at the #WorldGymArena!

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Booker T has retired from active in-ring competition after many years of high level success in both WCW and WWE. Booker's conditioning was among the best in the industry, allowing his athleticism to shine. Once his career came to an end, the WWE offered him a chance to have a role in the company appearing at PPVs and TV shows to be a part of the broadcasting team on kick-off pre-shows.

1 Shawn Michaels


The most astonishing look of a former WWE star today has to be Shawn Michaels. The Heartbreak Kid always looked like an athlete, but was never the most jacked guy in the room. That changed when he made a shocking appearance at WrestleMania 32. Michaels came to the ring in his ring gear along with Steve Austin and Mick Foley to beat down The League of Nations for a nostalgic moment.

Everyone was in awe looking at Michaels, as his physique was unlike anything we remembered. Michaels stated he worked extra hard for the appearance and continues to work out consistently, despite retiring over six years ago. The fact that he looks better than he did during his prime years has fans clamoring for at least one more match from HBK.

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15 Former WWE Stars Who Look Better Now Than They Did At Their Peak