15 Former WWE Stars Who Now Have Jobs You Wouldn't Believe

A WWE career is never guaranteed to last and adjusting to life after wrestling can be tough, but these WWE stars managed to find jobs after wrestling

Wrestling is not considered to be a job that has a lengthy employment period, there are a select few who are able to have lengthy careers at the highest level. Many other wrestlers have to make do with a few years at the top before they slowly fade away on the Independent Circuit and are forced to move on and get normal jobs outside of the wrestling business.

There are a number of former WWE stars who are currently working normal 9-5 jobs following WWE careers after they decided against pushing their careers to the limit like Marty Jannetty and X-Pac who many feel will never fully retire from the business. It is hard for many WWE stars to adapt to life outside the business when they have only ever worked towards a career in the squared circle, but shockingly there are a number of stars that have been able to make the switch back to having a regular life along with regular jobs.

The following list looks at a number of former WWE stars who now have jobs that the WWE Universe wouldn't have expected them to move on to after their careers with WWE finally came to an end.

15 Spike Dudley: Financial Planner


The smallest of The Dudley Family that found their home in WWE in the 1990s, Spike was one of the most popular members of the family and went on to have mildly successful stints in WWE, ECW and TNA before he decided to hang up his wrestling boots in 2004.

Since his retirement, Spike has started a family with his wife Vikki and the couple currently has two children. For a number of years, Spike worked as a wrestling trainer before he later moved on to land a job as a financial planner. Spike now helps people to plan for the future and plan out their finances wisely when it comes to college or retirement. He also helps to work out many of his friend's tax returns.

14 Vickie Guerrero: Medical Administrator


Vickie Guerrero came to WWE following the death of her husband Eddie back in 2005 and was part of a number of high profile storylines throughout her career alongside the likes of Edge and Dolph Ziggler. She decided that it was time to walk away from the company back in 2014 so that she could open a new chapter in her life and has since gone on to get a regular job.

Vickie is currently working and studying as a medical administrator and recently announced that she had gone on to marry a man called Kris Benson back in September 2015. Vickie is currently enjoying her normal life outside of the public eye, something she hasn't been able to do over the past decade. Her daughter Shaul also left NXT not long after her mother's departure and the family are all now transitioning back into a normal life.

13 Jimmy Wang Yang: Party Bus Driver


Jimmy Wang Yang was once an integral part of WWE's Cruiserweight Division from 2006 until 2010. Yang brought a different style to WWE and quickly became a popular star with the WWE Universe even though he was never able to win gold in the four years that he wrestled for WWE.

Following his thirty-day suspension for failing WWE's Wellness Policy in 2008, it seemed that Wang Yang's career never got back on track and he was released from the company in 2010. Since his release, Yang attempted to start a pest control business called "Jimmy's Pest Control" in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. After this failed he decided to open a " redneck party bus" business as well as owning his own professional wrestling school called Pro Training, LLC  in his hometown.

12 Molly Holly: Charity Worker


Molly Holly is one of the most memorable women's wrestlers of the past generations, she was ahead of her time when it came to her wrestling ability and the fact that she wanted to be judged based on her talent and not her looks. Molly is a former Women's Champion but made the decision to walk away from the company in 2005.

Molly went on to work on the Independent Wrestling circuit for a few years before she landed a job as a teen counsellor. She then took public speaking classes and even earned a licence in massage therapy as well as investing in real estate and doing charity work for a number of organizations who help children with special needs. Molly also works as the head female coach at a professional wrestling school that is also the place of work for WWE alumni Shawn Davair and Ken Anderson.

11 Simon Dean: Bank Manager


Simon Dean was once seen as a crazy fitness guru style character on WWE TV after a lengthy spell as Nova in The Blue World Order. Dean promoted "The Simon System" for a number of employees who needed to get fit, but this gimmick wasn't as much of a hit as many thought it would be.

Dean retired from the physical aspects of the business and instead decided to work backstage and learn all about how the company was managed from within. It seems that this later allowed him to move out of the wrestling business and go on to become a bank manager in Louisville, Kentucky. This is a far cry from the once energetic routines that Dean would be part of as a personal fitness guru.

10 Trevor Murdoch: Cable Installer


Trevor Murdoch is a former WWE Tag Team Champion alongside the late Lance Cade. When the duo finally went their separate ways back in 2008, it seems that WWE had nothing left for them and decided to release Murdoch from his contract later that year. Murdoch tried his hand at wrestling on the Independent circuit for a number of years and even had a brief stint in TNA before he decided to step away from wrestling altogether.  He later appeared on WWE's Where are they now? back in 2014 where it was revealed as part of the show that Murdoch now works as a fibre optic cable installer for a heavy equipment company. This is not a job that anyone would have guessed the redneck style wrestler would have transitioned into.

9 Snitsky: Landlord


Snitsky was a dominant physical presence in WWE in the early 2000s and was part of a number of storylines that took advantage of his unique look, but following his requested release back in 2008, it seems that Snitsky had a brief stint on the Independent circuit before he was forced to settle down and get a regular job.

Snitsky worked as a bodyguard for a number of years along with many other jobs at that time including making Youtube videos, before it was revealed that he had moved into acting and was part of Walking Dead films "100 Acres of Hell" horror movie that was released back in October 2016. Snitsky didn't follow this up with any other acting jobs and is now reportedly working as a landlord in the UK.

