15 Former WWE Stars Who Snagged Women Way More Attractive Than They Are

The life of a WWE superstar is normally a rather lavish one, with the big stars enjoying a lot of fame and fortune after working themselves to the limit for the benefit of the company. We have seen many former WWE stars enjoying a healthy and great lifestyle years after leaving the company, and some of the other perks which come alongside their fame is the possibility of getting the attention of much more attractive people who would’ve otherwise rejected them in an instant.

Now we all know how every WWE superstar isn't the best looking, and their appearance obviously gets worse as they grow old. But the power and fortune of these superstars often help them impress women who are much more attractive than them, and these wrestlers are very lucky to have such stunning ladies by their side. While some of the relationships are genuine love, the others were influenced by these wrestlers’ fame which allowed them to make these beautiful ladies into their wives or girlfriends.

These WWE stars may have left the company quite a while ago, but they are at least satisfied in their personal lives because of their accomplishment of snagging these women who are much more attractive than them.

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15 Bubba Ray Dudley

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Bubba Ray Dudley has been a hardcore legend for quite a long time, as he attained a lot of popularity during his ECW years back in the 90s. He then came with D-Von Dudley to WWE and went on to assert themselves as one of the best tag teams ever and won the WWE Tag Titles many times in their careers. Bubba Ray’s last stint in the WWE wasn’t as good as the earlier ones, and he left without really achieving much. But Bubba is a really lucky man to have a hot girlfriend like former TNA Knockout Velvet Sky, and the two have been dating for quite a while now. Considering that Bubba looks really mediocre, Velvet Sky has been quite the catch for him and considering how sexy she is, Bubba must be loving life despite leaving WWE recently.

14 Goldberg

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Goldberg made quite the impact in his last stint in the WWE, winning the Universal Championship and showcasing how he’s still “got it” in a series of matches for a few months in the company. He’s most remembered by wrestling fans for his domination in WCW where he had a winning streak of 173-0 and gained a lot of fans because of his success. Goldberg was never the best looking dude, but his success helped him snag quite the stunning woman in Wanda Ferraton, with the two getting married in 2005. They have been together ever seen in a healthy relationship. Goldberg is a lucky man to have a gorgeous wife like Wanda. She is definitely more attractive than him, and the former Universal Champion will thank his wrestling success for playing a part in getting such a beautiful wife.

13 Mick Foley

Mick Foley was a wrestler who worked his way into stardom during the 90s because he didn’t really have the looks to naturally make it in the WWE. Foley went through a lot of obstacles in his career to achieve success and became a loved figure in the eyes of fans. He kept on wrestling through the early 2000s, but Foley’s weak body can’t really wrestle anymore. Despite not being the most good-looking man and looking absolutely average at best, Foley is lucky to have had a gorgeous wife for the past 25 years. His wife Colette Christie is an absolute steal for Foley because she’s much more attractive than him and has been a real angel for him over the years. At least now we know who Foley’s daughter got her looks from!

12 Mark Jindrak

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Mark Jindrak was one of the talented wrestlers to come through WCW’s Power Plant project, and he was signed up by the WWE because of his impressive work prior to joining. He looked set to achieve big things in WWE, but then they soured on him and kept him as a jobber to the stars for many years. Jindrak left the company in 2005 after a rather unsuccessful career in WWE, but the tag of “ex-WWE superstar” definitely helped his reputation. It helped him get work in CMLL where he became a marginal star, and it’s in Mexico where he met his wife Miroslava Luna. The Mexican fashion designer is a very pretty lady and is much more attractive than Jindrak.

11 Jeff Jarrett

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Jeff Jarrett’s WWE career may not even be remembered by many fans, because of how long ago it all happened. But he did spend some time in the WWE during the 90s, even becoming Intercontinental Champion and looking like a proper mid-carder. Jarrett’s greed would be the end of his WWE career when he blackmailed Vince McMahon into giving him extra money and left for WCW. He’s since gone on to found and succeed in TNA, but one of his lucky moves was when he seduced Karen Jarrett into becoming his partner. That was a real win for him, because Karen is very hot. Even though the relationship was controversial because of Karen leaving Kurt Angle for him, the average looking Jarrett must be counting his stars for getting a stunning wife like Karen.

10 Jack Swagger

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Jack Swagger looked like he had the potential to be a long-term big star in the WWE, but he failed to do so after some initial success in the company. Swagger won the ECW Championship in his debut year in WWE, later also winning the Money in the Bank Briefcase and World Heavyweight Championship at the Smackdown Brand. But he couldn’t impress management enough, and they quickly lost faith in him and turned him to a jobber to the stars for the next few years. Swagger left the WWE earlier this year, but despite having a failed career, he can go home to his stunning wife Catalina White. The former model is an absolutely sexy woman who is much attractive than Swagger, and the All-American American must be counting his stars for having an amazing wife like Catalina by his side.

9 Bret Hart

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Bret Hart was quite the “perfect” wrestler back in the 90s when he put on some amazing matches in WWE and WCW and asserted himself as the “Best” of the lot. Hart would go on to enjoy a lot of success in WWE and later WCW after he left Vince’s company on a bitter note, but his career’s demise would also come at WCW later on when he got badly injured during a match with Goldberg. Hart would then lose his looks as the years went on, even divorcing his wife Julie after a few years. But the Hitman was rather fortunate to have found another partner in Stephanie Washington at his rather old age. Washington is a gorgeous woman who is much younger to Hart and much more attractive as well, and the aged Hitman’s terrific reputation helped him snag quite the woman.