8 Ivory: Animal Day Care Worker


Ivory is another underrated female wrestler from the late 1990's and early 2000s, she is a former WWE Women's Champion and made her stance known to WWE when she joined Right to Sensor showing that she was against the sexualisation of women in the company. Ivory later went on to pick up broadcasting and training duties with WWE before she opted not to renew her contract with the company in 2005.

When she left the company she began working on a career in landscaping before she found her real passion when she was working with animals. She opened up her own dog daycare centre called Downtown Dog in 2007 and later went on to take grooming lessons so that she could add this to the list of things that her care service provides.

7 Shawn Stasiak: Chiropractor


Shawn Stasiak is best-known in WWE for his time working as part of the company's mid-card and is a former 15-time Hardcore Champion, despite his impressive ability when it came to the hardcore title, Stasiak made the decision to retire from wrestling back in 2002.

Since his retirement, Stasiak studied to be a chiropractor and currently works for the Advanced Comprehensive Medical team who are based in Texas. He is widely considered to be one of the best Chiropractors in the United States. As well as being a chiropractor, Stasiak is also a motivational speaker and is able to work with children, using a character that he reportedly created back in college to be able to help them understand his teachings in a simpler way.

6 Paul Burchill: Fireman


Paul Burchill is fondly remembered by the WWE Universe as the pirate who would swing into the SmackDown arena in one of the coolest entrances that the company has ever seen. Sadly, the pirate gimmick had a limited shelf life and once the novelty of Pirates of the Caribbean wore off, Burchill's push was halted.

After a strange storyline with his "sister" Katie Lea Burchill, the WWE ran out of things to do with the British star and he was released from the company in 2010. Burchill then stepped away from his life in the spotlight and instead became a full-time firefighter and paramedic. It was recently reported that Burchill had returned to school and studied a masters degree so that he could then become a nurse practitioner.

5 Nidia: Girl Scout Troop Leader


Nidia will be remembered by the WWE Universe as the first winner of Tough Enough back in 2001, her win meant that she won a contract with the company for a year and she was later brought to the SmackDown brand as a heel valet for Jamie Noble.

She was later drafted to Raw and turned face, but as part of WWE budget cuts Nidia was released towards the end of 2004. After her wrestling career was considered to be over, Nidia began studying at the Culinary Institute LeNôtre in Houston, Texas back in 2010. She has since been focusing on raising her daughter, who she gave birth to in 2007. She is currently the girl scout troop leader for her daughter's group, where she looks after 11 other little girls.

4 Ted DiBiase Jr: Executive On An E-Commerce Website


It's hard to follow in your father's footsteps, especially when your father is one of the biggest wrestling legends that the company has ever produced. Ted not only had the same name as his Million Dollar father, but WWE made the mistake of thinking that they could recreate the same character with his own belt as well and it just didn't work.

Like many people on this list, DiBiase requested his release from WWE when he decided not to renew his contract back in 2013 and instead decided to focus his time on his family. Ted has since picked up a job as in an executive position with, a college textbook e-commerce website. This job allows him to spend the time he wanted with his son so he can be there to watch him grow up.

3 Scotty 2 Hotty: Firefighter And Emergency Medical Technician


Scotty 2 Hotty will always be fondly remembered for his finishing move as he would often bring the crowd to their feet as The Worm finally hit. It wasn't the most effective move in WWE, but it was one that many fans enjoyed for a number of years. After Grandmaster Sexay was released from WWE and Scotty's alliance with Rikishi had run its course, Scotty was released from WWE in 2007.

He continued to wrestle on the Independent Circuit for a number of years, something that he still occasionally does to this day, but also began training as a firefighter and emergency medical practitioner. Earlier this year it was reported that Scotty had returned to WWE in a trainer capacity and now works down in WWE's Performace Centre with many of their newest recruits.

2 Rick Steiner: Real Estate Agent


Rick Steiner became well-known in the WCW as one half of The Steiner Brothers along with his brother Scott, where he was a seven-time Tag Team Champion and eight-time Champion overall. After WCW, Steiner became a recognizable face in WWF from 1992 to 1994 when he decided to return to WCW and when WWE purchased the company in 2001, Steiner's contract was one of many that weren't picked up.

Steiner went on to enjoy a stint in TNA before he began selling real estate in 2004. He is currently the owner of Rick Steiner and Associates at Atlanta Communities Real Estate Brokerage and is also a school board member at the Cherokee County School District. Steiner ran unopposed for this position back in 2006 and easily won. He also has three sons with his wife.

1 Eve Torres: Party Events Manager


Eve Torres won the final live WWE Diva Search back in 2007 and went on to become a Divas Champion in WWE. Eve was a popular female wrestler for a number of years before she asked for her WWE release back in 2012.

Eve asked for her release so that she could concentrate on her role as an instructor as part of the Gracie Women Empowered self-defence programme. Eve is trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and holds a purple belt from the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy and is also an accomplished kickboxer. Along with her exploits in self-defence, Eve is an event manager and along with her sister-in-law opened their own event rental company called InJOY the Party a few years ago. Eve is also now an ambassador for WWE as well as a mother.

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