8 Eugene

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Eugene was a rather entertaining guy in the WWE during the Ruthless Aggression era when he debuted as the character of a mentally challenged man who acted like a kid and beat up his opponents using the moves of former WWE stars. He actually did well in his initial years but became a bit stale later on, which is why WWE released him a few years later. Despite being considered a joke in WWE and not having the most successful career in WWE, Eugene made a real snag in his personal life by making a gorgeous woman like Stephanie Fischer his wife. Stephanie is a model who has won Miss South Dakota amongst other awards and considering how he is a rather average looking guy, she is an absolute catch by him and is much more attractive than him, proving how WWE stardom can help stars land some sexy partners.

7 Charlie Haas

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Charlie Haas will most popularly be remembered for being part of Team Angle during the Ruthless Aggression era when he and Shelton Benjamin won the WWE Tag Team Titles under the guidance of Kurt Angle. They were a strong team for some time, but Haas fell off as a singles star later on in his WWE career. A real silver-lining during that period was that he made the sexy Jackie Gayda his wife after the two got close to each other in WWE. That was definitely something out of his league because Jackie is extremely hot and way more good-looking than him. Their love seems to be really genuine and the two have enjoyed a healthy marriage for almost over a decade now, and have gone on to have four children together since. Haas may not be doing well in wrestling nowadays, but he’s blessed to have a sexy partner like Jackie.

6 Hulk Hogan

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Hulk Hogan is the man who helped put professional wrestling on the map during the 80s in WWE, when his amazing work was noticed by many and helped WWE garner the attention of many people. Hogan has since had multiple stints in WWE and wrestled quite a lot, winning many championships and always being in the thick of things. But as he grew older, he wrestled more sporadically and started only appearing on some events. Hogan has gone through tough times in the past with WWE firing him for his racist scandal and sex tapes, but at least Hogan is very fortunate to have a sexy wife at this age. He’s currently married to Jennifer McDaniel who is much younger than him, and much more attractive than the old, haggard Hogan who used his popularity and made quite the catch in marrying a stunning younger woman.

5 Austin Aries

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Austin Aries had quite the weird career in the WWE because he arrived with a lot of potential and expectations when he debuted on NXT to the surprise of many. His NXT career was pretty decent before he received an early-main roster call and did some good stuff as a commentator. But his in-ring career in WWE was short-lived, as he failed to dethrone WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville and left the company after WrestleMania 33. While his WWE career wasn’t great, something Aries is lucky to have is his stunning fiancée Zelina Vega of NXT. The two have been together for quite sometime now, with the mediocre-looking Aries snagging quite the catch in the sexy Vega. She’s definitely much more attractive than him, and even though Aries will be disappointed by his failure in WWE, he definitely doesn’t have a disappointing love-life.

4 Diamond Dallas Page

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Diamond Dallas Page was quite the sensation in the 90s when he came through WCW and became a big star in the promotion. Page did really well in WCW before having a terrible career in WWE, after which he started his own Yoga Program which became a big hit. In his personal life, DDP was fortunate to have a loving wife through his wrestling years but got divorced from Kimberly in 2005. But he hit the jackpot later in his 50s when he started to date Brenda Nair who is an absolutely gorgeous woman. The two got married in 2015, and DDP has made quite the snag in making someone as stunning as Brenda as his wife after moving on from Kimberly. Page may not look that youthful anymore, but at least he can be proud of having a beautiful wife even at this age.

3 Christian

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Christian was quite the under-rated wrestler in the WWE throughout his career, as he enjoyed quite a lot of success in his first years in the company with is tag team partner, Edge. The two won the Tag Team titles multiple time, and Christian used to look pretty foolish in his early years. But his fame at the time definitely helped him snag an amazing woman in Denise Hartmann, who was a German model at the time. Hartmann looks absolutely stunning and is someone out of his league, but his popularity got him to make her his partner back then. The two have been married for over 15 years and Hartmann has helped him look more attractive as well, and even though Christian didn’t have that much main-event success as he’d like to, his initial success in WWE helped him snag a sexy woman.

2 Brian Christopher

Grand Master Sexay was a really entertaining guy in the WWE during the Attitude Era when he helped to make the product much more enjoyable as part of Too Cool during that period. He had a lot of fun with Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty during that period, even winning the WWE Tag Team Titles with Scotty at the time. But his singles career was no good later on, and he became a forgotten figure afterward. Regardless of his failure, Sexay is the son of the legendary Jerry Lawler and is quite the famous person because of it. He actually managed to get engaged to a stunning woman named Jessica Campbell, who is way above his pay grade. Christopher’s fortunes helped him snag this gorgeous woman, who is much more attractive than the mediocre looking Grand Master Sexay.

1 Santino Marella

Santino Marella was quite the hilarious character in the WWE in the past few years, when he’d entertain the fans with his antics and was loved by the fans because of it. Marella won the Intercontinental Championship in his first night in WWE, shocking everyone when he beat Umaga after getting help from Bobby Lashley. He went to entertain fans after that and was mostly a lower-mid carder, staying in WWE for many years before being released in 2016. Even though he’s no longer in WWE, Marella is doing pretty well and most importantly, he can be with his stunning wife Anna Babji more often. Babji is a sexy bikini fitness competitor who is a real catch for Marella, who isn’t really the best-looking guy but has managed to get married to Babji who is much more attractive to him and definitely keeps him happy in his post-WWE life.

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